Mr. Clean Car Wash
2904 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States

Review №1

Place is confusing for first time users. Had employees yell for me to get out from in front of oil bay. No vehicles were blocked in any way, shape or form. Dont know why he felt the need to tell at a customer. I decided not to leave and finally figured out where the line began. The cashier informed me I had a nail in the back of my truck and I immediately removed it. She than felt the need to follow me and harass me through the whole process. I will not attend their business again. I felt the process was very stressful and not worth it. I wouldve given them 1 star, but the African American man working at the entrance of the car wash done a good job by removing my antenna and scrubbing the front of my truck by hand. Sorry I mean no offense. I dont know how else to describe the only employee I felt like gave me good service. I do not recommend this location.

Review №2

I am a three year customer. Great car wash. Interior cleaning is done without any of the greasy products which i prefer. If you want the armor all and greasy shiny products on your interior do not use the interior service. Very personable staff. There is a sincere desire to satisfy the Customer.

Review №3

My car looks okay. Theres streaks on my windows. STOP USING OLD TOWELS ON GLASS! PLEASE! I dont care, really what else is cleaned; but my windows, has to be pristine! They did a quick wipe down, no protection inside. Didnt get around the crevices of the front seats, or doors.It happened to rain that night. Looks like I didnt get a wash at all.I was going to join the club. But if this is how my vehicle will look; Ill do it myself for free! Tires look good 👍! And I automatically tipped $20. Very disappointed by the recommendation someone gave me.

Review №4

Not the best service but not the worst. Got the platinum service and still couldn’t even wipe everything down. Not sure if I would be back after this.

Review №5

First off I would like to say that I never leave reviews but I just had to with this place. I came here a couple weeks back and paid $185 for a 2 hour car detailing. Once I got my car back and left I noticed there was still dog hair in my car, grass and lint still places, dirt still on the inside controls. There was a white powder substance all over my car which I am assuming is the wax they didn’t get around to cleaning off on the outside. My trunk and door handles were scratched up beyond the paint as well as my hood and other miscellaneous places on my car. Once the sun hit my back window and front window I could see where they did a sub-par job of cleaning them. I flipped down my mirrors in my sun visors and they were still dirty, not even touched. My dash was still dirty as well as my cup holders. My car wasn’t a wreck when I brought it in by any means so I don’t understand what the problem was.I would have assumed after 2 hours and $185 my car would have been showroom ready like the lady that I paid said it would be.I also got a filter replacement and an oil change from the jiffy lube there which was another $187. Nothing wrong with that jiffy lube but I won’t go back because they require you get a a free car wash before service and I don’t want anymore damage to my car.I will not be going back to this place ever. The Mr. Clean name does not mean anything anymore to me and I will encourage friends and family and anyone who wants their car detailed to NEVER go here. I wasted $185 + tip.

Review №6

I had really good experience on the first time, I choose the $65 for last time and today. but i think because they were busy today so didn’t clean every well, I even trough the garbage myself while they give back to me the car .

Review №7

This place is constantly pleasing me. I take 4 of my cars here. In fact, they are the only ones that I trusted to detail my classic car besides myself because they are so good. Recently they did engine repair on my car. I didnt know they do repair but they certainly do and they rocked it. I love going to one place for everything. Management and staff are amazing!

Review №8

Nice facility and they got me through quick. Did a terrible job on the interior though. I wouldnt go back unless I planned on self-cleaning the interior.

Review №9

Quick service. I paid for the $60 clean. They got me in and out in less than an hour. I will say for $60 I could have gotten a more thorough clean somewhere else. There we’re definitely places that were overlooked. I think if you’re going for a quick car wash this would be the perfect place. If you want any extra maybe consider a more detail oriented place. The car was received was worth $35-$40 not $60.

Review №10

Staff is GREAT! My car always looks good.

Review №11

So I took my car for a car wash paid 36 for a regular wash and 39 more for detail. Before getting out the car I asked would you like for me to take out the cars seats. They stated no they would move it and vacuum. Well today I decided to move my car seats to my other car and found that the seats were never moved and that they didn’t vacuum the seats because of the car seats being there; when I asked if I should move them so they could vacuum my seats and they said not to worry about that. In total I paid 75 and still have a mess in my seats.

Review №12

Great wash, terrible communicationSo, the final product is excellent. They keep their end of the bargain. My issue is mainly with the exposition of the different tiers of service they offer. Gold, Silver, Bronze. Granted, there’s the price difference. When you ask then what, say, Bronze is, they tell you what it ISN’T, that is, what you DON’T get with Bronze. I understand, the ultimate goal is to upsell. They’re a business and that’s what they do, right? Unfortunately, they do this, in my opinion, in detriment to clarity. Good cleaning service but their “menu” is unclear and confusing, especially considering the fact that you have to make a decision as to which one to pick when you drive in.My suggestion: list whatever each service includes. Hire someone to do those charts. But then again it’s probably a corporate decision and it’ll never happen. Until they make some significant improvement in that direction my one star review stays.

Review №13

After a small road trip to OK, last minute I drove my Honda-CRV it did great on the road and boy it got and was so dirty from bugs hitting the windshield to hauling 2 granddogs, a pitbull and a blue heeler,and 4 granddaughters all in a weeks time, when I finally made it back to GA, long story short went to Mr Clean Car Wash and they did an amazing job! Pictures to prove it! Sorry I didnt think about taking before pics, but trust me it smelled as worst as it looked. Thank you Eddie @ Mr. Clean and the whole crew for getting my CRV back in order and it doesnt smell like a gym locker room anymore! Definitely 5 star worthy No! Thank you!!

Review №14

Normally my husband is usually the one to get the car wash and detailed. We have the unlimited car wash package. He simply explained to me go to the furtheries right lane to self check out press receipt the camera will already snap the barcode. Place the receipt to leftside of dashboard then proceed. Someone is always out there to guide you and remind you to put your car in neutral and remember foot off the brake. Then they are brushing on soap to front and back part of the car. This time I opted not to get the car detailed. I simply drove over and did a little vacuuming on my own and I was on my way. Its as simple as one to two and three.

Review №15

Great deal! For $34 I had my oil changed, car vacuumed and washed. The mechanic was friendly and even checked my engine light for free. I was impressed that they didnt upsale me and told me my engine filter did not need to be replaced.

Review №16

Went here and got my oil changed. All of the kids that were working on my car we’re playing on their phones the whole time. End result they didn’t even screw on the plate that covers the underneath of my car. Long story short I was driving to work and it almost fell off my car sounded like some serious scraping underneath my car. Got out and of course it’s just dangling off by one screw will never be back here suggest you don’t either run by a bunch of children.

Review №17

This is the best car wash ever. I only go here for my car wash.

Review №18

Ive used this business several times over the years. The location is far from me, but I drive there for service. Good prices and consistent professionalism.

Review №19

Did a great job at cleaning and monthly was price is very affordable

Review №20

We paid $32 for a full service wash and cleaning. We wanted to also get the more expensive wax service and asked some very simple questions when ordering about the waxing process. There was possibly a language barrier with the person taking our order which caused us to skip this service, but also they were a bit rude to us when there was a communication issue. I attached pictures of how are car looked after service. It looked fairly good, but still was dirty near the base of the door. We waited around 20 minutes or so for the entire process and most of the employees with the exception of the one taking our order at the front were kind. They also offer free doughnuts and coffee for those who want to wait.

Review №21

They did great job changing the oil and cleaning the car, but they tried to sell me on a engine air filter replacement, although I have only 14000 miles on my car, approximately one half of the mileage required for the replacement.

Review №22

Go here just about every other day with multiple of my cars employees r personable helpful and kind

Review №23

Great experience. Vacuums worked great. Did Groupon deal for Jiffy Lube oil change including car wash and vacuum. Worked out great 👍.

Review №24

This place looks amazing upon entering. Fancy. I got the platinum exterior wash to see how dry the car would be. The result was pretty good, tired slight shine, and the car gets a good beating which is necessary to get real gunk off. However there was quite a lot of soap on the back end of the SUV. They were nice to wipe it off. It was pretty quick too, faster than some others. Still I must say $20 for a premium exterior is a bit high considering I get can get the same price without an app for the same package with interior cleaning. Was thinking more $15ish. Overall pretty good and much better than water pressure car washes. There is a charge to hand dry though. Area has good clientele for a fancy car wash like this.

Review №25

After running my truck through the wash the soap was not removed form my vehicle. I drove around to have my vehicle run through once again to remove the soap. The attendant was very understanding, the manager , not so much. I was asked what my problem was. Management of the facility seems very unprofessional and rude.

Review №26

First time using this place and really impressive.. nice staff and good work

Review №27

The best hand cleaning of the interior!

Review №28

Car care was excellent. My car looked new when completed. They also remove the build up on headlights. Great staff.

Review №29

A box underneath the seat was missing and mgmt didnt do anything about it. Too expensive for the service. The worst experience

Review №30

Always do a great job and quickly even on a busy day

Review №31

Really enjoy this car wash! I’ve religiously washed my own car at home. I’ve winced bought an annual subscription to this place. Very happy.

Review №32

Very economical and the service is very thorough.

Review №33

So I just want to start off by saying that these guys and gals are out in the heat and wearing masks and that would be enough to make a lot of people not be able to work as efficiently but the people who cleaned my car did a PHENOMENAL job. I have two dogs and their fur gets everywhere and can be incredibly difficult to clean but they did the work of a much more expensive service so the value here is incredible. I’m definitely going to be coming back!PS tip them well, they definitely deserve it!

Review №34

I got the gold exterior only package, which included a tire shine, and my car looked amazing for only $12! They had everything I needed to quickly and easily clean the inside of my car. The free vacuums worked really well. They provided microfiber cloths, window cleaner and interior all purpose cleaner. I was very impressed by how nice my car looked afterward. And the staff were friendly and eager to help as needed.

Review №35

Love this place! No other car wash place in the area compares to Me. Clean! Everyone is so polite and truly take care of your car! Having kids my seats and carpets need to be shampooed I fell like all the time and I always bring my car here. They can always make my car looking brand new where other places in the area cannot. I highly recommend checking this car wash out!

Review №36

Fast, staff is friendly & courteous. A bit overpriced.

Review №37

Best car wash on Holcomb Bridge periodt on top of periodt. Friendly service. Had everything available to clean my vehicle.

Review №38

Excellent customer service and care

Review №39

Quick, easy, affordable and good overall quality!

Review №40

For the price they should pay more attention to the details. Had to have them re vacuum areas multiple times Ive visited. But overall friendly

Review №41

These folks are diligent in detail and ensure youre satisfied prior to departing. Staff is friendly and helpful. The management team cares and clearly explains all programs available. My day never seems complete if it doesnt start out here first..

Review №42

Excellent job, quick service! 💜😎

Review №43

I would recommend this place to everybody. I get the platinum car wash my car is done in 20 minutes the lobby is clean, smiling faces, the service is awesome! They leave my car I’m looking like New!!!!

Review №44

They do a great job. If you have an exotic or older car, you may need to bring your own oil filter.

Review №45

Good exterior wash and comprehensive interior cleaning. Good value.

Review №46

$19.00 per month membership. Very clean location. Staff is very accommodating. Free vacuum and they also provide rags and window cleaner for you to use.

Review №47

Didnt have me in the system. I pay monthly. Smh

Review №48

Not as godd as the first time... quality has left the car wash. Too bad! Bu, theres several choices!!!

Review №49

Solid car wash. Slightly more than others in the area but the staff is hard working and friendly. The detailing service left a lot of wax in random places on my car, but likely hard for them to see with a mask on and dealing with a white car. My go-to locally.

Review №50

They always do a very nice job!

Review №51

My wife started using this faculty for her oil changes and car washes, I primarily use it for car washes and the occasional detailing of my car. In all case they do a really good job. The staff is always friendly, they are fast and the results are always very good. This is a good place to use and I’m definitely a repeat customer.

Review №52

Good cleaning, I wish their pricing was online and more transparent. Better yet, they could help provide some direction on how why to upgrade.

Review №53

Did an interior and exterior car wash here. They did a thorough job and the car was very clean but it took forever!! Waited an hour and a half for my car to be done! Great job just wish they got through cars a little faster

Review №54

Mr. Clean is the best car detailing service I have found in the metro area. They are affordable, time efficient and do quality work. The waiting room is nicely furnished with comforable furniture, an array of snacks and drinks with large flat screen tvs. The staff is friendly and every time I have taken my car there it has been an extremely positive experience.

Review №55

Very nice car wash

Review №56

Betty is the highlight, what a great employee. Friendly and knowledgeable about her business. My car looks fabulous inside and out.

Review №57

Great service. Received hand washing inside and out. I have a Jeep Wrangler and the wheels can be difficult, but they where done perfectly! Inside was top notch! Thank you

Review №58

I had the usual great Platinum service today! Even better, I got there just as they were shutting down, but there were still several cars still being interior cleaned so the mgr Miguel let me go thru!!!!! Great work and great customer service!!! Thanks Miguel!!!

Review №59

Excellent service!

Review №60

My neighbor has been going there since they open. She would always tell me how wonderful their service is I came in to get my car detailed had lots of dog hair draw on the window stains on the carpet for a great price I got my car looking new again highly recommend they have a wonderful team!!!

Review №61

I always go to this car wash to clean my car and have been very pleased. They are professional and accommodating to my concerns and needs. There was an issue with my wash and Miguel was so helpful to make sure I was happy. He didnt hesitate to fix the problem, he even gave me an upgraded wash! I appreciate the customer service of everyone at Mr. Clean car wash! Keep up the great work!!!

Review №62

Have the monthly membership. I only wish that membership car washes were available 24 hrs since I work late night and Isiah only have the time on my way home from work at 5 or 530am.

Review №63

Definitely great experience they do a great job cleaning your car there very fast and do a great job and the staff is super friendly.

Review №64

I only gave one star because at least they came out to see my truck. I had a place that I needed buffed out and they wanted $250.00!! I took it to Happy Days down the road on Holcomb Bridge and they charged me $40.00!!! Not only did I ask to get the highest level cleaning on the outside ONLY... they did my interior and charged me $86.00 TOTAL!!!!! The owner also knew I needed to be somewhere and he offered me his car!!!!!!! I will NEVER go back to Mr. Clean and will only ever recommend Happy Days!! !! The owner was appreciative of our business and he was so personally involved in everything that goes on at his shop!!! Please go to this awesome place!!!! 10 stars to them!!!! Thanks Happy Days!!!!

Review №65

I had my car washed and the interior cleaned, the job was very well done as usual. The next day I realized a small button for the automatic window on the driver side was missing. I was not able to find it and went back to see if by chance it fell off in the cleaning process. They couldn’t have been nicer, taking my information, model, picture of where it was missing. They assured me they would order if it wasn’t found. The next day I got a phone call and they had found it. Very impressed with the extra service.

Review №66

I went for them to detail the inside of my car and also clean the outside of my car I paid over $100 and I had some places that weren’t completely clean. For example my tires were still dirty my air conditioning vents were still dusty my steering wheel was still dirty as well

Review №67

About 4 months ago major changes occurred at this business. There were several major corporate changes to different policies that all were designed to disadvantage the customers and maximize profits. First, the VIP program radically changed. The business no longer kept track of customers who frequented the business and provided free washes after 10 paid washes. Now all the responsibility for “checking in” as a frequent customer falls on the patron through the use of an app. When it comes time for the reward, instead of receiving a free wash, the customer is only given a minor discount on the next wash. Obviously, these were some very cynical moves on the company’s part to remind their patrons exactly how much value they put on our business. Finally, the company discontinued the “rain check” service. If it rained up to three days after a wash, it was the policy that customers could receive an exterior wash and wipe down to honor their previous patronage a couple days before. Now customers receive nothing, even if it rains the same day. The corporate structure atop this business has made it clear that maximizing profits, not valuing their customers is at the top of their priority list. For anyone who does not appreciate this kind of treatment and wants their money and time valued, my recommendation is that you give your business to one of the many small, local car washes that are located extremely close by. Thanks Mr. Clean.

Review №68

I come here to get work done by Alex because he is incredible when it comes to car repair. With that said, paid for the platinum car wash today and even though they advertise the Febreeze air freshener that just means somebody comes out with a can and sprays the fabric on your car and you have to mention it or they won’t do it. Also I’m paying 35$ for the platinum and you can’t even vacuum the trunk? Felt kind of lazy for the price I’m paying.

Review №69

The service is fine and results are good, though I often see some of the equipment not working. But most importantly its absurd that your cashiers arent allowed to take breaks or have chairs. What possible purpose does that serve?Edit: Notice that their response doesnt even try to discuss the portion of my review about how they treat their employees, which I care much more about than a few broken pieces of equipment now and then.

Review №70

Great car wash. They quality check each car and will make it right before they give it back to you. Very friendly and professional staff. Nice lounge with free coffee and you can purchase bakery items and an assortment snakes. They also have a Jiffy Lube in the same facility. I highly recommend.

Review №71

Theyre ok here. Sometimes you have to watch the oil change techs to make sure theyre not pulling the old dirty air filter scam on you. Thats an extra $40.. For something that only costs a few bucks that you can do yourself!

Review №72

Paid for the most expensive wash and my car still came out dirty. Before entering the wash they didn’t even bother to scrub my car. If you’re looking for a cheap wash to somewhat clean your car then you’ve found the right place.

Review №73

The wash was fine. Scratched the hood of my car. More importantly, I had a pocket of change (probably 5-10 dollars worth) stolen from my car. Usually wouldn’t say anything but wanted to send a warning out to others about taking your valuables with you.

Review №74

Great value and service!

Review №75

I understand why this place stays busy. They are quick!! I would love to give it 5 stars but there were a few spots that were missed during the interior cleaning.

Review №76

Great customer service,affordable prices,little wait time. Mr.clean will definitely be my go to spot for detailing & car washing

Review №77

Favorite carwash

Review №78

Oh my goodness this is the best place to come to get your car 🚙 washed and detailed there is a Kind Lady named Ms. Betty she is at the entrance when you come in always smiling very kind she knew my favorite car wash was the $10 wash, the other day she said Ms. Sandra why don’t you get one of our packages it’s more better and economical and she explained the services she want pushy she had a smile as always I’m like okay and I’m so thankful I got the $29 package because I can get my car washed whenever I need it what a blessing!To the management: You have the best and most kindest staff of people who work there everyday. Everyone works tirelessly to give the customers the greatest car wash experience a person could ever ask for! I love 💕 the new vacuum the suction is superb, I mean it gets the car cleaned fast! I like how you added the cleanest towels and cleaning solutions for your customers it’s fabulous! I love how your establishment is always clean it’s never trashy it’s spic and span Clean! I’m never going anywhere else you have so much to offer the consumers and you have the best prices by farTo Consumers: I’ve been coming here for a while and this is the place that you need to go I drive 30 minutes just to get there, and it’s worth the trip!Ms. Betty I’m going to tell everybody I know to get one of those packages they will save people so much money thanks for being so nice when I left my sister said I’m going to get me one of those packages she said my car looks 😊 so good!And Ms. Betty its your kindness and smile 😊 that represents the face of the company your knowledge about the products and services won me over, you knew what the company had to offer us as the consumers and that tells everyone we all are welcome!I suggest that everyone asks for Ms. Betty because she knows everythingTo The Employees: you guys are the best every time I come you are busy working no one is laughing playing or joking around, you take your job seriously and it shows professionalism at its bestEveryone is 😃 happy and smiling up here it’s a great place to be #customerforlife I may even upgrade my package what a great place thanks Management you are doing a great job and service in the community😊😊😊

Review №79

I absolutely love this place! I drive past 5 car wash companies to go to Mr. Clean Car Wash on Holcomb Bridge. :) They know me when I pull up and everyone that works there is so friendly. They are always smiling and actually care about the guest and their jobs. They do a wonderful job on what ever service they are providing and then some. Trust me when I say my expectations are high and they exceed them every time. Brian and his staff are so courteous and they treat people like family. It is a breath of fresh air to visit. The place is kept clean and tidy all the time and they go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy. It is definitely worth the trip!

Review №80

Work Van was really Shining when I left only to have it rain on it the next day😤😤

Review №81

We’ve been coming to Mr. Clean for over a year since moving to the area. A few weeks ago they went through a major pricing change significantly increased the cost of services. Inquiries about the changes, were met with condescending remarks as week as half-truths or outright lies.For example, the response to a previous commenter stated that some rates for services remained the same. The fact is, every rate went up and many services were significantly downgraded.We returned to the location today to give it one more shot - we selected the same service for which we regularly pay $45. Today it was $76.Additionally, an elderly gentleman came in to get a wash using a coupon he had received. He was refused service unless he downloaded their app.Unfortunately, we won’t return.

Review №82

This place is always well kept, clean, friendly and professionally ran. Our family takes advantage of the VIP package for both cars. So we have been coming here for about 3 years now, at least 4 times a month. And every single time they do an exceptional job. Now to be honest other people might be pickier, but for us to have invested well over $3000 in these 3 years to maintain our cars clean was well worth every penny. I have a 2011 sky blue sonata with over 200k miles on it. With all that wear and tear these guys have maintained it looking like it did the first day I brought it in. Now my wife has a 2016 escape with over 115k miles on it, yes we are on the road every day. And every time she takes her car in to the dealership they always compliment how clean and new it still looks. We have a child that eats in the car, and we also regularly eat out of our car. And still this location has helped maintain both ouf our cars looking brand spanking new. I would highly recomend the VIP monthly package. Just taking your car in 3 times a month will pay for itself. We try going every weekend to get us ready to start a new week with a clean looking car.

Review №83

Excellent excellent service!

Review №84

Self or full service Check-in. Pleasant cashier. Machines are efficient with the wash. And even more of a bonus was the post-wash attendant, Mike. He was sure to clean all the spots the machine missed, cleaned the mats, and the wheels, and of course the interior. After not having the car washed for over a month, I was more than pleased with his attention to detail. My car was like new again! I will continue to return to Mr Clean, and ask for Mike.

Review №85

Good wash but they didnt tell me about the automatic renewal. What kind of BS is that. never been to a car wash where they automatically charge your card on a monthly service. No signs or nothing. Tried to cancel only the manager has the power to do that he is busy and need to call back in a hourBeen calling the last 3 day trying to cancel auto renewal getting the run around saying the person in charge is not available is this the way Mr. clean treats there customer. Also no reponse from the owner about this issue why

Review №86

Mr. Clean car wash is amazing. The staff made me feel like family and my car was spotless when they were done. Really amazing prices for the service I received! Thanks !

Review №87

In my opinion they should do a better jobThey leave several dirty spots and windows with marks they should have a clean towels for windows and different ones for the cars and tires

Review №88

I am so disappointed by the service that was done on my car!!!! $59 and a $10 tip... I pulled up to the parking spot to check it out... Stuff and gum wrappers was still in between seats and console... Still dirty on the inside doors! Honestly my son has done better then this and hes 13. I spent $20 more here at Mr Clean then Car Spa thinking I could trust they would have done a great job...NEVER again will I return...what a waste of my hard earned money and time (over an hour)!!! Theyre truly more about money then customer service!!! Granted the workers were very nice and professional but the service perform as far as detail...horrible!!! I wish I could upload pictures!!!

Review №89

This place be so busy but the flow of the cars stay moving. I sat back and watch how management operate making sure the cars are guided in the right direction. Making sure the customers cars are clean and the customers leave happy. This car wash is very professional, friendly, and outgoing. I shall return and I will tell all my friends and family about this car wash.

Review №90

These people are great! From the cashier to the manager to the attendants outside, I have had nothing but good luck with them. Theyve even made some good observations on repair work Ive needed on my car which has kept it running. And they made my very dirty car look brand new on the inside. We were so impressed with the service that we took my moms car there for her Mothers Day present to get her car detailed too. She loved it!

Review №91

Bought a car wash and interior clean this morning. $94 and they did not even vacuum the trunk clean. I emptied it prior to taking the car for the clean. The front drivers mat was not clean also which I picked up when shown to the car. $94 I am shocked the trunk does not get vacuumed.... The car was otherwise cleaned to a high standard. Had to vacuum myself at home. Shame really as they do try to give you .first class job. Will check out the competition on Holcomb Bridge rd. 100 bucks for a partial car clean seems alot to me. I dont like to give negative reviews but its better that people are aware of what to expect.

Review №92

I think the price is a bit expensive but the service is always good and it is great that we get to use the vacuum and window/interior cleaner for however long we need. maybe i missed it... but wish they have a floor mat cleaner

Review №93

Quick.. Efficient.. Friendly

Review №94

Every time I visit I have a wonderful experience

Review №95

Oil change and car wash inside and out for free.

Review №96

I could not understand why my girlfriend, Christine, constantly raved about the car wash in her neighborhood. That is until I recently went with her to Mr. Clean on Holcomb Bridge Road while visiting from out of town. I too am now a big time Mr. Clean fan and wish we had one where I live. I never imagined that I would write a review for a car wash, let alone compare any car wash to the Ritz Carlton. However, I travel extensively for my job and am on the receiving end of all types of service from horrible to mediocre to phenomenal. I must say the level of service we received at Mr. Clean can only be compared to the type of service I expect and receive when staying at the Ritz. The staff proactively bends over backwards to make certain customers are 100% satisfied, again akin to the staff at the Ritz. The friendliness, attention to detail, positive attitude, expedient process, and eagerness to serve far exceeded all expectations. After a very short wait and extremely pleasant experience, Christines 2009 Audi looked brand spanking new. I cant wait to come back to Atlanta for another long as Mr. Clean is on the agenda! Truly the Ritz Carlton of car washes! Well done Mr. Clean!

Review №97

This review if for Holcomb Bridge location.I paid $70 or so to have roof of my truck dirty, inside with dirt and trash even though they said they were going to leave it clean without hesitation if I upgrade my car-wash package.I upgraded went through the process and left the shop.I am not that kind of guy that goes through every detail or check everything that has been made on my car, I did not check at all because I believe in people that charges you for a job and upgrades and then they delivers what they promise. My bad in this case because after a couple days i found needles, dirt and trash inside my truck. I specifically detailed that I just bought it and needed clean inside and out, I vacuum and clean it myself. But after seeing mess on my roof I went back to tell them how disappointed I was to pay for something and not get what I was paying for. First they said let to much time to pass by before come back (Truck still is not in use and nobody got inside after about two weeks), then they said I have truck parked under to much trees (Not true and easy to proof since I live in townhouse with not threes around), then they said I should have paid another service (Even though they specifically recommended this option when I was there), and the final call was that I never even gave my truck to them ( what!?).I did not ask for any money back neither to redoing whole service. Just went back to tell them how disappointed I was to pay for something they recommended and not having it delivered.Will I go back to this place again? NeverWill I recommend this place to anybody: NeverDo you want to go to this place? Do it at your own risk.Value for money: 0.5 starQuality : 1 starMaking promises: 5 starsManager service: 1 star

Review №98

This is a drive thru type car wash with a full detail team that wipes down the car and cleans the inside.Very clean car for a reasonable price. Detail manager Miguel is very professional and helpful. He has helped me several times with all my cars. 😊

Review №99

THIS PLACE IS THE REAL DEAL! Motivated workers, very thorough, and perform an excellent job. Also, they are the most affordable price for the amount of work they perform. Highly recommend every one to go. Ask for Brian, he even looks like the Mr. Clean mascot.. Great guy.

Review №100

Great job consistently. Super friendly staff

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  • Address:2904 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States
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  • Phone:+1 770-674-2306
  • Car detailing service
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  • Monday:8am–6pm
  • Tuesday:8am–6pm
  • Wednesday:8am–6pm
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  • Sunday:9am–6pm
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