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When the time for arguing is over Krista is the magician you can count on to deliver a peaceful, respectful environment to disentangle. No one goes into marriage with an exit plan and when emotions are high reaching a result where all parties feel heard may seem impossible but it is really isnt. Do not make the mistake of continuing your search, she is the best!

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I had the opportunity to co-present a conflict management session with Krista recently and was so impressed with her ability to connect with the people in the room and to provide crucial information in a manner that was not only engaging, but also respectful while direct. Its rare to find someone with the passion and care that Krista takes in her business and with her clients, adding to that an expertise and awareness that is second to none. She is able to help people navigate what can be one of the most difficult times in life with dignity and grace, while holding them accountable and cognizant of the process. I am continually impressed and inspired by Krista and look forward to many years of continued business partnership with her.

Review №3

Krista helped us create the next phase of life. Conversations were held with respect, understanding and calm. We were able to be agreeable on all accounts with her mediation. Her detailed knowledge of building accommodating parenting plans as well as financial strategy left us both with positive agreements for the future. 100% recommend.

Review №4

I am involved with Krista as a friend and as a business connection, and I have heard her speak multiple times about her business and the topic of divorce. Not only is she dedicated to her business slogan Do Divorce Well, she lives it every day with her clients. Kristas main focus is to provide sound guidance, advice and legal direction as a divorce mediator in order to maintian whats best for both parties and avoid most of the costly legal expenses involved in obtaining a divorce attorney. If you find yourself in this space and in need of some brilliant guidance, I wouldnt consider going anywhere else.

Review №5

Krista was extremely helpful walking us through the process, making sure we knew next steps, what we needed and when we needed to do it. She also gave us the majority of the information to complete most of the work on our own, so we did not need to pay for more of her time (unless we thought we needed it). She was also understanding as we missed our first appointment. She let us easily reschedule.

Review №6

One can choose to Do Divorce Well. Not only will you minimize your contribution to the billion dollar divorce industry, it is a kind, loving way to end a relationship. Krista’s vast knowledge and years of experience make navigating divorce less stressful in a difficult and often painful time. You can trust Krista’s professionalism and fairness. I recommend Krista to all of my clients, friends and family. I know she will take care of them.

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Krista was indispensable to the mediation and resolution of our divorce. She was professional, compassionate and completely fair. Im so grateful for the advice and guidance she provided.

Review №8

I would recommend Krista to help getting through this difficult process. She was very fair and understanding with both parties involved.

Review №9

Krista was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. She seems to have seen it all. Highly recommend her whatever your circumstances may be.

Review №10

Krista was unbiased and provided insight and expertise that was extremely helpful. I highly recommend her!

Review №11

My ex-husband has a degree in business, and prides himself on smart, conservative money management. He also doesn’t give out compliments freely, so over the years I learned that no complaints were his way of showing his satisfaction with a person or situation. While walking back to the car during the three months of appointments with divorce mediatior, Krista Kaufmann, he never complained. With her financial expertise and knowledge of current laws, we both felt Krista guided us smoothly and expertly through our own personal divorce mediation agreements. She was calm, always professional, and made an awkward, (and sometimes embarrassing process) into a venue that made both parties feel that their opinions & concerns were valued and listened to. If you want to reach your divorce agreements through an intelligent, civilized, “no drama” communication process, we would both recommend Method Mediation& Krista Kaufmann. Good luck!

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Anyone striving for a healthy divorce that prioritizes family over f-you should call Krista first.

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Caring, concise, informative.

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