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The particulars of trying to unravel a life together are daunting at best. I could not be happier with the experience we had with Krista. She is professional, quick to respond to questions or concerns and helped us come to an agreement that we both felt was fair and equitable. I truly felt like I was in good hands. I highly recommend Krista and her team.

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Krista was so easy to work with. She listens to all parties involved and then has a way of making everyone feel like they are heard. She also understands that tensions are high so her calm nature made the entire process much easier to handle.

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I want to express my sincere gratitude for your service, candor, and professionalism. Your efforts in gathering, assessing, compiling, and summarizing documents at random times during the pandemic proved I selected the right team for this endeavor. Highly recommended!

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Guided through the legal process with court filings which would have otherwise been extremely difficult to navigate. Professional and fair mediator to an agreeable outcome.

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I had the opportunity to co-present a conflict management session with Krista recently and was so impressed with her ability to connect with the people in the room and to provide crucial information in a manner that was not only engaging, but also respectful while direct. Its rare to find someone with the passion and care that Krista takes in her business and with her clients, adding to that an expertise and awareness that is second to none. She is able to help people navigate what can be one of the most difficult times in life with dignity and grace, while holding them accountable and cognizant of the process. I am continually impressed and inspired by Krista and look forward to many years of continued business partnership with her.

Review №6

Krista helped us create the next phase of life. Conversations were held with respect, understanding and calm. We were able to be agreeable on all accounts with her mediation. Her detailed knowledge of building accommodating parenting plans as well as financial strategy left us both with positive agreements for the future. 100% recommend.

Review №7

Krista was wonderful to work with! We were able to avoid lawyers and keep things civil and friendly throughout the process. Paperwork and the compilation of financial records is a daunting process and Krista provided direction and help all along the way, as well as invaluable advice and counseling to keep everything running smooth. I highly recommend Krista for anyone contemplating divorce!

Review №8

My husband and I wanted nothing more than an amicable split. Krista made the entire process near effortless and was nothing but fair and professional. Divorce does not have to be ugly, especially if you give Krista a call!

Review №9

A trusted Child Therapist referred us to Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado since we had two kids involved. They helped us successfully meet, negotiate and prepare our agreements. We were done with all the paperwork and were able to complete our divorce in 91 days from initial filing. Our court appointment with the Judge only took 15 minutes. He inquired as to who it was that we worked so successfully with: Krista Kaufmann at Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, I replied. If you need a great mediator, seek out Krista.

Review №10

Krista is my go-to referral source when I have counseling clients requiring the services of a divorce mediator, and who are in need of financial guidance. Krista holds my clients hands through the difficult process of the business side of divorce. She is thorough, knowledgable as well as kind-hearted, respecting how painful the process can be. My clients express they are so appreciative of the referral and feel placed in good hands with Krista!

Review №11

My wife and I decided to separate and luckily found Krista. It was a great decision. The mediation was reasonably priced, in a low stress environment, and went very well. My ex and I both ended up consensually agreeing to everything Krista brought forward with minimal debate. Krista made sure that neither party was treated unfairly and kept conflict to a minimum. Krista worked with us through all of the paperwork and even advised on the steps going forward. I would highly recommend Krista to anyone seeking mediation and will use her again should any future disagreements come up or, god help me, I go through a second divorce. Thanks again Krista.

Review №12

I am a strong believer in Krista Kaufmanns approach with clients. She is a trusted referral partner, and I know if I refer someone to her, they will be in good hands. I have also seen Krista speak and her knowledge and dedication to her craft was evident. I highly recommend Krista!

Review №13

As a counselor, I appreciate how much Krista cares about the people she works with, and how well she gets them connected with support in the community. She knows this process well and is such a great resource as a divorce mediator and consultant.

Review №14

EDIT: had to remove another star, as yet another solution she proposed turned out to have no basis in reality, and will cost me another 10,000 dollars. Her confidence in her knowledge about these matters is sorely misplaced.Somewhat helpful and knowledgable mediator who was able to help my ex-wife and I reach an amicable agreement. I would advise taking very specific notes during these meetings, because there were some mistakes made by her office that needed correcting, but if you know going in that someone in the conversation will need to take detailed notes and ensure accuracy, youll likely work through an amicable process. Krista also stated a great deal of information about IRAs and social security and retirement benefits that, as it turned out, was inaccurate and didnt actually reflect how those systems work. So, take good notes and take her ideas with grains of salt. A lot of solutions seemed to be phrased as why dont you call [institution] and tell them X Y and Z - that will help you make A and B and C easier. Then I would call the institutions and say verbatim what Krista told me to say, and my broker/agent/financial planner/mortgage person/social security advocate would have to tell me Your mediator is wrong. What shes suggesting doesnt apply in your situation. So, there were also some dead ends and runarounds, and a few emails that said according to my notes, we actually agreed on x, y, and z rather than what youve included in this official document.Ultimately, her office was able to produce corrected documents that enabled us to move forward with the process.But, Krista wrote me and asked me to leave a 5-star review, so here I am. While I couldnt in good conscience extend a full 5-star evaluation, as there were several mistakes along the way, the overall process was quite productive and much much better than going through attorneys or trying to figure it out ourselves! Krista is great, just dont count on her and her assistant to be completely accurate about what is being said in the room, what is being reflected back to the clients, or to know entirely how the specifics work of Social Security, IRAs, and Retirement accounts. Please also make sure they fill out your forms for the correct county in which you live -- there are few things more distressing than waiting 6 weeks to get follow-up paperwork only to find inaccurate information.Better than a lawyer, but not the paragon of easiness and accuracy that was represented to us. Caveat emptor.EDIT: Kristas response/spin to this comment makes me further question why so many mistakes were made in simply conveying accurate forms. Why did the team of experts sign off on sending us forms with other clients names on them in addition to incorrect counties? Why were entire sections of my partners and my agreement not included in our initial follow up? Why did her office initially completely misrepresent how one fund would be used to pay my wife for the house and retirement? These mistakes cost me a great deal of time and awkward conversations with my ex. Theres no doubt this practice is helpful, but based on my experience Krista and her team are overselling their accuracy and oversight. They will tell you they are amazing -- theyre very good. But they made a lot of mistakes along the way, and they seem to be quite content hand-waving those mistakes away while touting their competence, and that feels dishonest. It also suggests a lack of ability to take feedback or own up to mistakes.

Review №15

As a therapist who works with couples and families I have been very happy With all my referrals to Krista. It is not easy to find someone who understands people so well, does such a great job keeping very strong boundaries, has wonderful empathy, and does a really efficient job in mediation!

Review №16

I highly recommend Krista for mediation. She was a great resource and trusted adviser for us, as she continued to demonstrate patience, understanding, and compassion during an otherwise difficult time. Thanks for your assistance, Krista!

Review №17

Krista Kaufmann is an absolute jewel. Divorce is inevitably a painful and complicated experience, but shes guiding us through it with patience, intelligence, and the benefits of real experience. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who finds themselves needing her invaluable assistance.

Review №18

Krista is a great person to help you through this overwhelming process. Shes very professional, gets right to the point and tells you the facts you need to know. She figured out our individual issues and helped us overcome them. I dont want anyone to get divorced, but if you are in the same situation, you will appreciate having someone like Krista to get you through it!

Review №19

Krista was awesome. Patient and collaborative... and guided us towards an amicable agreement.

Review №20

An extremely difficult & emotional time was made much less stressful by working with Krista Kaufmann. She is excellent at what she does & I would highly recommend her services to anyone going through separation or divorce.

Review №21

Krista was able to help us work together fairly and respectfully. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing this type of difficult time.

Review №22

Krista is not only professional and fair she worked overtime to help us complete all of our necessary tasks. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing mediation of any kind.

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Krista was a great mediator for us and I highly recommend her.

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