Southbay Carwash
885 McFarland Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004, United States
Review №1

The brand new auto wash was excellent and very efficient. I am not a fan of manual wash but this auto wash just got added and it is amazing.My BMW 750 LI x-Drive got pampered for the first time and it felt really good. Definitely going back. I love it. Smooth and brushless. Thanks.

Review №2

I didnt have any troubles everything worked easy to get in and out of pretty convenient location and they can blow the parking lot off more often in fact I did it for them,. A lot of sand debris guys clean the place up come on. Youre in a high-end part of town your customers arent going to hang around for dirty bays and parking lots and Im not doing it again.

Review №3

Very efficient! Such a lovely car wash. They really care about their customers. I would rate this 5/5 just because I feel satisfied after going there, with the carwash, and with the people who work there.

Review №4

The auto wash worked perfectly and my car came out looking super clean 👍 very friendly people , highly satisfied 😊

Review №5

Dont waste tour time and money. $22 gone. The machine didnt even turn on. No refund. Nobody answer your call.

Review №6

Im appalled that you even knew I was at some car wash what are you zoning in on me this is completely unappropriate I did not solicit this and I do not appreciate it

Review №7

Cheerful manager, Comfortable vibe.They are in the process of remodeling and revamping the automatic wash and some of the bays give them a chance. I had an issue with a bay not turning on. They answered the phone quickly and are giving me credit to come back whenever id like for another wash :)Edit: at 4:55 pm Feb 21 2021 I ran my card for the $7 wash. It charged my card, the wash process never started and the card reader said Thankyou have a nice day

Review №8

I bought the deluxe car wash and the machine told me to move forward I moved forward til it told me to stop then the machine sprayed a bit of water and then cut off and told me to exit. I wouldnt recommend using this car wash. I only used it because it was late at night and I passed by it.

Review №9

I didnt read the reviews before I came thought it would be a well-maintained car wash its been here for a long time but no its a POS. The second bay same as the other guy I swiped my card the high pressure soap did not work didnt have any soap even with the high pressure not working properly never did get any soap out of that. The foam brush just peters out lightly bubbly water thats not even enough soap to actually clean the car So if you want to wash your car with high pressure rinse that works. Also no wax Thats an extreme rip off. I want my $11 back. Left with 16 minutes on the timer because it was no point in spraying it with more water.

Review №10

Equipment doesn’t work and when you call the number listed to report they basically tell you to go to another bay and spend your money on that one after you have already wasted $11. Don’t waste your time or money. Just go across the street

Review №11

Trust the stars. Car wash is poorly maintained. Went to first Bay and ran my card for $11. Nothing works and no water. Thinking it didnt to through I went to the next Bay. Ran my card again and it works but no soap. If you just want to spray your car with water (provided it works) then great. Otherwise dont waste your time or money.

Review №12

2nd time that I have come to use this car wash and the soap dispenser does not work for the brush or the sprayer. Wasted $10. No way to get your money back and you still have to go elsewhere to have it washed properly

Review №13

I used this car wash in the manual bays a few times. I often find some of the bays not working. The car wash has seen better days. Tried to use the vacuum cleaner there vacuum suction was so poor it was ineffective! I spent $5:25 here and got fair results. The car wash across the street has a basic wash at only only $7:00 and their vacuum is very powerful and unlimited use!

Review №14

Very efficient! Car looks great!

Review №15

This place is beyond a joke. I made the mistake as others here did, I didn’t check the reviews. Only one the sprayer works and it barely does. All the other essentials to actually clean your car/truck DO NOT work. You can try to call this person, they won’t answer. Save your money! Save your time! Run from this poor excuse for a car wash, let alone a business.

Review №16

This is a brushless automatic wash which is not my favorite but it had plenty of pressure and cleaned the car well. It also has do-it-yourself bays with working vacuum. It was reasonably priced.

Review №17

Solid self serve car wash. Regular wash is a great deal for the time spent there

Review №18

Things are constantly broken, machines eat money and can’t reach any person because no one works there

Review №19

I was just here this morning and Scott was there to greet me. Super helpful! the bays were updated and clean. I was able to get my baby pollen free and shining! Of course Ill be back

Review №20

Great location. Most of the things work. Self wash and a drive thru available. Doesnt get too crowded certain days.

Review №21

A very well-maintained facility. The Stalls are usually very clean and Ive never had an issue with any of the equipment including the sprayers, brushes, change machine, and coin acceptors. Frequently the owner / manager is present and very friendly. As far as coin car washes go, you wont find a better place.

Review №22

The automatic car wash cleaned and dried the right side of my car fairly well... However none of the nozzles or dryer rotated to cover the entire car. Waste of 10$.Place looked clean, but it was dead. Guess now I know why. Would not recommend.

Review №23

Has everything you need to get a clean shiny car!

Review №24

Used the self service bags. Always love finding these, but this one sucked. The soap wasn’t working in my bay, and I couldn’t find anyone to tell/get refunded. Oh well just a couple of bucks

Review №25

Sprayers don’t work.... after I lose 6.00 in two bays!!! Muddy! Extremely loud music and they owe me $12 bucks!!!!!

Review №26

Just needed a couple minutes with the pressure washer to rinse my car off. Didnt have $2 cash on me so I swiped my card.It instantly racked up 15+ minutes remaining. Even though I only used 4 of those minutes, the timer kept going and I got charged $15... of course theres nobody answering the phone and nobody there to talk to.

Review №27

Dont come to this car wash, the brushes are 100% guaranteed to scratch your paint.Edit: supposedly under new management but nothing has changed, avoid the $7 automated car wash, the most it will get off of your car is dust. Any other dirt wont be touched and will leave your car filthy.

Review №28

Went to the touchless carwash and it didnt seem to be working very well. There was no soap, no presoak like the wash said it was doing... only pressurized water came out the whole time and my car came out very dirty still or even dirty than before

Review №29

Automated wash took $10 bill and would not start. Told attendant and he took my name and phone number. Said owner would refund money. Went back 3 times over next week. Owner never responded.No wonder his business is failing. He is a petty thief to steal small amounts from customers. Will never use again and hope this review costs him more than $10. It’s the principle not the money.

Review №30

I just wanted the high pressure water. Paid and go,, no, hose was broken.I got all wet. I had to move my vehicle to different spot and pay another.That time worked ok.

Review №31

Scott was amazing friendly asked if I needed any help. The place was so clean.I will definitely be back

Review №32

Cheaper than a full service wash and faster than doing it at home. Good option for apartment dwellers. Takes credit cards

Review №33

Place sucks as others have stated nothing freaking works on the menu other than rinse mode so if you just want to rinse your car off with no soap and no other options that work it might be a good place for you but would not recommend at all and its way to pricey

Review №34

They will never get my business again. Not only did I sit outside for over 10 minutes without the attendants. When I called to find out whats going on, the manager blames me and tells me that I didnt follow the instructions and theres nothing he can do? Who says that to a paying customer? So I couldnt get my ten bucks back If I didnt receive my car wash? Then he asked me how much money I put in the machine as If I drove up without paying. No, Sir. The machine worked just fine. I followed the instructions. The issue is that your employees werent paying attention and not out working the machine. I wasnt that bothered by the employees not being outside so dont blame them. It was your reaction when I called to find out what the issue was. You obviously never worked in customer service. Its okay I wont be back.Thanks

Review №35

When this place opened it was great, no mud, everything worked. Last time I stopped there the change machine didnt work, the time before that the sprayer was broken after I used my card on the machine. Not worthwhile to come back.EDIT: 2018, Decided against my better judgement to try this place again. Still broken guns, leaking fittings, and non working options. Do not waste your money here, it is unfortunate there are not any better options available.

Review №36

Run down. Very dirty. Hose was leaking water. Wont go back again

Review №37

Vacuum for machine 1 does not work. If you want to use one of the vacuums do not go to machine 1. That little lesson cost me $6, thank you Typhoon Bay. There is no coin dispenser either so if one of the other machines doesnt work, theres no way for you to know until youve dumped in all your quarters...then you push the button and nothing happens. Very nice.

Review №38

BEWARECame here after hours to use the automatic car wash only to see it wasnt working. It kept saying that the wash was in use while it was empty. Then I decided to do it myself since I was already there. After a while of trying I got the card reader in a bay to work. I started off using the foam brush only to find out that the machine would not let me switch to any other setting. It appeared to be stuck on the foam brush regardless of setting. So I go to another bay to south the soapy car to find that the card reader is broken. So I went and got quarters. Come back the sprayer worked! I then noticed streaks all over the car from the previous brush that were not coming off with the sprayer. So I decided to use the brush to see if it could clean the streaks only to find that the hose was leaking And wetting me while trying to clean the streaks. The streaks never came out and car still needs a wash. Im going to see if I can at least get a refund. I will try to update when I can

Review №39

Great service

Review №40

We were charged twice but the carwash never turned on for us to drive through. We need a refund of $15 asap.

Review №41

This is the cleanest diy car wash in the area easily. Everything works!

Review №42

Ive tried to give this business the benefit of the doubt but even after they apparently upgraded their machines it still doesnt work right, vacuums or the automated car wash didnt clean on one side of the car. Looking elsewhere for my car wash needs.

Review №43

I tried to use the automated car wash, and it randomly stopped after about 2 minutes, leaving my car a soapy mess. I had to go home and finish washing it by hand, total waste of time and $7. Then, I contacted the phone number on the website (the owner of the number doesnt answer the phone for out of state callers, even though hes running a business...) and he nicely sent me $7 worth of Bay Bucks to put in the coin machine to get my money back. However, the coin machine he specified to use them in wouldnt take them. So I tried another machine, which took the paper but wouldnt give me change. Still out $7 and a lot of wasted time. Cant wait for the new car wash across the street to open, Im sure Ill find much better service and use of my money and time there...

Review №44

Paid 8 bux for a touchless wash. it was touchless alright; no soap, barely enough water to wet my tiny car. ill try once more and i hope mgmt will be there. i got a bone to pick with you boy!

Review №45

Its the only one near where I live that is somewhat cheap, but the drive through wash is much harder on my truck than other places Ive been too. Nothing has been broken or messed up though.

Review №46

Great quite place

Review №47

Does not work and there will be no one to help / refund. Paid $8 and the soap functionality was/is/always broken.

Review №48

Great location and services provided by NEW MANAGEMENT. I will return.

Review №49

Good pressure wash but soap is not always dispensed as selected. Some vacuums are in disrepair so inspect before you insert your quarters.

Review №50

$8 dollars for spray wash foam brush and rinse. 2min for $2 bucks big rip off.

Review №51

Doesnt actually wash your car. It does spray a ridiculous amount of water, though. So if need to increase your water consumption and keep the dirty, worn-in look of your car, go here!

Review №52

Shite car your money and go somewhere else. As others have stated from four years ago, vacuums do not work and eat your money. Also, everybody who goes muddin seems to like to wash their truck here making it super muddy in the lanes. $2 to start wash for about 1:30 and $1 to maybe get a vacuum started.- worked near here for over a year

Review №53

BAY? not a body of water in site aside from this puddle right here

Review №54

Just tried to use the car wash and put in $10 cash and does not work. When I tried to call to get a refund the number just goes to a beep. BEWARE!

Review №55

Paid for the best wash because of all the pollen then the dryer did not work. Worthless!

Review №56

Just stopped here and put in $5 to wash my car and none of the options worked. No matter what setting you pressed it was always just water. No soap no nothing. What a waste! Will not be back

Review №57

Every machine is broken. Used up 3.75 on three faulty vacuums

Review №58

Dont use. It took my money and there was no one on site. I called the phone number listed on the website and it was to a fax.

Review №59

This place is crap. I just stopped in to rinse my truck off and ended up with 12 charges for $15. Never will I ever go here again

Review №60

Horrible horrible self wash car wash! $11 for 16mins isnt enough time! The soap brush was leaking globs of soap from the ceiling onto my head and the brush barely cleans your rims. DO NOT GO HERE!

Review №61

Two dollars for 3 minutes of washing time. A bit stingy.

Review №62

Worst car wash ! Recommend not to use the automatic wash!

Review №63

Worst car wash ever!! Owner confronted me because I got his car wash bay too dirty. Then after I got home I checked my credit card and found that I had 55 charges of $15/each charged to my credit card. Stay away from this dump!!!!

Review №64

Great place!

Review №65

Waste of money, some of the options dont even work

Review №66

The machine doesnt work like they should 3 out 4 times I been there.

Review №67

Best one

Review №68

Didnt have cash on me and he gave me one

Review №69

Garbage! Nothing works

Review №70

Average cleaning.

Review №71

El encargado fue muy amable se acercó a platicar me ofreció algo de tomar por mi parte se los recomiendo

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