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I had to seek out Julie and Norma at the lowest point of my life. These women helped save my life, and bring me back from the hardest year ever imaginable. I went into this with confidence knowing that I had them backing me up and supporting me. Please if you are going through hardships and trials in your life and you need to seek out professional help, call Norma and Julie. Their practice was by far the best I spoke with and the most helpful. Norma is incredibly knowledgeable and answered so many of my questions. Julie is so quick with her response times, and the most pleasant and friendly person I could of ever had the experience of talking with. Thank you so much to the both of you for helping me through the most scary time of my life! You’re wonderful and amazing people and I highly recommend them!

Review №2

Julie was great she was very responsive and knowledgeable. She made the whole process very easy and answered all the questions that i had. Norma is a great attorney she knew what she was talking about and guided me in the right way and took care of my case and told me exactly what to do. I recommend Socal Law Advocates to anyone who’s looking for help they are so professional and experienced.

Review №3

I like to share my experience with you as I was looking for an attorney to get me out of the legal mess that was in. A business woman, in construction, carrying a suspended contractors license, about to be revoked, with a $46,194.43 debt that a client behind my back pulled out of my bond insurance money and filed an arbitration with the contractors license board. Unable to work due to my suspended license, contacted the Southern California Law Advocates. Something I read in their web page that caught my attention was this It is against the law to suspend your license when its related to owing debts. Not by fraud, nor negligence just owing money. This was my situation. I owed money against my will, unaware, I legally owed this money. When I contacted them, I filled many forms, I was guided, they explained the law to me, something that blew me away was that Norma took the time to get in the contractors state license board web site and read out loud all the law that was related to my case and sure enough said to me that I will not have my license revoke, I filed bankruptcy chapter 7 all the $46,194.43 debt was wiped off my chest, now I have my license in good standing place, I was able to file a bond insurance at a decent price and Im stronger than ever. This law firm is truly an advocate for you I would say and aggressive, intimidating, well standing, sharp and dedicated attorney. Thank you Norma and Julie you guys are awesome!Sylvia Vega- Torrance CA

Review №4

Norma and Julie are is very helpful! Answered all questions and concerns I had and walked me through the process. It was a hard decision to file a bankruptcy. I had to deal with my fear, guilt and shame over needing to file a bankruptcy. A fresh start, removing the burden of try to pay off credit cards for years and never getting anywhere. Now that Ive done it, Im glad I did! I would high recommend this law office. Theyll be there for you when you really need it! On a side note I filed bankruptcy in June. My bankruptcy was finalized in Oct. The discharge date back to when you file it. On Nov 26, 2020 I applied for a credit card was able to get an unsecured card right after bankrupcy for 1000 balance. So Im able to start rebuilding my credit score.

Review №5

Norma and Julie helped so much through something that can be such a delicate, stressful situation. They paid such great detail to everything I needed to submit, as well as answering any questions or concerns I had along the way. I would highly recommend them for anyone considering bankruptcy or who has questions about how to get back on track when life takes you a different direction then planned.

Review №6

Julie was so sweet and helpful, she was always available if I had any questions. Norma did a great job and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend them!

Review №7

Norma and her staff were very professional, the process was easier then I expected, my situation was unique and complicated, and Norma’s knowledge and experience, made me feel at ease. The staff is 2nd to none, empathic and responds to my emails quickly and helped me with any questions. Outstanding Service.

Review №8

Norma and Julie were amazing!!! They helped my husband and I every step of the way. Norma informed us of the entire bankruptcy process and what we could expect moving forward. Her price was great and worth every penny. She was always available for our questions and was only a phone call or email away. Filing for bankruptcy is a hard decision and can cause a lot of stress, we knew after our free consultation that we had met the right attorney.Thank so much Norma and Julie!!The Jones

Review №9

Norma and Julie are two of the best team players I have ever seen. They are sophisticated in the art of bankruptcy.They are professionals at the highest levels, excellent communication skills and never made me feel like I was a bad person for having to file for BK.These two women are super stars, if you want to get through your BK process seamlessly I would encourage you to call today and schedule a consultation.Thank you Norma and Julie you have given me a fresh start in life!C. MorrisTEMECULA, California

Review №10

We had an very positive experience. Filing bankruptcy was a hard decision to make. Lots of variables. Lots of things to consider. Norma and her team made sure we were educated, confident, and prepared to move forward. They kept all three rules of business, they were on time, they had good communication, and felt confident in their ability at every step. I could not have asked for a better experience overall. I never went 24 business hours without a response. When I did get response, I felt my situation was understood and thought through. Well worth the investment.

Review №11

Norma was very helpful. Answered our questions in a timely manner. Great service and easy to talk to. The bankruptcy process went smoothly.

Review №12

Kind, understanding, smooth painless process and very professional.

Review №13

I strongly recommend Norma to anyone in need of her legal services. Her service was both affordable and of quality. Every time I had a question, she had an simple, clear, and complete answer which made me very comfortable all along the process. Thank you so much Norma!

Review №14

I really cant say enough good things about Norma and her team. They helped us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. They were there for us throughout our entire bankruptcy. Norma had answers for all our questions, and we were never left in the dark. Anytime something new popped up with our case, Norma or someone from her team contacted us immediately and made sure we knew what was happening and how they were going to take care of every single issue for us! In short, Norma and the gang guided us through a very hard time and made it easy and bearable for us! AAA+++ Highly recommend!!! Very friendly and very easy to talk too!

Review №15

Norma has been very well informed and has been patient with my bankruptcy questions. She has educated me about the procedures and timeframes so I can relax and focus on my business. I have referred her several friends and will continue to recommend her services.

Review №16

I was very satisfied with the knowledge and experience that Norma had with the bankruptcy procedures. She made me feel at ease when going through the whole process. I am very grateful for all her help. Thank You.

Review №17

Norma was very professional and knowledgeable. She put my mind at ease and answered all of my questions. My case went very smoothly thanks to Norma. I would definitely recommend her.

Review №18

Our BK took over a year to complete due to complications with our business. Norma was right there every step of the way. She was a great strategist and knows how to fight with the gloves off, if necessary. I recommend her highly to anyone in need of her legal services.

Review №19

Norma got my lien cleared up right away. She knows what shes talking about and knows what shes doing. I highly recommend her and cant thank her enough for resolving my issue.

Review №20

Norma was wonderful. She made a very stressful time, easy to manage. Her professionalism and knowledge was top notch and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone in need of her professional services.

Review №21

Useful website with practical information. Thanks

Review №22

I Love Norma! I would recommend her because she is very professional, and made us feel comfortable, & our case went really smooth. :)

Review №23

Norma is very thorough and very helpful. It was a very easy process and I am very satisfied with the result.

Review №24

Called to get a couple of questions answered and they wouldnt do it. Poor customer service. Im not coming in for a consultation until I know it is the best fit.

Review №25

Norma was honest and very patient. I’m glad I chose to go with her.

Review №26

Norma Duenas of SCLA was wonderful to work with; my bankruptcy case was done in an efficient and timely manner, and she made the whole thing easy and stress free. I highly recommend her!

Review №27

Ill recommend Atty. Norma Duenas 100% to handle your BK case

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