State Theatre
609 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

Review №1

If you havent had The timeless pleasure of a state theater concert then you my friend are truly missing out. This place serves great drinks always promotes and brings in fantastic performances and is also just a downright beautiful venue.

Review №2

Great concert hall, awesome setup for standing room along with seeding. Very good Acoustics for something that would normally be an opera house. I will not hesitate to go back and see concerts here in the future. I also like that they had water station set-up. I did feel it was a little crowded and do feel that they could have lowered the capacity just a little bit. But I was told that this was the reduced capacity.

Review №3

The venue is too overly protective for one. Plus they have more staff members than concert goers. Only gone here a few times over the years and its become more and more of a drag honestly. Cant recall the last show I stayed all the way through. Not like my opinion matters, but I dont think Ill end up at another one here. Sigh... such a cool spot thats been dragged down.

Review №4

Melissa Ethridge was amazing!! Not disappointed at all. The State Theater was good. Acoustics were amazingly perfect for a small place. Just very hot! No AC...but worth the Heat! Melissa did not disappoint! Worth the 2 year wait!!!

Review №5

Beautiful venue to see a show. I’ve seen so many awesome shows here, the Dirty Heads was probably my favorite. The stage is beautiful, it’s a great live music spot!!

Review №6

The concert was good but felt unsafe with people standing in the walkways blocking them in case of an emergency. Which staff would have asked them to move like they said they would.

Review №7

Absolutely love this theatre and I will be looking for more opportunities to go to events here. The seats are a little narrow so be prepared. But getting to your seats are easy and the view is great. I was in the upper balcony for the Nutcracker ballet and was able to see very clearly. I just with the guy behind me hadnt felt it necessary to keep his feet over the seat next to me..

Review №8

A great concert, but could have used some air conditioning.

Review №9

Nice venue. Clean, well-maintained, friendly staff.

Review №10

Great venue. They have been pulling on some great acts in lately. Very efficient security. Decent drink selection. The historical renovations look great. There is no of street parking, but you can find parking within a 5 minute walk. Garage options also available.

Review №11

The theater is set up in a way that allows for good views everywhere. There is a balcony with plenty of extra seating. A couple bars available. The merch table is in an inconvenient place in the main foyer where the crowd is entering. Sound was pretty good. Loud with very little distortion.

Review №12

They have been absolutely knocking it our of the Park with their lineup. Good variety, frequent concerts and a really great space. Standing GA up fronts and seated GA on the Maine floor on the back half and balcony level. A fee bars inside the concert hall with standing elevated space.

Review №13

Great venue to see a show! It has a smallish, classic theater feel, that really brings you close to the band. The staff was very pleasant, and bartenders did a great job. If youre in Portland, Id definitely recommend trying to catch a show here. Pro tip: if you use the upstairs coat check (which is pretty convenient in the dead of winter) be prepared for a long line retrieving your items after the show.

Review №14

Really nice place for a music show.The sound was really great. The size of the theater help to keep the crowd cheerful and loud.The staff crew were as expected in that kind of place which is a nice plus(Rise against, Anti Flag, AFI - July 2018)

Review №15

The cornerstone of the Maine Music Scene. Without Lauren Wayne and the leadership who took over/renovated the venue in 2010, Portland would not be what it is today. The current layout provides great sound and easy access to drinks, bathrooms, etc. Impeccable booking/programming just makes it even more impressive. Best venue in Maine. Hands down.

Review №16

Fun place! You have to be in the right mood for general admission its a little young & kinda crazy. Get a seat if you dont want to be danced into or spilled on.. Balcony looked like great place to be 😜

Review №17

The sound was awful. You could hear the music great, but it drowned out every single performer.

Review №18

Of all the venues Ive been to, this is hands-down my favorite... so much so that I routinely travel from out of state to come to performances! Great selection of artists, prime location, reasonable prices, clean facility, friendly staff, spacious standing room and ample seating opportunities! Wish Tegan and Sara would preform here more often! Always a great show :-)

Review №19

A bit crowded and hot. Not great sound under the balcony.

Review №20

Great appearence in the main hall area, the performance area, and the balcony. Ive seen comedy shows, light rock, techno, and heavy metal shows here. For the most part its an awesome spot. There are a few downfalls... Parking is horrendous. It cost $30 at the closest garage, and it takes forever to get out after a show. If you choose not to use the garage, youre on the street, and there are only about 25 spaces. Also, I dont know if its just the clientele of a venue like this who ruin the experience, but they always seem to have disgusting bathrooms, and overflowing toilets.

Review №21

Love this beautiful theater. Went to see a Magic show, enjoyed the event immensely!

Review №22

One of my favorite venues.... Love the nostalgic decor.... If I had a band and MTV still played music I would film my 80s big haired black and white video here ......

Review №23

Nice small venue but NO AIR CONDITIONING makes this place very hot and the place wasnt even sold out when we went. Good for the show but be prepared to sweat like crazy!

Review №24

Had a great time at the State theater it was my first time there. Great time no matter where you are at in the theater.

Review №25

I always enjoy seeing shows at the state theater. The atmosphere is great. Its no e to be able to go from sitting to standing and vice versa for most shows. My husband and I most recently saw the Rise Against show at the theater. Drinks are a little pricey(7-9 dollars for a beer), but I dont drink much so it didnt bother me. Good use an increase in restrooms though as it took nearly twenty minutes to be able to use the ladies room.

Review №26

Went to see the dropkicks Murphys and it was amazing.

Review №27

We enjoyed Little Feat here . Great venue we always like it . Will be back .

Review №28

Venue is good, lots of bars so never had to wait. Bathrooms were clean. Maggie Rogers show was awesome!

Review №29

Great venue with amazing sound! The building is absolutely fabulous and the staff has been super amazing every show I have attended;) the State Theatre has an eclectic mix of shows a true Portland gem.

Review №30

This was a lovely theater. We got great seats for a Kansas concert here. The bar inside was a nice touch. The crowd was rocking while we were there and we had an awesome time.

Review №31

My first visit to this venue. Good sight lines to the stage and a lot of folks loved to watch some of the show from the bar area inside the theatre. Definitely got very warm in the theatre. Seats were comfortable and good leg room where we were.The staff are wonderful and helped make the experience more memorable.

Review №32

Really nice looking venue with no bad seats! Great for rock shows or comedy shows alike.

Review №33

Great venue and awesome acoustics. Could really use some interior paint and sprucing up.

Review №34

So far Ive been to two concerts at the State Theatre. Staff courteous and efficient. Does take some time to get in as they do a thorough job of keeping everyone safe. Room is glorious old Theatre. Good sound, seating as well as standing general admission areas.

Review №35

Went to see Switchfoot and Relient K. Loved the venue.

Review №36

Not a bad seat in the house plenty of places to get an adult drink pretty long lines for the womens bathroom

Review №37

My favorite venue, especially in Portland. Perfect size and doesn’t get too hot. All general admission usually which is really cool too.

Review №38

Came here for a Young the Giant concert tonight, what a lovely venue!

Review №39

Had a great time at the atmosphere show, I feel like the sound guys didnt do a whole lot but Im not a pro.

Review №40

Great seeing Pete but no Air Conditioning

Review №41

Love the old school atmosphere of this theater. Good place to see a concert. Located in downtown Portland, which is a very cool city. Lots of great restaurants located nearby to grab a bite before a performance

Review №42

Pictures are of The Black Heart Burlesque show. The seats could be a little better to allow easy viewing and theyre way too close together. The climate inside the theater isnt well-maintained, but its a nice place to see a show.

Review №43

I have seen some great shows here. Always fun and tickets remain reasonable. Recently saw Devil Makes 3 and the Lost Dog Street Band. Excellent, had a blast.

Review №44

Good venue in Portland.Saw an acoustic show. A great night.

Review №45

Sound travels really well, and three different levels makes it a super comfortable venue (unless youre trying to get alcohol...I suggest not going during the intermission!) The staff has always been great and responsive, and the bartenders move the line along pretty quickly almost always. Theres multiple bars for easier access, as well as a totally separate section for merch which helps with clustering. I love the State Theater, especially because of how long its been around and all the wonderful artists that have been there or will be. P.S. They always have the best artists from around the world and locally, too! Its a good idea to get tickets ahead of time if you can, and get in line as early as possible or wear an extra layer; the lines can get long to get in, and it can get pretty cold in Portland at night.

Review №46

Silversun Pickups were awesome!

Review №47

A beautiful venue with good acoustics. Unlike other old theaters in the area, the State Theatre has obviously been cared for.

Review №48

Awesome place to see a show, little feat this past Tuesday, RIP Paul ☹️

Review №49

Love this place! Ive probably seen over a dozen concerts here. The multiple bars are a plus for keeping lines short. The upper balcony seats are tight, but a great view. Usually sounds great here and the building is awesome

Review №50

Matt and kim, amazing time

Review №51

Dropkick Murphys were an incredible show!!!

Review №52

Great shows, acoustics/sound are iffy. Great drink prices and always fun no matter the show.

Review №53

Easy entry, parking garage close by, AMAZING acoustics, and Portland pie pizza!? The state theatre has an awesome vibe for any type of show. (Gorgol Bodellos encore of course rocked the place!)

Review №54

Good venue for a show.

Review №55

Always a great venue that caters to both people who want to be up close or that want a comfortable view from the back or balcony. The bars and coat check add to the comfort of winter concert going.

Review №56

#culture #livemusic #concert #standingroomonly went to see Umphreys, and it was a great show!

Review №57

Great venue...Jesse and the band were phenomenal...

Review №58

I usually love the State Theatre for seeing my favorite musicians, however I recently attended a show with a speaker and sat in the back of the orchestra section just under the open balcony area serving drinks and could barely hear the performer at times. The sound of ice, doors squeaking, and people ordering drinks was a huge distraction. They should keep that area closed for quieter shows or find a way to close the opening off.

Review №59

I went to my first rock concert there and it was amazing! Got a great picture of it!

Review №60

I think Ive been here three times now, normally the prices arent horrible and the seating isnt that uncomfortable. The last time we visited we sat up in the balcony section, the cheap seats, and I saw everything perfectly. They have amazing shows!

Review №61

This is my favorite venue in Maine 👍

Review №62

Great venue for concerts, the size allows an intimate setting and the sound is fantastic. What a gem.

Review №63

Very nice concert venue! Saw Steel Panther, the staff were professional and courteous. The theater itself is art deco but very well preserved cant wait to see my next show here!

Review №64

Always a good time. Gotta remember to bring aquafina bottle caps next time. ;)

Review №65

Nice venue for music. Pat Metheny show was great.

Review №66

Very hot in the summer. No air conditioning.

Review №67

Large, antique, decorative theater. Very good lighting variety and options, as well as large speakers that produce nice base sounds. Has bar inside the theater, I recommend for adults. Not a playground for children.

Review №68

Classic facility. Needtobreathe was incredible!

Review №69

Place is pretty righteous if youre catching a show. Ticket prices are always stellar... But unfortunetly they make up the difference on the adult beverages. It could use more restroom facilities, as the lines are always long but for the most part, pretty decent venue, and Ive been a patron before the renovations and after ( so for the kids... Thats a long a$$ time). To State, thanks for being a decently priced place to catch a show and for the great artist that you bring!

Review №70

Great being inside this historic building. Show sucked

Review №71

Was at State Theater for a SYSK show, the show was great and the theater was unique!The venue was very clean, the front got everyone into the building quickly.Bar service was available, the line moved much slower then it should have with the number of staff they had behind the bar.Will definitely enjoy many more shows here!

Review №72

Was just here for the Guster show. The staff here is awesome. I dont understand why they dont have a/c or even a freakin fan. Lost tens pounds at this show.

Review №73

Had a great time! Nice place. Parking can be tough if youre not familiar with the area.

Review №74

Awesome amphitheatre style venue with great sound.

Review №75

Had a great experience at the two shows I attended here this month. Staff is really friendly and helpful despite how busy they are kept!My only issue is that taking tickets/security check is very slow to get through, but I know the staff does their best. Doors opened an hour before the shows started, but the lines to get inside were still very long fifteen minutes after the show was supposed to start. It could help to open doors earlier to get more people processed through so that people who arrive early can still get in before the show starts, and so that the show can start on time.

Review №76

Great show. Leave knives and other weapons at home

Review №77

I saw Lucinda Williams perform here and she and the theater were amazing. Not a bad seat in the house and the sound system was fantastic. Its a small performance space so every seat is close. I really enjoy seeing shows here.

Review №78

Great place to go for concerts but it sucks finding parking

Review №79

Second concert I went to there, place it huge with many spots to get a drink.

Review №80

The State is a favorite venue for music. Small enough to be intimate, yet large enough for a good crowd. A great mix of new artists and legends are booked, creating a diverse mix of music. Ornate decor, and a balcony, as well as a sky bar overlooking the stage, are just a few of the little extras. The staff is friendly and helpful. Go see a show! You will love it!

Review №81

We were here for the Bear Hands and Walk the Moon concert, and were here for Kaycee Musgrave a few weeks ago.The venue is nice. We like the balcony area for the view but theres not really a bad spot. The acoustics are phenomenal. Every band weve heard here has sounded great. We definitely plan on coming back.

Review №82

Always my preferred choice for venue. Happy to have seen many great shows here! And more to come! Its such a beautiful building. I hope their next big project is getting the balcony new seats.

Review №83

The overall experience Can be great, But it can be very hot all times of year especially in the balcony. Last nights show was probably 80-85 degrees in the lower balcony. Upper balcony seats are almost unusably small for anyone over 6 tall - not enough leg room to fit.

Review №84

I always absolutely love this venue. Its beautiful, with plenty of vantage points for enjoying a great band. The sound quality is also superb. Its definitely hot in the Summer, so if youre delicate about that, beware. The bartenders know how to make tasty basic drinks and the bathrooms are generally pretty clean. Theyve improved the experience for disabled folks as well, which is important to me and my crew.

Review №85

Amazing venue. Great staff.

Review №86

Great venue. Drinks are reasonable for a venue (although people complain about it). I wish coat check was a little faster and would be willing to pay more money. We actually missed the opener waiting to put our jackets away.Overall the place is really cool and I cannot wait to be back.

Review №87

Ive been going here for years. I love the venue. It has several bars and you can see the show very well from the balcony.They moved us right along for a sold out show. The line cleared in under 5 minutes.Security was present and visible.The bathrooms week okay..Awesome place.

Review №88

I have always enjoyed this venue. Its a good place to see a concert. Beer prices are reasonable $3 for a PBR, not sure about drinks or other beers... They had plenty of people working the bar so wait time was pretty much non-existent. The bathroom situation was good, never much of a wait there either.

Review №89

Love going to shows here! Went to several this year and had a great experience no matter where we were sitting. I’m sure I’ll be back!

Review №90

One of those old time BEAUTIFUL theaters that remain. I LOVE this place. It is small, dark, and am AWESOME place to watch a concert. I saw First Aid Kit here in the summer of 2018. I have seen Ween twice here in the mid 2000s. It is the perfect atmosphere for a rock concert. I LOVE IT!

Review №91

Great venue with super cool nooks an crannies. Lots of bars placed throughout the space. Seats in the balcony were great when we got tired of dancing.Time on the ticket was 9pm, but doors were at 8pm, or at least earlier. Getting through security took forever. The line was around the block. We showed up just a few minutes after 9pm and it took more than an hour to get in the door. Talked with some friends about it and they had a similar experience. Get there an hour before the ticket time, and prepare to wait in line!Two stars because Im super bummed I missed the opener. Sound was a little tinny, and the mid range was low or absorbed by the space. So vocals were a little tough to hear. Could have just been that bands sound guy.

Review №92

Always great, fast moving lines and professional staff.

Review №93

Great venue. Sound is usually on point and the several bars allow you to not get too thirsty.

Review №94

What a great venue. Love the classic details inside the theater. Staff was great and I really liked how you can choose to sit or stand. Booze galore too!

Review №95

This place rocks! I’ve been to two shows here in the last few months and it’s awesome. Easy to move around in the front. Security is laid back. It just feels like there is no limit to how much fun you can have. Def going back for another show soon!

Review №96

Nice theater that does a ton of different events. Just try to avoid it in the summer if you cant handle the heat as there is no AC and a lot of people crammed into a smaller venue.

Review №97

The State Theater has definitely gotten better in the past few years. No more long lines for beverages and lots of places to get one at that. Still a great place to see a concert. Sight lines and an intimate feel have always drawn me there and the updates keep me coming back. Staff is courteous and helpful.

Review №98

Its a great venue, intimate, comfortable and nice to enjoy a drink during the show. But the acoustics still arent great. You can hear the loud noise from the instruments but the vocals often got lost. Could be my older ears, could be the sound crew setting up. Still was a fun concert.

Review №99

Went to see Tape Face! What a fantastic show. I love the original architecture. Staff was a little confused how to use the electronic ticket ( that was scary) all in All a great experience.

Review №100

This theater is absolutely not the place it was 20 years ago. Clean and well staffed, its a wonderful venue for any event.

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  • Address:609 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101, United States
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  • Phone:+1 207-956-6000
  • Concert hall
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
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