The Village Ballroom
704 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

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Do you have children and a few minutes oh, heres a great place to spend some time!

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Cute spot! We enjoyed Caspar Babypants show here tonight!

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I take my daughter here weekday mornings for music/puppets/group play. A beautiful venue with high energy performers and tons of toys always tires her out!

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This is a wonderful place! I highly recommend their events or renting the space. We had my sons birthday party here and watched a movie, had popcorn, had the bar open for parents. This is a wonderful place with incredible staff!

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Excellent space to rent for a variety of events. Main hall may looks small but it can fit quite a few people. The space itself is lovely and staff are very helpful and willing to answer any questions. Bonus points for donating the bulk of rental fees towards local charities!

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I like that the space has flexibility. We attended a kids show there most recently, but have also been to fundraisers there in the past. The small stage makes for intimate shows, and its handy to be able to order food and drinks at the adjacent bar. The food is prepared at the nonprofit pub downstairs. It has kid items as well as standard pub fare for adults. The food isnt going to knock your socks off, but its fine and the profits go to a charity you choose from their worthy list. Overall, a good, family-friendly spot.

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We just had our wedding at the village ballroom this past weekend and it was better than we expected. The space was beautifully transformed and really had the “Portland vintage” vibe that I was going for. affordable and their DIY option allowed for us to save significantly on food and alcohol

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Where to even begin. My Fiancé and I booked this venue back in August of 2019 for our wedding in October 2020. We paid our deposit, signed their contract, and moved forward with our wedding planning now that we had secured our venue and knew exactly how much we had leftover in our budget. Without even going into detail about the complete lack of contact and involvement from the manager over the next 6 months, I will skip to the important part. In late February, I met with my mother-in-law to be at the The Village Ballroom with the manager Monica, to look over linens, talk details, and get some ideas for our decorations. We left with a smile and though the service had not been great up to that point, we felt much better and were in good spirits. Then, about 3 weeks later in early March I get an email ( EMAIL), from Monica telling me that they are super sorry but they had DOUBLE BOOKED the venue for our wedding date of October 10, 2020, and since they technically received the other couples deposit first they were unable to follow through with my contract. So, double bookings totally happen, but a venue that has even the most basic sense of organization and care would have noticed that double booking within a week, maybe a month at the longest. But no, The Village Ballroom told me I no longer had a wedding venue 6 MONTHS after we paid our deposit. Six....months. As any bride to be can imagine, we had already spent most of our remaining budget on literally everything. I had purchased my dress, hired vendors, purchased decorations based on the venue, we had our website up and running, we had sent out our save the dates, and even confirmed and paid for our entire honeymoon which left only three days after the wedding. The Village Ballroom left us completely devastated. We had to spend days and hours calling every venue in the Portland area to find another venue with the same date available (which was so incredibly difficult - and meant I was no longer able to choose based on what I wanted, but rather what was available), and when we finally were able to find a venue that was both available and met the basic needs of our guest list (keeping in mind the entire guest list had already received their save the date cards - some had even already booked flights and hotels at this point), it was almost $3,000 over our original budget. Obviously, I tried to work with the venue to give them an opportunity to relieve some of the emotional and financial stress they had caused me, my fiancé, and my family. The response I got from Monica was that she was so so so sorry, and that this was two managers ago and taking no responsibility at all. Not sure what it says about the venue to go through three managers in less than a year, but I will just leave you with that. I sent an email explaining how this was affecting us, asking to know what else The Village Ballroom was going to do to make this right, and what I got was a blank piece of printer paper with my deposit return in the mail. No phone call, no response to my email. They double booked our wedding, notified us 6 months after we paid our deposit via email, and then ghosted us. So if you are reading this, I cannot express enough that this venue (even though it is a non-profit and it pains me to say it, that was part of why we chose it in the first place), is not worth your time or money. They should not be supported by your business or your donations. I could have understood not receiving any assistance from them as far as money or compensation (though difficult after what they cost us) in the end it is the lack of ownership for the huge mistake, the lack of communication and personal care or remorse, and the overall lack of professionalism that motivated me to come warn every future bride that this venue is to be avoided at all costs.

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I mean, its a historic building so it has some quirks to work around. I like the vision and the way the owner and managers use the space for great things. Lots of fantastic childrens events too.

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My wife and I had a wedding at the Ballroom earlier this summer. This venue was perfect! Morgan and her staff were great to work with and super helpful throughout all of the planning and the day of our wedding. The in-house catering was superb as well. The Village Ballroom makes a great wedding venue.

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My daughter was recently married at the Village Ballroom, and we had a fabulous day.The room was all set up and ready to go. We only had to add the flowers. All of the staff were helpful and responsive to all of our needs without intruding into our celebration.We also used the onsite catering, and the food was delicious and reasonably priced.All in all, having the wedding and reception at the Village Ballroom was a wonderful experience. The room was beautiful, and working with the staff was a pleasure

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Super venue for a wedding ceremony and reception. The bar staff was amazing. Morgan the coordinator was super helpful. The staff chef put together a superb spread for us. So happy with everything. Best of all was that it is a non-profit, which lets all of these wonderful people get paid as well as giving back to the Portland community.

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Great venue for a small wedding. They also host many community events. The only drawback is the space can get warm on a hot summer day.

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We love working at The Village Ballroom. Its a cozy venue for your wedding or event. I appreciate the neutral decor here and the wood floors. It works well for various wedding styles.~Sophisticated Floral~

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Great place for events and yo see live music. They have a great square dance night and kids music a couple mornings each week.

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Professional, friendly staff at the wedding reception I attended. No glitches and everything nicely done. Definitely a venue I would recommend.

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Great event space. A little hard to find if you dont have detailed directions.

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Such a cute venue. I love the kids concerts here during the week. Ive been to one wedding here and it was beautiful!

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We have really enjoyed the family movie nights!

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We enjoy seeing shows at the village ballroom. Keep in mind that it is not easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs (there may be a lift from the restaurant downstairs). Many people leave their strollers at the base of the rather large staircase and carry their kiddos in so be prepared for that possibility.

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Music was too loud. air flow was awful and it got way too hot. aside from that its a great little place to host an event. catering was very tasty.

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It would be helpful if they return calls. I called them over a month ago asking if a date was available. They called me back a couple of days later and left a voicemail saying it wasnt. I called her back within 5 minutes, got her voicemail, thanked her for calling me back and asked if they had other dates available and that I was flexible in moving my event date around. Never heard back from them at all.Its not much to ask for an event rental place to return your availability calls, is it?

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Simple venue, good spot for a homely vibe and great neighborhood (Breakside is a neighboring brewpub and its very good).

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Nice floor for dancing. Bar and lounge area for relaxing. Great!

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Great place, wonderful floor plan. Owner is a great person she was nice and helped me! I can not wait to have my Halloween Party there this year and next year.

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Floor is good for dancing. On 2nd floor, not easy to see from street... Look for the pub underneath it 😉👍

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Good event space. Love that it has windows. Great wood floors and large restrooms.

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I was a volunteer for Earthstock, a prom for Special needs kids, and saw a room full of happy kids.

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Nice place to hold a large office party

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Nice ballroom with wooden flooring. Good for events in the winter

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An upstairs ballroom with food and drink. I was there for a Milonga and it was very nice.

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Came here to see two good friends get married. A really great venue.

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Super cute small venue , good bar food

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Lovely space, good acoustics, good dance floor

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The best reception ever, thanks to the consistent and caring help from planning through to the event. And we contributed to a non-profit!

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Went to a wonderful wedding here.

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Nice open venue

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The staff helped make it a memorable day!

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Great place to dance! 💃

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Really nice dance floor, good food

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So many fond memories and air conditioning for the summer months.

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A great space for an event

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Had a great wedding

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Nice venue for an event.

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Great venue!

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Beautiful space with old Portland character

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Community dance hall

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Beautiful venue!

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Square dances every Sunday!

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