Octopus Car Wash
510 W State Rd 434, Winter Springs, FL 32708, United States

Review №1

Love this location. The staff is friendly, and the car wash does a great job. Not to mention we find the membership price is fair given that you can go as many times monthly as you’d like, they provide vacuums and other products for after the cleaning as well. Also, never had any issues with the machine scratching the car etc which tends to be people’s concerns. I 10/10 recommend this location.

Review №2

My car comes out clean every time. I love that you can vacuum afterwards. I can vacuum my car so quickly. I actually got a monthly subscription and I can go as often as I want.

Review №3

Love this car wash! They have Pre-wash parking spots to remove love bugs and scrub tires. Then after washed, have vacuum and towels to dry off water. Very well set up! I moved to Winter Park. But this is still my go to car wash!

Review №4

Definitely worth it and well be back!! 1st and wont be last.. get $20 deal get another half vaccum which is great!! And the staff is amazing.a .hard working crew!!

Review №5

My favorite car wash! The feature that helps get leaves out of tight places is extremely helpful.

Review №6

I took my car through Octopus Car Wash on 510 W State Road 424, Winter Springs FL 32707 6 months ago. Going through, I heard a crunching sound coming from roof. I tried my sunroof, it would not close and I identified obvious dents on all 4 corners of the sunroof. I filed an incident report with Octopus Car Wash and never received a response. I followed up several times and eventually met with a manager identifying himself as Sam. He insisted car wash did no damage and tried to deflect anything I said. Finally said he would contact the insurance company and get back to me. After several more stops with, no manager on site, I stopped in on July 27,2021 and requested the name and number of a manager. I was eventually provided a number for Josh Siness and told he would be there the next morning. I went to Octopus and met with Sam and Josh and Sam, once again, refused to take responsibility for damage. I asked flat out are you refusing to take care of my damage? Both responded Yes!

Review №7

The best Automatic car wash around! I tried other places and the machines always miss a spot or not get tire shine on the whole tire. But Octopus does AN AMAZING job every time. Plus free vacuums! If your in the area Id definitely recommend coming here!

Review №8

This place is great! I come here all the time and the staff are amazing. They are young but so friendly and professional. My car always looks great at the end as well. Would highly recommend.

Review №9

Definitely the best wash going on in town hands down. Fantastic staff and all the equipment is in great condition and well maintained. Ten stars really.

Review №10

This is my go to place to clean my car! I love Octopus car wash because they are affordable and provide so many free self service options to keep your car clean. They offer free air for your tires. Different options for the car wash. Free vacuum, towels, and glass cleaner as well. Very spacious so there is plenty space for many customers. I just recommend visiting during the week because the weekends are very hectic and busy.

Review №11

I got the free birthday car wash flyer in the mail. I decided to go use it and was very satisfied with the service. The staff were very nice and all had smiles. This will definitely be my go to car wash from now on. Love them.

Review №12

We love this car wash. Convenient, great packages, friendly staff, and they really use soap; lots of it, unlike the competitors. We highly recommend.

Review №13

Their ceramic wax really works and lasts! My car went from sheeting rain to sharply defined raindrops like I just waxed it by hand! Awesome!

Review №14

Machine works really well, really liked the air gun and floor mat cleaners.

Review №15

Pretty nice. Place is clean and easy to get in and out. A bit pricey, but I havent used a car wash in a long time. Free vaccum use and cool floor mat cleaner for free.

Review №16

This car wash deserves a great review. Yesterday I came in and needed my trunk hosed down because I spilled a whole bottle of laundry detergent. They were kind enough to pressure wash the piece from my trunk and they didn’t need to do that. Amazing, my favorite car wash! 🙏🏼🌹 Thank you!

Review №17

Good car wash nice and clean... Water doesnt smell and brushes looked good.

Review №18

Place is pretty up-to-date, Lacks consistency sometimes there’s rags all the way full or they’re always empty. We got there at 10 minutes to 8 and they were already closing it up. I spoke to the manager James and he explained the owner is perfectly fine with them closing up 10 minutes early every day. They obviously don’t need our money so we probably won’t be returning

Review №19

Don’t waste your money. $40 and my van doesn’t look like they even wiped the surfaces down.

Review №20

Best car wash in all Florida! Hands down!!! They are super clean and have free vacuums. They even provide towels to dry off your car and glass cleaners! Just an amazing car wash!

Review №21

It was fun.gave u everything to clean car. Love the car most machine. Really cleaned

Review №22

Very knowledgeable crew, answered all my questions. Car wash did a great job. Will return for sure

Review №23

I love this self service car wash. I paid $12 do for the weatherall wash. I have a black car and there are no new scratches or waterspots.The ln just vaccum it out for no additional cost. They also offer free air for your tires during the daytime. My son loves the octopus theme.

Review №24

Great service and friendly staff. The place to go to for a cheap or maybe more expensive automatic car wash and free vacuum.

Review №25

Upon arriving there was a line and they were busy however surprisingly enough both lines moved rather fast and the staff did a great job of assisting customers and keeping the flow of traffic moving. This car wash was great and is a 30 second drive from my house. In my terminator voice ILL BE BACK!!!

Review №26

Love this place. Everything you need to detail your vehicle like a professional but at a price you can afford. The choice is yours!

Review №27

Good wash, free vacuums, drying towels, window cleaner, pre wash area

Review №28

I love coming to octopus car wash. They provide a great service for a reasonable price. Today I save 10 dollars by bringing an old receipt with a coupon. I do wish there was covering for when vacuuming your car, but not a deal breaker.

Review №29

Worth every penny....

Review №30

The business for this place started out a little slow at first, and I was worried that they might not make it, however, business seems to have picked up at an incredible pace and now this place is full to capacity. Almost every single day. Single day. Great car wash, great services offered, great deals. This is the only car wash that I ever go to and will ever go to as long as its around.

Review №31

Clean , well stocked, with suppies, staff is courteous, good pricing . My new place to clean my car .

Review №32

Really great place! Free air & area to prep your car before the wash, then after the wash, theres a free vacuum area to clean your windows & thoroughly vacuum your car! Will definitely come back here!

Review №33

We have a membership to this facility and my husband loves it. We go regularly.

Review №34

Paid $20 for the top wash and car was left oozing soap from everywhere. Attendants do not do anything to ensure the experience is pleasant for others when it comes to patrons blaring vulgar music full of obscenities. Absolute nonsense. Bathroom was nasty with drued urine on toilet. I will definitely NOT return to this facility.

Review №35

I have always loved this place until today. We paid for a regular car wash and somehow got the expensive one which I never get because of the racks on top of my car. Roller came down and literally ripped the entire piece off the top of my car. Showed the young man that worked there and he said sorry at your own risk. The paint on the top of the roof rack is scratched down to the metal, something is wrong and I don’t think I should have to pay for it but it looks like I can’t do anything.

Review №36

Fast and friendly service. They have a wide selection of free amenities that makes them Superior to all other car wash places around. I will definitely be back.

Review №37

Its a good wash. A bit on the expensive side.As usual if your car is really dirty it wont clean it and you need to scrub it with the brushes first.I hadnt washed my car in 1 year and even scrubbing for 10min with the prewash brushes, I still had a lot of dirt specs on my roof.

Review №38

Been a customer at this for about a year and decided to apply to work for the company, however after multiple times calling about my potential employment and getting excuses by their employees that the manager wasn’t around and than having the nerve to block my number? The hell is that about? This place is completely unprofessional

Review №39

Id never been there before but I got a free car wash coupon in the mail. It did a great job washing my car and I will definitely be back regularly.

Review №40

Lack of management presences. I purchased their monthly unlimited offer & Every time I have to wait for someone to come and take my tag number down. I am not comfortable with my tag number being written down every time by a random employee. I bring it to them every time I come and i keep getting the run around when I ask why everyone else but my car has automatic access. I have been there about 20 times and each time no one is able to find the manager. They seem to be completely be unbothered by my request. Overall lack of management presences & training of staff.

Review №41

Does a great job every time and everyone is super.friendly

Review №42

Staff is great!! Car wash always gets the job done with mat cleanings, glass cleaner and vacuums. Love coming here

Review №43

Awesome place for those who like to clean your own car with all the tools at your disposal, bug sponges, brushes, towels, vacuum, air, mat and window cleaners.

Review №44

Very friendly staff. Kind of pricey for a wash. But they do a great job. (During the holidays there are special character lights through the car wash, and then - free vacuum use, mat holders (while you vacuum them), clothes and window spray.

Review №45

Awesome place to wash your car as well as vacume it out!!

Review №46

Great wash , free towels and window cleaner, vaccums after wash.

Review №47

Probably the best car wash around. Clean equipment. Free vaccuum and towels to use!

Review №48

Seriously the coolest car wash. My first time today and I threw on some Britney Spears and jammed out with the LED lights in the car wash lol and I can’t get enough of the unlimited vacuuming. Highly recommend!!

Review №49

Car wash was great, we will be back! The vacuum and, interior clean up area, are a HUGE plus

Review №50

Horrible , carwash with blow dry nothing was dried went to vacuum and hose would barely vacuum anything two different sides and nothing

Review №51

Customer service means a lot to me, but the staff members just dont meet those standards. Its a real shame, they act as if youre a burden and they hide in their little staff area all the time just to be on their phone. (Would it kill them to smile and wave?) Besides that, the area is always clean and the rags are always restocked and neatly folded.

Review №52

I have the monthly plan and when I can use it, its a great service. It gives a great wash and the price is right. I pull in in the middle of the day today, and both entrances for the wash was blocked by cones. I can understand if you got to block it off for maintenance or something, but there is no sign saying why and it wouldnt be as bad if the workers that looked right at me would have said something instead of looking at me and walking away

Review №53

My car was so horribly scratched after I got a carwash at Octopus Car Wash!!! I have a Toyota highlander and both side mirrors and doors were scratched up sooo bad. The pictures dont show how bad the scratches really are. Ive had the car for less than a year and its been in great condition until this. Very sad to see my car look like that after a wash.

Review №54

Super cool! ❤️

Review №55

I love this place since they first opened. Went back after while since I am not driving so much due to the pandemic

Review №56

Had never been before, really fun. Prewash area, pay then drive through. What a trip to let lol. Cool with a nice outcome, free vacuum and glass wash as well. ❤

Review №57

Clean car real good unlike the gas stations

Review №58

Car came out great. Free vacuums, towels and glass cleaner.

Review №59

Wow what a beast! First time there and love it, nice little show and the free vacuums at the end is a nice touch.

Review №60

Car horribly scatched: Side mirrors, hood, etc. Do not use this car wash! I was warned and didnt listen.

Review №61

I get complaints all the time on how shiny my truck is. 1997 all original paint

Review №62

Great service. We have the monthly membership so we visit frequently.

Review №63

Great attendants. Love the different stations to pre wash your car and the free vacuums! They also have this cool machine that cleans your floor mats!

Review №64

What a GREAT PLACE to get your car washed. Every one was very friendly and helpful my truck looks GREAT

Review №65

Best self service car wash equipment I have seen. Super strong vacuums, car mat washer, clean drying towels. A welcomed addition to our neighborhood!Entry level wash is only 8 bucks too!

Review №66

Best car wash i ever been to

Review №67

Great staff and the car wash was awesome. Cool light show while going thru the wash!

Review №68

Spanish music, ( I am fluent in 3 languages and could understand everything), which seemed to me strong inappropriate and sexual explicit was being played at a high volume. In my opinion not a place to take children. Members of the staff are unfriendly, unprofessional, and very disrespectful. When I made a formal complaint about the music I was threatned and harassed buy a staff member and her mother. Be careful when you go there, they have no formal management on site and they will gang up on customers who have a complaint and they will try to get them in trouble with the law,( they threatened me with police if I would not change my point of view). This is no way to conduct a buisiness and I will never go back there again. This report is not against the Latino culture, being that I have been and I am a part of this culture for all of my life. But it is to expose and warn people and to make sure this will never happen again.

Review №69

Very nice! Loved having cleaning supplies furnished!

Review №70

Great automated car wash, the wait was short and the wash was thorough!

Review №71

My first thoughts were that this place was so organized in the flow of business. Starting off with the bug wash is pretty genius. Then someone came out to help me with my purchase because I was new to using their screen and he helped me finish my transaction and then assisted me onto the car tracks to get the actual wash done. Then to finish with the free vacuums was the cherry on top. Ive never had a better experience at a car wash.

Review №72

Great service can’t complain only been there once but have the membership so I’ll keep the reviews fresh!

Review №73

I love this place! I run my truck through weekly.

Review №74

Great place and appreciated the assistance. My car looks fantastic!

Review №75

Prep your vehicle beforehand and the machine does an awesome job! They offer monthly unlimited packages too!

Review №76

Way better than Mister! Better everything honestly. Just take my word and try for yourself.

Review №77

Overall very happy with the deal and service I received, great value .

Review №78

I just love to set up and not have to deal with nobody.

Review №79

Probably the best carwash in the area!! Easy access, clean, free vacuuming, air blowers, & free towels!

Review №80

Super cool place to wash the car

Review №81

Affordable drive through car wash with friendly staff.

Review №82

The girls in the morning are great

Review №83

Great place. Free vacuum with wash

Review №84

Louis and Nate were by far the best ever so sweet and professional. We had a snafu with our window and they were kind and patient with it and made us feel welcome. It was our first time ever there and we have now found our go to wash place thanks guys you really do a great job

Review №85

This place is awesome....with the free vacuums, the cleaning supplies with clean towels. Overall great experience if you dont want to pay an arm and a leg.

Review №86

We love this place, great staff, fun wash, good monthly rates

Review №87

Too much water pressure for most new cars. Too many signs warning of damage that I thought it cant be that bad. Well, ladies, stay away from this automatic car wash if you want your vehicle to stay nice.

Review №88

Great price! Free before and after car services such as pre-scrub and free vacuuming at the end! :))

Review №89

No waiting, quick in and out cleaning.

Review №90

Great and simple. Prewash your own car. Rags and windex. Does a great job

Review №91

Awesome 1st time experience.

Review №92

Vacuuming amazing... Car wash is clean and professional... Definitely will return...

Review №93

Love this place! Free high quality vacuums with a car wash. Definitely worth the price as well. If you wash your car often or have multiple vehicles, consider the monthly subscription. If you live in the winter springs area, give this place a shot!

Review №94

Great car wash and friendly staff!! Gave my pupper a biscuit 👌🏼😩

Review №95

The back of my car was still dirty when I went to vacuum my vehicle. Wasnt happy spending 20 bucks 😢😢😢

Review №96

People dont know how to direct you into the track the right way.

Review №97

Love this place. 20$ car looks new and they dont berate u if u take a little extra time to detail with their free vacuums.

Review №98

Brand new with a nice setup for prewash and vacuuming. Good deals on monthly options. Nice staff too

Review №99

Great place to get your car washed without all the hassles and expenses

Review №100

Love this car wash! Great staff and love the fact they offer free vacuums and towels to dry your car. I highly recommend!

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