Car Wash
2005 Hembree Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30009, United States

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Super easy to use. Takes credit cards. Perfect for rinsing and washing car quickly.

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Drive up, swipe your credit card, and get ready for the best pressure washing machine in town. Spray your car and wash the dirt fly off.....But only it doesnt always clean off the dirt. It just makes you and the car wet. Then select a series of options to clean your vehicle which will make it shiny. You can get a decent car wash for around $8.

Review №3

Cheap for self service. Cards work, so no hassle to carry quarters.

Review №4

Clean facility....spacious and room to dry vehicles and vac if needed...

Review №5

Cut my hand on one of their nozels when I tried to presoak my car. Most of the bays dont have all the options they say they do, it just had soap and that was it. None of the bays had the spot free rinse. Disappointed, will not return

Review №6

Easy to get in and facilities are in working condition

Review №7

The vacuum I used had strong suction. The car wash bay had a broken nozzle on the pressure washer. Also the clip to hold the brush to the wall was broken. It looks like owner needs to make repairs to keep the place up.

Review №8

They charged $15 for a $3 car wash two separate times. I will update the review if they provide a refund. In the meantime I wouldnt use this business.

Review №9

Awesome. love them

Review №10

So smooth

Review №11

Decent facilities but they need to improve or maintain there equipment better. Fix coin machines, replace hoses, clean up around the stalls. Pricing and time allotted for washing is fair but they could improve a little to make it a little more competitive.

Review №12

Carwash stole $4 as the vacuum didnt not such but turned on and the modes on the actually carwash didnt work most of the time I was using it. I will be finding a different one next time

Review №13

They charged me 17.75 for a 3.86 vacuum and 3.75 car wash. I will change review if they refund. Otherwise dont go there they will overcharge you.

Review №14

I had the worst experience EVER here today. I pulled into the last bay to hand wash my car. None of the settings were working. Just water. No foam brush, no soap, etc. I walk over to the emissions area and ask if the women there are employees. They ask what do you need?. I explain the issue and that I had put $3 in. She tells me she cant give me a refund. Okay? I ask if I can have a credit because I still want to wash my car. She agrees and I move to another bay. I should note that I asked if she recommended a particular one and she said it didnt matter. She was snippy the whole time, of course.Well, at the next bay when my time is ticking down I find out there are quarters jammed in the thing so I cant add more money. Awesome. I move my car to yet another bay and let them know about the quarters. I dont ask for anything. I wasnt rude. I just let them know.I again run out of time, but its no ones fault really. Im just irritated because I need to add a whole $3 to restart it and Im out of change. I am walking over to the change machine when I trip over these bolts sticking out of the ground where something used to be. I should mention now that Im 9.5 months pregnant. I fall hard on my hands and left knee. I start crying because most of all Im hurt, but Im also hormonal and having a bad day. The woman working emissions yells at me what are you doing?!?!. There was a guy there with her and he ran over to help, along with another gentleman who was cleaning his car. She did and said nothing. I explain that Im okay and didnt land on my stomach.I still tried to get change to finish my car. The machine wouldnt take my $10 and the card readers display was broken. Had to walk next door. Turns out my knee is actually busted pretty bad. Those bolts are very dangerous and they are lucky I wasnt injured worse, and that I didnt land on my stomach.Never ever EVER going back. I do want to say how thankful I am for the young man who helped me. All the other employees were terrible human beings.

Review №15

Pretty good car wash, kept the car shining for a week plus..

Review №16

Spot free rinse didnt work last two times I went to this place. I had forgotten... thats why it happened twice. Paying for water spots is pretty annoying and defeats the whole purpose.

Review №17

Did a good job,for a shower....

Review №18

Not bad, not the best. It works.

Review №19

This place was okayI mean, what can you expect at the self service?The price is slightly high compare to other sites tho

Review №20

Usually have an exchange problem with their machine. Always use quarters or dollar bills.

Review №21

Foam machines are broken

Review №22

Need some tlc

Review №23

Really empty

Review №24

$5 is 8 minutes

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