Sparkling Image Car Wash
374 Main St, Reading, MA 01867, United States
Review №1

Paid for the inside to get Armor All. Told the manager that I dont think they used Armor All. He stated that I got the basic one and that to get the detail it will cost $52. I told him that I have gone to their other locations and they have done a nice job for the basic Armor All. He then stares that the locations are different. Look at the picture and judge for yourself

Review №2

Been going to this car wash for years. Quality has disappeared. Second time Ive had to vacuum and wipe down my car after spending $35.99.Other than a simple exterior wash, stay away from this ripoff joint.

Review №3

I had to go home and clean my car again. $35.99 later. Not vacuumed well and lack attention to detail. Steering wheel still had dust all over it. I expect more. Will not be returning.

Review №4

The picture I uploaded speaks for itself about the quality of work done at this car wash. I requested a Deluxe interior car wash for 129$ on 4/23/21. I think its to expensive for this kind of quality of work. I had to come home and clean those hidden spots myself and found 2 candy wrappers in those pockets. I dont think I will be coming back.The manager was friendly. Their automatic external wash is ok, no concerns there.

Review №5

The prices are fair but the quality is sub - par and the customer service leaves something to be desired.I purchased a full interior detail on a brand new (two months old) truck and they missed over a dozen areas. There were crumbs, dust, debris in the obvious places (ebrake/console/door handles /steering wheel).The expected wait time was 1hr 45 minutes when I dropped off the truck. I returned in two hours 15 and still had to wait almost 45 minutes after I arrived to pick it up. What were they even doing? The car is brand new, there was barely even anything to clean! Im really not sure what I paid for.When I returned the following day to have them finish the spots that were missed, the manager didnt seem to acknowledge that it was a burden for me to have to come back and wait. When I asked for a more detailed explanation about the service (was I unreasonable in my expectations with the service I paid for?) the manager just kept repeating that they would re-do it, but would not offer any more details about what exactly is included in the service.I want to like this place; I bring my older vehicle here all the time for the basic wash. Of course with the basic level service Im going to expect spots to be missed (which they are). But when I paid for a full detail I was expecting a higher level of quality work. This was an overall disappointing, expensive, and time - consuming experience. I will not be returning.

Review №6

Great job every time I go.People are very courteous .

Review №7

Its the best car wash and thats all

Review №8

They BROKE part of my car. I went into to get a full bumper to bumper service after making an appointment a week prior for 9am. I went in this morning and after they charged my card they said it would be done by 4pm and they would call me if it was early. In other words it took SEVEN hours to clean my car. After being stranded with no means of transportation for that entire time I finally get my car back and the second I get in I notice that one of the radio knobs is broken and they didnt full clean my car. Both the pictures I have included are taken from their lot seconds after getting back my car. When we complained they tried to claim that the knob was already missing from my car. Additionally, they claimed the car was ready at 11 despite the receipt I was given shows that they didnt get the car in to be cleaned until 2 and the fact I was in the area at 2pm and saw that my car was not finished. This was despite the fact that I had a 9am appointment regardless. I wasted over $100 dollars at this placed to get SCAMMED and RIPPED OFF and then accused of lying the second we tried to say anything about it.

Review №9

I paid $45.99 to have a better clean in the inside and the result was the worst, besides I still have crumbs and gold fish on the floor. Disappointed!

Review №10

Great find. Great value. Great service

Review №11

Tried to get a simple car wash but after sitting in a line for 20 minutes and the line doesnt move an inch because the employee is talking to people laughing and smoking....

Review №12

Very friendly and professional! I had a great experience at the car wash the other day ! They were so kind especially Mark , very sweet, had me laughing the whole time . Really nice place.

Review №13

The automatic wash is good, however as soon as you go in, the guy at the front NEVER uses the brush on the car. He sprays the hood and door and then moves on leaving usually the whole back still dirty.Getting the car detailed however, they get in every crack possible. Definitely worth the money

Review №14

Greatest carwash around! I have coupon books, buy 3 washes, get 2 free, sold around Fathers Day and Christmas, and for an extra 9.99 I get the interior cleaned also. Cant be beat!

Review №15

Do a great job for a great price!!

Review №16

Great service and attentive staff. The cars are always cleaned well.

Review №17

Very good car cleaning service! Not excellent but I’m satisfied! Next time better vacuuming! Stuff nice and polite! Thank you for everything

Review №18

Decent wash, but vacuuming is akin to a 5 year old brushing his teath alone.

Review №19

Awesome job!! Their bumper to bumper detail is super expensive ($170) but completely worth it! I usually drop off my car and head over to LA Fitness, since they take 2hrs (more like 2hrs and 15minutes). Make sure to have other plans during that time! Love it though!

Review №20

This was my go to place to get my car cleaned. Last time I got it detailed they left white fibers all over my black cloth seats that to this day are still there, no matter how many times I vacuum. There was a wax put over my gear stick that was never taken off & even paying for a full detail I had to go vacuum it again after because so many places were neglected! The in and out used to come out fabulous, and these people are very busy which is totally understandable, but every time I’ve gone in the past 2 years I’ve had to ask them to vacuum places (like the passenger seat) that was missed. I’ve tried to come back multiple times because like I said i always loved it, but disappointed every time. I believe there was an owner change a few years back & the quality hasn’t been the same ever since.

Review №21

I purchased a #2 inside and out wash. My Jeep was absolutely stunning after my wash.I am very impressed. Thank to all the hard working staff great job great value!!!

Review №22

They do a good job but it ticks me off when they advertise they are open to 6 and I pull in line at 5:45 to be told they are not doing vacuuming and there are no cars ahead of me and they are vacuuming card to my right. I go here 2 or more times a week as I have customers in my car and after driving 10 miles to get here it really ticks me off. Advertise your times correctly and your customers wont get pissed.

Review №23

Great job on the Ultimate Interior detail!

Review №24

This place is SOOO much better than Flo’s Auto Bath, the staff here are very friendly and the wash does a great job! Definitely recommend!

Review №25

If anyone is in need of an AMAZING detail job, go and see Nick! He took great care of my car and made her look brand new, which was quite the task as she was in some pretty rough shape. I could honestly not be happier with the job that Nick and his team did. Thank you SO much, fantastic work!

Review №26

Good and fast service. Reasonable price as well 👌

Review №27

This is without a doubt the BEST car wash around. My car looks brand new when they finish.The staff is terrific and very hard working. Veterans Day is free for all vets. Very much appreciated.

Review №28

These people work the hardest of anyone and your looks like new or at least the best it can. Amazing job and they take of everyone and anyone. A car wash The Race card. Really.

Review №29

Great spot to get your car washed or detailed. They get the customers in and out very quickly. Yet they are quite thorough in making sure your car is serviced properly.

Review №30

Just came back from Simonize car wash Reading Ma. where AFTER BEING A CUSTOMER ALONG WITH MY FAMILY SINCE THEY OPENED AS SONNYS CAR WASH . I will be going back even though A worker NAMED CHRISTIE SEEMS NOT TO LIKE MY FACE. I understand it was a bad day but dont tell me its going to be an hour wait come back then hows this when I come back in hour she said and can this she said ITS AN HOUR WAIT . Needless to say I was and still am outraged . When I was there the manager did come out and resolved the the problem.ALL I CAN SAY IS IF Smonize TEACH YOUR HELP TO SOLVE PROBLEMS NOT ADD TO THEM .

Review №31

Brought my one month old car in for a cleaning. New to the area but know the simoniz brand from my hometown. As the hours went on in the day, I noticed a handprint stain in the leather along with other drip looking stains. I tried car seat leather cleaning wipes and the stains won’t come out. I’m furious. It looks like they dripped the dashboard cleaning substance all over my brand new leather seats.

Review №32

Got the unlimited full service I had complaints now and then but I was trying to be optimistic and played denial so it was so consistent I have decided to cancel my membership I don’t know if it could help but they are racist and discriminate a lot and lurk really the manger Dave the old white dude literally was happy to cancel my membership he did not even bother to askWell you sing getting my money old pal 😄

Review №33

This place is the best, inside, outside, windows and vacuuming, super reasonable!

Review №34

It took double the time they said but WOW, great job and everyone was very courteous. I will be going back.

Review №35

Went to get my car washed. Ended up getting it detailed as well because the price was too good to pass up. VERY friendly and professional. After the wash I found out my car had some scratches due to my stupidity scraping off ice and snow. For just a little extra they took care of it and my car looks like new now. Definitely just made a new cystomer for life!

Review №36

Quality car washing and interior cleaning every single time. Please tip well, Simonizs staff work hard and provide the best service in all types of weather! 👍

Review №37

Just went through a second time and gave up. My car is far from clean and is still covered in the pink wax I paid extra for. I should have just gone to a do it yourself place and not got ripped off. I should have just waited for the next time it rained. If 0 stars was an option I would have picked it will never go again.

Review №38

They saved the paint of my car. I had parked in a Boston public garage all day and got awful, huge white lime stains all over my cars metallic black paint. I was unable to remove them at all with a hand washing... and the auto car wash didnt help much. When I went to the manager, he calmly explained to me that he sees this a lot and that it could be fixed with a machine compounding. I left it for a few hours and when I returned, it looked like a new car, inside and out, maybe better than when it WAS new 6 years ago! (There was some permanent damage on the rubber/plastic part of the door trim, but thats not Simonizs fault.) I am really grateful for their high level of customer service and attention to detailing. My next stop was a body shop so they saved me from having the car repainted. Thank you!!!

Review №39

Worst car wash, to begin the mashine took $2 and didnt register them, the soap brush had no soap, my hair drier would dry my car faster than this air dryer advertised as 180mph speed. Left with a wet car and dirty wheels, thanks Flos 😠🤬

Review №40

Used to be great but current management is poor. The intake lady is a one person bottleneck and the entire experience is frustratingly slow. I was spoiled by the prior operators.

Review №41

Quick service, high quality wash. Interior cleanings are also a great value!

Review №42

Very good service and they did a good job on my car. Waxed and cleaned inside and out made the BWM shine.

Review №43

Great service 48 hr bring back no questions asked.

Review №44

Very rude manager who is a racist. With zero customer service. I have washed my car. There for some time. They think Blacks are not supposed to wash there cars in such a place. Horrible people. They use Immigrants like slaves. They yell at them. Too sad to have such ignorant people in this era. You wonder why such people still work in common places whete thete is a diversity of people. Terrible. I will nevet go back, neither will I evet Recomend some one. The manager of this place should know that this is year 2016. He will never be in a place with only white folks. Big Shame On this guy. If a Black Person Has challenged you in any ways. Learn how to accept and Understand that all previlages come from God. Go Pray hard to Him. He too will answer your prayers

Review №45

I paid a monthly unlimited services and I was told half of the time I couldn’t get the service coz they are busy I decided to cancel and look for another one

Review №46

These guys can really get tough stains out of carpets!

Review №47

Very professional!

Review №48

Unfriendly white folks taking your money and having underpaid undocumented immigrants doing all the work...

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