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6561 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211, United States
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Josh Myers was a Godsend this afternoon! I left a request on Geiler’s emergency services, and Josh promptly called me back to ask about our emergency. Due to the nature the situation, he left and arrived at a moment’s notice. Within 5 minutes, he diagnosed the problem, explained the solution, and presented me with an incredibly fair quote due after completion and satisfaction! ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON 🀯5* Communication5* Promptness5* Professionalism5* Quality/ Value5* Gentleman

Review β„–2

Josh Myers was great! Professional, friendly, fixed our problem in no time and brought us up to code. I highly recommend Geiler and Josh. Thanks!!!!

Review β„–3

The technician was outstanding. He respected our property, our home and our time. Job well done!

Review β„–4

Looking for a new HVAC unit for our home we purchased in July 2020. Called these guys as prior owners had used them to service current unit in home for last 21 years. Called them up and was told by guy on Monday that since they had serviced unit he could give me an estimate on new unit through email within a day. Im now on 4 days later and no word from this company . We had hoped to keep business local but looks like thats not happen. If you tell someone you are do something DO IT.

Review β„–5

Awesome company! Our furnace stopped working and it turned out we needed a new one! They got started the very next day and we couldnt be happier! Another popular name company couldnt come out right away so we would have had an extra day in the cold. Geiler is now my go-to company for anything HVAC or plumbing. Thank you Geiler!

Review β„–6

I got home from work to a furnace blowing cold air. I called the emergency line and had a quick response from Lloyd, who was able to quickly walk me through restarting my furnace. He saved me a lot of money and had my heat working in minutes, so I will definitely call them when it needs serviced! Thanks for the quick and friendly help!

Review β„–7

My a/c went out last July when it was over 100 degrees with the heat index. Dennis and Adam came out and installed a new system that day. When I got home from work and walked in, it felt wonderful. They provided fast, professional and best service ever.

Review β„–8

This is a fantastic company. Customer service is superior. They do the job right the first time.

Review β„–9

Very kind and prompt. I tried all of them in Cincinnati, and this was the best.Update: they came out the same day on the new heat outbreak. Fixed our air conditioner and helped it from happening again. Tim Wiehe did a fabulous job!

Review β„–10

Reid -I cant thank the Geiler company enough for saving the day - twice!!! - this past cold spell at my senior 4-family apartment. When the pipes burst on Day 1, Paul and his assistant got there in less than an hour and did an amazing job fixing the problem. They made me look like a hero to my senior citizen tenants - getting the problem fixed so quickly!Then on Day 2 when the pipes burst on the other side of the apartment -including a pipe up in the wall behind a kitchen sink - I thought I was going to have to rip out the kitchen to fix it! Somehow Paul managed to reach and fix that pipe miraculously from the garage below! That alone saved me $1000 of kitchen work since I didnt have to rip out (and disrupt for who knows how long) that kitchen.On top of all of this, you did this work for a great price. The picture below shows the collection of problems on those two days fixed by your guys. Thanks again to everyone at Geiler for saving the day - twice, and making me look like a hero to my tenants!

Review β„–11

Called just before holiday weekend. No rush needed. They called me back Monday and set time for Tuesday. Technician was on time, professional, answered questions and didnt try to upsell. Completed work timely and all is good again.

Review β„–12

Arrived timely and tech was pleasant and professional. Job was to auger sewer line. I understood the $69.00 fee for coming out, estimate, etc., however, I wish Geiler would consider waiving the fee if bid/estimate was accepted, rather than adding on as additional cost. So to auger the drain was β€œ$210.00” plus the $69.00 that I would’ve felt much better about being waived in exchange for giving them my business; would’ve been nice...and appropriated. I paid $279.00 to have clogged drain cleared. No big deal, but will likely give next plumbing job to plumber who agrees to waive the fee.

Review β„–13

Every time I call Geiler, whether for routine maintenance and care of my HVAC or for an emergency, they are always responsive and professional and tremendously helpful. This past weekend, I thought I had lost all water pressure in my home. I called at about two in the morning and got a fairly quick telephone response. The next day, Matt came by to evaluate the situation and determined that my tankless water heater was actually the issue and needed to be replaced.Both times that he was here, for the initial evaluation and then for the installation, he was incredibly helpful and professional and appropriately concerned regarding my issue. I am so thrilled to have both good water pressure and hot water in my house again! I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would definitely call Geiler again for any issue in my home for which they have expertise. I routinely refer friends to this company because of my positive experiences.Thanks so very much for always being there to help!

Review β„–14

I have used Geiler for over 15 years, at a former employer with a massive, complicated HVAC antiquated system, to present day for a apartment building with a boiler system. Quick to respond and very fair price, especially for the level of professionalism and expert technicians. Highly recommend for home or business. Commercial business, talk to Lisa, she is awesome!!!

Review β„–15

Very competitive pricing, friendly and knowledge techs, who were on time, and who were very polite. There is a reason this company has been in business since 1885! I highly recommend them.

Review β„–16

I got a great deal and great service from Dennis with Geiler. I needed the work done right away as I was moving into a foreclosed home. He fit me in and got everything installed and working quickly and efficiently. Thanks Dennis!

Review β„–17

Our heat went out and Dennis from Geiler came out the next morning. He was very professional and great to work with. Best of all, it did not break the bank. I would recommend them to anyone. I felt they were very honest.

Review β„–18

Quick service, knowledgeable and reasonable prices. Eric Spencer was easy to deal with, would recommend Geiler anytime. Greg Meyer

Review β„–19

My air conditioner stopped working and I told my husband that it just needed freon. He said when the service man came and if the air conditioner didnt work we would replace both the furnace and the air conditioner. Well!!!! Of course the 27 year old air conditioner couldnt be fixed. So we purchased a new York air conditioner and furnace and had them installed the next day. Every one was so professional and courteous to work with and I now have AC. Thank you, I will be your greatest customer and recommender to all I know

Review β„–20

Dennis and Tim have both been out on multiple occasions to assist with service of my water heater and boiler. They are honest and extremely fair guys. Always willing to explain in detail what the issue was. I would reccomend them in heartbeat.

Review β„–21

Repeat customer. Great customer service and technicians. Fair prices.

Review β„–22

I purchased a Groupon for a furnace cleaning and inspection and was able to quickly schedule the work. I received a call within the two hour window that I was given for my appointment and the technician showed up soon thereafter. The technician, Kevin Olson, was terrific. He really knows the business, he patiently responded to all of my questions and he really demonstrated professionalism in every way. He pointed out some non-critical work that could be done and offered a discounted preventive maintenance service package, but absolutely did not try to sell me anything that I didnt need. I had no previous experience with The Geiler Company, but I now have full confidence in both their technical capabilities and their integrity. I highly recommend Kevin Olson and The Geiler Company.

Review β„–23

They are reliable and very dependable. They are the only company I use for my heating, air conditioning , and plumbing. I have been using them since 2005.

Review β„–24

We lost heat on the coldest day of the year! Within an two hours Geiler sent out an incredible craftsman--Dennis. He repaired a burned out switch and when the furnace did not immediately turn on he recognized that it had stopped mid-cycle. He opened the front panel of the furnace, created a vacuum necessary for the inducer (?) to cycle--and we had heat. All this was done within an hour.Geilers price was fair and I would highly recommend the company; and always request Dennis.Neal

Review β„–25

The customer service/ response time is great. Very professional

Review β„–26

Geiler came to our house for fall check up. They serviced and said heating unit fine. Within a few days heating unit totally shut down. Came again for humidifier. Again within a few days heating unit totally shut down again. Calling another company.

Review β„–27

My heat pump stopped working and Tim came out to my house the next day (which was convenient) and figured out it was just a fuse that blew. $70 for a service call and $30 for a fuse. I cant complain with that!I went to Anderson Automatic last year and they charged me an arm and a leg. Ill continue to call Geiler and update my review yearly.

Review β„–28

I have had them out for the majority of my furnace and ac unit tune ups in the last 4 years. Unfortunately, Kevin, is no longer with the company, however, the last time for furnace tune up - a few weeks ago - was done by Dennis ! Apparently recommended by others on this site, and I will keep requesting him in the future. We have a 27 year old original HVAC system, that will probably die any time now. I have gotten quotes from I believe 4 companies (including them) in 2016. Then we just recently got another quote from a different company. Will probably more than likely use this company to replace our unit for a new one when the time comes because of their outstanding service, and they were the lowest priced quote out of all 5 companies I spoke with. (Even though previous bid would need to be re-done - I suspect they would still beat others prices.)Just hoping system holds up a little bit longer!!!!!

Review β„–29

Charge $69.00 for someone to give you an estimate. I called around and the majority of HVAC companies do not charge a fee for an estimate. Clearly they can only assume they are overpriced and are not going to win a bid if they need to charge for an estimate.

Review β„–30

I called a guy named Rick. I needed a quote for an easy plumbing & installation job for a commercial humidification system. He was rude and then he turned down my business! I typically source out plumbing companies for my customers who need a third party to install my companies system. I was going to use this company as my first recommendation to all of my Ohio clients that needed a plumbing company, but they just lost a huge opportunity. I have given a plumbing company in Michigan tons of business and I was going to do the same for this company. I was just looking for a local plumbing company for a local job. I was basically handing them a great opportunity and they blew it!

Review β„–31

If there is zero star or negative star, I would select that. How funny it is to even have the appointment scheduled wrong? Well, it does not matter. They will do whatever the wrong thing is and claim your money. How long of service? 5 minutes for $50 dollars. Yep, they come and tune up a brand new A/C unit. I would not hesitate to get a job with such easy money.Oh forgot to mention, they also rescheduled my service 1 day prior. Trust the reviews, we dont waste time to advise you to stay away from this business.

Review β„–32

I would recommend Gieler Heating and Air to everyone I know! Could not believe how quick the service was ! Thanks , Jackie and Jim Copenhaver

Review β„–33

One of the most dishonest plumbing companies Ive ever used. I was told they would not charge me more than $300 to remove a clog in my bathroom sink and they ended up damaging my pipe, getting dirty water all over my tile and grout and then told me it would cost $450 to do the repair. The plumber then told me he was giving me a deal since his original quote was off. Now Ive paid $300 to have my pipe damaged and a nasty mess I have to clean up. Ive had Adkins Plumbing come in behind Geiler to fix their issue and now everything is working properly. Dont trust Geiler!

Review β„–34

I was very pleased for the service received today.. The worker was very pleasant & knowledgeable and the guy was also nice looking .. I would recommend GEILER to any1 who needs cooling service. Thanx !!!

Review β„–35

Great job! Matt and Fabio! Better than Roto Rooter!

Review β„–36

Best company ever

Review β„–37

Long time residential customer with Geiler, just had a emergency service call and their technician - Kevin was great, fast and solved the problem for my tenants. Would highly recommend Kevin in the field, Call Eric in the office,......good people....

Review β„–38

Great company. Highly recommended. Honest and fair pricing. Always there when I need them.

Review β„–39

I recently had a new furnace and air conditioner put in by Geiler and it was a great experience. I would recommend them to anyone needing a furnace or air conditioner in Cincinnati.

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Review β„–41

Been my go-to for plumbing and HVAC for years.

Review β„–42

I hired Gieler to run a gas line to an outdoor grill for my husbands birthday in April and also had them run a line to the fireplace for future conversion from a wood burning to gas fireplace.First, they were late; when I called I wasnt even on the schedule. When they finally arrived, they couldnt finish because they didnt have the right tool. At this point I paid half the bill. Then things really got screwed up.When they returned they drilled into the fireplace in the wrong place and broke it. Then they hired another company (Charlie the Chimneysweep) to attempt to fix it. Well they did a crappy job then drilled another TWO holes that again werent in the right place.After that, Gieler hired another company to fix the fireplace again (thank you American Chimney) and got the line run. The whole thing wasnt completed until the end of July. We had to be home 13 times for them or their subcontractors to come out. The final time, we were told the remainder of the bill would go to one of the managers, we assumed we would not be charged. Then, at the end of September, they called wanting us to pay the rest. I told them I thought wed finalized all of it months ago and was told the guy I had been working with would call me. He never did. Instead, a bill showed up in the mail last week.Needless to say, think long and hard before hiring this company.

Review β„–43

Purchased a Living Social Deal for a camera inspection of sewer system $60.00. (deal claims normally $165.00 charge). Technician came in and cracked pvc pipe and cap on clean out pipe in several places. (do you know how hard you have to hit a pvc pipe to crake it in 3 places?) Technician then called me to basement to tell me he broke the pipe in several places opening the clean out cap which he said may have been glued in and now a repair was needed! The damage he had just done would need to be repaired and would cost me above and beyond the camera call. (never got a price but told me he would have to go get parts and it would not cost me millions) First of all should have called me down when the cap was stuck to ASK me if I wanted him to proceed. I told him I did not want him to fix I would call my plumber and take up with Geiler Company.On to the sewer inspection...what a rip off. Technician ran the camera and it stopped about 45 feet in and then gave me a guesstimate that something was wrong and said I would need to pay for additional equipment to get the true estimate of any work needed. Ok so how can I determine if they come out with additional equipment I will have and accurate assessment of my sewer?Although I expected a biased estimate from this company, I did not expect that the inspection would only tell me I needed to spend additional money to get a complete estimate of any work which I might wish to contract for. I am sure plumbing companies often times will provide video inspections super cheap, to sell a large excavation job and I will always get a second opinion on a major job when dealing with a new contractor…. but this is not acceptable to pay for an incomplete inspection. Buyer beware of Living Social Deals and especially camera inspection from Geiler Company because unless your entire sewer is clear you will know little more than when they hit your front door when they leave and you will be out money you could put toward a legitimate camera inspection with the goal of finding out the condition of your sewers.

Review β„–44

Horrible service, AFTER I had already paid they never showed up and told me they left me a VM the day prior to cancel, wich they did not. Also i had already waited 10 days for them to come out and fix my water heater. These guys are CROOKS STAY AWAY BUYER BEWARE !!!!

Review β„–45

Came on time . Very efficient they figured out the problem and got it done

Review β„–46

Horrible. They can call to reschedule 4 times. Its been 2 months since service was schedule.

Review β„–47

Told me I need a while new unit. Never gave me the price quote to fix. Turns out I needed a $40 part, while they told me it would be $4000 for a new unit. NOT trust worth or honest.

Review β„–48

Tim is the best!

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