Scotts Commercial Truck Services
5930 Benore Rd, Toledo, OH 43612, United States
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Great service and good prices for work. Been a trusted 3rd party vendor for the company I work for.

Review №2

10/10 showing at the Wood County Fair Semi Pulls

Review №3

Needed a filter element for my air cleaner and they had it in stock at a great price. Highly recommend.

Review №4

*Buyers Beware* Go somewhere else if dont want to be robbed right in broad daylight. I brought my truck here to have electrical work done. I was told that I would get a call with an estimate. Instead I get a call when one of the techs blew my hydraulic line and them trying to charge me to repair it after they already started working on it without my say so. Save yourself money and peace of mind and go somewhere else. Also their shop prices are some of the highest in the city $118.00hr during operating hours and $177 hr after hours.

Review №5

Well went in for an APU problem they didn’t find anything wrong with it still having some issues with it but it runs a little better than what it did but they were fast and they did fix the main problem with it found out from someone though that I may have to change the fuel filter in the APU so I’m gonna do that here in a few days but they had great service great bunch of people.Their shop rates are up there but if you want your stuff fixed correctly the first time and diagnosed correctly the first time these are the guys you need to go to and I would pay them over and over again because they do a great job.

Review №6

Was just Scott’s with a APU problem and they got me back on the road in a few hours , great place and friendly people here , I definitely will recommend them to anyone with a carrier great job guys thanx again

Review №7

Staff are very friendly. Went there to have my broken reefer to get swithed with there loaner one. Job done quickly.

Review №8

Great service. Great prices on tires.

Review №9

They always do a great job.

Review №10

Great guys, I called right before they were closing and bought a part and they set it outside so I could get it and fix my reefer unit that night when I got there..

Review №11

Well they answered the phone,when l my Intl 4300 failed to start, and said they would send out a mechanic in a few hours. My truck subsequently started and l called them and canceled the service call request.

Review №12

Great guys fast came fast service they really do good job

Review №13

They were fast. Had my reefer fixed and had me in and out in just under an hour. A little expensive but it was after hours. All in all a good experience.

Review №14

No appointment, didnt expect much, but I got in at 7am and left by 830am on a Thursday morning for a dot inspection. Very detailed technician, I appreciate what you guys and girls do, thank you!

Review №15

If your Apu goes down to the place you need to go to these guys are awesome.

Review №16

Very helpful parts dept. They had my part in stock and have truck/trailer parking.

Review №17

Amazing service provided by Scotts!! They handled our issues very quickly and very professional! Thank You.

Review №18

Bad quality service, very high pricing! Replaced trailer chamber and one used tire for about $750 & due to improper chamber replacement it cost me another $500 to replace two trailer tires!

Review №19

They did a nice job

Review №20

Seen fairly quickly, diagnosed quickly, got apu running, but keeps restarting, and can do nothing else but to turn it off. (Only to restart going down the road.)

Review №21

Love the work they did they kept us inform of everything that was going on

Review №22

They saved me a lot of money by being honest . Will the tow truck driver was very professional and courteous

Review №23

Excellent customer service

Review №24

Very good service. Tech was great explained everything to us. In and out within an hour.

Review №25

Came in for a coolant leak. Ariel took care of me and got me back up and running. Her knowledge was great. She explained what she found and helped me come to a solution that worked out. If I ever need to come this way for any work, I will definitely stop here.

Review №26

The service lady Lee was very unprofessional I was trying to get back on the road the same night but she consistently gave me a horrible attitude instead of explaining the process of what needed to be taken care of. If that’s how Scott’s Operates I will take my business elsewhere. Very disappointed!!

Review №27

Excellent services....

Review №28

I had to change the pump from the PTO. I had it with me. They told me to change it would take 6 hours. Incredible!!! By the way, for one hour they charge you about $115. My dispatch called another shop where they told us the maximum change of my pump would take 2 hours. I left!!!

Review №29

Great place fix trailer had me up and going fast

Review №30

Quick and friendly

Review №31

Time 22:45 local on a Sunday and my reefer decides to go out on a seriously high value temp sensitive load call Scotts and got the owner immediatly. I gave him the information I knew .... Absolutely no idea no warning NO NOTHING it just stopped. He asked if I had an ETA I told him I was 20 minutes out he said cool call me when you get there. Literally I wasnt there 5 minutes waiting when the bay door opened I was pulling in the shop. I pulled out in under 2 hours problem was diagnosed and fixed and I was rolling. Definitely 5 🌟 service!

Review №32

I have used this Authorized Carrier dealer in the past and found they are much better than any other dealers that I have used. I came all the way up from Georgia and they didnt disappoint me. I had a small short in a wire that no one else could find.FIXED!!! Thanks Scotts

Review №33

They got me in fast, only good thing!.. they tend to over charge. Charged me for an hr extra cause their mechanic couldn’t find the part (it ended up being in their service truck)... pre trip at the end showed us I had a bad coil! He went and replace the coil, I didn’t know it was used (they didn’t charge me but I would have paid for a new one and save money down the road).. bc two months later I had a code on my carrier and back at them! It was the coil he changed, $320 later it’s fixed!.. three more months along the road another code, it was the same coil! Stopped at a shop in NY and they charged me $270 to change it!... over all I’m not bringing my business back to them.

Review №34

Most profesional people, very serious and good customer service

Review №35

Scotts truck repair has a good service department they fixed the issue with my truck they went up and beyond the call of duty they are the only ones I can trust to work on my truck they stand behind their work

Review №36

This place has an awesome 2nd shift supervisor name Kirk he can do everything from A to Z.hard worker.

Review №37

Weve been here a few times over our career. We have always been treated fairly. They do a good job of working in emergency repairs.

Review №38

No doubt the best brokerage confirm in the world thank you so much for the years I was with you

Review №39

The best service in northwest Ohio/ southeast Michigan. Reliable, friendly and fair.

Review №40

Decent shop friendly service personal

Review №41

Fast friendly service clean shop great people

Review №42

Sent repair the truck had def problem. Diagnose wrong code and then changed all the filters and parts. Unable to find the problem and clear the code. After two days they sent truck to Frightliner and they clear the code. Paid $3098.34 to Scott idiot mechanics who does not figure out what was the problem and $2200 to frightliner. Because of these idiots I have to pay twice. I recommend any one think 10 times before go to these idiots.

Review №43

I called this shop to see how fast they can take me in for an oil change and was told they have a mechanic available in 15 minute. Waited for over an hour before they took me in. They did not disclose any prices upfront and when I got a bill it was $594! They dont have oil at their shop and had to drive to the nearest Napa store to get it. Not only that, they added an extra 1 1/2 of oil to my engine. Avoid this shop! Unprofessional and sleazy.

Review №44

Quick service great staff

Review №45

Brought truck in to have APU looked at as well as driver’s side window not operating. They were told no more than an hour labor. After they replaced the window motor and still couldn’t get it working we asked them to stop and let us pick the truck up. At this point we have an hour labor plus motor and the window still won’t work. As we suspected when asking for the invoice they stated over $950!!!When we asked for what they said the hour for window plus the cost of motor which we expected to be $115 for labor and around $200 for the motor! Again the window still didn’t work! The rest they said was investigating the APU. As they held the truck hostage we paid over the phone with a credit card. After reading the description of work we called and asked for a breakdown of labor. After waiting for over an hour (I’m assuming they had to get the numbers to match) they sent the same invoice amended with .78 hours in the window and 4.78 for the APU. The description for work on APU was to pull truck into shop and investigate! That’s it! Then 4-5 sentences with a description of the window work. They even say in the description that the customer requested only an hour to be spent on the motor which was why they couldn’t fix it. So my question right away is how did they spend .78 hours on the window when the description says they spent an hour!! This place is a scam and it should be criminal what they did! Do not take your business to them!

Review №46

Attention if you want to be robbed come here !! and if you want to save your money you stay away from here !! I was once here and wish never come here. It was urgently and waited more than 8 hours and the mechanic came they put my trailer in the shop The mechanical guy didnt do anything I swear!!! I was not more than 5 minutes inside and took me $341.06 he just take a look on the engine . and I can imagine if he work something it would cost me $900 an hour I advise you stand away from these crooks!!!! If I could range it less then a star I would. They dont deserve not even half star!!!

Review №47

Got me in quickly which I appreciated, but charged me 448.50 labor to change alternator and speed solenoid on a carrier unit. Kinda spendy I thought.

Review №48

STAY AWAY! Terrible service! Wheels came loose on my trailer less than a mile from their shop. They came and took them off and they said the bolts need to be changed. I asked if the hub is OK? to which they replied yes. They also said the rims were sheared and they do not do any tire services and that I should look for an outside vendor to change those. Has anyone ever heard of roadservice that doesnt do basic tire services??? It took them 6 hours to change the studs in a hub which is ridiculous. They had to keep going back and forth between the shop because they didnt have anything on the service truck. 5.5 hours into the job the guy said that one of the holes in the hub is warped and its too late to get one because it was almost midnight. I specifically asked if the hub is good... They should have changed the hub in the first place instead of leading me through this circus. In the end I had to pay a ton of money for 2 road services and ended up with a bad hub which I have to change out anyway. Do not make the same mistake I made and get a different road service, one that knows what they are doing.

Review №49

Quick reefer repair

Review №50

This place is just a rip-off. Dont go there. They charged me labor $486 for 2 and 1/2 do the math. Im won’t go there anymore.

Review №51

Went there to get the electrical box changed on my tanker because my lights didnt work. The mechanic got me in and out

Review №52

If your looking for an expert in refrigeration units , stop looking . Come here and ask for Mitch .. Ive waited , because I had to wait , others were ahead of me and loaded trailers have priority, but it was worth the wait . I had a problem with my RPM on my 2500A unit . Nobody knew what was it . Theyve changed the solenoid, which is 400$ btw, and was not that . Mitch found the problem , not only that he found it but he knew where the problem is . It was in my harness, a broken wire ,taped over . It could take days or weeks to find a issue like this . On top of that 3 days after I call the shop on another problem , talked to his Dad , which I found out that is actually the owner of the company. He sat over the phone with me troubleshooting. He told me what to do . Amazing ppl . Im kind of impressed. Thank you gentlemens, thank you . This is what this country should be based on . Honesty , and respect

Review №53

Very friendly staff ( even the Michigan fan ) fixed my apu when other carrier places couldnt, and found a oil leak on the trailer I had..good people, professional, and got the job right the first time..this will be where I go if I have any problem with either my apu, or a trailer and Im in the area...thanks guys..#SPARTYON!!

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Review №55

Should have washed trailer according to paperwork, was never done. Job was done incorrectly, took almost 2 additional days to fix the mistake.

Review №56

Always a pleasure stopping in and getting work done on my Carrier APU, fast friendly service very hepful techs.

Review №57

Horrible outfit.. I run a fleet of vehicles around the country and if i could give negative star ratings I would. DO TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE!!! People are rude, do not inform you when vehicle is done. Would not help us jump start our dead truck that we just paid $4000.00 to fix. we had to go back twice to get it started. Will be calling BBB as well as State of Ohio BAR.

Review №58

Started using SCTS a few months back. Not only do they get me in fairly quickly they also have amazing custom service. Their prices are less than a Stealership, I mean dealership. Its COMPLETE service at SCTS! They fix my APUs and our trucks. I highly recommend them to anyone thats near or coming through the area if you need service. Matt in Service has been extremely helpful and very productive in making sure our fleet is handled with top notch service. He always calls with updates on progress of our truck services. When ever a problem comes up they always offer the solution to fix the problem. NO BAND AID FIXES and NO WELL I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON answers. Again I highly recommend Scotts Commercial Truck Services.

Review №59

These people are crooks do not go to Scotts they will Rob u blind then 2 months later send u a bill for the job they were paid thousands of dollars to do and still have the same problems u were having in the first place there con artist please take my word dont make the same mistake I did stay away

Review №60

Best and fastest service ever received

Review №61

Called them about looking at the ac on my truck. They said they would get me right in. 4 hours later still havent even looked at my truck

Review №62

Great people!!

Review №63

Very knowledgeable, fast, and friendly.

Review №64

Excellent service

Review №65

Great customer service

Review №66

Great fast service

Review №67

Not the best place

Review №68

Good Mechanics ...

Review №69

Knowledgeable staff

Review №70

Very nice

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  • Address:5930 Benore Rd, Toledo, OH 43612, United States
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  • Phone:+1 419-729-7888
  • Air conditioning repair service
  • Air compressor repair service
  • Truck repair shop
  • Auto body shop
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Diesel engine repair service
  • Truck accessories store
  • Truck parts supplier
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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