Dollar General
5400 S Colony Blvd, The Colony, TX 75056, United States
Review №1

I had to say some good things about the cashier LaRoy. Sat the line was backed up with customers, probably a good 10 min wait. You would think normal frustration would set in but his calm demeanor and smile allowed everyone to be patient. His coworker for the day was MIA and even when customers would speak on the situation LaRoy never engaged in anything negative and still continued to express great work ethic. I hope he sees this cause he deserves to know hes doing a GREAT JOB!!

Review №2

Eric and Dirk are always perfect gentlemen! I love this stores balance and vibe. Keep up the good work and well forever support your business! 💯❤👍

Review №3

I think it is an excellent place, clean and prompt attention. the only thing is that I think they should sell vegetables, greens and fruits. it would have all five stars.

Review №4

Nice selection, fairly priced.

Review №5

I have to say that I’ve never have experiencedEmployees in a retail or grocery store like I have at The Dollar General in the Colony TxMr Refugio and Mr Durke goes Above and Beyond the line of duty to make sure you get what you come for. They’re professional and pleasant. Makes you wanna shop there. Hats off to those 2 gentlemen.

Review №6

Always great customer service and I always find what I need and great unexpected gadgets as well.

Review №7

An affordability alternative to going to the big box stores for limited items. The pricing is good, however the service is inconsistent. Some nights are better than others. So you never know how long you will wait in line. However there is one cashier name Chris who is always friendly. He makes a difference to the store.

Review №8

Great service. Friendly environment. Clean store.

Review №9

Nice but remember DG is a small store so dont get in a hurry

Review №10

Well-lit, clean store. They have good prices on paper and cleaning products and often have things that can be hard to find in major grocery stores.

Review №11

This is the nicest DG ever. Always clean and easy to find what you need because the workers are always more than willing to help. The people working there are very down to earth. Thanks Mr. Clay! Laura, Jabari and Stephan are awesome.

Review №12

Loved it. It was clean and the checkout lady was so kind.

Review №13

I have place 2 pick up orders from this store and neither time did they fill my order, but they did take my money from my account.

Review №14

The colony store is fantastic, clean, well maintain and yet I have to drive there to get a product in stock cause both Lewisville stores cant seem to stock items . That and the fact there run down and trashy

Review №15

I like Dollar General they’re always decent with their prices their customer service is semi-OK it depends on what area are you go to but overall I am very pleased with their products

Review №16

Its always clean and organized.

Review №17

Pretty much have whats needed at the time and very close by

Review №18

Used all my coupons and gift cards. Great buys.

Review №19

The cashiers here are always so friendly! We stop in several times a week to grab something we forgot at the grocery store, and have had a pleasant experience every time. Plus, when the cvs next door has closed, theyre open for those I really need some ice cream emergencies.

Review №20

I love their prices. This location is always clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. This location carries a medium amt of cold foods and several canned goods and chips.

Review №21

Always a good place to stop and grab a couple of items . I hate going to the grocery store for one or two items. Cashier was sweet and very pleasant. This store carries a lot of my regular brands in addition to their branded items. Easy parking .

Review №22

Excellent prices for things that you need in a hurry.

Review №23

I have yet to experience an impatient or rude sales associate. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Its a great neighborhood store to pick up a couple of items in just about any category.

Review №24

Great costumer services and very clean store

Review №25

This particular Dollar General is extremely nice and well-kept, and seems like a miniature supermarket inside. They have their own brands of staples like coffee and canned green beans, but they sell name-brand products in almost every category, including green beans. They also stock a wide variety of household products and some electronics, including drones. The store is extremely well organized with all of the groceries on one side so it is easy to run in for a quick resupply.

Review №26

Good local store with kind staff and most of what you need in a quick trip

Review №27

Found all we needed in one stop.

Review №28

I find some items with a really good price!!

Review №29

We like it. :)Always clean organized. Staff has been friendly/ helpful so far.Prices arent bad. Good prices on Charcoal.

Review №30

The staff and manager, Durk, were very nice and helped me find what I needed

Review №31

It ok. Usually dirty. No prices on several items...

Review №32

Its always a wait. Never enough staff. At least it was clean.

Review №33

Great, friendly service! I found everything I needed. The store is clean and well organized!

Review №34

Young man at register was very nice and pleasant!!

Review №35

Store is clean, cashiers show very nice attitude. One of the managers who I think is an older man with grey hair, is pretty much always restocking items but he seems to be mad when doing so. If hes working on a certain aisle I have to go around him otherwise he wont move to let clients take a product!

Review №36

( First impression...not good. Newer to area.)The store itself is pretty neat and tidy, also has a good selection of bargains.I try to come in several times a week especially for the bargain gardening items. The reason why Im only giving this store 2 stars is because there seems to be no goal to provide adequate customer service. The poor cashiers....*usually only one* often have lines all the way to the back of the store. Ive noticed (other employees) ignoring the line situation instead of jumping on the other register to help.Some customers have actually approached vendors who are stocking on the floor, hoping to find help at the register. This creates a pretty hostile work environment for the cashier faced with a huge line of irritated customers. Three of my friends, and my own husband have completely quit shopping at this store because of the line issue. I try to plan my trips there for early in the morning hoping for shorter lines. My suggestion...add a third register and train your employees to call for a back up cashier any time you have more than 5 customers. Make it mandatory that all employees serve at the register if needed. You will see a return in customers and huge profit increase when you improve your additude towards customer service!! I will give this place a chance if they can put forth some sign of improving customer service.

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Review №38

Its clean, nice employees and short lines. Store is adequately stocked.

Review №39

Ive recently started to use the DG app for coupons and this store is stocked well

Review №40

The store sign says closes at 11:pm. Today at 10:25pm Saturday March 23rd nobody was there, store lights were on. Empty parking and no workers. Only customers who wonder why nobody was there, store was closed.

Review №41

Service was great. Clean and neatOrganizers.

Review №42

Has all the things you forget at the larger stores. Wonderful people that work there. Good prices.

Review №43

Great Customer Service GM was Awesome! Expensive for a Dollar General.

Review №44

Always comes through in a pinch!

Review №45

Really a nice friendly store that has everything you can want in a gran and go situation.

Review №46

Its kept relatively clean, and staff is friendly. It does give off the vibe that it just opened and/or could close down at any moment... And has been since opening more than 4 years ago.

Review №47

Always have what I need. Good customer service.

Review №48

Excellent service.

Review №49

This Dollar General is excellent compared to some others Ive shopped at! Its roomy, clean and has a very good selection of merchandise!

Review №50

I live nearby so Ive been a Dollar General customer since before they moved to this location. Ive always loved the convenience of running in to get a missing item needed for dinner or some contact solution but every time Ive been in there in the last 6 months its been a shitshow.Last time a lady thats a manager closed her checkout lane with a line at it to Go grab those things for her mother. I was still standing in line when she had gotten done grabbing those things and joined me in line. This was a slightly better experience than my previous interaction with her.The second to last time I went in there to get a specific item that they were out of so I grabbed a couple sodas anyway because I was thirsty. While I was standing in line I remembered that my kid asked for a 3 Musketeers and during the literally 5 seconds that it took to find and grab the candy bar this Dollar General Manager got in line ahead of me with 2 carts full of stuff that she needed to do several different transactions for with one register open and a line. During this transaction she also sent the cashier into the office to grab some baskets that she left in there. I know that shes the manager because when people in line behind me started complaining about the wait and asked for a manager she rudely told us she was the manager and that no one else was there.Once her transaction was done and she was out the door it was finally my turn to buy my 2 items and then the card chip reader acted stupid and kept freezing up. Suddenly another employee materialized that came to help with the system freezing up so on top of everything else the manager lied to us about there not being anyone else there.With management like that, is it a surprise that the stores gotten worse and worse?

Review №51

If you desire a shopping experience without many people but offering great prices, this is a great place

Review №52

The best store in the neighborhood

Review №53

Nice to run in for something quick. So glad they built a bigger store but they do need to get better with inventory control. Its super frustrating to run in and find they are STILL out of what you need. The staff is super friendly though which almost makes up for it.

Review №54

Great place to shop

Review №55

I got so lost when I went in here it a so so new store. I walked around the whole store looking for one thing and had no luck. After asking for some help the lady took me right to what I was looking for. She was very helpful and kind and sweet. I go to most places and the people that work there can be rude and mean like they dont like they job. But not at this store so I will be going back soon. Thank you

Review №56

Good place to do some quick shopping and even long term shopping.. they even sell alcohol. Im not a big drinker but for those who need to relax well there you go. They have a good selection as far as for groceries. Botem line great place to go to if you dont feel like going to Walmart or Target. 👍

Review №57

Convenient, clean and always greeted with a good morning hello how you doing. Can I help you. Great.

Review №58

They always have only one cashier working.

Review №59

Clutteted! Some Items on floor! I will usefor quick convenience sake only!

Review №60

I love coming here the staff is very friendly and helpful and they always have whatever I am looking for awesome awesome awesome!!!

Review №61

Good prices and decent quality merchandise. But sometimes the lines at the checkout are too long, particularly on Saturday mornings. They have several registers but often only one cashier working.

Review №62

I work here and love it. Good quality, cheap prices, and amazing service. We always do our best to accommodate for our community.

Review №63

Love to get $1.00 items for my crafts. Always good holiday stuff.

Review №64

Never been to this place. I actually enjoyed looking around. Has many items you use everyday at a cheaper price.

Review №65

Excellent place. They carry Armour Chili and that is hard to find locally.

Review №66

I shop here all the time and the store is always in order and easy to find. I drive from frisco to come to this store and i have no problem driving here cause they are always in stock and low prices. If you ise the app you save even more.

Review №67

Friendly service

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Review №69

Pretty good place to pick up things you need around the house. Including some groceries with out having to go to the big grocery store.

Review №70

A little hometown feeling when you come here with a larger variety than many other stores in this category offer

Review №71

Cheap, decent quality, stuff. Exactly what a dollar store should be :) We get all our holiday decorations here plus some random essentials and food. The new location has a very good selection of groceries!

Review №72

Easy to find what youre after, low prices & friendly staff!

Review №73

This was the cleanest and most organized one Ive ever been in. The staff was attentive and cashier was fast and polite.

Review №74

Very Nice Store.Only thing is they dont obide by there closing time. I got there at 10:48 and there was an employee at the door shooing people away. I understand they want to go home but a closing shift is a closing shift. You lock the doors at 11, with the customers you have inside and wait til the last customer leaves the store. It sucks but thats what your hired to do. Thanks for wasting my gas and time. :)

Review №75

The only reason I am giving it to cuz everything here is fairly and I can get just about anything I need. Saying that you better get ready to cancel your plans because they only have one person working the register all the others are running around the store. Customer Service here is horrible

Review №76

Everything is good, check out is a bit slow but very good service.

Review №77

Its convenient however the lines are usually long and place is always understaffed, update returned to dollar the service got worse, will not ever return

Review №78

The store manager has a great attitude. Shes shown that every time Ive been in the store.

Review №79

Clean DG store. Always stocked with every day items.

Review №80

Better than a few months ago but I still feel uneasy asking about coupons because I always feel like Im being cheap however it takes time to match everything up and every little bit counts. I belive the cashiers should have more power to adjust a marked price ot honoring a coupon I pull right off of a product. I generally feel like a bother

Review №81

Not a place to expect awesome deals. More of a place to use for convenience.

Review №82

Clean store with name brand options and equivalent DG branded versions both in stock. They also had short checkout lines and good staff.

Review №83

Store was pretty clean and neat on inside . Staff efficient as for keeping the lines down

Review №84

Great customer service, and very easy to find things

Review №85

Is there a dollar General thats not junky? The cashier was polite and friendly. 5 stars for the cashier, 2 stars for the store. SO 3.5 star. Too messy.

Review №86

Always great customer service

Review №87

Good place to get things in the neighborhood, so you dont have to go long way to buy a thing or two. But often DG doesnt carry everyday things (like vegetables soups) or its my bad luck that Everytime I go there, they dont have it.

Review №88

Everything was easy to find this time...looking better

Review №89

Friendly staffs.

Review №90

I have seen a big improvement in this store the New manager is a good fit

Review №91

Store manager is a really really racist person. She asked for a store product and she replied with an attitude not wanting to go look if it was in stock. She then asked to what happened to her store badge and she refuse service and the customer and store manager started taking pictures of each other. The customer walked out peacefully while she walked behind him dramatically telling her she was calling the cops on customer. The Customer 100% cool. I wouldnt shop here anymore. Remember that you can price match everything at Walmart.

Review №92

This location is always understaffed. And I do t blame the associates, I blame management. I had to wait in line to check out a few weeks ago for over 20 mins. There was 1 person in the whole store and he was working his butt off. Now, I gave a low star rating because this store lacks a lot of items that are in other locations. Their home goods dept is very small, like less and 1/2 an asle. They do have a large food/frozen section. Would love if they got more natural products in for home remedies and more varieties of vitamins.

Review №93

Amazing the best prices

Review №94

I sing I dance I pee my pants

Review №95

I am a regular here. It beats going to Walmart and having to deal with the crowds. They usually have what I need for a reasonable price.

Review №96

Long lines even though there were several employees in the store. Customer service is not one of their concerns. They should check out customers! This store doesnt care that there are 10 people in line.

Review №97

The Employees are Great, they are out-numbered by Us customers and we create the lines to wait in. Hint-Hint to upper Management !!

Review №98

Friendly staff!

Review №99

Good quick stop... candles, ice cream all kinds of nick nats milk,

Review №100

We ordered calamari and sandwiches.

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  • Phone:+1 469-850-5683
  • Party store
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Service options
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health and safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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