Town & Country Car Wash
3037 E Noble Ave, Visalia, CA 93292, United States
Town & Country Car Wash

Review №1

Got my car cleaned and detailed here. It was very well priced and they went above and beyond expectation. Ehon was very professional and a great guy that explained everything. Got my car literally back in BRAND new condition far beyond my wildest expectations. I WILL be coming back again.

Review №2

Excellent work! Absolutely recommend! I had my car detailed, inside and out. It included shampooing of seats and carpets, and buffing the outside. Theyre very thorough and do the best job around! I was also able to hang out inside and wait.

Review №3

Too expensive for what you get. Paid $195 to have my truck detailed. The whole bottom of the truck is all spotty where they didnt rub it down enough, actually the whole truck wasnt rubbed down enough. Splotchy puddles of armoral all over the truck, it looks greasy all over the inside. They threw my really nice weather tec floor mats in the back of the truck all crumpled up in 110 degree weather. And they didnt even clean them. Pictures are of some of the splotchy spots.

Review №4

The customer service was great, we were taken care off immediately. Iwas very satisfied with the wet sand and buffed out service. My Tahoe looks like a brand new suv. I highly recommend them!

Review №5

Great quality work and fast they did a full detail on truck and Shampooed my seats going to take my other car in.

Review №6

I didn’t mind paying $59 for a wash and a vacuum … i am extremely disappointed due to the fact that I have some missing items from my car , a (Bluetooth speaker) amongst other items.. but it’s ok I am not mad. It’s just the last time I will be taking my car here…

Review №7

There is range of satisfaction depending on who is doing the inside cleaning. There are about two men that are careless in the time taken to clean and wipe down the inside correctly. Then there are some the gentlemen that take the time to clean in detail and exceed my expectation.

Review №8

I spent $350+ to have my boyfriends truck detailed. For that much money, it should be spotless. It was far from it. Other than the motor being cleaned, it wasnt much better than a regular wash. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTINGI will NEVER go there again

Review №9

Always loved to take our vehicles here. They were very professional and did a great job. But when you point out something they missed or ignored they get very upset and will not correct their mistakes. Took my wifes car in and found a spot that I could not rub out. Ask them if they could do something and the manager said it wasnt their problem and would not do anything. Finally got them to remove the spot but after a very long and heated argument with them. Just another example of people not taking responsibility for their own actions. Never going back. Shame, they use to do great work.

Review №10

Paid $65 for the wash and wax for my jeep wrangler. First of all, it was shiny and beautiful. Then I noticed that there was thick mud on the exposed inside of the front bumper on the right side and inside of wheel wells still dirty. Some sand still inside and dirty spots around the doors. I guess the good thing is that Ive decided it will be better to just buy all the stuff and do it myself.

Review №11

Coming back home from Sactown, took Burban in for a quickie homeboy took just right amount of time to get me in an out quickly, surprisingly came out better than expected, for the right price good job T&C wash👌🏽

Review №12

55 gallon drums of armorall Is what these guys think makes a car clean grease all over the place The leather seats the dash everything coated with armorall and not even wiped down it was all over the paint where they armoralled the tires after they polished, it was so greasy and slimy inside it took us 2 weeks to get everything cleaned up terrible job for $200 Definitely would not recommend to others! BEWARE!!!

Review №13

Always do a great job and offer a good senior discount! The cashier was very friendly! Sharyn

Review №14

They cracked my front passenger window and blamed it on the heat!!! I paid for a wax and detail and they left my car with wax spots and greasy with all the armoral inside not professional this was my first and last time ever going there!!

Review №15

Did a good job on my truck for $45.00

Review №16

Paid for the elite service and waited and hour and 30 min just to have my truck poorly vacuumed all my cupholders still dirty my wheels sprayed but not wiped down my mats were just as dirty with spray on top if i knew how to post photos with this post i would have.

Review №17

Wanted a wash and vacuum and they were fast and reasonably priced.

Review №18

They took very good care of me and turn my truck into something great

Review №19

They do a awesome job

Review №20

They did an awesome job detailing our car,we will definitely take it again

Review №21

Not crowded great detailing

Review №22

As always, Yuri and his team are hard working, friendly and professional. My car & I always feel better after visiting Town & Country Car Wash ! Thank you !

Review №23

I have been looking for a good place to get my car cleaned and to be honest have been let down in the past. When I came into Town and Country Car Wash I was thinking I hope this Car Wash is good. Not a single time have I been disappointed in my times of going in. All of the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. My car was cleaned very nicely and was shining all around. It reminded me of when I bought it, new car clean. I want to thank everyone at Town and Country Car Wash for the exceptional work that you all do. I will definitely be coming back regularly.

Review №24

Just had my jeep wash here for the 1st time spots everywhere bugs still on windshield terrible I guess I’m used too Acapulco car wash in Porterville

Review №25

Well Ive been there many times, but on Thursday morning the clerk inside was so rude. I asked her a few questions and her response her tone.She was not like the other girls.when my vehicle was ready she called it out at least six times, I made eye contact with her on the second call out but she continued even though there were only three people inside me one of them.I told the other people joking, I looked at them and said good God I must be blocking traffic. Please find kinder people, shes not representing your company very well.

Review №26

Big thank you to Ruben and your team they are awesome always willing to take care of their customers reason I keep coming back wi

Review №27

Great car wash. AWFUL detailing. We paid $235 for a “detail” and got a ton of Armor All all over our leather seats and the STEERING WHEEL! the windows have Armor All all over them and even the exterior had Armor All prints all over. The paint is just as dull and swirly as it was when we brought it in. I had to go through and wipe all the excessive Armor All off all the seats, steering wheel and brake pedals. It was dangerous, to drive otherwise. I feel like we got a $200 car wash with $35 worth of Armor All and a spray wax. Very disappointed and will NOT recommend them to anyone else. I gave it a one star because there is not a zero star option. #SHINYISNOTCLEAN!!

Review №28

Service wasnt professional 😒 windows were smeared and vacuuming wasnt good been going there for 5 years unknown if wil go back

Review №29

Miguel at the front entrance is very detailed, honest and very helpful whenever Id go in to drop off all of my customers vehicle for a complete wash / vacuum and details. He has great communications at each and every time! He is a great asset to the car wash business without a doubt!! And I highly recommended him to anyone looking to have their vehicle wash anytime of the week!

Review №30

Fast friendly service

Review №31

Great, reopen this was the best service the have ever given me. Even before in the past. Thank you to all the staff.

Review №32

Great service fast very friendly staff

Review №33

Excellent car service . You DONT need an appointment like most places . They do an excellent job at shampooing and carpet cleaning . Keep up the great work.

Review №34

We just bought a car and I wanted to get it cleaned. I was told it would take 45 minutes for them to start and finish the services on my vehicle. I waited at least twice that amount and was offered no refund or compensation for the trouble. The inside of my car was soaked with some sort of oil that ended up all over my hands. They also did not vacuum the armrest so it so it was still coated with hair. There were still things left on the floorboard (that werent there before)$50 and almost 2 hours wasted.

Review №35

Ive been coming here religiously for 4 years. Ive had a hick up here and their but anytime I was not satisfied I brought it to the attention of management and everything was always taken care of. I always consider that at times it gets busy and sometimes things can be overlooked or maybe someone is in training, but all I have to do is bring it to their attention and they take care of it. They have great employees and the waiting area is very kid friendly. Everyone is very welcoming and polite always. Its by far the best around here and I love the fact that I get a pretty good military discount ;) I will continue to bring my car weekly to be washed.

Review №36

Purchased carpet shampoo service coupon and was charged 70.00 and told it would take 2 hours. (I see now in the packages carpet shampoo costs 40.00) When I took the car in they werent busy and I was told it would only take 1.5 hours. After 2.5 hours I asked why it was taking so long and was told I should have had someone pick me up and take me elsewhere while they provided this service. After 3 hours I walked out back and saw they were high pressure hosing the pieces of carpet that are removable from my vehicle so they were just getting around to this. It took 3.5 hours for this 1.5 to 2 hour service to be completed. I was very unhappy so they gave me a card for a $20.00 car wash. A few weeks later I was getting the car washed for my wedding the following day and I thought I shouldnt use this coupon because I didnt think I was going to get good service but since I was pretty broke from wedding expenses I used the coupon. My car came through the car wash and was wiped down and when I got inside my car it wasnt clean at all. The windows were covered with water spots as was the vehicle. Ive been coming to this car wash for years and have never seen my car come out like this. I complained to the guy and was told these were permanent water spots and they had a special cleaning that could be done but other than that the spots were permanent. I took the guys rag and with a bit of elbow grease wiped a spot clean on the hood to show him the water spots come off. He was argumentative so I asked for the manager. They moved my car to the side so customers couldnt see this exchange and the manager came out. He agreed the car looked terrible and told them to take it in the back and hand wash it. Twenty minutes later my car was brought out exactly the same. The spot on the hood that I cleaned was fine and the rest of the car was a mess. I chalked it up to experience and had the dirtiest car at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey that weekend. This used to be a good car its just another rip off. Gotta go wash my car, its still covered with water spots.

Review №37

Really cheap for a detail car wash and amazing quality! Also got my car waxed and it came out perfect! I will always bring my cars here they always take care of me. I highly recommend!

Review №38

Nice place and a decent job but they are very Sllooow! Count on a solid hour or more to get you car washed especially on a Saturday!

Review №39

For three years Ive been coming here with my Jeep Patriot and never was I charged extra for being an SUV/Truck/Van. My car is a five passenger compact. If your going to charge me extra then do a better job. Last time Ill be coming here.

Review №40

I am beyond impressed with the customer service I received at Town and Country car wash. It feels good knowing, you, as a customer are still appritiated. I cant thank you all enough and I look forward to many more years of service at your car wash.

Review №41

Very disappointed. Did not throw away little trash that was inside my car such as gum wrappers.. I cleared out my trunk so it could be vacuumed and they did not even go in my trunk. I called and asked about that and they said you have to specifically ask for them to vacuum the truck. Other then that even the outside of my car was still dirty. I really want a refund.

Review №42

I bought a used car with pretty serious water spots and decided to give Town and Country a try. After taking a look at it even they werent sure the spots could be buffed out without serious abrasive treatment, but they got it done! Not only that, but I found out their detailed worked all day to make my car shine. What a difference!Im reading mixed reviews on Yelp, and want to add that the management and staff listened to me and worked really hard to make sure I was happy.

Review №43

Overall they do good work, the last couple of times I went they couldve done a better job of dusting The interior.everything else was good.

Review №44

High detail and shoe service. Perfect.

Review №45

Top notch

Review №46

They used to do a good job until i had my vehicle polished. When i got my car home i noticed some drip marks & also the seal on the back passenger side was melted. I called them & the supervisor said to bring it back towards closing time so i did. He tried rubbing it out but it didnt work. Then 1 of the other workers kept interfering in our conversation 1st saying it was in the paint job then he asks if i ever take it through a drive through and i said its not from that. Then he said the seal melted from the heat. I read up on that & that wouldnt cause that. And especially innjust certain spots. The supervisor then told me he would call back on Monday so we could figure out what to do. That was 2 Mondays ago. Im sure they think just because Im a female that i wouldnt do anything further or that i forgot. I havent forgotten. Really disappointing. Ill leave it in Gods hands & have to forgive them for the way this was handled. Will not be going back there.

Review №47

Let me start off by saying that I get that a $20 wash job is not the same as a hand wash. I set my expectations accordingly. But when I pay $20, and come out to a car that still has both copious amounts of dirt AND bird poop (!) on the hood, I get a little upset. Not to mention that I waited an extra 20 minutes while they washed, dried and called the people who arrived after me. And when I finally did politely remind them (sincerely, I was polite), they STILL had not done the tires or trim, even though the sign said that it was included with my package. After waiting for close to an hour, I thanked them, took my car and left—finishing the trim and whatnot myself when I got home.This has been my second poor experience with Town & Country in a month. I believe that everyone has a bad day and should get at least two opportunities to prove themselves. I gave them their two, and they blew it both times. Needless to say, I will not be back.

Review №48

Best gift shop and they have tables to sit at too.

Review №49

I use to come to this place often but the last 2 time Ive been so disappointed i dont think ill ever be back

Review №50

I used this place for last 10 years always found it great, this time not so much. The soap was not being removed by water rinse. I had to demand my car be rewashed so soap was gone. The vacuuming was not good either. I never spoke to management about this as it seems to be business as usual.

Review №51

We went for my sisters truck. They do a fantastic job.

Review №52

Even though I came in a little before closing time these guys were all over my vehicle. They took very good care of me and my coupon.Thanks Town & Country, Ill be back.

Review №53

They do a great job BUT when you tell them which package you want, leave it at that. They will ask you something and phrase it as if you have an option.. are you ok with the ArmorAll on the inside...if you say yes, youll find yourself paying 13.00 more at the register. Misleading upselling practice, but like I said, they do do an awesome job.

Review №54

Just moved to the area and ive been coming here for several months now and go washes about 6-7 times a month. Im an easy customer and not picky at all, but 60% of the time, my vehicle was not vacuum thoroughly and had to make a complaint when im back to pick up my vehicle. Under the four mats are not vacuumed and very sloppy work. I understand that no businesses in the world are perfect and i dont expect it to be for me. I go in randomly for washes throughout the week and notice that this only happened more on a Wednesday and Thursday of the week for me. For the last whole month, i have waited to see who will vacuum my vehicle and remembered each and everyone of them... At last, I finally caught the gentleman who did a sloppy job on all 3 of my vehicles... Heard other employees called him Efrain or Efren or Efran and as he walked past me, i saw a glimpse of his name card to back it up. I have no sympathy for such a lousy, lazy worker taking up a great spot for the ones who really deserved to be there!!!!! I notice that everyone at the front do really work hard, except for this lazy, lousy and sloppy employee that pretend to vacuum my vehicle, but failed to do so!!!!!!!!!!! The owner obviously dont know that hes over paying a guy to do nothing and sit on the clock waiting for a paycheck with little to nothing produced out of him!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time to go try another car wash...and thank you for nothing and what a waste of my money for nothing!!!!!!!!

Review №55

Staff is awesome! Car looks great! UPDATE:We have taken husbands truck & my car a few times since this. I am not sure what has happened since, last few times our vehicles have been left with streaks on the window and oil on the bottom. It was taken care of by staff after we asked. My car yesterday (was not busy) I was the 2nd car in the line, when they finished I walk up I looked at my seat to get in, it was full of dirt. I dont know if when they removed my mat they placed it on my seat. I hope they wouldnt, mats are just too dirty to be placed on seats. I asked staff if we vacuum again? Staff just wiped it down. I got home my windshield had a streak. I just wiped it down. We dont mind mistakes but I think a look over again (maybe by other staff)before they say it is done. Especially when not as busy as normal, yesterday was the fastest time my car was done in. Just a thought. I will continue to say Staff is always nice & courteous.11/10/2018We tried again, nope car was not cleaned right. My inside glass was smeared, no wipe down of console. Not good.

Review №56

The service they provide is very efficient. The car was very clean inside. The waiting area is very nice and family friendly. They even had free donuts and coffee.

Review №57

Love bringing my vehicles here. They always do a great job.

Review №58

Paid for one on the nicer washes, elite wash and it seriously looks horrible, did not get to top of the dash, didn’t vacuum under the floor Mat, interior is soaked in armor all, and they even left the plastic cleaner on my bumper and didn’t bother to wipe it off, extremely disappointed and will never be back

Review №59

Not what I thought. Basic wash with towel dry. Nothing special

Review №60

This place used to be great. When I didnt have time to wash my car by hand I would come here because they did a decent job for a car wash. I dont know if this place has changed ownership in the last six months or what but it has become terrible. Been here for an hour and a half and they are just starting to dry the car. The last couple times Ive been here they have done a terrible job

Review №61

Moved out here to Visalia and trying to find a good car wash place. So I thought I give this place a try. The place is nice but for the price I paid I would think I would have gotten a better car wash. The first guy I talked to called the wash I was getting a mini detail and they would wash the rubber floor mats. I had to ask the guy that did my van about the mats and he said it didn’t say to do them. But he went and did them for me. Plus I had to ask him to clean my cup holders. Also with it suppose to be a mini detail I would think they would have wiped the door kick plates and around the inside of the door are still dirty. The dash still has dust even though they were suppose to be Armor Alled.

Review №62

Never go here. Total half ass job car still wrecked even after I asked them to take it back and clean it again. Spend $65 when a 5 dollar drive though wash would have been better. Trust me dont go here.

Review №63

Great service!!! My truck is always spotless

Review №64

I tooo my truck in Friday so I can go to cars and coffee the following morning and I had people telling me I have scratches all down the side of my truck on both sides. And I keep my paint like a mirror and all I’m getting is the run around and they sayi have to wait for the boss even tho I was talking to the person in charge. The completely messes up my 500$ cila jet sealant on my paint too

Review №65

In my opinion the all around service is way better here than Red Carpet

Review №66

Normally Ive had really good experiences getting my familys vehicles washed here. Definitely NOT today! When I pay $26 to have my car done, I expect it to be clean inside and out. My vents are still dusty, it looks like they barely vacuumed, my center console wasnt even touched. I took a white towel and wiped down the trunk area and it has so much black dust on it I almost have to wonder if their wash is working right and if the guy who wiped/dryed it even tried, not to mention how much dirt/dust I wiped off my rims. Im seriously disappointed with this place. For what they did, I couldve gone through the drive through carwash for $10 and done the rest myself. Again, when I pay $26 for a carwash I dont expect to have to go home and redo what I just paid someone else to do. Im disabled which is why I go to some place like this to have my car done, but if this is the quality of the carwash I can expect from them, I may as well go back to Red Carpet!

Review №67

Great Customer Service! Get Service. Fully Satisfied

Review №68

This place is great can get a little busy but its worth it...

Review №69

Id give this place a negative star if possible. I brought my truck to this carwash to be detailed for my graduation. It was the only vehicle in the vacuum area until a larger truck pulled up. It took them over 30mins to bring it through the wash area and around to be dried. Upon pulling up, I notice I huge dent in my rear bumper and my license plate light was dragging the ground.I inform the manager of my vehicle damage, he claims it was there before I brought the truck to them. He then proceeded to check their cameras. My truck pulled into the vacuuming area with no damage. But conveniently when the truck was taken around back their cameras were not working and by the time the cameras picked it back up 30min later in the front of the carwash, the damage had been done.He refused to acknowledge the fact that his cameras was kidding vital frames, and he acknowledged that damage had probably been done there. All he offered in compensation was a coupon for another wash. Terrible businessmen and terrible customer service.

Review №70

They did a great job on cleaning up my daughters Volkswagen

Review №71

Terrible service. Im now going to surf thru car wash by Costco. Not a full service wash but at least its less expensive and Im not stuck there for 2 hours just to wash my car!

Review №72

Dissatisfied. I could have done a half fast job myself in the interior. Outside was ok not great.

Review №73

Bent my license plate frame

Review №74

Good carwash facility...was not very happy with my wash though, they left bugs on the front of my truck...

Review №75

If you want a good carwash, dont come here. Nice people but lousy workers

Review №76

I paid for a luxury car wash. Pretty pricey. Expected a really good car wash for I paid for. Very disappointed . Never pay for that again.

Review №77

They do great job every time

Review №78


Review №79

Once again F this place they stold $200 from me. Shitty car was. My mats were wet and the windows were stained.. left my car smelling like wet dog for weeks.. dont go here

Review №80

This is the best car wash in the county and possibly the valley.

Review №81

Horrible experience....they didnt vaccum under car seats and they asked us to unbuckle them. They didnt wipe down the back seat at all. There was trash under the seats because they didnt move them forward when they vaccumed. I looked it the car so I could see how much to tip, but after I opened the door. I was very unhappy. I will not be going back.

Review №82

Didnt vacum very well or whipe down dash /instrument panel!

Review №83

Good service, polite, and quick

Review №84

Always friendly! best car wash in visalia for sure

Review №85

Paid to have the inside of my vehicle cleaned. They did a terrible job.

Review №86

Great for detailing, pricy but a great job!

Review №87

Very great job cleaning my car outstanding!!

Review №88

Priced accordingly, most of the time undeniably great work. Occasionally not good.

Review №89

Good deals on car washes look for the coupons, much better than the other establishments in town for full service wash.A bit out of the way

Review №90

I paid the 39.99 and it wasnt worth it

Review №91

Sons DSI XL was stolen from my truck Wed March 13, 2013. Noticed not 15 min after leaving the car wash and have been given the runarounds since. Ive been bugging them about it and they keep telling me they will investigate or they will call me back or theyre busy with cars. Finally I called them this morning, Fri March 15, 2013 since NOBODY, called me yesterday, and the supposed MANAGER was rude and could care less saying theres nothing they can do and I cant expect them to watch the 3 or 4 employees vacuuming out the interior all the time. Poor customer service! Will never take any of my vehicles there ever!! They took zero responsibility for having thieves working there! Did not try to keep my business at all, not that they could. Treated me like I was the one with the problem!

Review №92

Great car wash, good service most of the time.

Review №93

They did a good job on my friends car.

Review №94

They do an excellent job inside and out.

Review №95

Great job! Bring cash for tips.

Review №96

Good job. Good price.

Review №97

Friendly service. Employees there for all help.

Review №98

Paid $26 for a half ass car wash!! The way it went in is the way it came out, the manager was the one that supposedly cleaned the inside but that wasnt done right, he had another lady do it but still was dirty inside and out... My first and last time ever going there.

Review №99

Great service! You can wait inside were its clean and cool!!!

Review №100

Conveniently located off of the 198 freeway, and the staff wash/vacuum well

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