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608 SW 12th St, Renton, WA 98057, United States

Review №1

Hired them to fix an ongoing leak we had in our downstairs laundry room. They did a scope to see where the leak was coming from. A different group of guys came back to fix it and didn’t even know where the issue was - like they hadn’t even looked at the video of the scope. They literally asked ME where the problem was! They put in a temporary pipe and got halfway through the job, then stopped. Brian then came back to review and decided that we needed a different approach and decided to request $2,000 more for us to finish the project.We of course declined and Brian agreed that he would “eat” the new cost to finish the job (he acknowledge a huge lack of communication between him and his staff)… but we haven’t heard from him since this agreement. So basically, we did the scope for over $700 and no one even looked at it. We then paid a deposit of over a thousand dollars and they stopped half way through the job, the leak no where near fixed, demanding $2,000 more dollars because they decided they wanted to do something different than the original plan. Then they ghosted us and never responded, finished the job, or gave us our money back. At this point, we’ve been back and forth with these people for a year and I have hired a lawyer to review.In addition, within 5 minutes of him coming over he was talking politics - seemed very right wing.Seriously do not even start with this company. We’re worse off now and have to deal with lawyers and finding a whole new company to redo their job they stopped halfway through! Horrendous!

Review №2

Looks like I had a similar experience to several others here. We set up an appointment to get an estimate, I waited 3 hours for them to show, and they never did. No call, no text, nothing despite me trying to get in touch with them.I called the office several times over the next week and never heard a peep. Maybe they do great work, I would never know.

Review №3

I had Permadry do an estimate on suspected water damage and leaking in my crawl space. They were prompt, professional, and honest. Im in the middle of chemotherapy and am immunocompromised, so I asked for someone vaccinated to do the estimate. Ryan actually got the vaccine so he could come to my home! Once here they did a thorough inspection and were able to discover that a previous plumbing leak had caused the water infiltration, and confirmed that it was not coming in through the foundation. It would have been so easy to try to sell me services I didnt need, but they were honest and trustworthy, and didnt charge me a penny for the estimate. They will definitely have my business if & when I need it for real!

Review №4

Company did a terrible job and didn’t even address the water issue. Damaged my slab, stood around too much, and just did poor quality of work for the price. I would not recommend working with them.

Review №5

Had some issues with them at the start but after a few calls and emails to clear up estimate deliveries due to a technical issue, they were great!They had their COVID prep down, the two gentlemen that came setup barriers between the work area and the rest of the house. They even laid down plastic wraps while working outside to ensure no droplets would be left behind. This made my elderly tenants very happy to seeWould definitely use them again!Thanks so much, Ryan, Aspen, Alicia, and Dawn!

Review №6

Not impressed. They came to do an estimate and, after basically telling me they’d have to rip my entire basement apart, never even sent a quote. I wasn’t interested from the start but it definitely left the impression that they didn’t even want my business. If you’re busy and don’t need my project, just tell me before you come, freak me out, and then waste my time by not even following up. Not good.

Review №7

A Few HiccupsAfter a 3 day job there were 2 stories regarding the work that was done. Given the work was buried there was no way to prove what had been completed.In truth they did mostly what they said but instead of fixing it quickly they doubled downed, assuring us the work was completed.They did agree to excavate the area in question. What eventually came out was that the work was not completed.And to add insult to injury they forgot to tell us when they would come to fix the issue. We had to inquire ourselves. They did give us a discount for all the trouble.Long story short this company has many positive reviews which is why I picked them. If you hire them be sure to review the plan when they arrive and look at any work before it’s buried.

Review №8

We had a flooding problem in our crawlspace. Aspen came out on Tues. Aug. 4th to inspect and give us an estimate. He told me hed email me the estimate sometime the next day. I never received an estimate. In the following three weeks, I called the office and left two messages, one email and talked to two people on the phone (Felicia?) and was told they would contact Aspen and have him send me the estimate that day. As of Aug 29th, I have still not received an estimate.

Review №9

We have yearly maintenance done on our curtain drain system that Perma Dry designed and installed 8-9 years ago. Joe, the tech that has always come to our home, is quick, thorough, and always points out any possible or present issues and gives us options if needed.He just found pitting on our original pump, and since I’d rather be safe than sorry, we had him replace with a newer, higher quality pump. In and out, nice and easy.

Review №10

These folks were EXCELLENT. I mean first class. The project manager came to my house before the job and explained exactly what they intended to do and showed me photographs of previous jobs that were very similar to mine. I got an extremely clear idea of what he proposed to do for my basement. I signed off.On the day work was to begin, Perma Dry workers showed up early in the morning and got to work. They finished my basement on time and I had ZERO complaints about the work they did. In the 3 years since they finished french draining my basement, Ive had perfect and wonderful dryness. Prior to the new and fantastic french drain, I would get 1-3 inches of water in my basement every time we had a couple of days of good rain in a row. Life was hell.Now, I am as happy as anyone can be. Perma Dry delivered on their promises. Nope, they didnt pay me to write this. Im just a genuinely satisfied customer.

Review №11

They did a solid job on my basement over 7 years ago. Prior to that we had significant water intrusion issues in our 110 year old home. Perma Dry came out and completed all work to waterproof the basement in two days. We have had no issues since and the basement looks better than before. Would definitely recommend this company, which also happened to be one of the less costly options.

Review №12

Perma Dry put in a drainage system about 8 years ago and our basement has been dry ever since. Every year they send someone out to do a thorough check-up of the sump pump operation which includes cleaning the entire system and putting in new batteries. Our serviceman has consistently been on time, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, leaving me feeling confident my basement will stay dry for another rainy season!

Review №13

Make sure you ask for references that you can go and inspect their work. Make sure you get an estimate for everything they do before they start.

Review №14

Installation of drainage system was excellent: The accurate map Mark drew of the proposed installation was referenced by all who worked on this project; the installers showed up on time and completed the entire job in one day. This included building a trench and laying pipe through three rooms in a basement living quarters. The foreman notified me of every step they took. They left the place spotless. A real bonus: Marks referral for an excellent contractor.

Review №15

Hired Perma Dry Feb. 2018 to remove water from crawl space & add perimeter drains & gravity flow drains to street. Work seemed to go well. I did voice concern as to the placement of the grate at the street due to it being on a slope & my concern the surrounding landscaping would too easily clog it. I was told it would be fine.The work under the house did not go as planned. Our heat did not work & it was found they had not connected duct work correctly. That was fixed, but heat still was not working properly. Back out again & extensive time under the house to fix a broken flange on another part of duct system. Received a call from owner after everything was fixed saying he was on vacation, apologizing for issues, & telling me to call him if I had any further questions/concerns.Fast forward to August. First rains & sure enough, the surrounding soil & rocks began to flow into the grate. I called & was told it would be a fee to come out. Nope. Transferred to Jack & he very condescendingly told me I needed to clean out the basin. I told him I thought the grate was in the wrong spot. He said someone would come out when they were in the area, but it might be awhile. Fine. Then yesterday I received a call saying Joe would be out between 8 & 12 & would call me when he was on his way. I changed my entire schedule to be here. No call, no knock on the door. I telephoned. Told Jack no call, no show. Jack said, Well, I talked to Joe & he took pictures... That is when I got angry. I didnt talk to Joe. I was told he would be here between 8 & 12 & he would call. I rearranged my whole day... Jack then told me to calm down. Not Im sorry you were inconvenienced. Zero customer care.

Review №16

Perma Dry did a great job waterproofing my house. They provided really good explanation of the issues the house was facing (no pressure but actual explanation of possible scenarios and solutions). The work crew was great: nice guys, very professional, always on time, hard working.Thank you, Perma Dry, for the job well done!

Review №17

Perma Dry did a great job on my crawl space. Excellent crew, very clean and courteous answered all my questions as the job progressed. I would recommend this company to anyone with a wet crawlspace like I had. Five big stars.

Review №18

I had three bids, they were the most reasonable for what I wanted done. Unlike others, they used the equipment I already had. Others would not give any warranties unless I bought their equipment. They offered several cost saving ideas of which I had not considered. Jim Hanson, Olympia, WA

Review №19

My basement has been dry since the Sub Floor Drain and Sump Pump install over a year ago! I highly recommend them if you also have water seepage issues in your basement. Its nice to have peace of mind after dealing with water issues for the first 7 years of owning my house. I was also able to finish my basement too.

Review №20

We had water pooling up in our crawl space. We had spent 25+ years trying to stop water from coming in to our crawl space but no matter what we did, there was always a way for more water to enter the crawl space. We had Perma Dry trench around our foundation and have the water gather towards the front of the house. They then installed a sump pump to discard the water into our existing outdoor drainage to the sewer. They installed an alarm/switch near the entrance to our crawl space that goes off if the water level gets too high. Shortly after installation, we had a heavy rain that caused the alarm to go off. I turned off the alarm and called Perma Dry. They said that they heavy rain was causing it and, if it continued once the rain stopped, to call them again. The alarm never went off again and that includes the last several years since that installation. I would highly recommend Perma Dry Waterproofing as a high reputable and honest company. I dont know if they are the cheapest but I am so happy with finally having solved our crawl space water problem.

Review №21

They came to our rescue 10 years ago, cleaned up our crawl space and we’ve been dry ever since. They do a great job keeping things running smoothly with the yearly maintenance. Always professional, No hesitation recommending them to anyone asking about water issues.

Review №22

I usually try to wait a few years before submitting my review. They did a great job and the drainage system continues to keep my basement dry. I highly recommend their service.

Review №23

Perma Dry had the best solution for the water that was collecting at the bottom of my stairwell. The workmen were very professional and preformed quality work. I would not hesitate to use Perma Dry again and would highly recommend them. J Fisher

Review №24

I had a water intrusion problem in my basement that another company couldnt fix. I called Perma Dry, and they came out to do an estimate, which was in line with what I expected and very close to other bids I solicited. The estimator was friendly and helpful with lots of good information. I chose Perma Dry because they had a cancellation on their schedule, so they could fit my job in quickly. They showed up on time, and completed the work per their plans -- on time. They were efficient and neat -- cleaned up after themselves as I expected. Since then, I have seen NO water in my basement. In short, the service works great, and the people from Perma Dry treated me right. I highly recommend their services if you have basement moisture issues!

Review №25

These guys are great. Came out to check out my very old sump pump, they had to special order one with a smaller cord, took a while but they were able to get it. Came back out and replaced it in no time, and it was not in an easily accessible location. Would work with again anytime.

Review №26

Perma Dry put in a sump pump and a concrete liner in our crawlspace. We schedule yearly maintenance of the pump. Never a problem, and weve had no mice/rats either! Good outfit!

Review №27

We had flooding for 11 years in our basement and our friend recommended Perma Dry. We called them they set up an appointment and the rest was history. They were on time for everything, they met our budget exactly as they said and weve never had a drop of water since. I would recommend Perma Dry to anyone anytime. Thank you

Review №28

Perma Dry resolved a standing water issue in our foundation crawl space about five years ago. The service at the time was excellent. They came at the appointed time, protected the areas of the home that provided access to the work space and completed the work on time. Their work and drain system has stood the test of time. All is working as expected.

Review №29

I highly recommended Perma Dry. I have a useable, dry basement and I am forever grateful. Everyone was very professional and experienced. The yearly check-up was easy with pumps cleaned and drains inspected. Thanks Perma Dry!

Review №30

They installed a French Drain and battery sump pump. The crew was hardworking and courteous. The drain has worked great ever since and theyve always given us good service. We were able to finish our basement as a result.

Review №31

Over the years I have worked with Perma Dry Waterproofing for all of my remodel waterproofing needs. I would say with great confidence that this company is professional, hard working and gets the job done right the first time! I would recommend them to anyone who requires waterproofing projects.

Review №32

We had had our basement flood twice in a couple of years. Perma Dry found a poorly sealed crack in a foundation wall and repaired it beautifully. Even with huge rainstorms, we havent had a drop of water. Highly recommended.

Review №33

Our flooded lawns were a big problem and nothing seemed to help....until Perma-Dry came along. In just over one day. they came in and installed the necessary draining materials and it was finished. We waited anxiously until rainy season, and when the rains came....the drains worked. No more flooding. Thank you Perma-Dry for a job well done.

Review №34

The original French drain that was installed when the house was built failed. Over time, even with a moderate rain my backyard would become a swamp and I the crawlspace would fill with a couple inches of water. Perma Dry decided it would take two days with different crews to fix both problems. A couple of days before they called and told me they could send both crews out on the same day. Great, I only need to take one day off. The results are amazing. Even in the heaviest of downpours my back yard is no longer a swamp with standing water, and the crawlspace is dry. Yea! I still have a minor issue they need to solve. Im sure theyll take care of it. They arent the least expensive, but quality seldom is.

Review №35

Our hillside 1957 house in Seattle had been a source of grief due to periodic basement flooding. The last straw came when water was spurting out of cracks in the middle of the floor and the space filled up with water. Damp and depressed, we called Perma Dry Waterproofing and Drainage to come and evaluate our situation. Friendly competent folks came and determined that we could greatly benefit from a perimeter wall liner and drainage trench along with mid floor drain tiles to pick up the hydrostatic pressure due to the underground nature of our space. Perma Dry was amazingly efficient at quickly and completely taking out 10 of perimeter slab, installing wall liner, drainage tile, gravel and replacing the slab. They even discovered a tree root breaking through our concrete foundation wall, that, unattended, would have done sever structural damage. Within a short time, the Perma Dry team completed their work, cleaned up and left the space ready for installation of our new living space. Its been over five years now that the basement has been moisture free. Were delighted with the results of having Perma Dry reclaim our space.

Review №36

Perma Dry completed the work on my basement in early 2017. The basement has been dry and the work was completed in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Perma Dry.

Review №37

We were very happy with Perma. They fixed the crack in our foundation wall and weve had no more leaks since.

Review №38

We lived through several years with a leaky basement. We decided we needed to fix it. I got a recommendation about Permanent Dry from a plumber that had done some work for us. Ever since they waterproofed our basement we have had no leaks, even in the heaviest rain storms. They did the job on time and on budget. Would strongly recommend them.

Review №39

The end result was far beyond my expectations. They were extremely courteous and sensitive to the impact they had on our home. I would definitely recommend them!

Review №40

Permadry was professional and knowledgeable about waterproofing. They did a great job at a great price. I would recommend these professionals to anyone.

Review №41

We had water coming into a basement bedroom during each heavy rain. I called several other companies to get bids on what the fix would cost. All of them said the leak was due to a crack in the concrete flooring where it met the foundation wall. They all wanted to chip up the basement floor along the interior edge of the foundation, trench it and then install a French drain and sump pump in the bedroom. Besides the eyesore of a pipe running up the wall of the bedroom and out thru the wall, the noise from the pump coming on and off would have rendered the bedroom useless.Perma Dry came out and did a thorough examination of the problem. They discovered the leak was the result of some cracks in the foundation wall, not the floor, and showed me precisely where it was and what the fix would be. They fixed the leak by injecting waterproof sealant under high pressure into the cracked wall. They did this in a minimal amount of time, and for about 1/5th the cost of the earlier drain estimates. Through many periods of prolonged heavy rains, the room has stayed dry. I highly recommend them and they will be my first call should any other water issues surface.

Review №42

We had a bad flood in our daylight basement in a brand new home. Perma Dry not only fixed the issue but worked around my night shift schedule and provided important paperwork and photos for our lawsuit against the builder. Above and beyond!

Review №43

After purchasing a home in 2007 with an undisclosed flooding problem, we spent several years looking for a solution. Many experts told us it was an unsolvable problem. One even recommended demolishing the house. I called PermaDry as a last ditch effort. They actually solved the problem. Weve had several very wet storm seasons since the installation three years ago, and the basement has remained bone dry, even while water covers large parts of our yard. Weve doubled the usable space in our house.

Review №44

Perma Dry Waterproofing & Drainage: Very responsive answering our questions on process, procedure, materiel, number of workers, experience of worker, contract, warranty satisfactory. Job proposal seemed reasonable ... did not attempt to over sell more than needed to correct the problem. Job done 2018 held up during the winter rainy season.

Review №45

Before 2016 I had a basement that had a river running through it. Peram Dry installed a drain system that has been keeping my basement dry for the past two years. Very happy.

Review №46

So far so good! My basement has been dry for over a year and a half thanks to Perma Dry. I highly recommend.

Review №47

Ryan came out and evaluated our basement and took a ton of pictures. He concluded that the water in the basement was from the condense line from the furnaces and recommended someone else to fix it, and didnt charge me a cent. He really knew his stuff!

Review №48

Very efficient, professional service for a good price. We had drainage put in our yard, and Perma Dry had the most effective solution and best price.

Review №49

Great experience w Permadry. We needed to get our basement dry from seasonal flooding in our new home. They gave a clear bid, worked quickly and since that time, our basement has been transformed.

Review №50

Showed up at the very end of the 4-hour time window after we figured he wasnt going to show, then refused to enter our crawl space unless he was practically carried down in there (and our crawl space is pretty easy to get to and very clean compared to most). Left in a rude huff and said wed have to reschedule. I think we had a similar experience with this same person (Joe) last year. Funny thing is, when its a white guy there, Joe has no problem entering our crawl space and gets it done without complaint. To the business owner: a four hour time window is bad enough, and it doesnt mean you can show up at the very end and then presumably spend another hour past that performing the service. And what is the deal with Joe? This is two bad experiences two years in a row, the kind that dont belong in this day and age. If you dont like a certain kind of people, or youre not interested in entering crawl spaces, youre in the wrong line of work. This shouldve been easy continuing business for you, given that you installed the waterproofing in my house for the previous owners, but now Ive got to find someone else who will do it without the drama.

Review №51

Perma dry did a great job at my moms house. I would and have recommended perma dry to anyone who has water issues in their basements!

Review №52

Permadry provided amazing service from the first visit by Ryan to the work of their team to solve my wet, wet, wet crawl space. I felt educated along the way as they informed me the extent of the problem as well as the solution. I had other people give me bids and no one was as thorough as permadry in explaining the problem and giving me confidence that it was solvable. I had to schedule things pretty tightly and they were always accommodating. I hope I never need their service again...but I would...and have recommended them to others!

Review №53

Just tried to set up an appointment to have Perma Dry come out to do a drain system in a basement that is going to be remodeled and the person on the phone told me, unless there is water present that they wont come out. I insisted that we need a drainage system that will prophylactically take care of the basement before we finish it and she didnt seem interested. I bet the next waterproofing contractor I call comes out and probably gets the 10k job.

Review №54

We had Perma Dry Waterprooffing Co solve our leaky basement problem. We used to get up to 10+ of water through a cracked floor and old concrete block walls. After they installed a perimeter drain system w/ pump and a backup, not a drop of water. The best money Ive ever spent on the house.

Review №55

Before Perma dry waterproofed our basement we had had water every time it rained. Its been about a year since they completed the work and its been bone dry ever since. Completely satisfied and would recommend them for sure!WSEnumclaw

Review №56

My basement is dry. Job was done quickly without complications. Happy with service!

Review №57

Scheduled an appointment for a quote. The guy showed up late. He was professional and nice throughout the appointment. The appointment was on a Friday and the guy said he would have a quote submitted to us via email by Monday. It has been over a week and still no quote. Needless to say, we have gone with another company.

Review №58

Great job! Would definitely use them again!

Review №59

Very professional! Price was good. Aaron and his crew left the area even cleaner than before they arrived. Thank you for removing the stress from our lives and fixing our wet basement!

Review №60

Very professional service and price was also very competitive.

Review №61

They did good work at an affordable price

Review №62

Fast and professional, they use quality materials and meet their commitments.

Review №63

Timely, polite, did a expert job for a fraction of what it would have cost elsewhere. Add a ten year warranty and I couldnt be happier !

Review №64

These guys did a great job keeping my basement dry! Its been dry for several years since they did their work.

Review №65

Fabulous work - by luck a 2 day proposed job turned into 1, havent had a single basement leak since. Thank you!!

Review №66

They solved our problem when water started coming into our basement. We havent had an issue since they installed a French drain and a drain pipe around the perimeter of our basement.

Review №67

Satisfied with the work - on time and as described!

Review №68

Very satisfied with their work.

Review №69

They came when scheduled, completed the work as scheduled, and I havent had any water issues since then.

Review №70

Very reliable and easy to work with.

Review №71

I couldnt be more satisfied with the job they did putting in a french drain and sump pump under our house.In and out in one day.

Review №72

Super good number one!!!

Review №73

Fast, friendly and fairly priced

Review №74

Great service!

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