Barbara Saban, LCSW
8795 Ralston Rd #126, Arvada, CO 80002, United States
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Barbara is the therapist I most consistently refer clients with difficult situations to as she has proven to be insightful, wise, balanced and practical in her assistance to families. Even when it is my client she finds to be at fault, she always provides a path forward and keeps the children at the center of her recommendations.

Review №2

My experience with Barbara was very positive. She listened and offered her opinion. I always felt better after my visits. It appears that the people that choose to see her have good experiences while those that had her chosen for them have had a mixed experiences. Go figure.

Review №3

Barbara Sabin has been my therapist for the past 6 years. I am very grateful for her wisdom and support. Almost six years ago I left my home with a laundry basket with a few of my belongings and one of my three children. I was homeless and felt forgotten. I often think of refugees leaving some war-torn country as I think back to this day with my laundry basket clung to my chest and my toddler boy clung to my leg. It was a sad day for my family. However, I loved my family and I knew in my heart that my children should not grow-up in a home filled with terrible unrest. The grief and the turmoil that followed this exile was nothing short of my own personal forest fire-that destroyed and burned just about everything. The grief I experienced because of my lost dreams and of realizing I was living a lie could have caused me to lose my purpose-or worse. And for or a time, I lost my true voice -my brain would not allow me to speak from my heart. However, with loving and sometimes tough-love guidance Barbara guided me on a new path. I can clearly now proclaim that my voice and my truest self has emerged. I applied to school and for a scholarship. I achieved my Masters Degree-all this was nothing short of a miracle and very hard-work. My life still has missing pieces, including one of my children that painted herself into a corner for whom I lost custody. I could turn around and blame and shame the multiple -and I mean multiple professionals that put their heart and soul into trying to help establish two healthy homes because my child was taken from me. I could blame my ex-spouse. I could blame God. And none of this was going to bring back my child. I was angry, sad, distraught, and confused at having my life torn from me. I dont think that God or anyone else that knows my heart would expect me to feel anything different. These kinds of terrible things that happen in life such as my experience and the experiences that others have that are much worse are heart wrenchingly painful: no need for measuring sticks here. In this life there will be trouble and none of us get by without some form of trial and hurt. The helpers in our community-psychologists, teachers, therapists, police officers, principals, medical doctors, nurses, attorneys, social workers and judges want for families to be healthy and happy as this is the cornerstone of our life in America. They have only so many tools and resources to do so but ultimately a decision has to be made to protect and put the vulnerable first-both children and adults. I had to turn the other cheek and learn a new perspective. I could not have done this without the help of Barbara. I continue to put out small fires with the two children that live with me-all parents put out fires with their children. I could blame divorce or others but this would give too much power away to a situation that was knotted in fear. Instead, I put out these small fires with the cool water of love. All that I have learned about anger and grief I can now teach and comfort others. Life is not lost but instead new growth is returning in beautiful and surprising ways that brings me and my entire family joy. Barbaras words stay with me: Parenting is a lifelong journey and love is forever. Please do not discount what can happen when empathy replaces blame-because not even the best of the best experts can stop the power of love from healing your family. Barbara Sabin is a kind hearted, hard working caring helper in our community that loves others and wants the best for families.

Review №4

My grandsons have been seeing Barbara for over a year and has accomplished NOTHING when it comes to letting my daughter and their sister see them. Its always one excuse after another. Being a professional that she says she is wouldnt you think she would look at the interest of my grandsons and letting them see their mother because the more time wasted the more impact it has on my grandsons mentally! I even emailed her with concerns and she never got back with me. Very unprofessional! I do not recommend her at all.

Review №5

Barbara was recommended thru the court for reintegration therapy for myself and my sons. She has been working with us over a year and has accomplished nothing! She is very expensive...which wouldnt be a problem if she actually got problems solved. She is terrible at communicating and responding to emails. Dont even bother calling her....its a waste of time. She is VERY biased and unprofessional. When writing reports for court updates she rarely gets them done in time, even with several reminder emails. And I have had to call her out on lies and/or misinformation that she puts in her reports. If you have a choice please save yourself the time and money and choose another therapist.UPDATE: After Barbara told me she wouldnt communicate with me due to the fact that i filed a complaint against her, she then reached out to my attorney saying that she never said that. More lies! And backtracking to try to keep us on her case load...probably to keep the cash coming in. The courts terminated her from our case thank God!

Review №6

I had a court order to get into reintegration therapy so that I can get to know my daughter. I contacted Barbara to see if she’d be able to help and she said she would. I was billed six hundred dollars for three consultations (one for me, one for the mother and one for my daughter) and upon receiving the full payment Barbara never got back to me or returned my messages. At the very least she could’ve communicated with me and told me she wouldn’t be able to help but instead she made me feel like she just took my money for nothing. That is a very unprofessional thing to do especially considering that as a therapist she is supposed to be helping people instead of screwing them over. I am trying to do the right thing and be a part of my daughters life and giving my hard earned money away to someone who says that they would help me but doesn’t is just making it even harder for my daughter and I to get to know one another. Thanks for nothing Barbra.

Review №7

Very poor experience. She is a poor listener and has lied to us many times which is ethically concerning given the line of work she is in. Secondly, She cant figure out how to bill our insurance and keeps sending us bills expecting us to pay for services out of pocket. Our mental health benefits are exemplary and our sessions where approved for use with her prior to beginning treatment. After several months of not billing our insurance properly she dropped out of network without notifying us and subsequently sent us a bill for the previous 5 months of sessions at her new out of network rate demanding payment in full. Turn and run as fast as you can!

Review №8

I struggled with depression for a long time and saw several therapists before I went to see Barbara. She worked with me and helped me find ways to manage my depression and I feel better than I have felt in a long long time. Any one who needs help with anxiety or depression should consider talking to Barbara Saban first. T.C.

Review №9

Barbara was not professional to my case ,I hired her, she had my case in a bad moment of her life , instead to pass the case to someone else she decided to pursued the case ....I worked hard for a week, I follow all the request she sent me , the other party did not submit any I mean ANY of the paperwork, and I received the final report of my case the day I had the mediation clearly 30 min before my mediation so I did not had any time to read the report and follow up with her I meet her. I will not recommend her as a children and family investigation person

Review №10

I do not recommend her at all! We were court ordered to work with her for integrated therapy so unfortunately it wasnt our choice. My child stated that he was hurt in his fathers home which resulted in a head injury right in front of Saban, and she did nothing! When I asked her why she didnt report the situation she replied that she spoke with the father and felt it was unnecessary! unfortunately a second incident with abuse occurred at the fathers home and when I brought my child to the emergency room, she advised him to come pick up my children! She is extremely biased, unprofessional and does not have the childrens best interest in mind! She doesnt keep up with communication, she lies, and most of all doesnt seem to be concerned with abuse and neglect. Do not trust her with your children, or court case, she will only do more harm. I reported her to the board of licensing in hopes to help others.

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