Franklins Service
1903 Heindon Rd, Arcata, CA 95521, United States

Review №1

The oil change was quick however nobody inside the lobby was wearing masks and the person who helped me didnt really want to do anything extra to satisfy my wishes

Review №2

I have been to Franklins before and received great service however today Dan lied to me and said no place around here would sell or install 2 tires on my AWD vehicle. As soon as I got off the phone with him I was able to make an appointment for 2 tires with one of their competitors who are aware that my vehicle is AWD. Franklins felt that putting my family in danger by letting me drive around with 2 bald tires was appropriate.

Review №3

This is so convenient for our service needs. Appts are punctual & we always feel appreciated!

Review №4

My family was visiting Humboldt from Montana. Our vehicle ended up needing some serious and unexpected work while there. We were taken care of quickly, professionally, and at a fair price.

Review №5

Franklins had my sons work truck for over a month while figuring out all that was wrong with it after it was sabatoged. They also worked it out with the insurance company for payment. It was great having them patiently working with us.

Review №6

Great service, very fast and easy! called the day before and got an appointment for a smog check, all I had to do was wait and they took care of it :) very kind

Review №7

Great service. Unfortunately neither of the two employees in the small office wore facial coverings. They have signs to ensure that people follow safety protocols but I think the employees forgot to read them.

Review №8

Excellent service, they got me in right away when I arrived late. Great place to eat next door while you wait.

Review №9

Absolutely love this repair shop. Fast, courteous, and overall lovely people. Have never experienced anything negative while taking my truck here. 5 star service

Review №10

Excellent work and service look no further, ask for Wes he is the man

Review №11

Straight forward oil change. Been using them for years. Fast, reliable and consistent.

Review №12

My Fiancé was told to fix his thermostat to pass his smog check. So he bought the part, and fixed it himself because the quote was expensive (to us) at $300.00. He went in today, in hopes to pass his smog trying to avoid any more costs from the DVM. He told the employee that he had just changed the thermostat. The employee knowing he would fail, took his money for the smog and then told him he failed due to the fact that he has to drive the car at least 30 miles to get the computer to reset after a thermostat change to pass. Why couldnt they have told him this before they took his money for the smog? So basically, they want us to pay them 2 times for a smog check which isnt happening because we have decided to take our business elsewhere. PLUS another issue is that NONE of the three employees in a small cramped space were wearing facial masks. This seems to be a problem with this place if you read some of the other reviews below. The owner claims that the issue will be fixed, but obviously they dont care.

Review №13

Had some smog issues with my Tacoma, and they took care of it quickly and for a fair price. Staff was friendly and helpful as well. As soon as the issues were diagnosed I got a phone call with a comprehensive description of the problems. Best place in Humboldt county for auto repair

Review №14

It was quick and complete .

Review №15

Awesome experience friendly clean 👌

Review №16

Out of town but needed a smog. They were awesome and fit me right it.

Review №17

Fair prices, happy and helpful services, and good work that I have come to rely on.

Review №18

Fast and on time, thanks

Review №19

They take good care of my care and are fair and honest.

Review №20

I trust these guys with my truck, and my wifes car, but I really wish they would actually wear a mask. Ive been in a few times over the last year during the pandemic, and I dont think Ive seen them wear a mask once

Review №21

It was quick and they got me an appointment the next day.

Review №22

Quick and easy oil change. BUT neither staff or other customers were wearing facial coverings inside during Covid. Even though there are 2 plexi glass shields for staff facial coverings should be used. Dont feel comfortable returning.

Review №23

They are FAST as lightning,They also have great customer service.

Review №24

They keep it real.

Review №25

Great service, Fast and efficient. Very knowledgeable and honest. I have been taking my cars and trucks there for the last 15 years!

Review №26

Great place friendly staff..appointments are best way to go..

Review №27

Best quality service Ive ever had on any car Ive ever owned. Blatantly honest, impeccable work, and by far the best pricing in town on anything from oil changes and smog checks to real work that they give extremely detailed quotes for. Dont bother with anywhere else, Franklins is what youre looking for.

Review №28

PJ and Dan are very helpful! Smog was quick!

Review №29

Fair prices, wide availability, fast service, and down-to-earth staff.

Review №30

Awesome place. Worked hard to help is out when our truck broke down. PJ bent over backwards to help us put. If you need a good shop go here.

Review №31

Dan was very helpful with letting me know the difference between thickness of oils for a truck. Also let me know my tail light was going out. Good look bud.

Review №32

They were able to get me in last minute to replace my car battery and it didn’t take very long to install. They were the only place open when I found myself with a dead battery! So I appreciate being open slightly later because of it.

Review №33

Very helpful...

Review №34

Great honest service. Highly recommended!

Review №35

Good guys.

Review №36

They arent real mechanics because if your car is older than a 96 they cant hook it up to run diagnostics on it so they wont even look at it. Lazy. They have refused to work on any car Ive tried to bring here in the last 7 years that needed more than an oil change and thats been 4 or 5 cars

Review №37

Excellent customer service. Polite, professional, and expedited service. Been going here the past two years for oil change they never try to sell you a bunch of extra stuff the service is timely and relatively inexpensive. Highly recommend this place.

Review №38

They were friendly and helpful

Review №39

Great service

Review №40


Review №41

My family and I have been going here for years. They always get me in quickly and are really good about communicating exactly what my car needs and never try to push me into spending more than I need to. PJ is brilliant and delightful and I trust him 100% with my car.

Review №42

My windshield wiper decided to stop working as I was driving. I pulled into Franklins with only 10 minutes before closing, and not only did they take me in, it was a simple fix so they didnt even charge me.They also have given me good service for oil changes.

Review №43

Best place to get an oil change, great and quick service.

Review №44

Great shop and truly patients staff, that get things done very professionally. I appreciate all the guys at the shop.

Review №45

Friendly and fast service. No hassle. Highly recommend.

Review №46

I went in for an oil change, and the tech accidentally broke my radiator. Franklins not only replaced the radiator free of charge, they also compensated my oil change. On top of all that, Franklins provided shuttle service to and from my house. Side note: You can also get a milkshake at Tonis while you wait.

Review №47

The technicians here are incredibly nice but I have been here several times and have had problems with the quality of their work each time. For a simple tire rotation they cross-threaded my tire bolts from using an impact drill, causing one to break when I had to change my tire for a flat. The second time I went there for a smog check. If you fail, they WILL NOT retest it for free or offer any sort of discount which is not the norm. In the short time I was waiting, I also overheard them saying that they popped another customers tire while working on their vehicle.... sloppy service. Despite their friendliness and helpful attitude, I would not recommend.

Review №48

I’m finally getting around to reviewing all the rip off mechanics that didn’t know what they were doing in Humboldt County. These guy told me that my right rear wheel bearing was what was causing my alignment problem, and my uneven tire wear on my Dodge Journey, and I foolishly trusted them, when it was a missing $100 part called a camber bolts that were left off by a previous mechanic. ( we had recently purchased the vehicle, and were having problems aligning the vehicle) long story short, over $600 , and no fix. There are no good mechanics in Humboldt, so it’s not just these guys. I had to have a Southern California mechanic work on the vehicle for it to be fixed properly.

Review №49

The best service possible...dont think for a second you have been treated well until you have been to Franklins Service.......The name saying proud..Dont think a mechanics shop has ever treated me like I drive a Ferrari.... Yet it happens me in on a full schedule....without an appointment....dont think they do it every time. If they can help they will. I have to say thanks for fitting me in...You really saved the day.

Review №50

Honest people

Review №51

May 2018 - got a smog check. Had an appt. They were running on time. They were pleasant, professional, fast, with me, and other customers. If I ever come in for service, I will update my review.

Review №52

This is the only place I like to take my vehicles very honest mechanics would highly recomend

Review №53

Dan was very helpful

Review №54

Fast. Easy. Plus you can eat at the diner. Hop and a skip away

Review №55

Greg at the service counter was very helpful and was straight up forward with everything. Only place I will take my car to be serviced drive 40 minutes just to have my car worked on. Trust in the car industry is a must and that is what you get at Franklin

Review №56

Went for AC recharge. Said it would take two hours. It is over three and a half hours and Im still sitting in the office waiting. I will update if I ever get my car back. Guy may have went to lunch in the middle of it. Very unprofessional.

Review №57

We are delighted that we found Franklins Service when our van broke down on a trip to Humboldt County. PJ (the best car case manager around!) and Jason (the owner who stayed late!) went out of their way to assess and fix our problem so we could get back on the road safely and quickly. And they did this despite being booked up for days! These folks deliver the kind of friendly and competent service we all want more of in our lives. They are honest and reasonable and great to work with--what more could you want?! Thank you, guys--you really made a positive difference for us.

Review №58

Friendly & knowledgable staff

Review №59

They gave me prompt service.

Review №60

Amazing service for but seems crowded and overbooked. Yikes.

Review №61

Very considerate people and very efficient also

Review №62

Went here to get two flat tires fixed. Even though they were busy, it was all done in 30 min. Couldnt be happier with the service, the work and the price!

Review №63

Great service friendly staff if you need repairs they will treat you right

Review №64

Convenient location but pricy and requires appointments. Have been satisfied with work done by them.

Review №65

Speedy smog check. You will need an appointment though

Review №66

Friend of mine went in for a smog check and had his ipod stolen by an employee. Dont do business with these thieves! They are all scumbags

Review №67

Came in because my DMV renewal said I had to Star Smog upon reregistering. Not sure who it was, but he was able to predict that I actually did not and to just head down to the DMV to sort it out. He was right, so Five Stars for helping me out. Thanks

Review №68

I came in to get a smog and they told me my computer needed to be reset because the battery was recently disconnected and it needed to be driven a few 100 miles... they charged me for the 5 min obd2 scan and refused to let me come back again when it was ready unless i paid a second time... I would recommend going to johnsons in eureka instead of these guys. Johnsons will not charge you if you don’t pass unlike these guys who charged me for a 5 min test.. i spoke with the young guy at franklins with a brown beard and hat who was sitting at the front desk and when i asked his name he said it was none of my damn business. Poor service and rude. Go elsewhere.

Review №69

We visited Arcata, CA recently (early August) and on the way from Utah for a week long vacation we ran into some A/C problems in 100+ degree heat. With a little 5-month-old we had to make the repair away from home, in a place I had no knowledge of the repair shops and in the time frame we were going to be in town for our vacation (we had two vehicles). After asking around and getting quotes around $2500 to $3500 dollars we found Franklins Service close to where we were staying. After explaining our situation and setting up an appointment they said they could get it done the next day—and they did! They put a rush on the repair and charged us much less than what others quoted—by thousands!All I can say is that I am EXTREMELY grateful for their honesty, quality, understanding, pricing, willingness to help, character and ALL the other good words I can put here. Thank You Franklins Service for your help when we were in a bind!I absolutely and without question would recommend Franklins Service for your car repair needs.

Review №70

Quick, efficient, and polite.

Review №71

The staff were courteous and the owner was very generous. Thankful for the help.

Review №72

Second time at Fanklin’s and I had the same experience. PJ (or AJ... kinda forgot his name) was super kind and profesional. The guys in the shop were super fast and the price for my oil change was super reasonable. Definitely recommend Franklins for anyone looking for a fast and inexpensive oil change and good costumers service.

Review №73

Super friendly and fast

Review №74

They did great quality work and theyre fast

Review №75

These guys deserve a 10/10. The only thing wrong about them is that I never found mechanics this close to their customers where I come from.

Review №76

Very disappointed. First They claimed they couldnt open the hood so after my friend & I got the hood open for them (both of us women) they still didnt pass it. Finding out later, they had taken out the brand new oil dipstick I had JUST PURCHASED & INSTALLED! The claimed they hadnt of course. Must have grown legs & ran away by its self!

Review №77

I had an appointment to smog my car, I get there and the smog technician had left. They didnt even bother to call me.

Review №78

These guys will charge you for a smog check and if you dont pass they wont allow a retest for free.. They will take advantage of you just because smog facilities in Humboldt are limited .

Review №79

Easy and fast oil change with appointment, friendly staff.

Review №80

Always fast and good service

Review №81

I love this place. Always right on the money!

Review №82

Great guys, super fast, easy to talk to.

Review №83

Vehicle not ready when promised and no call from the shop. Very unprofessional!

Review №84

Good service, good prices.

Review №85

Quick, well informed and good service

Review №86

Good staff very friendly 👍

Review №87

Why are they so surly about handling oil recycling.

Review №88

According to my neighbors, and the mechanic that i use, they are notorious for failing even new cars. My car isnt new, but it passes the next day at a shop in eureka, without the changes that they suggested.

Review №89

Wonderful and prompt service

Review №90

Gotts love Franklins

Review №91

Good work.Good people

Review №92

Very fast Smog check and priced as quoted. Thanks!

Review №93

5 * 100%

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Review №95

Took them only 10 minutes to fix our problem and they only charged 1/4 hour of service instead of a full hour.

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Review №97

Great trustworthy guys! Reliable an quick service for serpatine belt and was affordable for my friend Hyundai. Plus the benefit of being close walking distance to the 24 hour Tonis restaurant next door if you need to wait and have a good bite to eat.

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