Keller Auditorium
222 SW Clay St, Portland, OR 97201, United States

Review №1

Always love seeing shows here! Wish that they had an intermission and allowed cocktails in the venue as they did in the past... But it was a great show!!

Review №2

Just saw Jesus Christ Superstar. Great show, great staff. Everyone was respectful and wearing masks. Cant wait for the next show.

Review №3

Everyone did a great job getting the crowd through with the new security, thank you!

Review №4

My first experience at the Keller was when I was 16, and went to see Phantom Of The Opera. Ive been here for Swan Lake, Midsummer Night Dream, and many more experiences I have enjoyed over the years.My last time was my sixth experience going to see Phantom Of the Opera. It was as breathing as the first. Thank you for thirty years of beautiful memories.

Review №5

Wonderful venue for touring Broadway shows. Recommend Mortons happy hour before your show

Review №6

We came and saw The Phantom of the Opera here, and it was amazing! The facility is clean and free of debris. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The seats are a smidge uncomfortable, but what can you do, its an old Auditorium. Im looking forward to this venue again in the future.

Review №7

Super nice venue, comfortable seats, although a little right in the legroom for us taller folks. Hosts a wide range of entertainment...I’ve seen killer bands and heard inspiring talks here.

Review №8

While this auditorium is quite large, no seat feels too far away. The prices are pretty good, as each group sets their rates competitively. Parking is only $5-$10 at either of the two parking garages adjacent to the theater, and there are plenty of places to eat nearby, as well as a restaurant and concessions inside (which the prices arent terrible, but arent great). Every performance is high quality, and the ushers are respectful and helpful. Highly recommend any performance here!

Review №9

Pretty nice auditorium but the sound was not that great. We watched a concert there, st Vincent. It was nice to see a bunch of areas to purchase drinks as most venues have a lack of areas and as such are extremely large lines. The bathrooms get busy but if you make your way upstairs those lines are shorter.

Review №10

Amazing, beautiful venue and we had an amazing time with comfortable seats and great view for the Rex Orange County concert! Cant wait til he comes back to town. Always love shows at the Keller for the amazing acoustics.

Review №11

Good venue for shows, but the seats are pretty tight if youre a person of size. Opt for the balcony box if you can. The ushers and staff are great.

Review №12

Was here for the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 last night. Very enjoyable place and parking is right across the way. Seems a little outdated, especially the consessions. I brought in my own treats instead. There isnt any sort of security getting in which is a little scary in this time and age.

Review №13

Had a great time at the Price is Right LIVE show!

Review №14

Wonderful Broadway play tonight.

Review №15

The Frozen Musical was Amazing and Stunningly Beautiful! Fabulous performances from the Whole cast! Sorry for all who cannot attend, now...😔

Review №16

Brilliant! No other words for it

Review №17

Well, come on, this place has had some amazing people in there. So, Im really looking up forward to new shows.

Review №18

This was my first time coming here ever.... And I love LOVED it!I certainly plan on coming back.

Review №19

I find it hard to believe that this is really how the bourgeoisie enjoy upper crust entertainment.To put it in perspective; Ive sat in more comfortable seats on a Frontier Airlines flight. I cant imagine people really want to be entertained and at the same time share arm rests while their back is pressed into a hard piece of un-cushioned metal. My arms were tingling before the show even started.And forget about getting up to go to the bathroom, you cant even get out without everyone in your row having to stand up. Just another example of the rich trying to squeeze as many humans into a building as possible so they can suck as much money out of the space as possible.Five bucks for a bottle of water that ended up being OPEN when I got it. And forget asking for ice unless you want it in a cup the same size as the ones you get at the dentist.

Review №20

Seen many a good plays here. Also love the back wall outdoor graffiti wall art.

Review №21

Modern theater with fairly comfortable seats. Above average leg room. Use the bathrooms and bars on upper levels and balcony to avoid lines in main lobby.

Review №22

Friendly staff, but not nearly enough bartenders on staff, on any of the floors. If anyone tells you the lines are shorter on the third level, dont buy it. Me thinks they are just driving people upstairs to make sure all the bartenders have a nice, Loooong, line to plow through. No problem with that, but make sure every bar has at least 2 crew. We enjoyed Interpol for the most part; I do think this venue is better suited for any show that doesnt involve standing. The slope of the lower concourse was just steep enough to cause lower back pain after only a couple hours. The acoustics are really better suited for spoken word, and possibly orchestral/operatic music (or maybe it was the mix and/or our seating). Not sure if I would see another musical act here, but definitely come for comedy/play type deal. Also, eat before you come, the food options are LAME, when is the last time you choked down a giant, dry preztel? I recommend the EXCELLENT Murata Sushi thats just around the corner for pre-show noshing.

Review №23

This was my first time here. What a beautiful venue. I went to watch the Walk Off The Earth concert. It was nice to be able to take a drink into the auditorium as long as you put a lid on your cup.

Review №24

Really good acoustics in this place. Comfortable seating.

Review №25

Went to the Singing Christmas Tree!!! Amazing!!! THANK YOU

Review №26

Great place for a concert! Not too big, sound was great.

Review №27

It was wonderful Ill have to check on the next show.

Review №28

Loved the singing Christmas tree

Review №29

Wonderful auditorium with a deep history in Portland. Located right across from the great (but sometimes dry) Keller fountain.

Review №30

Wow and Wow! Best auditorium I have been to. Access and parking was an absolute breeze, there are so many parking lots/garages around at a fair cost. The building itself is in great shape. Not too massive so that you cant see. We sat in the boxes for Eddie Izzard. The seats were above average comfort for a robust person. I would definitely go back!

Review №31

Saw Lion King here and it was incredible! Even the cheaper seats have a great view. If you can get here and see a show... DO IT!

Review №32

The staff were friendly and knowledgable. We saw Wicked and it was awesome! The theater, hallways and restrooms were all clean and the building was easy to navigate. There is parking nearby (across the street).

Review №33

Keller Auditorium Projector Room

Review №34

Great venue but not the best for a rock concert. Death Cab put on a good show.

Review №35

This was my first time sitting in the upper balcony. My wife and I had first row seats there, and it was perfect. The view, the sound, all of it. I will look for seats line this again.

Review №36

Venue is big, has good sound. I would be extremely hesitant to buy tickets anywhere away from the center. HUGE lines for drinks. Merch is right up front and total chaos.

Review №37

We went to see the Nutcracker. I enjoyed the experience. The auditorium is not too big so no matter where you sit, you still have a good view of the stage. However, if you are sitting on the first row you will be looking up the stage.

Review №38

Ive seen a good amount of things here at Keller Auditorium, from big name comedy acts to musicals. While the venue prices for drinks or light snacks are pretty expensive, its to keep a great institution running. (There are also a multitude of places to grab drinks or chow surrounding the venue itself, as well as a dining area in the first level if you dont feel like hunting for a place nearby). The venue itself is clean and accommodating, and has a fleet of incredibly helpful and friendly staff and ushers to help make your night a memorable one :)

Review №39

The Will Call and Lobby area are quite small, I would recommend to get your tickets well before the show and get there early if you would like to purchase concessions. The actual auditorium is quite nice with an older feel to it. Beyond the quality of the show you are seeing the venue creates the perfect atmosphere, especially for broadway musicals.Insider tip: avoid the double letter seats in the middle orchestra section, the light and sound board are up there and are distracting. The end of the alphabet in the right or left against the aisle are often cheaper but the same view as their more expensive counterparts.

Review №40

Always an amazing time. The handicap accommodations were adequate and although the employees arent terribly attentive, we do always get helpful service from the ushers. Been to the Keller Auditorium many times and its still a great place to be. Seats are good sized and theater is always clean. Acoustics are fantastic as is the lighting. Highly recommend the Keller Auditorium. 5 stars.

Review №41

I went to the Keller auditorium to see The nutcracker play. It was amazing The lines for the bathroom werent that long. The play was really well thought out and very well decorated and it was overall very clean in the theater area. And they served drinks and alcohol and food and then they also had a little gift shop set up. Everyone there was really nice all the workers were very nice and polite and they were all had a smile on their face. Definitely a very nice place the dancers were amazing absolutely amazing. Definitely go watch one of their shows here I will definitely be there for sleeping beauty

Review №42

Weve seen a musical, ballet, play, and comedy acts here and love it. Lots of exits allow for a fairly speedy exit and theres parking close all around the area. I would recommend coming here for sure.

Review №43

The Keller Auditorium is nice, spacious and comfortable. If you arrive late or want to go outside during the show, the staff are super nice and will make you a pizza or something. Friendly staff and good location.

Review №44

Best place to sit at night.

Review №45

A great venue! Saw Bill Burr here. Not a bad seat. I was in orchestra, section 5, row dd. Id say if you want to see the details of facial expression, youd want orchestra level, A-Z, but not double letter rows or balcony. Otherwise, any seat is a good view. From DD, with 20/20 vision, I could almost make out facial details, but it was still close enough to enjoy everything about the show. Center or side row doesnt matter. All angles are fine.Also, the balcony level overhang does not obstruct any views, although if there was a high flying show like cirque de soleil or wicked I imagine it might for the very back.

Review №46

I love the stage and the acts that are brought to the Keller. I always have a wonderful night out at the theater. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly and theres really not a bad seat in the house. My only critique is of the sound quality. I think it may be the acoustics in general and not the sound system in particular but I often have trouble understanding the actors regardless of where Im sitting. I have sat in orchestra, first and second balconies and no matter where I sit, its always a bit difficult to understand the exact words during some songs. But its still an amazing experience to attend a show here and if you get the opportunity, GO. Its a wonderful night out on the town!

Review №47

Venue from 60s or 70s, but clean and comfortable seating.

Review №48

The chairs were quite comfortable, and the staff was quite helpful. Knocking off a star for the outrageous water prices.

Review №49

Great show theater is perfect had a great time at Wicked!

Review №50

Saw Wicked and it was amazing. The venue id gorgeous and the auditorium itself is great.

Review №51

Great venue for a show or large event.

Review №52

The auditorium is beautiful and spacious and the entire experience is amazing. However, on a practical note, the lobby and restrooms are simply not sufficient for the number of people attending. Youre packed in like sardines; barely enough room to breath, with the aweful thought in the back of your mind... what if there was a fire right now? There is no way we could get out. Other than that though, it truely is a magical place. Well worth visiting!

Review №53

Great venue. Seen plays & concerts and I’ve never been disappointed. FYI Hamilton was amazing.

Review №54

Great venue, reasonably comfortable seats, decent location.

Review №55

I went with some family to see Wicked. What an amazing experience!We parked in a garage on 3rd and Columbia ($6 for the night). It is a cool location with a waterfall across the street. Inside can get so chaotic before, during, and after the show because the lobby is not very big and theres a lot of people trying to cram in there for drinks, merchandise, food, or their seats. The bathroom situation is ridiculous and I would highly recommend going to the bathroom prior to the show elsewhere during intermission.The ushers were so very helpful and kind and getting out of the show wasnt too bad. Although, I really wish they would have a designated smoking area outside away from the front enrtance. It was disgusting to try to get fresh air during intermission and take a photo in front of the play poster only to be bombarded with smoke at every turn.

Review №56

We always go to the singing Christmas that they have every year. This year was redone with the music and show. IT WAS AMAZING. The theater itself is always amazing. Tight seats, but they still keep this place very well maintained. People where helpful and very nice. See you again next year.

Review №57

The venue was great. Staff was polite. Lines were non- existant. Shound quality was bad, but I dont picture it as a venue for rock bands anyway, so I blame that more on the band management then the venue (Interpol).

Review №58

Saw mst3k live. Great!

Review №59

Rain - beatles tribute @ the keller😁🔥🍻🏖

Review №60

The seating was smooth(a little bit of a tight fit),support staff members were hospitable and the views were all good.

Review №61

JC Superstar!

Review №62

Wonderful time performing at this space. What a good time

Review №63

Went to see John Oliver, great show.

Review №64

Its a good theater overall, but I think some things about how they manage it could be better. For one, most or all of their beer is not from locally-owned breweries, which bothers me. We have so many great breweries here in Portland, and I think supporting the arts goes hand-in-hand with supporting local businesses.Some of their policies around food and drink are a bit annoying too. Ive had friends be hassled for wanting to carry in food leftover from dinner right before the show (even though they have no plans to eat it there). And I always see people being told they cant bring in bottled water either.

Review №65

Always love coming to the theater or a concert

Review №66

The event staff are always really nice & helpful. The theater its self is beautiful & has been amazing for the different styles of shows & plays! The underground orchestra pit gives off a wonderful sound yet doesnt obstruct or distract your view in any way.

Review №67

Shin Lim and Colin Cloud were excellent!!

Review №68

Beautiful performance~ beautiful theater.. per typical

Review №69

Singing Christmas tree.. love it

Review №70

Yuridia was extraordinary!

Review №71

Great place with good acoustics. Eat and drink before you arrive, a bottle of water was $4!

Review №72

The seats are comfy. Great place to be entertained.

Review №73

I saw Come From Away here and it is a wonderful theater!

Review №74

3,000 person music venue. Great historical place. Needs some upgrades but overall in hood condition.

Review №75

My favorite place to go to the opera in PDX. Never a bad day when theres a red carpet.

Review №76

Amazing building! Though I wonder if they could do something to improve the bathroom situation at intermission time.. And more allergen free/vegan options in the snack vendors would be great. This is a progressive city, after all.

Review №77

A great view and experience no matter where you are!

Review №78

Great staffing for the show I saw, kind and welcoming! Bathroom left a bit to be desired, and they felt a little pushy to get us out after the show. All in all a pleasant experience! Sound was lovely.

Review №79

Very nice old style Auditorium. Excellent acoustics and comfortable seating with adequate leg room.

Review №80

Many exits. Good view.

Review №81

Saw Incubus here in September 2019. Great venue, doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the place. Acoustics were good from our spot in the balcony. Multiple bars keep the drink lines short, but I the zigzag set up isn’t super conducive for those in a wheelchair. Overall a very nice venue and would definitely see a show here again.

Review №82

If i could give less than one star or even better negative stars i would. The customer service for this venue maybe the worst Ive ever encountered. I called a few months ago, understanding that the concert i was going to attend had been postponed. I was told that no refund would be provided unless the concert was canceled. It has now been canceled and again no refund will be issued. The reason is because they changed the policy. I wish I could just change my mind and get my money back.

Review №83

Wonderful evening seeing the performance of Wicked absolutely fabulous

Review №84

I completely enjoyed this venue. The ladies at items check desk, helped me with a seating situation... Im a special needs person who could not sit in the chairs with arms,so they delivered a wider seat for my needs! Thanks so much for your time and consideration in this matter! By the way, this is a great place for sound and all seats are good!

Review №85

Ive gone to a few shows here and every time Ive had a clear view and a comfortable seat. Anywhere on the ground floor is good seating, and the first balcony has some good views, too. Cant vouch for the upper balconies.

Review №86

Theres not a bad seat at Keller.

Review №87

Singing Christmas Tree is always a wonder to attend every year!

Review №88

Very comfortable and parking was close by. I always enjoy visiting Keller.

Review №89

Beautiful place. Went there for the Markiplyer Your Welcome tour.

Review №90

Saw Les Miserables this time and it was fantastic!

Review №91

The King and I Broadway musical was playing at the Keller Auditorium and it was a fantastic performance! Everyone near us loved it! The facility is large, with two balconys and two side viewing balconys. The sound carry and projects well. There is a pay parking garage across the street for your convenience too. Nice venue with great viewing.

Review №92

As a big man the seats were way too packed in and skinny. This is more of a personal issue though and doesnt reflect on the Keller Auditorium. The venue itself is convenient to get to and the staff were very friendly. Even though we were way off center I was able to enjoy the show and had an amazing time. Paying $5 for a bottle of water is boarding on criminal though, and $4 for drip coffee... I forgive the hustle but damn.

Review №93

The Keller Auditorium is a cultural staple of the city of Portland, and a place to go to see some of the greatest performers from all over the world. I have been there many times and have enjoyed countless performances, plays, music and the like. The Keller was built in 1917 and was completely renovated in 1967, and so the building does show its age here and there. The isle going down to the Orchestra section is quite steep and I often wonder how folks who are a little unsteady on their feet make it down. The bathroom situation can be a little ridiculous and you have to be quite creative in order to be able to get a turn. Ive seen the line go clear across the lobby at times. There is a big parking structure that sits kitty corner from the building, so that is very convenient and a real plus. All in all, the Keller Auditorium is a great place to go to see a performance.

Review №94

Great place to catch a show.

Review №95

A beautiful theater space that hosts great productions! There is a parking garage right across the intersection and a couple places to eat right next door. The lobby is beautiful. The bathrooms are large with big mirrors and plenty of lights. Signed show posters also line the bathroom walls. The theater itself is spectacular and morphs into whatever the production needs it to be. I highly recommend attending a show at the Keller.

Review №96

Pretty much THE place to see Broadway-style productions in Portland

Review №97

Ive seen countless shows there growing up. Most recently was Madama Butterfly. The bathroom line is always long at intermission but I always make friends. Seats are very narrow, but even when its crowded its easy to escape the crowd. Its probably due for a major remodel soon. Its beautiful but feels a little dated at times.

Review №98

Keller Auditorium is an outstanding venue for live performance and their presentation of Straight No Chaser a capella music was no exception. Friendly staff and very comfortable seats. Lots of parking for a reasonable fee in numerous covered garages within a 1minute walk. Easy access from I-405.

Review №99

We had 4 tickets to see Eddie Izzard. I called to request a wheelchair for my disabled wife. Not only did Valerie and Michael set up the wheelchair, but when they found out that my wife is disabled they upgraded our seats to better provide easier access. What a WONDERFUL gesture. Thank you so much. Im sure well enjoy the show even more.

Review №100

Delightful auditorium with comfortable seating. Plentiful concessions and drinks and polite staff to help you have a wonderful evening. Whether youre here for an event, a ballet, or just got roped into something youre guaranteed to have a wonderful evening.

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