Dollar General
4200 Bellmead Dr, Bellmead, TX 76705, United States

Review №1

Love this store, frequently buy Protein Trail Mix, and other snacks from here. Went in this time looking for a shower cap and found it along with a pumice stone. Walmart didnt have them.

Review №2

Was not happy with the way so many isles was hard to go down with merchandise in them that need to be put up. Other then that the employees were really friendly and in good spirits.

Review №3

Excellent customer service. Brand new store with very wide selection even compared to big city locations. Definitely recommend to anyone!

Review №4

Well after Christmas sales it doing ok in the cleanliness but as far as getting the shelves restocked it will take a few days from people looking through every little thing looking for a bargain. A lot of shelves are empty but give it a week or so for all the clearance sales to go off. It will all be back to normal. Valentines stuff will probably be put out. Lol

Review №5

Well today I was in line with my daughter. The customer in front of me was checking out and the cashier Dora was having a great conversation with the lady checking out. Dora and the customer both in good spirits and both friendly towards each other. Now it was my turn. It shocked me that the cashier Dora didn’t say hello. Didn’t try to talk to me. In fact she rang up my items and threw my stuff in the bag. Told me my total and that was it. Dora I do apologize because I am not Caucasian. Sad that Dora displays her true colors!!

Review №6

Had a variety of items and products, but they dont have the new Dunkin Donuts Cereal... They are sooooo delicious!!! They really need to stock that particular product...

Review №7

Great had everything I needed for my couponing customer service was awesome

Review №8

Good customer service keep up the good work

Review №9

Staff was very friendly and related yet customers genuine appreciation

Review №10

Theyre conveniently located all over the city they start just about everything that a grocery store shop and theyre reasonably priced save me from having to run way across town grocery store across town

Review №11

It was clean well stocked and the staff were pleasant

Review №12

Its so frustrating to me to do my part by wearing a mask like Im required to and then see the cashier with a bandana down below her nose! When I told her it doesnt do any good if her nose wasnt covered (thats where you breathe germs IN), her comment was they dont do any good anyway. I wont be going back. Im a caregiver for a 90 year old and Im not putting us both at risk. Ive had Covid19 once and dont wish it on anyone.

Review №13

Always have what Im looking for convenient

Review №14

Great place to stop and grab something needed before heading out to our awesome little community in the country

Review №15

Never have what we need wish they would stock better..people friendly that work and always trys to help..not there fault its who orders your product..always out of your cokes your wipes and coffee creamer things you sale alot of...but should be caculated into where your located.

Review №16

Clean and orderly.. great employees..same great prices.

Review №17

Someone should have shoveled snow off the sidewalk, it has been days since it snowed.No eggs, milk, or corn chips. They had tissues and candy

Review №18

Love the people that work here.

Review №19

Customer service is top-of-the-line I had everything I neededwe just like every other Dollar store family Dollars are always changing and moving so and it practicing good coronavirus safety routines

Review №20

They are always so helpful and have some of the best employees working there. 😍

Review №21

Its the store I go to if I need something, and dont feel like going to Wal-Mart. Theyre always friendly, and looking to help if needed. When I went, the poor lady was working the store by herself, but she still managed to find time for everyone in her line, even if she had to leave her post.

Review №22

Nice and clean with good customer service.

Review №23

Great customer service they are always so friendly and cool

Review №24

Great place to stop and receive great customer service.They didnt have what I needed but tried to help me the best they could.Recommend stopping here anytime!

Review №25

Cause its pretty small. Easier to get in & get out

Review №26

Clean, good service.

Review №27

Was back in my hometown and needed a few things. The employee at work was great with all the customers.

Review №28

Slow cashiers and big line hold up

Review №29

Very clean and the clerk was helpful.

Review №30

Average dollar general. Great if you just need to grab 1 or 2 things and dont feel like going all the way into town for the bigger stores

Review №31

There is a really good staff at this store. It is very friendly and it makes for a really good atmosphere. It reflects well on the management.

Review №32

Variety is great in this store. Need to be more clean inside as well as outside trash at entrance

Review №33

This is my go-to place when I dont want to go to larger stores. Never have problems with parking.

Review №34

Wonderful the cashier is super friendly and helpful. The store is well maintained and easy to navigate. No obstruction in the aisles. Shelf are neat. I prefer shopping here I can get in get what I need and be on my way.Suggestion...a few fresh or frozen fruits. The refrigerated and frozen section is very accommodative.

Review №35

Great price for what INeed.

Review №36

High but very good, the food & the staff. Exceptionally clean, even during the lunch rush.

Review №37

Convenient location and good prices.

Review №38

Hit or miss on the products you need. They finally seem to have it under control where you can walk through isles. Also stopped going when they began trying to hustle money for illiteracy during every transaction but last time I decided to make a quick stop they seemed to have stopped that junk.

Review №39

Its a good enough place to pick up some last minute things, though the new assistant manager comes off as a bit pushy, pay him no mind hes just a gost passing through.

Review №40

In out got what I need it, followed the social distance everyone appeared to be friendly 🙂 and in good spirits

Review №41

A great place for simple needs and simple of the best

Review №42

Clean store nice people

Review №43

Clean and awesome staff. Very stocked

Review №44

Handy has .most things in general.

Review №45

Great location friendly staff. Always opens up an extra register if line is long. Keeps shelves well stocked.

Review №46

This is a great place to shop especially if you clip coupons. Gain detergent as low as $3.95

Review №47

Love this store... The staff is the bomb

Review №48

Usually has everything I need and plenty more.

Review №49

Love this place, reasonable prices& its close too my house

Review №50

This store is by far one of the friendliest dollar generals I have ever been too. The cashiers were very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Review №51

Been going to this store for over five months showing the same Id from a photo copy in my gallery. Now I do it cause I was tired of misplacing my Id. The cashier lives in my apartment asked for the Id and said no we cant take a Id you took a photo of . Im like Ive been doing this over 5 months why the sudden change. Anyway. stop explaining or trying to get me to snitch on who was doing it Im never a snitch but he just wasted my time that I cant get back. Hes a not so kind of a guy disrespectful as f.

Review №52

Friendly staff and they seem to always have that one little thing no one else carries anymore. Very convenient location.

Review №53

Neat organized and friendly

Review №54

You can get in and out quickly

Review №55

Always enjoy Dollar General Store! 😊It never fails that I can always find what Im looking for!

Review №56

I fear for my life when at this location. funny but no joke

Review №57

Great place o shop. Friendly service

Review №58

Its a good store and its really cheap.

Review №59

Great customer service

Review №60

Well stocked, fast service, employee helped me find cornbread

Review №61

Love Dollar General !! Wish it was a bigger store. MORE SPACIOUS!! FRIENDLY EMPLOYEES!!

Review №62

Ok, service but you have to wear a mask

Review №63

Manager can be polite when he wants to, the computers always needing restart, may have 3 workers but only 1 on register, long waiting to check out line, most employees are friendly and helpful

Review №64

Very nice and easy to get to and conveant .plus friendly service

Review №65

Bellmead location is the best great employees and the shelves are always fully stocked..

Review №66

Fast ,friendly, helpful service. Store is always clean

Review №67

Pretty decent selection, usually clean, but very slow to check out! You can get in & out of HEB or Walmart in half the time, go for milk & then wait 10-15 minutes in line. Come on DG, you can do better than that!

Review №68

Give you what you want and need

Review №69

Cindy and the other staff are super nice and super friendly! I love the environment and as a former DG employee, Id love to work with them!

Review №70

Always friendly staff and they are allways working hard and they pull together as a team . i notice this everytime i go in this store. The only thing i find a little frustrating is i noticed between 8:00pm and 9:00 pm they only have one person working cash register. And everyone trying to rush in to grab what they need before closing time the line will sometimes form half way to the back of the store..other than that i give this store an A+😀

Review №71

Quick and easy for a few items.

Review №72

Average dollar general

Review №73

The dollar General in my town is awesome, the people are extremely friendly and very attentive

Review №74

A lot better. The store is more organized and more persistent☺. A more productive turn around.

Review №75

Good variety. Great employees, helpful and cheerful. Good prices.

Review №76

Clean .... Well stocked ...Friendly associates.

Review №77

Great pkace for a quick shopping trip.

Review №78

Customer service is good at thia store..Always helpful!!

Review №79

Always have what I need

Review №80

Just like any other Dollar General. Have good beer prices from time to time. Certain times of the day can be a pain in the rear getting out of the parking lot.

Review №81

Always a last minute great stop!

Review №82

Very good customer service and Manager Juan is the best Ive seen in along time.

Review №83

Easy fast cheap

Review №84

Friendly very efficient cashier.....well stocked.

Review №85

Always fast and friendly service!

Review №86

Their always nice n the store is clean

Review №87

Great when you for got some thing

Review №88

This the store attendants were very helpful the store was very clean and well-managed

Review №89

This store was ok because the aisles were so full of products in the aisles that it was difficult to get around in. I probably will not return to this particular store because I am handicapped and it was just really difficult to get around in.

Review №90

Easy access

Review №91

Just a quick stop store !

Review №92

They have everything in the store

Review №93

Very friendly gentleman that always makes you feel welcome.

Review №94

A Great Company to shop with and a Great Company to work for.

Review №95

Fast service . Great place to shop .

Review №96

Awesome. Great deals

Review №97

Friendly and happy people work here

Review №98

Love this one person that works there he is wonderful to me I dont have to tell you who he is because his spirit is wonderful😊😊

Review №99

Clean, organized store ,plus store mgr. was very attentive, friendly, & helpful.

Review №100

Small store with a convenient arrange of last minute items

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  • Address:4200 Bellmead Dr, Bellmead, TX 76705, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 254-307-3040
  • Party store
  • Beauty supply store
  • Discount store
  • Grocery store
  • Dollar store
  • Pet supply store
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–9pm
  • Tuesday:8am–9pm
  • Wednesday:8am–9pm
  • Thursday:8am–9pm
  • Friday:8am–9pm
  • Saturday:8am–9pm
  • Sunday:8am–9pm
Service options
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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