Human Services Center
3515 Broadway Ave, Yankton, SD 57078, United States

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It was okay. If any staff see this, tell Rec Tyler, Tyler from Oak 2 and Danielle from Oak 2 that they were some of the people that made my stay there a lot better

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Well every time I am forced into hsc, I am traumatized repeatedly. I have been strapped to a board and left alone for a day. There is a standing order to immediately inject 2 syringes full of thorazine regardless of behavior. I have had items damaged, lost, and mysteriously lost $589.00 diamond earrings. Last time I was there they once again claimed that I had no jewelry on when I arrived. Im going to get my degree and get a job so at least one employee cares about the patients. At least a few employees should have some knowledge about psychiatry....

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Uncaring and abusive. Nobody was ever held accountable.

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Absolutely horrible place. Didn’t see my dr for six days. Was taken off all meds and didn’t sleep for 4 days. They feed you the same food as the prison system. They forget to send your food to your unit I did not receive my clothes for 4 days and because I didn’t fit in their clothes I had to wear the same dirty clothes for a few days.Some of the staff actually care about the patients but 9/10 times they are there just for a paycheck. The administration doesn’t listen to what people who actually wanna see a change.I feel bad for those who are put there for months at a time.

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Was sent here from Avera Behavioral Health. Big culture shock at first. You should be aware that the entire facility is caffeine free. There is a serious focus on groups. For the most part, I had a positive experience. The only negative is that they took me off of my pain medication and did not replace it with something that worked as well or better. I had to file a grievance to get the problem addressed. The staff is pleasant and helpful, for the most part. And they offer other services while you are a patient such as dental and vision care. It may not be top notch, but the price is right(free).

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I was forced to wear a pot holder dress, tied to a board, put in a cement Room for several hours until I urinated on myself... the staff is uneducated and uncaring. Patients are treated like an inconvenience. I have been to this hospital 9 times. I have never improved. I have seen horrible injustices performed by people we are supposed to trust and get help from.

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I highly do not recommend this place was unprofessional and unethical. F-. My exboyfriend is native american placed here involuntary 2014. I was refused help from hospital administration when i requested couples counseling to improve our relationship. The main agenda of his treatment here seemed to be to end our relationship and turn my now exboyfriend against me was used as an instrument to torture me? My exboyfriend was released seemed like a completely different person for the worst...we have never been able to have intimate relationship ever again have increased difficulty getting along since after his placement here at this facility. Permanant damage where I have suffered great emotional distress after becoming close to this person frequently calls me wanted relationship with me who was treated here later released acted demon with new strange bad behaviors is now more disrespectful towards me does not listen is more helpless since treatment here. Very stressful experience where i had the most to lose and did lose someone special to me and my focus in life for my own success is gone. My exboyfriend was used by this facility as a weapon against me to make fun and humiliate me. A grey haired receptionist even yelled at me was rude yelled at told me she would have my visits stopped to my boyfriend at the time and she and security several weeks later evilly laughed at me and refused my visits. My exbf said when he foundout they refused my visits he refused his medication waz forced shots of haldol in his butt. I think the staff at these places should spend some time in prison for torturing my exbf and ruining him and our relationship. He too this day is still in this system since after the death of his parents while we lived together. I never can get him outta these places who dont take my complaints serious and staff/law enforcement are known retort with sly remarks like you arent his family. I can honestly say I am traumatized from experiencing all of this...when i havent even been a patient there. I am still haunted by these events years later with our still not being married and these people who seemed to harrass me at the time and the now present terrible side effects of this treatment on my present life. I have lost all my respect for mental health in the State of South Dakota from my bad experiences where I have also been turned down for jobs at theze places even though I have more education than some people who work there.

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