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Review №1

Needed mower repair, had to wait two weeks out for an appointment, then it was cancelled due to repairman calling off and had to wait another week for another appointment. Meanwhile the neighbors had to pitch in to keep the lawn from getting too horrible. When the repairman finally got here he said it was just a dirty fuel filter, so he changed it. I mentioned that maybe that meant bad/dirty gas but he never checked the fuel in the tank. He mowed a bit and said it was fine. So when mowing later, it died again and I had to call someone else to fix it. It was, indeed, debris in the fuel tank and cleaning out the tank fixed the problem. So I had to pay not only for a useless service call and a new fuel filter that ended up getting clogged, but had to pay again to get it actually fixed. Not going to use sears repair again.

Review №2

Ordered a part that was supposed to be in stock but after 2 days of no updates to status I decided to call. I then was told it was back ordered and no idea as to when the order would be filled. I then asked to cancel my order, only to be told that it would be, yet somehow Id have to wait for 2-3 days for a confirmation# for it... Say WHAT??? Now this was on Wed and now Fri I get an email telling me that its back ordered and they would let me know when they knew... Are you serious??? So NOW Im left chasing them to get my order cancelled and also to get my money back, yet they dont seem to be able to do that either... STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY !!!!!

Review №3

Service requested through home warranty program came out once said unit was fixed worked for a day. Two weeks later for a return visit, scheduled time from 7 am until 4pm still never showed.

Review №4

The place was my home all three times within a two month period. The service gentleman diagnostic test was turning the key of the tractor, since that didnt work lets test the battery, solenoid, starter which we all told him works perfectly fine. It ended up being a camshaft that was totally stripped. The camshaft belongs to Briggs & Stratton. The gentleman told me he has worked on hundreds of these Briggs & Stratton engines and its always the camshaft. but it just wasnt enough for Briggs & Stratton to do a recall. Sears never had a questioned why all the same repairs the gentleman said. Its all in a computer that tells what tractors were affected. Guess what...its the same make and model of ours. It took us over $600 and 2 months of parts that we didnt need, had to wait another extra two weeks because the gentleman was on vacation and no one at the appliance repair shop has anyone to cover him. The gentleman who repaired our tractor was a bit nosy also about our personal lives. We do not discuss a religion or political views with people. Did I mention weve had this tractor fixed twice before this fiasco? Well we did. The tractors is only 3 years old and has been taken care of surpassing the suggested yearly maintenance. Im going to add every single appliance in our home we have gotten from Sears. I suggest Sears look into what they are purchasing from other companies before it gets to us the consumer.

Review №5

The repairs on our range was well worth the service contract we purchased. This service call was professional, on time and now our range is like new again. Thanks Daniel.

Review №6

We had a water leak in our fridge coming from the ceiling and out all of the lights. Their soonest appointment was a week later. The technician came and ordered a bunch of parts. We had to wait a week and a half later for them to come put them back in. The other technician gets here and says come here. Shows me where the water line popped off inside the ceiling. Seriously?!?! It didn’t need parts it needed a technician that knew what the hell he was doing!!! Not sure how the first technician didn’t notice what the problem was? We went weeks with cleaning up water off of our things in the fridge. There has to be a better option when it comes to warranty repairs and replacement.

Review №7

I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the technician that came to the home for the repair on our Water Softener. He was extremely professional and knew what was needed for the repair, Having said that, my rating is less than stellar in my contacts with the individuals who work in the scheduling department. They were HORRIBLE from my initial contact to the ability to schedule my last appointment. It took over 2 weeks to get my first appointment, since there was not a technician in my area. While I live in the country, I am only 9 miles North of Toledo,Ohio. My first appointment was in a week but the day before they said that they had to change it. Technician came out and while he was therehe ordered the parts. The parts were received at my residence 3 weekslater. I found out from the Technician that somehow his order for partswas cancelled. Thank heaven, he had the initiative to follow up and reordered the parts. Within a week the parts arrived, It took me almost 3 more weeks of constant calling and Sears cancelling several appointments with only 1-2 days notice. This was getting ridiculous. Each scheduler was saying that they were sorry for the inconvenience but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Since I had purchased the Sears Warranty I had no other choice but to use their services. We had no use of our water softener for close to 7 weeks from the time of my initial call for it to get done. In summation, GREAT TECHNICIAN, Extremely poor office personnel. Extremely displeased. Look for some other repair facility else if you can.

Review №8

The work was done efficiently and professionally. My only beef would be that the part ordered was delivered the next day, but we had to wail 5 more days until a technician could back. That was 6 additional days without the clothes washer. Scheduling could have been better.

Review №9

I recently had two service calls three days apart. The first repairman claimed I needed a new timer for my dryer since it wasnt heating consistently. It cost $380 for parts and labor. As a result it didnt fix the problem. So I had them return three days later. This repairman said that the exhaust tubing needed to expand more by pulling the dryer further away from the wall. That worked. Problem solved. Now Im wondering if I really needed a new timer.

Review №10

This was a preventative maintenance visit. he was professional and got the job done.

Review №11

Very Good! You repairman was knowledgeable, Kind, courteous. He explained a few things that will help in future and how my systems works. Glad to have your service.

Review №12

WARNING!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HOME WARRANTY COVERAGE. Requested warranty service on a microwave and an oven. 34 days later, Im still waiting with no explanation. I have called 6 times so far and have been on hold for hours (total time) and still waiting. They just take $50 per month automatically out of your credit card with no service. Under their contract one cannot cancel the contract until 12 months have elapsed.

Review №13

I have had nothing but great service over the years, 50 years plus! My latest activities with them was very good.I do appreciate Sears and its long standing business policies concerning tools, appliances, and lawn power equipment.

Review №14

Technician was very knowledgeable and courteous. He went out of his way to ensure that all of my needs were attended to. Thank you for sending such a great technician to assist me.

Review №15

The Craftsman mower technician was a wealth of information and provided prompt courteous service.He also found a problem with the choke that was set wrong at the factory making the mower harder to start. Now it works perfectly.Great job, Im very happy with the service.

Review №16

I had no choice but to use Sears as it was who our home warranty company uses. The technicians were very nice and professional, but scheduling is a joke. Our refrigerator went out and the first day they could get someone out was 10 days out. That technician fixed part of the problem but 24 hours later our fridge was still well above a food safe temperature. When I call to schedule another appointment it was another week before they could send someone out. He was not able to fix it that day either due to having to order the part. When he scheduled to come back the soonest was 13 days out. I set the time for between 9am and 1pm for the technician to come out, at 1 no one had called or arrived. I called Sears and was only then told that they were behind and would not be there until 2:30 - 3:30pm. The technician finally showed up around 3:45 after spending almost 7 hours waiting on them. It took 3 service calls and a full month before we had a working refrigerator again. If I did not have to use them for our home warranty I would NEVER use them again!

Review №17

This was a checkup on my moms dishwasher. The repairman said it was one of the cleanest he had seen after a years usage! Had to call the Service Dept as he had not arrived within the time frame - not his fault as he said they inserted another unexpected repair before mine and did not notify me! He was very thorough and nice.

Review №18

The techs need to be trained! I had one cone to my house twice and didnt measure the temp right in either stove. Matter of fact didnt check the bottom and decreased both my stoves 10 degrees and Im left trying to correct his errors! Let alone they say one thing and put another in service forms. Terrible service all around, all four visits! The oven shuts off and he didnt even put that in note nor correct it!

Review №19

Within the last few months I have had a Sears Serviceman come to my home for repair of my Washing Machine, Water Heater and Furnace.Each experience has been above and beyond what I expected, meaning, the repair took less time and was thoroughly explained in laymans terms.The Servicemen were courteous and respectful of my home environment.When the call was placed for assistance with each situation, I was given the earliest possible repair time.I have no complaints about any of the repair experiences.Mike

Review №20

What an awesome customer experience! Everything from the ease of scheduling the appointment, the confirmation messages, the pre-arrival contacts to the actual repair was 100% customer focused. The tech was professional and did a great job with a great attitude. When the time comes, I will certainly contact them again for additional service and support. Thanks for a great job!!

Review №21

The Tech explained all he was doing to me and My Daughter. 5☆ in my book

Review №22

Third technician was the charm! There was a glitch with the gasket that was causing frost to build up way to fast at the top of the freezer. Ricky softened the gasket with a blow dryer and it is amazing the difference! Thank you, Ricky! Great job.

Review №23

The gentleman who came out was professional, kind, and informative. I am very happy with the service. As it turned out, my oven was fine but that alone tells you how honest the service was. He could have told me anything...LOL. :)

Review №24

Very good. Repairman very courteous and got right to work. He did a very good job.Careful not to make a mess and knew exactly what to do.

Review №25

The service on this particular date was fine. The technician was polite and thorough. Unfortunately, what happened after that was a patience trying anger building process. My dishwasher was deemed unrepairable, after many years of service and poor performance. The process that we had to go through had such poor customer service. The SEARS Protection agreement people valued my machine at $400 because they didnt bother to make sure they were comparing it to my actual machine! Many frustrating calls later and 3 weeks later, I finally have a dishwasher installed. Terrible customer service.

Review №26

The time window should be a two hour window instead of four. I waited to do errands so I did not miss the service call. The technician arrived at my home 10 minutes prior to the end of the 4 hour window as I was loading my child in the vehicle to leave. A call when the technician is an hour out from the service call would be nice that way people can do their other errands and still be home in time for the service call. The service itself was fine and the technician was friendly, courteous and gave helpful advice.

Review №27

Washer wasnt draining the weather. Come to find out that the one of wifes tiny socks was caught in the drain. Easy fix but still had to pay for the service call for a 20 minute visit. Guy kinda made a mess, raunchy smelling water on the floor when removing the filter and left it.

Review №28

My home warranty company has set me up for 2 repairs with sears. The first time a year ago they stood me up twice and finally showed for the 3rd appt. Note that i had to take off work every time. This time i gave them one chance. After i took off today and waited for 5 hours they again stood me up. They claimed they overbooked the repairman and the jobs took longer than expected. I called my warranty company and got set up with a different company. This is so unprofessional. They shouldve had another repairman come when they saw he couldnt make it. They didnt even call me to let me know. They have no respect for working people with schedules.

Review №29

The repairman clearly knew his craft. He immediately recognized the problem and its cause, described it to us in a way we could easily understand, and repair was quickly accomplished. He is a man in his right place, knowledgeable, alert & attentive to detail, evidently loves his craft.

Review №30

After spending over $500 on a part that turned out to be the wrong thing I have been in contact 3 times since the end of March trying to send the part back for a refund. Each time I am told a message is sent to a team (different each time) and they would be in contact within 5-7 business days. Here we are, into May and I STILL havent gotten in contact with anyone to help me with this issue. Seems as if I will have to take legal action to get some responses. Maybe their sense of urgency will change when a lawyer is in contact on my behalf. This experience has changed my whole perspective and how I view Sears as a company. Very unprofessional and unhelpful. As well as solid demonstration of laziness

Review №31

The technician was great. The problem has been resolved, and washer is working fine. (a lot quieter). Just wish it didnt take so long to schedule service, or would have been a 5 star.

Review №32

No repair- was here to do inspection of the furnace. After I complained about the shoddy work on the duct he explained that duct work was not part of the warrantied protection plan. I paid less than half for a furnace installed in my daughters house and the work there was exemplary. All new tight fitting duct. My duct work was a mix of old and new duct and a lot of the materials were less than tight fitting. One part of old duct fell off a year later and I paid $75 to have it taped up so it was functional. The worst part of the shoddy work was where the air filter was put. Three months after installed I tried changing the filter. It was ripped to shreds trying to get old filter out. Fortunately a repairman was at my house right after it happened and he told me that the opening was shoddy and he bent the sheet metal back so the filter could be entered and removed without damage to the filter. He also mentioned that there was another opening on the other side of air intake and I could use this. He also said the reason the filter stuck out of the opening was because it made it easier to remove the filter.After he left I tried to use the newly discovered opening and the filter would only go in about three inches and when I tried to remove it it tore to pieces. Later I had my 13 year old grandson help me inspect the filter openings. n Together we were able to bend the sheet metal away from the entrances so the filters no longer caught on the metal and was easier to put filter in all the way. And before all this was done the newly discovered opening was allowing the basement air to enter without going through the filter. Now the filter goes in all the way and somewhat blocks the air flow from outside of the openings. To aid in preventing unfiltered air going in I also bought magnets to cover the entrances - something I learned from the installation of my daughters furnace. So between the furnace, the problems I had with the new roofing installed last year, and the installation of the wrong part being installed as a repair on my washer and I am still waiting for the correct part to be installed I am not very pleased with the people who install the items or maintain them and I am very non-pleased that Sears would allow these to be installed under the name of Sears.

Review №33

I will never use or buy from them again. Refrigerate quit freezing, repairman came in, listened to my info, tapped a few spots, said what was wrong. $500. Plus. Had to order a part, will take 10 days to get. Came in 6, so I called AND still had to wait the 10days. Repairman comes, replaces the part. Not the problem! Says we have to buy a new refrigerator. Left new part in...why? They did refund the price of the part, but still out over $300.00 that could have been put towards a new refrigerator.

Review №34

A very knowiedgeable and friendly service person.

Review №35

Excellent job. On time and efficient. Will not hesitate to call again. Fixed our dryer quickly.

Review №36

As for having to reschedule 3 times which was a pain since we had to rearrange our schedule each time the service was fine. Unfortunately you are at their mercy because you need the repair completed.

Review №37

Outstanding service with a very knowledgeable tech and friendly. He recommended a service contract which has saved me hundreds of dollars in the months ahead!!

Review №38

Service was fine. Wish someoe would have contacted me earlier to reschedule. I was put on hold the entire day waiting for someone to come only to be called after 5p.m. regarding rescheduling service

Review №39

The drawer in our refrigerator broke, so we placed a call to order a new one because it was under warranty. They told us we would have to have a repair person come and install it even though I told them I could install it myself we just needed the drawer. They ordered the part and put in a service call for someone to come install it. When the drawer was delivered it came without the brackets, so when the repair person came out he was unable to install the drawer. He placed the order for brackets, when it was delivered it was the full drawer again and 2 brackets for the left side so I was still missing the right side and was unable to install it. I called the customer service and after explaining the problem repeatedly they ordered the bracket, I received a package with just one screw, and still have not received the bracket needed to install the drawer.

Review №40

After three (3) visits and five (5) elapsed weeks my Kenmore (LG) rerigerator was satisfactorily repaired

Review №41

The serviceman was professional, and got my washer fixed in less time than estimated, and the washer is working fine now. Thank you!

Review №42

Your service technician did a fantastic job on my dryer. He was polite and professional. Thank you.

Review №43

The technician arrived on time, and was very knowledgeable and efficient.He knew the appliances he was working on. I was very impressed.

Review №44

They should check for a fuse out first before doing any work.

Review №45

I’m giving it 1 star because I have to pick one other wise I would be giving it NEGAITIVE STARS. My washer has been broken for over A MONTH! They keep sending technicians out and every single one is dumber than the other. One guy told me it was because the water was off (which I intentionally turned off but wasn’t home to tell him) the next one said I needed a 600$ part which STILL DIDNT FIX IT, then the last guy just told me it was unbalanaced. STILL NOT WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!! I will never buy anything from sears EVER AGAIN and I will NEVER have them repair any of my things. What a terrible stupid company.

Review №46

Repairman was professional and quick. We were very satisfied with his service.

Review №47

Service rep arrived on time, explained whay needed to be done, completed the service and cleaned up afterward. Pleased with results. Will call Sears again whenever needed.

Review №48

I went into the repair department and entered my information on the computer screen. After 11 seconds I was surprised to see the screen reported I had been waited upon. Five minutes after that, Alex stuck his head out the door and said, Ill be with you in just a minute. I have to go get something. I waited 15 more minutes and finally left, quite angry. Did he go on break? Alex obviously gets evaluated on his statistics indicating how quickly he helps people and hes figured out how to scam the system. He was able to report that he responded to me in 11 seconds, and I was never helped at all. Ill be going back again this week to see if I can get waited on.

Review №49

The technician came when he was scheduled to. He did yearly service on two appliances, explained what he was doing and was done in a timely manner.

Review №50

Just with fixings it he show me what to do so it dont happen again..very nice.

Review №51

The service man called when he was on his way and arrived when he said. He was very polite and friendly. Even with my dogs. 😁😁

Review №52

Service gentleman was very kind, asked the right questions to diagnose the problem. Was helpful in letting me know how to still use my washing machine until the repair part came in. Thank You, Betty

Review №53

They never called or showed up. I had to call service deparrment and no rescheduled date has been set. I hate their service and will never buy another warranty from them again

Review №54

I called to schedule an appointment to repair my washer. After 20 minutes of high pressure selling, I hung up and did not schedule. Sales person was very difficult to understand, which made it hard to know how much I would be paying. I would not recommend.

Review №55

I hired Sears to come out to repair a ice maker on a refrigerator. The technician put some tape over top of the water dispenser to try deflecting the water and tried turning down the water regulator. This did not fix the problem. I was then very disappointed that I paid the money to have the refrigerator repaired and wasnt. I would not even give this one star but thats the only way I can get this posted.

Review №56

Service man was awesome, very knowledgeable even showed us tips on our TV that we didnt even know about.

Review №57

My experience with Sears was excellent keep up the good work...

Review №58

The Gentleman who came over was knowledgeable and experienced. Very Polite, and Neat. Thankyou!

Review №59

Love the repair man Doug shows concern and gets the job done!

Review №60

The service man was very nice knew what he was doing, he was on time and I am happy with the service.

Review №61

They did not fix the problem with my Ice Maker, now they have to come back tomorrow and see if they can fix it this time. They were here last Monday 1-8-2018

Review №62

Never call SEARS home services for ANYTHING. Never get an HMS Home Warranty either. Washer has been out for 2 weeks. People I bought the house from switched out the washer and dryer and left me with junk. Anyway, GF took time off work so they could come out last week and they never showed within the app time. Called an hour later to say they would be 2 hours late, but she had to go to work. Called and rescheduled for today. Took the day off to accommodate the service tech. Sears just called and said they had to reschedule because their service tech is sick. You have no idea how frustrating this is. Worst service company Ive ever had to deal with. Would give - stars if I could.Unreal.Ps.) After they cancelled I told them I would be going elsewhere. (Went with Wood Family Appliance repair and they fixed it in 7 minutes.) Anyway, the following week Sears showed up at my house without notice and now they will not stop calling me trying to reschedule a week after the fact. S T O P.

Review №63

Excellent service! Met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks

Review №64

The Service Man was Incredible. He did a great job.But , the total Experience was HORRIBLE ! It was so sad that Sears could not help me in the Store. You buy a brand new Rototiller, and after the sale, it wont start. So i contact the Selling store, who says.,, YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE EXTENDED Warranty ! Get that, it never runs, and the answer is, You Idiot, why didnt you buy it? So then i call another store, and one hour later, Same Answer. So i looked on Line, found the Service Number, scheduled it, Seemless ! What a great guy, but a horrible buying experience

Review №65

On time and completed the repair efficiently. Good job.

Review №66

My Sears Refrigerator repair person is the greatest, competent and polite person.Every Sears appliance Ive had serviced the service person is very professional.

Review №67

My Flywheel broke and Chuck came out and replaced it. He is very knowledgeable and good.

Review №68

There was a delay due to an overload of calls. But the repairman, once he arrived, was quick, courteous and honest.

Review №69

I had to wait a week for the appomtment and then another week for parts. That is a long time to be without a refrigerator and a washing machine However, Jeff was so knowledgeable and checked everything so thoroughly the I could help but be happy.

Review №70

Everything went well. Tech was on time and knowledgeable.

Review №71

We originally had a disaster when the last repairman came to repair our dishwasher and our kitchen totally flooded! Then we were told we had to wait three weeks that they would not come back. Then I wrote an angry review and they came back last week and another man fixed it. We just came back from vacation and havent used it yet but at least its not flooded! Our kitchen floor however is buckling! So Im sticking with the repair rating and the failure to respond initially.

Review №72

Very nice experience,polite ,quick & friendly

Review №73

Quick and efficeint service. Thank you.

Review №74

Our serviceman was very kind, professional and helpful.

Review №75

The repairman was nice and was thorough.The problem was the dryer only stayed heated for three loads.Not to happy about that.I dont know if the part that he used was defective or not.Someone is coming out today to see if can be fixed.

Review №76

The technician was very helpful and polite.

Review №77

Friendly, courteous repair man!!! Made finally diagnosis problem, had parts on the truck, made repair in less than an hour!!

Review №78

Service was excellent, explained what was wrong and what he needed to do to fix it. Repairs were done in a timely manner.

Review №79

I am very disappointed with your repair policies. I always have the same problem with my television and it only has one part. So I do not understand why when I tell them that it is the same problem I have to wait about a week for the repairman to come out and diagnosis the problem and then order the part and wait another week for the part to come in and then another week for the repairman to come back out and put the part in. UNSATISFIED!!! I should not have to wait that long.

Review №80

Horrible website wouldnt let me go past brand selection 👎

Review №81

A part was replaced, the opener worked for a couple days and then malfunctioned again. There is another repair appt. scheduled.

Review №82

Service tech was prompt, and friendly. But im still having the same issue with my washer as I was before they fixed it. The customer service line to report my continuing issue was horrible!!

Review №83

Wonderful. Knowledgeable and pleasant person.

Review №84

Ordered an another part. still in -process

Review №85

We received same day service - took less than 30 minutes.

Review №86

Repairman was on time and professional. He took time to answer my questions .I wish all repair persons would be like this young man.

Review №87

Horrible I am still waiting for my fridge yo be fixed or replaced.

Review №88

Very very good!

Review №89

Poor customer servive!! Poor communication!!

Review №90

Prompt , friendly and efficient!

Review №91

Wonderful service man!!

Review №92

Well pleased with service

Review №93

Knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №94

Very pleased

Review №95


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