Simply Performance
1263 Giuntoli Ln, Arcata, CA 95521, United States

Review №1

Simply performance did great work on my car and got it back to me in a timely manor. They were very communicative and answered all my questions. They even helped me find a shop out of the area when one of my parts I got broke (not their fault) while I was on a road trip. I couldnt be happier with their service. I felt very well taken care of and will be going back for all my auto repair needs.

Review №2

Rude , unaccountable, charged for parts and work that was not done. Allowed for dangerous circumstance on the open road . Completely un-professional

Review №3

I think theyre a very good auto shop prices reasonable and Ive always had good to excellent work done there

Review №4

They take excellent care of my car, are professional and personable

Review №5

This so called place of business lacks communication skills very very bad. I wouldnt refer them to you enemy.

Review №6

Danny provides a great service to Humboldt County. He takes care of all four of my vehicles whenever there is a problem. He found an electrical problem with my starter solenoid that was intermittently keeping my truck from starting. He is honest and reasonably priced.

Review №7

The only place i will take my vehicles, I try to do most vehicle work at home but when its too much for me to handle, This is where i take them. They have always been prompt and done good work. Cant ask for a better mechanic shop.

Review №8

They looked under my truck and referred me to a muffler shop. They did not charge me for the diagnoses and let me leave my truck overnight until I could pick it up. Very nice people, I will bring my business back to them. They were recommended to me by two different friends as being fair and honest. I found them to be beyond fair and honest. They were neighborly!

Review №9

Always professional. Always friendly. They are honest and quick. I recommend them to EVERYONE who needs an EXCELLENT and HONEST mechanic!!

Review №10

Got me in right away, very thorough, didnt charge me for unnecessary things, love this place, so recommend them!

Review №11

Danny and his team are amazing. I have been going there for years, ever since they opened. I have always been completely satisfied. Danny is honest, knowledgeable, and fair. I have referred friends and relatives there, and they have all come away with favorable impressions, too.

Review №12

I brought in my Sable for repairs and needed a Front-End alignment and inner and outer tie rod replacements. The staff was extremely polite and professional. Due to some extreme changes in my circumstances, I had to change my appointment three times. *sorry yall . Staff was very accommodating to these updates. They were right on time with my repairs! They were very transparent on what needed to be done and how long they needed to complete the work. My mechanic was outstanding. You can tell he takes pride in his career. I have referred him to my friends in the area. Overall, this company has been exceptional to work with. Very fair prices, honest, hard-working, genuine folk. Ive heard horror stories about shops in the Eureka and Macktown areas but THIS ONE IS THE EXCEPTION. Will return here. Thanks for your help fixing my car guys. ✌️✌️✌️#humboldthelper

Review №13

I had my exhaust system installed and instead of using the muffler hangers that came with the car, they threw them away and welded it on. Some people might be OK with that but now that their shoddy work has failed and my tailpipe has fallen off, I have to buy new mounting kits, a new muffler, and pay somebody to do the work because its not particularly safe to be under my car with jack stands and a Sawzall.Not to mention that another shop that wasnt even working on my exhaust had to fix part of their repair.What would cost me $20 (if it had even happened in the first place, which is doubtful) is now a $100+ job. Welding the exhaust on isnt necessarily wrong thing to do but doing it without asking the customer is completely unacceptable. I suppose theres no reason to ask if they assume you know nothing about cars.

Review №14

They were able to get me on a Saturday with last minute notice. Had to have my car towed in. I thought they were very kind and professional.

Review №15

Very helpful service. And let us know when they had to do more work before they did anything

Review №16

DO NOT GO HERE. THEY WILL FAIL TO SPOT OBVIOUS AND VERY DANGEROUS PROBLEMS.I am no mechanic, so I went here for a full inspection and they ended up charging me over $1000 in repairs and sent me on my way with A FUEL LEAK in my engine. My car could have literally EXPLODED IN FLAMES. I am thoroughly disappointed with their professionalism and skills. THE PRICE POINT IS NOT WORTH THE TERRIBLE SERVICE.

Review №17

I really wish this could be a positive review. I have had work done here in the past with absolutely no problems, and was happy with the work done as well as price. Last Saturday my car was scheduled for repair work, we were told to have it dropped off anytime before Saturday in the main parking lot and have the car done the same day. We received no phone call on Saturday. I drove past the shop on Sunday to find my car completely unlocked with the valet key sticking out of the trunk. I called the shop and left a message to say that I was upset with the lack of professionalism and thought to leave my car sitting in the main lot with no protection. The shop wasnt going to open until Tuesday. Tuesday morning my call was returned by Danny. He told me that the car was scheduled for an appointment, but there was no contact information for the person dropping off the car. What kind of a business schedules an appointment without taking any contact information? After completely denying any responsibility for the situation I was told to remove the vehicle from the parking lot. Directly after I called a tow company my friend who dropped off the car received a phone call from Danny as well, who told him I had the vehicle towed... how did he get my friends contact information if it wasnt given for the initial appointment? Makes absolutely no sense. I really wish Simply performance could have just made this right, and still fixed the car. I dont appreciate the aggressive return phone call due to a shop owner being embarrassed about his thoughtlessness. On top of everything else the keys that were in the ignition are now missing. I will definitely suggest steering clear of this business.

Review №18

I purchased a Chrysler 300 in 2006. It had a clunking sound in the front end. I have taken the car back to the dealer and many repair shops to see if they could fix it, they could not find the problem. I have lived with the noise all these years. I took it to Simply Porfornmace to have a wheel alignment, it needed some other work done also. I asked them to try to fix the noise in the front end. And for the first time since I bought my car there is no noise. I am so happy with their service, excellent job.

Review №19

They wasted two week of my time to tell me that they wont fix my vehicle. On top of that they charge $1200 and never fixed the issue. If you want to be swindled and haveyour time wasted go here

Review №20

AWESOME! Best hourly rate AND amazing/friendly customer service. They came recommended to me and now I can see why. They were organized and got the job done quickly. They are one of the only local auto shops open on SAT. They charged exactly what they quoted over the phone. I WILL recommend this place to my friends and I will go here again in the future. Ive lived in the area for 5 years and wish I discovered this place sooner. They were so nice and even gave me a free brand new company sweathshirt-hoody because they had a few extras! Take you vehicle here!

Review №21

Had an alternator start to die on us while coming to town from inland HumCo. Limped my rig to these guys and went in blind, had no idea who they were or what to expect. Saw bad reviews and cringed but went for it. They replaced my alternator in a day (a day earler than expected!), did the job proper and did not gouge. Many thanks for keeping us safe and on the road. Id definitely take my rig there again for these kind of fixes. Thanks Simply Performance!

Review №22

My car runs so Im assuming they did a good job. friendly and timely

Review №23

PLACE SUCKS!!!! Every good comment below is from a friend of buisness its been proven.Worst experiances I ever had. $1200.00 for them to make my engine light go on didnt fix the problem with front end. A bunch of dildos!!!!! Do not go here

Review №24

This shop always trys to get you in quick and tries their best to make it affordable. Ive had to come in twice and have had a great experience both times.

Review №25

Youre better off dumping your vehicle in the ocean.

Review №26

Had a wheel alignment done on friday, truck pulls to the right when releasing the steering wheel. Had frontend work done last year on a different truck and the brake line had a twist in it, causing the brake to drag.les schwab is realigning my truck and the brake issue i fixed myself . Simple repairs but very inconvenient and costly.

Review №27

Danny is awesomeNo BS

Review №28

Fast, courteous and not too pricey!!!!

Review №29

Very professional and honest

Review №30

Was quoted almost $400 from Firestone for tie rod assembly and wouldnt do my alignment on new tires until I fixed that.Simply Performance found a loose tie rod bolt.they tightened it and inspected it.I got it back no charge.cant get much more honest than that.Im now calling to see if they do brakes.

Review №31

Worst mechanic in HumboldtCounty!!! SP wasted a month and a half of my valuable time and money. Needed an engine swap on my 94 Accord and I was told itll be ready Friday 5X. I finally lost my patience and told Danny the degenerate waste of DNA I had enough. He told me to have my car towed out of there. My reply My pleasure. My car was towed to SP 6/15/17 as Im writing this its 7/26/17. My car will be going to North Bay Automotive where I was given guaranteed drive off date

Review №32

RUDE, unprofessional, unorganized, slow, aggressive liars... These people just plain sucks. I had a friends Honda Civic towed over to them Friday evening, prior to an appointment Id made Wednesday for work to be done Saturday AM. I left the keys in the ignition like I had been told to do.THEY NEVER NEVER TOUCHED IT!They not only refused to work on it, but they didnt contact me at all until Tuesday after I had left multiple messages on their machine. As if that wasnt all bad enough, after refusing to do the work needed during the appointment and blaming us, they AGGRESSIVELY insisted that we get it off their property and out of their front lot IMMEDIATELY.When I drove past on Sunday to see what was up and if anything had happened Saturday during the appointment. They had left it completely unlocked in the front parking lot, not even in their private lot behind the locked gate. It obviously hadnt been worked on and worse the doors were all still unlocked and the ring of keys I had left in the ignition were gone! The valet key was in the trunk still where it had been left, But the important key ring GONE. To make matters worse, once we finally got in contact with them Tuesday morning they were RUDE and totally lacking any responsibility. They told us that they didnt have my contact info or a key. HOW DID THEY MAKE ME AN APPOINTMENT WITHOUT TAKING MY INFO?!?! No, they did take it, this could only have been a lie to try to shift fault to me, their customer. I remember clearly because I almost got off the phone before telling him all my info but then he had me stay on the line to MAKE THE APPOINTMENT! He then took ALL my info and said we were all set for the appointment Saturday. To make matters worse, they claim to have never seen any of the keys that were left in it(meaning someone else, either the tow truck driver or a pedestrian took them while the car was unsecured in their parking lot). This was a major inconvenience seeing as how we had no appointment anywhere else and had to just get it towed home. So now thanks to these jerk-arounds we are down two tows (of AAAs 4 free) and WE STILL HAVENT GOTTEN OUR KEYS BACK. It seems to me that they just took one look at the cars appearance Saturday morning and decided they didnt want to work on it at all.RUDE, DISMISSIVE, IRRESPONSIBLE, UNCOMMUNICATIVE, TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES. They dont even deserve the single star on this review ZERO STARS!STAY AWAY!!!

Review №33

Simply performance is trash.Danny is a jerk

Review №34

Helpful when I had a crises, my gas tank lid did not opened. So the fixed it for free

Review №35

Faulty flywheel and refused to replace it. Rude and just all around 0/10

Review №36

Good hard working

Review №37

There service and time line are terrible I had a 3 oclock appointment for a oil change didnt get done till after 5 why make appointments if your not going to keep them then it cost 80$ for a oil change on a toyota

Review №38

The sold me a battery when the alternator was dead. The owner Danny said they fixed everything. They do not stand behind their work.

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  • Address:1263 Giuntoli Ln, Arcata, CA 95521, United States
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  • Phone:+1 707-822-5194
  • Auto repair shop
  • Professional services
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–5pm
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  • Wednesday:8am–5pm
  • Thursday:9am–4pm
  • Friday:Closed
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  • Sunday:8am–5pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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