Autobrite Car Wash
1710 Alpharetta Hwy #2012, Alpharetta, GA 30009, United States
Autobrite Car Wash

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Awesome car wash Ive never seen one do as good of a job as this car wash does when you drive through it vacuum cleaner is very powerful and work great as well

Review №2

They do good work at good prices. Ive taken about 15 vehicles to the owners to detail different vehicles & they always do a good job.

Review №3

If you’re in the north Fulton area, this is the place to go to. Very detail oriented and friendly. My car was an absolute mess and they made it look brand new again. Will definitely be returning!

Review №4

Great wash. Thanks Lori and team! Support local businesses y’all.

Review №5

Wow! What a great job. I drove in from Ohio and my car was covered in salt. It typically takes a few washes to get my Jeep clean due to all of the sharp angles, but not here. Inside and out was sparkling!And everyone was wearing masks and taking precautions contrary to an earlier review.

Review №6

Great company our cars look great when they are done

Review №7

Family owned for 31 years and still doing an awesome job!

Review №8

Decent wash but their towels leave a lint trail over your car.

Review №9

Great place to have your car detailed....

Review №10

No Masks-Im writing this review in case somebody reading this is immunocompromised, senior citizen, or is in a situation where you will be highly affected if you get COVID-19. Only one person was wearing a mask at this location. No other workers were wearing a mask nor were they keeping their distance.However everybody is nice and I did end up with a clean car...but still did not feel safe!

Review №11

Best family business in the area. My truck never looked this good before. All the staff work very hard and care about the customers service experience! 😃

Review №12

Hidden Gem! I am so thrilled I found this place! Super pricing (senior discount!), family run and super service! Did a great job on my 🚙!!🤓

Review №13

Nice, pleasant attendants and attention to detail on dry and windows

Review №14

These guys are great. Its a very long drive for me but its worth it to get a good price and a great looking vehicle all while helping a local, family owned business.

Review №15

Staff were very polite. They were working hard to get everyone customer in and out. I went to get my annual New Year wash on my lunch break, and I was satisfied with the job they gave me. I got my drugs vacuumed and interior wiped for $16. I drive a little honda civic so the price may vary depending on the size of your car.

Review №16

Great family run business. Very good experience.

Review №17

Very friendly people, better wash then my regular car wash, windows are clear, no streeks!

Review №18

By far the best car wash i have been to in a while. Wish i had discovered them sooner. They made sure my car was clean inside and out. Normally i have to go behind most car washes and clean my rims, but they took the extra time to clean between every spoke. The owner was even out there helping out. Made a great first impression. I will definitely be back

Review №19

The only car wash place with the owners personal touch! A very nice good old days kind of a place. Above all, the price is right!

Review №20

Best car wash location find! Good prices, great service- practically detailed with them opening door and cleaning all areas, hand dried. Pretty quick turn around- Love this place!

Review №21

Great job!

Review №22

I love this car wash because they always provide a great value. Sometimes they dont always get the spots that are dirty on the car, but if you point it out they are quick to make it right.

Review №23

They did an excellent job on my car

Review №24

Went hiking and expedition was covered in mud and had 3 smelly guys in it from day before. They got the car spotless inside and out. Car smelled fabulous. Great job and great price!

Review №25

Best car wash in. north Fulton county. the owners are great.. and they actually are out there helping to wash the cars

Review №26

Good service, my SUV was washed and dried, tires all nice and clean not a rush job I will take my Tacoma for wash there as well. I highly recommend Autobrite to anyone looking for a good carwash in Roswell, Alpharetta area.

Review №27

Best car wash.

Review №28

Friendly and thorough. Everyone is incredibly kind and you can tell they treat every car as if it were their own. Great wash at a reasonable price.

Review №29

They always provide superior service.

Review №30

I don’t live close to this car wash. Have visited Auto Brite multiple times and always was satisfied with service. Today I stopped in and my vehicle interior was dirtier then usual (dog hair). They did unbelievable job and I will now drive the extra twenty minutes to have my car wash.

Review №31

$5.00 wash includes unremoved bird poop and unrinsed soap. Soap left on paint wont be removed unless you ask multiple times. They stated that since it was the $5.00 wash that they were not doing anything else. We asked multiple times and they decided they would at least wash off the soap that was never rinsed off during the wash. They retrieved a garden hose and finished rinsing the soap. At least the gas station washes are better at washing off the soap on the car and you dont have to ask multiple times for them to do it. I dont recommend this wash location.

Review №32

My first experience was so great that I came back the next day Whit my other vehicle,crew works together as one and very efficient. Prices are great and if you join the club you get lots of discounts also....

Review №33

Fast work, courteous and friendly service, and good value for my money.

Review №34

Autobritecarwash cleaned the inside and outside of my car perfectly. All the while providing great customer service and support!!!

Review №35

Fast and friendly!

Review №36

Friendly folks & they do a great job!

Review №37

Family owned and operated for 27 years. Great service at a reasonable price.

Review №38

Family owned little car wash, can be kinda slow getting out of there, but they do a good job otherwise.

Review №39

Very good service. There were some things not done well like the vents and a few places on windows, overall was a good job.

Review №40

They do a great job.

Review №41

Love this place. Owners are almost always on site and participate in the day to day operations.

Review №42

Very friendly! I dont think my car has ever been so clean. I definitely recommend them.

Review №43

Loved it! Its my new regular car wash. Ignore the overpriced competition!

Review №44

Quick service, Great price, good people!!!

Review №45

5 Stars😇

Review №46

Great staff. Quick but effective work.

Review №47

The worst car wash I’ve ever had. Why would I pay for an inside and out job and not receive cleaning in my cup holders, chair, & dash. I included pictures.

Review №48

I have been using AutoBrite Carwash since I moved to Georgia in 1998. Exceptionally curtious staff, very throuough and always treat my cars as if they were their own. Everyone I have referred has continued to be loyal customers after their experience. Life long customer and will continue to use their services for washed and details as well.

Review №49

Good price and good service !!

Review №50

Terrible. No other customers and it still took 30+ minutes. Charged me for an SUV but didnt bother vacuuming the 3rd row. Towels left lint everywhere and there was dust all over the dash. Machine looks like it was due for an upgrade 20 years ago.

Review №51

Not sure

Review №52

40 minutes to get through. I told the manager and he denied that it was that long. Denial?

Review №53

These people could care less about your car. I came here for a car wash and before I left I had to tell them about the most major issues that you can clearly see needed to be cleaned. Terrible service.

Review №54

On 3-19-14 at about 4:30pm I pulled into autobrite to get a wash. After sitting there and being ignored for about 3 min with about four guys kinda looking at me, a sports car pulled in a blew his horn, A couple of the guys attended to his car right away and put him in front of my truck, It was then one of the guys motioned me to pull forward and as soon as I began to open my door and get out to tell him what kind of wash I would like he turned and walked away. It was then I decided to turn around and leave. About 10 mins later I placed a call to voice my concern but got a voice mail informing me of the business hours. I then tried a few more times to reach some one but no one ever answered. Keep in mind, the message said the business hours for autobrite are Mon thru Sat 8 to 6pm, I was trying to call from 4:40pm to about 5pm. I know they were open so Im not sure as to why no one ever answered the phone. Needless to say I may never use this wash again nor would I recommend it to anyone, ;(

Review №55

Best carwash in Alpharetta

Review №56

Best car wash in town!

Review №57

Great service, incrediblly clean!!

Review №58

Owners are great

Review №59

Better than Cactus!

Review №60

I paid $30.00 to get car wash that I could get from a gas station car wash for $6.00 and I would avoid the armpit air freshener.

Review №61

Best in the area

Review №62

Went for a The Works. Rear view mirror not cleaned. The crevices not clean. Waste of money.

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They are awesome

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They took my car and my wifes car from its dirty, unkempt state and turned them into vehicles we are very proud to drive as well as invite our friends and family to ride with us.

Review №67

They have good service

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  • Address:1710 Alpharetta Hwy #2012, Alpharetta, GA 30009, United States
  • Phone:+1 770-442-9574
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