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937 Hope Mills Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28304, United States

Review β„–1

The owners set expectations of my interior and exterior detail. BUT WHOA! The result from my detail far exceeded how awesome I thought it could look. I never thought my Yukon could look this good!I also had lost a card with a small poem on it that my dad had given me. Boy, did the tears start flowing. Not only did my Yukon lookBEAUTIFUL a cherished item had been found and been the cherry on top!THANK YOU LUMBERJACK AUTO DETAILING FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL DETAILING AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL. πŸ’•πŸ’•

Review β„–2

Lumberjack Detailing is the BEST and ONLY shop I have ever and will ever use for any of my automotive needs. Kat and Eric are two of the most amazing and attentive people you will ever do business with. You can always trust that your car is in good hands and they will never let you down. The prices are affordable and well worth the work that they put into making your vehicle look absolutely beautiful, inside and out.Thank you guys for all of your hard work! You are much appreciated.

Review β„–3

Eric and his crew at Lumberjack Auto Detailing did a fantastic job ceramic coating my car and installing System X glass coating. While correcting the paint, they found a place where the factory burned the paint completely off behind a door handle, as well as a lot of over-spray from where a body shot repaired a scratch. All was cleaned up and corrected to perfection. They were thorough, professional, and gave me a great price. I couldnt be more pleased with how my car looks.

Review β„–4

I was on the fence about getting a used truck detailed. I just purchased the truck and the previous owner was not the cleanest person -- at all. I was skeptical when I heard the price for detailing my newly acquired 2003 GMC Sonoma. So I called around. Most everyone creditable was charging the same price.Of course, I looked on YouTube how to clean a car. It didnt seem hard, but the cost of supplies started adding up. I figured, Ill either spend almost the same amount on detailing supplies as I would if I let a professional do it.I am so glad I let these guys detail the truck! It took them a few hours to get it done and they have all the proper tools. No way was I ever going to get anywhere close to the results they accomplished, let alone in the time they took (which was way faster than I could do it).I am completely blown away by the quality and thoroughness of clean that Eric at Lumberjack was able to provide. The truck was dingy and falling apart before and it looks like a new car inside now. The glovebox was even broken and laying on the floor and they cleaned it anyway!This place goes above and beyond. He even knocked out a cosmetic dent in the truck with a plunger! Haha! And was able to recommend a body shop for the more extensive damage (from the previous owner). I cant rave enough about my experience.Im sure you wont be disappointed and youll get a very clean vehicle. Well worth the money and wait. This isnt the cheapest way to clean a vehicle, but it absolutely has more value than I could ever expect. I hope you give them a try!

Review β„–5

Great prices and even better service. They were everything I asked for and more, convenient location too. Dropped off the car and walked to grab a bite to eat 10 minutes away Downtown

Review β„–6

Very professional, great prices, and outstanding quality!

Review β„–7

I had my Santa Fe detailed when it hit 100K miles. Eric and his team did an amazing job. I felt like I was driving a new car again. I just got another car that I plan to have coated in the ceramic material.

Review β„–8

I wasted a quart of paint in my truck. Thanks to Pine for doing a great job of removing all of the paint and restoring my carpet back to its original state. Very knowledge on how to handle the situation and explain the process to ensure I would be satisfied. I highly recommended visiting Lumberjack if you have any detailing needs.

Review β„–9

I purchased a new car and wanted to find a detailed shop that offered ceramic paint protection, durability against UV ray protection, and a product that would not wash off like wax, polish, or sealant. Also, provide glossiness, longevity, and cleaning ease. I needed a car product that would not require constant care. I heard about the reputation of β€œLumberjack Auto Detailing, Inc.” Further investigation into this company, I realized this is a one-stop-shop. I was unsure at first trusting them with a new car but glad I went through it.I was impressed with the Lumberjack Auto Detailing (L.A.D.) quality of customer service that centered around professionalism, patience, and a β€œpeople first” attitude. The service professionals revealed a deep knowledge of how their products work when I question the product’s quality. I realized other attributes that convince me to purchase their services to include a monthly car wash for 12 months. The attributes of employees of having a great work ethic and a willingness to do what needs to be done (and not take shortcuts) were crucial to me. This high level of service demonstrated L.A.D. capable of meeting customer needs while also remaining economically competitive in their respective industry.There is nothing more impressive than getting a note from L.A.D. days later expressing a thank you for having served meHighly recommend L.A.D. without hesitation and doubts.G. C.

Review β„–10

Knocked it out of the park with my car. Didnt want to take my RHD 1993 Toyota Cresta jzx90 to just anyone in fear of ruining it. After ceramic coating the entire car and detailing the inside I was amazed at how well it turned out. Customer for life

Review β„–11

Lumberjack Auto Detailing is phenomenal and the only place I take my car to! They are on time, and charge me fairly. I am quite pleased

Review β„–12

Staff was friendly, prices were great, work was outstanding my car never looked so good will be a returning customer. More stars if I could.

Review β„–13

Absolutely fantastic people and fantastic services! They worked wonders on my seats and my car looks amazing. Will definitely be coming back and 100% recommending to everyone!

Review β„–14

The team at Lumberjack are the most professional team Ive ever had detail my car. They took great care and respect with myself and my car. The work they performed is above reproach. I highly recommend them for all your vehicle detailing needs.

Review β„–15

They gave me a excilint price better then anyone it town.

Review β„–16

We had mold in the car from water, had them do the inside and outside, car looks and smells cleaner than when we bought the car. Will go back. Recommend everyone to get the interior and exterior clean, 100 percent worth it πŸ‘Œ, nice feeling like you bought a new car without having to spend the πŸ’°! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒGuys were pros, services were simple, and costumer is happy!

Review β„–17

The shop did an amazing job on my 2003 vw passat! My engine bay hasnt been this clean since I purchased my car. My wheels were pretty bad with brake dust and now theyre so clean you could eat off of them! They definitely went above and beyond my expectations, my 18 year old car looks phenomenal!!

Review β„–18

They put in work on my 2001 Cadillac. My car might not of had a detail in at least 20 years. Glad I picked this detail shop for my car. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Thanks alot guys. Im super satisfied.

Review β„–19

I know the owner Eric for quite some time, and I KNOW he does excellent work.After seeing the results of his and his wifes work on his website and on Facebook, i took my vehicle, a 2003 Mercedes Benz E 55 AMG to him get the paint corrected and coated. The results are astonishing, and Baby looks like new, really,I can truly and highly recommend LUMBERJACK DETAIL to anybody who loves his vehicle, car, truck or even motorcycle, and wants his or her toy look like new again.You will not be disappointed.

Review β„–20

These guys are the bomb. Go Mudding? Got smoke? Got mold? These guys do it all. Timely service and very friendly.

Review β„–21

My Dodge 3500 had rust and had lots of dings and scratches. They did an excellent job fixing up my truck. It was a big job. My truck looks better than new. Need to bring it in for an interior detail.

Review β„–22

Just took my Tesla Model 3 in today and wow, they did an amazing job! I had been driving back and forth from NC to Washington DC for a week. There were a lot of bug splatters that just wouldn’t come off. My car looks like it came out the Tesla Lot brand spanking new.Would highly recommend!

Review β„–23

Lumberjack Auto Detailing did an outstanding job on my vehicle. I requested the showroom interior and full outside detail wash with the hydrophobic sealant. My interior was immaculate and looked better than it did before! The smell was completely gone and the staff went above and beyond in cleaning underneath the seat rails and even took my seats out to make sure all the water was gone! My paint was so shiny and smooth. I have never seen my car so clean. They even cleaned out my engine bay and got all the door jambs too. I will definitely be back and it was 100% worth the wait.

Review β„–24

I am so happy that I found Lumberjack auto and Detailing INC! When I dropped my suv off I knew that it would take experts to restore my vehicle back to showroom standards. I had stains everywhere including crayon markings on the doors. When my vehicle was returned I was in complete shock! Everything was perfect and beyond my expectations!

Review β„–25

Awesome service ! Friendly staff and did an amazing job on my headlights for a very reasonable price! I will definitely be back for all of my cars !

Review β„–26

Kat and Eric at Lumberjack Auto Detailing did an absolutely phenomenal job with the paint correction and ceramic coating on my 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT. Their professionalism is incredible as they treat every vehicle like their own. They did a thorough job explaining and walking me through the process that they would be performing on my car. They were also very open to answering any questions I had along the way. Kat and Eric made my used, shine-less car look brand new again, and I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend Lumberjack Auto Detailing for all detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating needs!

Review β„–27

I had my husbands truck detailed for Christmas. What an incredible job they did!! Its so rare to meet individuals with attention to detail these days and Eric and Kat have it in spades. I appreciate so much that they went the extra mile even though it took more of their time and still honored the quoted price. So impressed -Thank you!! Will definitely be back.

Review β„–28

Awesome Job! Took on my Tundra with only 15 minutes notice and made it look better than when I bought it in just over half a day.See yall next week!

Review β„–29

If you are looking for quality and dependability, Lumberjack Auto detailing is where you need to take your vehicle.From the start of the process, they will walk you through your expectations and create a checklist. They will review your list and explain how they will meet those expectations.I was given 4 days lead time for my vehicle. 2006 VW Jetta with an economical paint job from a paint shop.The car was ready to pick up, as promised on the 4th day.Lumberjack Auto detailing exceeded my expectations, and that economical paint job now looks like a million bucks.Im so glad I saved money on the paint shop and gave it to Lumberjack.Way to go!Ceramic coated for 3 years, worth every penny!

Review β„–30

I honestly can not thank Lumberjack Auto Detailing INC enough. The GTI looks absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. Their passion for cars and unmatched attention to detail really shows in their work. I highly recommend anyone looking to have your car professionally detailed to check them out.

Review β„–31

Erick and kats experience and customer service was far beyond my expectations, they will explain you step by step what need to be done to resurrect the interior and exterior of your vehicle, what products they use and why. They know their stuff and know how to use it to achieve amazing results on your ride. I dropped my F150 for interior detail and when i pick up my daughter from school and she got in the truck,,the word was (WOW) it looks like a new truck. Customer for life. That ceramic coat will be next!!

Review β„–32

You can not find a better Detailing Business better than this one!They serviced a car for us that was in rough shape, and it came back immaculate!!! We will always come back to them for the Amazing work they do!We HIGHLY recommend Lumberjack Auto Detailing!!

Review β„–33

I am a huge fan of ceramic coating. I have had different cars coated in Raleigh, Germany, and here with three different brands. I can honestly say the products, knowledge, and execution of Lumberjack is the best Ive experienced. Stop by and I guarantee youll see the best of what American small business has to offer and just down right good service and people. I have the System X Pro on a Jeep Grand Cherokee and The Diamond on a Ram 1500 and I could not be happier with the results, work, or warranty. If you are new to coating, the key is the paint correction done prior and the application of the product. These guys knock both out the park. Not only do I stop by for the inspections and minimal maintenance but expertise in DIY maintenance in between which is super easy with the coatings. Im having my 3rd vehicle done previously in Germany recoated with Lumberjack soon. You wont be disappointed.

Review β„–34

I just recently had some work done on my car and was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, quality of work, and prizing! Not to mention an extremely friendly and helpful staff as well. I’m definitely a returning customer!

Review β„–35

Took my car to have it detailed and a chrome coating applied. They did an awesome job! It looked as if it was just driven off the showroom floor. The inside was.immaculate! The scratches and imperfections were gone and the coating is so shinny and so easy to keep clean! So little work now to keep it clean.I am a VERY satisfied customer.

Review β„–36

Eric and Kat did a phenomenal job ceramic coating my 19 Ford Raptor. They’re attention to detail and customer service is by far some of the best I’ve seen. They’ll have my business for all of my future vehicle detailing needs.

Review β„–37

Absolutely great to work with, they keep you in the loop and are passionate about what they do. Highly recommend them

Review β„–38

Brought my corvette in to get ceramic coating with a full paint correction. They showed me swirls and scratches I didn’t even know were there with the lights the used. Before they coated my vehicle I was able to walk around and look at my corvette after the paint correction; it was like glass. I had never seen my paint look so good!!! After the ceramic my car was absolutely beautiful. They showed me every product the used and were very professional through the whole process. I recommend Lumberjack Auto Detailing for your paint correction and ceramic coating needs.

Review β„–39

Great customer service..

Review β„–40

Awesome place and awesome people! Thank you for making my baby girl look like brand new.

Review β„–41

Very friendly and knowledgeable people. They done an awesome job on my car !

Review β„–42

Exceptional service at a affordable price. Will be utilizing their services from here on out.

Review β„–43

Lumberjack Detailing does amazing work, theyre the only professional detail shop in Fayetteville, NC. Theyre the only certified installers of system x ceramics in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. On top of their full details and ceramics they also offer quick interior cleaning and washes/wax 10/10 recommended.

Review β„–44

Great job but they didnt do the back end of my car.

Review β„–45

If you want Professionalism and Quality, look no further !!

Review β„–46

Great job on my car

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