Mammoth Detail Salon
255 S Main St, Alpharetta, GA 30009, United States

Review №1

Mammoth is a phenomenal hand car washing facility. They take great care of their customer and are very thorough in their washes, details, etc. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to hand wash our vehicles and have been a customer since they opened. If you want the job done right the first time go to Mammoth! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

Review №2

Mammoth does excellent detail work for a reasonable price and even got it done faster than the time theyd quoted me.

Review №3

Mammoth Detail and Jimmy helped turn around a rough week for me. I am new to the area and just moved my car down which had been in storage for a while. It needed a cleaning, particularly on the interior which had a strong musty odor.When I got the car back from Mammoth, I was amazed at their attention to detail. Every spoke on the wheels were shiny, and so were the barrels (and theyre deep!). There wasnt a single part overlooked... the rocker panels, edges around the hood/trunk, wheel arches, and even the back window was clean! I dont know who did that, but getting through the roll cage to reach it is no small feat. The interior could pass for new and it smelled clean, not like heavy detergents or fragrances. Just... perfection, and I couldnt be happier.Im very particular about who washes my car, and Im glad to have found Mammoth Detail. You can relax knowing theyll treat your car as well as their own, and the only thing better than their work is their way of making you feel welcome.Next time my car needs a wash, I wont give it a second thought.. Im taking it to Mammoth Detail... and you should, too.

Review №4

Fine job. No complaints. Will be using again!

Review №5

Ive brought my Toyota Tundra here twice! On my first visit, it was after I purchased the truck from an individual who left a sour smell in the cabin. So, I opted for the interior detail, which includes a car wash. When they called me back they had found a used baby diaper and bottle of spoiled milk, that Im not sure I wouldve found on my own. They cleaned every nook and cranny, treated the leather seats and carpet, so it looked and smelled like new. Since they did so well, I brought it in again last week, almost a year later for the same package and it was well worth the price!

Review №6

They always do a good job and the price is reasonable. Everything is handled professionally and quickly.

Review №7

The did a very good job on the cleaning. Would definitely recommend. detailing price is slightly expensive. but the work they do is excellent.

Review №8

Our family chooses Mammoth over the others around town. They let you know the approximate wait time on super busy, popular car wash days. I can count on there being no damage to our cars. The clean the car well, laving no streaks. The only tiny issue I have had is them forgetting to wipe down the back interior window after spraying it. Im sure if I would have asked them to wipe it down, they would have. Mammoth is my choice for a car wash.

Review №9

The staff was awesome! Showed up with a few cars and they were absolutely filthy. By the time they were finished the cars looked amazing. Thanks guys!

Review №10

Easy access to the place, friendly people. There were 5 people hand washing my vehicle and it took approximately 15 minutes from the time I got there to the time they were finished. My car is looking so clean in and out. They cleaned my inside windows and vacuumed and cleaned up my little mess and my car is looking so great. It was also very nice to see a lot of smiling faces from the people who were working on my car. 😊

Review №11

AVOID THIS PLACE!! DONT WASTE Your TIME AND MONEYUpdate (9/14/2018): I specifically went to meet owner Jimmy to show the spots and he was already pissed with my review and he was ready with his stupid answers saying WE DONT CLEAN THOSE.And he said we dont serve customers like youWhy Jimmy are you scared of reviews or hiding your face with reading customers bad review and getting pissed. if that is the case this is not the right business for you.I could not imagine that the owner itself is like this at all. WOW!! NOT A PROFESSIONAL OWNER(Sept 13, 2018)- PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. I would give negative rating if there was one.I visited to this place first time (Sept 13, 2018) with my Honda Odyssey. I went with the Mega plan suggested by Eduardo to clean my car and I accepted it. It includes Interior and Exterior and Vacuum clean.Since it was my office hours i did not looked it deeply how well they cleaned it on each doors and the moment i reached home i just wanted to ensure all are cleaned since this was my first visit.And i was SO DISAPPOINTED with their service. JUST HORRIBLE. I went and opened all my doors and looked at the bottom it is so dirty they did not even touched all the bottom liner when you open the door.That is where most of the dirt resides for all the cars if you open the doors. Am just shocked how this store is running this business with out knowing all this.And there were some chips lying in the bottom and coke spelled they did not cleaned or least bother to vacuum it properly.With this Horrible service/poor i would only say that $51 is very very expensive for me at-least.I always used to take my car to Bubble hand wash and they are far better than this poor service store. Just ridiculous of this store and waste of time and money.Am attaching the pictures to notify the owner Jimmy and Eduardo.I called the store and spoke to this gentleman Eduardo and gave him the feedback he says this is how we clean for the plan i opted for. Seriously??Dont even clean the car? am not asking to polish or any what i paid for i dont get that serviceWOW this is how it is???Jimmy owner should justify this what i paid for?

Review №12

Always friendly, nice waiting area, and do a good job.

Review №13

Absolutely amazing hand car wash!!! Better than anywhere else you can go! Customer service is flawless, super friendly staff, and they work super hard and always perfect job. My wife and I use Mammoth for all of our vehicles and have never left unsatisfied. Would recommend no matter how far the drive! Prices are super cheap too!!! Cant find another wash at the price.

Review №14

Excellent job in hand washing my car. The only person that does a better job is me.

Review №15

Good service. No complaints.

Review №16

Very fast service, the car is super clean and shiny! Thank you guys!

Review №17

Now this location is awesome! Extremely friendly staff. Washed my car much better than the other location plus it took 30 minutes. I’ll be coming here now.

Review №18

They did a great job on my soft top wrangler! Very nice people and excellent work!

Review №19

Ive been to some of the others and been very disappointed. Mammoth consistently does a great job, going beyond expectations, always returning me a clean truck and doing excellent work. Excellent value for the money.

Review №20

Such a great small business! I much prefer a handwash, and this is the best one around. Highly recommend them. They are kind, professional, and do great work! Will definitely be my go-to car wash

Review №21

Mammoth does an amazing job washing and cleaning our cars inside and out every time! We have the monthly membership so we can pull up any time and have a beautiful car back to showroom condition! Thanks Mammoth!

Review №22

Great job.

Review №23

I went down to get the mega wash for my pilot. The prices are reasonable. This was my first time. Not very happy with the quality of work done inside. They did not vacuum the compartment inside the trunk. Even they did not do a great job in vaccuming in the trunk overall.

Review №24

Really good interior cleaning package. Quick and effective, took 4 hrs.

Review №25

Incredible car wash and detail. This is by far the best car wash Ive ever been to. Its absolutely worth the wait time and price! They get every nook and cranny of dust from the inside and do not miss anything on the outside. You know its good because all the high end luxury cars come here and service is impeccable. I usually have to come home and get the areas that other car washes miss but not after Lexus was literally brand new after this wash 😁

Review №26

Great job with extra care.

Review №27

Excellent job!

Review №28

Now I like to think I’m good at washing a car... Mammoth Car wash is the best though... they pay such great attention to detail. I’ve been using them since 2004 and I will continue to as long as I own a car. The owner (Jimmy) is one of the coolest guys I know. Super friendly and really is down to earth. Don’t waste your time at any other car wash, there’s only one - Mammoth!

Review №29

Car washThe service was exceptional from start to finish. The waiting room was well-stocked and the sales agent was equally efficient polite and her suggestive selling skills were great. My car was very well cleaned and returned looking so clean and smelling fresh I almost felt like i’d Just come out of the shower myself! Being new in town, it was my first time here and the service is incomparable to others. I’ll definitely be back!

Review №30

This rating is based on service. At this Mammoth location, when I left, I realized no one had said “welcome” when I drove up, the reception did not say “hi,” and then no one walked me to my car and finished with “thank you for your business.” I continue going to a business because of the relationships I make with the employees of a company. I will go to the location down the street to see if it’s different. If not, I will find a new car detail that appreciates my business.

Review №31

Did a great job on my car and price was fair.

Review №32

Excellent service

Review №33

Did a great job with my car. Manager met me in the lot and was extremely professional. He communicated their timeline well which led me to walking to a local bar and grabbing a drink. It was a great day and I came back to a beautiful car.

Review №34

Mammoth is as meticulous as I am with my vehicles, which explains why I have been going there almost every week for 15+ years. But, thats just the business side of the story. Everyone there from Jimmy, the owner, right on down the line, is courteous, respectful, and friendly -- treating customers like family. Thats the personal side. What a perfect combination for a small local business. Guys and gals, keep up the great work!

Review №35

This is a great place to have your car done! Went there as it was convenient, just down the road from my work. Will not go anywhere else now! Had an interior detail done and my car looked like it was brand new when finished. People are great and attention to detail is excellent. Definitely a go to place!

Review №36

Friendly. Courteous. Kind. Cheerful. Brave. Clean..Did I say clean?Really clean!These guys work really hard, and they earnestly want you to be happy. I was struck that several people took it on their own initiative to check over my vehicle when I was happy and ready to leave, only to say that they saw a few things that they wanted to improve before I drove away.A happy customer ready to go, but their standards weren’t met, yet!I highly recommend Mammoth. They have integrity and are excelling in the customer satisfaction business.

Review №37

Did inside and outside and was very happy with the result. Brought the car in the morning and collected it after work. Would recommend, amazing how the difference is. Dont Forget to tip, some guys spent hours on your car to make you happy! Paid about 270,-$ was absolutely worth it.

Review №38

Mammoth is absolutely incredible. I am never disappointed by any of the details I receive. I take 4 vehicles here ranging from 2018 to 2008. It doesnt matter if you have a new or old car, they treat it with the same respect and give it the same attention to detail. Truly great place, great staff, and great service.

Review №39

This detail shop is awesome. They do such a great job that I purchased a monthly package with them. Not to mention the owner Jimmy, is a really nice, down to earth guy. He will definitely go out of his to make sure you have a great experience here. His staff is very helpful as well. Keep up the great work guys.

Review №40

Mammoth detail is one of those special places you don’t find very often in life.. The warmth and generosity the owner extends to me and it’s not just me but everyone I see come in. His name is Jimmy and he truly cares for his customers, “you dont find that very often in a business anymore.. I guess you could say I prefer quality over quantity... Thank you Jimmy for the services you provide “and my wife and kids thank you too!! No more smelly truck :)

Review №41

Clean waiting room inside and out, good pricing, and quality work. Wednesday is ladies day so there was a discount. They have a slick app that gives you the estimated wait time too. My first visit was good and I plan to go back.

Review №42

Mammoth is an awesome place to get your car cleaned. They do an excellent job and I have had nothing but great experiences. Jimmy and his staff go above and beyond to give you the service you deserve. I would Highly recommend mammoth anytime of the year!!

Review №43

Great Experience!If you ever need an absolutely exceptional hand wash service, Mammoth Detail is the place to go! They provide excellent customer service as well as the proper care for any type of vehicle.

Review №44

Mammoth detail is the best hand car wash around. Great service, wonderful staff that works with you and gets your car looking the way you want. Amazing place to be able to relax while your car is getting washed! Wouldnt dream to take my car anywhere else

Review №45

Been a member here for about 5 years or so. Cant say enough about Jimmys team - they are all detail oriented and focus on doing an outstanding job.

Review №46

Today was my first time there. They did a fantastic job and were meticulous. I will go back for sure!

Review №47

Great Service!! I have 5 children and havent had my car detailed in years!! I took it to Mammoth and got a Full Detail Package. All I could say is WOW!!! When I brought it home my husband thought it was a new car! They did an AWESOME JOB!! Great Price! Great Customer Service! Great Staff! from beginning to end. Will definitely come back.

Review №48

This has become my favorite new spot for a car wash! I know a lot of people have commented about the more advanced detailing service which I will likely try some day, but for now, I mainly get car was plus interior cleaning. Love the attention to detail without extra long wait periods. You always get an approximate time your car will be ready when you first check out, and its always done within a couple minutes of that ETA. The owner is super friendly and cares about his customers. Another big plus is the clean, modern and very comfortable waiting area with WiFi. Mammoth definitely beats all other car washes I have tried in the Alpharetta area over the years!

Review №49

Fantastic service! Was a first time client. I needed somewhat of a miracle with detailing a large SUV destroyed over time by a toddler and a large pet dog. Four and half hours later, they did it! The SUV looks brand new. Wow!!!!! Thank you Mammoth!

Review №50

This is a very friendly business, they are top of the line. Every little detail is taken care of, and it shows! I am always blown away when my car is done. I will continue to go back, due to their amazing services. Thanks again!

Review №51

The detailing is just awesome! I purchased the exterior detailing along with the clay bar. Associate handling the request was really knowledgable. Happy to drive out with a car which is almost like new!!

Review №52

Friendly staff here but a little pricy for what you get. Mammoth at this location lost a star because I had to point out multiple window glasses / side view mirrors that were not cleaned when the staff said it was done. Also I was disappointed that there is no coffee available here.. or near by... Kinda of a bummer if you have to wait 30 minutes for your car and no coffee...

Review №53

Good place for a quick good wash. Great staff.

Review №54

Jimmy and his team are fantastic. They treat your car like its their own. My car always looks amazing. Great job!

Review №55

Jimmy Tester and his professional team are the best hand wash car wash in Alpharetta. I have been a Mammoth monthly customer for years and continues to be a great value.

Review №56

Best in the business. Quality, customer service and attention to detail is exceptional. I recommend them to friends all the time. Family owned small business. Shop local!

Review №57

My car always comes away from Mammoth so very clean and shiny. I’ve always been thrilled to have my car cleaned here!! There is no place like Mammoth for service like this! And the staff is always super polite & happy, they know how to treat a customer!!!

Review №58

First time customer. Skeptical at first but very satisfied with my experience. Arrived at closing time and was still taken care of with a smile. Definitely made a repeat customer out of me!

Review №59

I LOVE these guys!!!! They are the sweetest!!!! We drive all the way from Atlanta to get our trucks washed by them! They get everything! And they take their time!!! Lifetime customer!!!

Review №60

I have taken three different cars here for years. There is not a better wash in Atlanta. If you own a quality vehicle and understand the value of hand washing versus a machine - go here. There is a reason you see Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, etc here. These people understand how to take care of paint and quality vehicles.Inspect your vehicle when they finish - they encourage you to. They will touch up anything without question.

Review №61

A bit on the pricey side but worth every penny- car looks brand new!

Review №62

Quick turn around and excellent attention to detail. Hand wash makes a difference!

Review №63

Great place to have your car detailed.The owner jimmy is great to work with.

Review №64

Jimmy and his team turned the aged paint on my 7 year old black Ram into a showroom new finish! Best money I’ve ever spent on a detail.

Review №65

They always do a Great job on my car.

Review №66

I had my vehicle hand washed at this place of business. Upon delivery of my car after cleaning, I noticed a triangle shape part normally attached to the inside passenger door/window on the passenger side floor. Prior to leaving, I informed the manager at this location that my car had obviously some sustained damage not present when I arrived and prior to cleaning the vehicle. Much to my surprise, his response was, “It’s an old car and stuff breaks.” Yes, it broke while in your place of business under your supervision. I think it only reasonable for your company to pay for the repair old car or new. Unable to receive any indication of satisfaction, I asked to speak to the owner, Jimmy Tester. The owner offered the same excuse, “Well, I’ve seen this happen to several cars like yours, and it’s an old vehicle. We only wash the windows, so this could not have been our fault.” Perhaps Mr. Tester should advertise that his business does not clean older cars.As coincidence would have it, this is the same place of business that broke my driver’s side mirror several years ago and refuse to accept any responsibility for the damage. With no offer of assistance, I was able to have the mirror repaired at little cost by my Mercedes-Benz mechanic at little cost. It was far less than the $800.00 quoted by the dealer. So I continued to do business with this company because up until then, I was satisfied with their work. However, I discounted using them for unrelated reasons. As luck would have it, I was in the area and decided to have my car washed due in part to all the rain we had over the previous weekend while driving back to Atlanta from New Orleans. In addition, the weather has been really cold. Because my SL500 is vintage it is not a reason for me to have to pay for repairs to my car while in this company’s care for damage caused by the company’s staff.

Review №67

Mammoth always does a phenomenal job and goes above and beyond to give your car the best wash around! The staff also consists of extremely friendly and down to earth people who are more than accommodating when it comes to what your car needs done

Review №68

Left with my car dirty, a film on my front windshield (that I did not know about until it rained and I almost couldn’t see driving on the highway, once windshield whippers were turned on. It wasn’t rainex b/c I tried to add that and they were out. They informed me they usually are out of that (?)Vacuum job was insufficientWon’t be back

Review №69

Wonderful customer service and professional service!

Review №70

These are the only people I allow to wash my vehicles. Its hard to find people who genuinely take pride in their work and these guys do.

Review №71

There was a time when they did nice work. Your car was clean in and out. Yes they were very, very slow but nice waiting area so you just planned. I stopped going here about a year ago the price was way to high for the work done. Tuesday I had to have the car cleaned there I was one of two cars. I waited 54 mins for my car to be cleaned. I thought surely with them being so slow the car will be clean. Bad thought. The passage seat had standing water. The dust on the dash and radio hadnt been touched and the door jamb still had cleaner sprayed on. When I went back for the towel to clean up I really wanted my tip back. Not saying I want be back there is always a chance I get stuck in the area and need a wash. But I will do everything to plan around that.

Review №72

The staff is always very nice and do a wonderful job hand washing and detailing your car!

Review №73

If I could give 0 stars I would . Pulled in at 2:45 today and was told they were closed when there website clearly says they close at 5. And when asked why they were closing early all I got was a confused look and a we are closed.

Review №74

Scratched brand new MB on its very first wash!!!! Took absolutely no responsibility even though owner walked around entire car after I stated it was first wash-would not even refund the cost of the wash! Told me I could call cops and file a complaint? Thats telling. BEWARE!

Review №75

Great service. Very polite fast and through..

Review №76

Mammoth did a far better than anticipated job removing swirls and scratches from my 2 year old car. Looks showroom new now. Also did the job in half the time the brochure said it wold take! Will go back!

Review №77

Good quality fast friendly service!

Review №78

Have been coming here for what seems like 20 years. Always great service and in the rare instance something isnt done to my satisfaction, by politely asking Ive always gotten satisfaction. Use the ap, it will give you estimated wait time. Since you are getting a hand carwash it takes a little longer than average drive through wash and the ap will inform you of current wait times. I have all of my vehicles detailed here at least once a year and wouldnt go anywhere else. If youre happy with the detailing ask to tip the detailer, hell remember you next time. If you care about your car (and especially if your car is black) Mammoth is where to go!

Review №79

This is my third stellar review. Would appreciate a discount on next service for telling everyone including friends and family.

Review №80

Very good..thanks

Review №81


Review №82

Good service .., interior washes can be more thoroughly done

Review №83

I only trust my vehicles with Mammoth Detail Salon. Ask for the mega with inside rims, they will know what you mean and you will not be disappointed.

Review №84

Great customer service and thorough job.

Review №85

Been going here for years. Always great service and a quality job. Sometimes take a bit to wait but worth it!

Review №86

Wonderful staff and great service

Review №87

Very detailed oriented... Truck is cleaner after each visit than when the dealer delivered it new!

Review №88

Been coming here for 6 years now and the car always comes out clean and more importantly stays clean longer (dont know what they do). They are a bit pricy but you get what you pay for - you can see from the cars that come here.

Review №89

I was recently in town from Tampa, FL to attend a track-day event at the Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, GA. Having driven my track-prepped Z to and at the event I wanted to have it cleaned up before the car show the following day in Carrollton, GA at Z1 Motorsports. To be clear, my NISMO 370Z is very low to the ground and has a large wing on the back so it cant go through most car washes, it HAS to be hand washed. A quick Google search for hand car wash turned up a result for Mammoth Hand Car Wash & Detail in nearby Alpharetta, GA. Not knowing what to expect I was a little shocked when I pulled up to the busy place, it was smaller than any car washes we have in Florida but it was indeed all hand-wash. I parked my car and the owner Jimmy approached me, talked about the car and what services they had to offer. No pressure, super friendly and very competent and confident in the work his people would do. I was told it would be about 45 minutes and my wife and I were pointed in the direction of a comfortable sitting area. 45 minutes later my Z looked quite possibly the best Ive ever seen it. The car was immaculate and the extra $10 I paid to have the wheels cleaned inside and out really shown brightly. Amazing work, very detailed and very reasonably priced for hand washing. Ill definitely be stopping in after next years track day again.

Review №90

Best Hand Carwash In Town...

Review №91

Update your hours if you’re going to be closed while employees just shrug their shoulders when you ask what hours are you’re open.

Review №92

Its a nice car wash i like it

Review №93

Have been going there for over two years very respectful and friendly workers, havent had any problems ever.

Review №94

Always my favorite place to get a wash.

Review №95

Top car wash & detailer

Review №96

I take my vehicle here everyday..

Review №97

Great on detail, great service

Review №98

These guys kill it everytime!

Review №99


Review №100

Missed spot after watch & $$$

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