Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, United States

Review №1

I heard the Roseland Theater was The Live Music Venue in downtown Portland. I havent been inside yet, but it is right down the street from where I live. How cool is that! Looks small and cozy, and would have seen The Allmans and Dickie Betz last week if I had the $money

Review №2

Been here a hundred times. Always been a great venue. Been here during Covid too, and I felt better knowing the people at the show next to me in the mosh pit were vaccinated or tested negative.

Review №3

I love seeing shows at the Roseland...small enough venue to make it more intimate & acoustics are good. Nice being able to actually see the performers without the use of binoculars!! One of my favorite spots to see a concert.

Review №4

Legendary Historic Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Indie, Everything Club. RT has a long and notorious history in downtown Portland. Multiple Bars, Balcony, Prince Purple, Food Options. Road Dog Rules!$!

Review №5

Had more great memories here than I can count. Even though the sound is rarely the best, they know how to run a show right.

Review №6

One of the worst venues in Portland if you ignore the caliber of artists they miraculously bring in. Cash only (name other venue that doesn’t take cards), wait 45 minutes for alcohol, muffled sound system unless you’re front and center. This venue has been bringing in big name acts for decades and they’ve been relying on their past name instead of caring about their production value today.

Review №7

A lot smaller than I thought. However super awesome

Review №8

Shameful that you need a vax or a negative test to come to a show. The pcr tests are not even legal and are being destroyed as we type. They will be gone by the end of the year. The least you can do is refund my money!!!! Shame on you to segregate and discriminate!!!! I hope no one shows up to any of your shows! There is zero law that says this needs to happen. I will never come to another show at the Roseland Theater again.

Review №9

The roseland will never get my money again. No refund, tiny print on the website so you only find out at the freakiing door that a vaccination or negative test within the last 72 hours is required. No, you didnt get an email reminder of the policy because its on the website. Screw you. Thats not even possible for most people.Two sets of ARMED SECURITY, one to check for vax cards, oneto check tickets and ID. Completely ridiculous.Edit: when you look it up on their website, it does say that they made this rule on august 13th, but if youre gonna change the rules 2 weeks before a show, when people have already bought their tickets, freaking email them to tell them about the change!!!!

Review №10

They implemented a new covid policy without updating people who had bought tickets before the policy change, so when you show up at the door expecting to go to your show and are told you cant go because of the new policy, youre SOL in terms of the money you spent to buy the tickets. no refunds.The policy change happened on august 13th, according to their website. August 17th I get an email saying that we need to wear masks at the venue -NOTHING ABOUT THE NEW COVID RULES.You now need to either be vaccinated or have been tested negative for covid within the last 72 hours, and have proof of one or the other, in order to be allowed in the door. ARMED SECURITY checks this, before the regular security checks your ticket and ID.I dont have a problem with their new policy, what I have a problem with is them not telling the patrons about it until we are at the door, then when we say that we never got an email or any notification about this change, we just get told No, there was no email, but it is stated on the website. I bought my tickets almost 2 months ago. Why would I check the website for updates when they clearly know how to email people, as referenced by them emailing me to say that we now needed to wear masks inside the building? It would not have been hard at all to include the rule change in that same email.This was sneaky and intentional, as a way to get money out of people that can no longer attend their events by not offering refunds on tickets that they are not allowing to be fulfilled.They will never get my money again.

Review №11

Always a fun time, wish the bathrooms were not shut down immediately after a show. When upstairs you have to go likely.

Review №12

I cant believe how good the workers setting up right now are doing. Going to look great.

Review №13

This is a great music venue with an alcohol bar upstairs and one downstairs along with a small snack bar. The security team has always been professional and kind. Every event Ive attended here has offered coat check. The only negative would be the harrassment by the homeless who camp nearby and secure parking. I do love this venue yes.

Review №14

Staff has things for concerts organized exceptionally well. Ive never been through a faster concert queue. Also was pretty well ventilated. Was only about 7 feet from the stage and barely to the side of the moshers and didnt overheat. Would go to another concert there.

Review №15

Sound system is baaaad. Dirty and old building. Good show! Bone Thugs and Harmony 25 years!

Review №16

One of the best places to see a concert. They have big names grace the stage often.

Review №17

Such a awesome venue. With a killer staff. And a wonderful selection Really Big Artists, Shows, Fight Nights, you name it. The security staff is excellent and helpful. A really awesome all-ages venue. With three floors ,2 bars ,balcony seating, and an awesome stage.

Review №18

Never had a bad night here. Always a pleasure

Review №19

Went and saw NF here and it was a pretty great experience. Very simple theater, nothing to really complain about. Open floor for a stand up concert, small proximity so everyone is close to the stage in some way. Good experience. (But that was probably more the artist performing)

Review №20

Great, open venue! AWESOME bands for the Steve Pringle benefit - he wouldve been proud! Dance floor, food and drinks available and a very friendly crowd celebrating love and helping out the community. I dont know how it could get better!

Review №21

Good place for music,just went to Buddy Guy it was great. The place can get hot specially upstairs area. No restrooms upstairs. 3 bars lower floor, main floor and upstairs balconies.

Review №22

Ive been seeing shows at the Roseland Theater for at least 10 years. I may be biased because I have so many awesome memories here but I love this concert hall. Great sound, its easy to see the stage from anywhere inside, the line to get a drink moves quickly thanks to super nice bar staff. The restrooms are clean and stocked. Ive never had a bad experience.

Review №23

The Roseland Theater is a great place to see a concert. It has an intimate feel and fantastic views from the balcony. There is a bar on one side of the balcony so you can get a drink, take a seat and watch from there or sit on the other side in an all ages area. There is no reserved seating so get there early for a good place to stand below or a seat in the balcony. People line up a couple hours early and wrap around the building. There are bathrooms in the businesses that are circled by people in line, but you must be a paying customer to use them. I appreciated that they had good security and made a girl get off a guys shoulders that was blocking everyones view. The building is old and needs updating but it is still a great place to see a concert. Note: The neighborhood is a bit sketchy after dark so be aware.

Review №24

This is personally my favorite venue in Portland. Big named bands play here but its small enough that it feels more personal. Great lighting and amazing sound system.

Review №25

Still have the metal detector but staff arent as hard nosed about letting people in. The balcony seats are worth the price. Enjoyed the Shakey Graves show. They often have great shows that are worth seeing. Glad they didnt overbook with extra backup bands on a weekday evening so it makes it easier for those of us who have jobs to go to see the entertainment.

Review №26

Such a wonderful place to see a concert. Just an amazing place where locals from all walks of life come together to enjoy great bands. Well-handled crowd control as well... Easy in, easy out... No long lines.

Review №27

Great place for amazing music. It could be a bit cleaner, remodeled but it does the trick! Go see some beautiful music in downtown safe and have fun!PS - James Blake Show - April 2019

Review №28

Great venue! Had a great time. Saw Keane and they did not disappoint

Review №29

Lovely little venue with ~1,400 capacity. Very intimate show. I was lucky to have a spot on the SL balcony as I found it a far better vantage point for the show and not having to deal with bodies all around on the floor. Im also a tall person and didnt want to be the tall one blocking folks behind me as I would have been at the very front if there was no seating. Even with being close to a speaker rack the sound was excellent throughout.The balcony is 21+ as they serve alcohol on that level and you are not allowed to bring those drinks, not even water, down to the main floor. The balcony is very very squishy. If youre 6 feet plus, brace for your knees to be mashed against either the seats in front of you or the surrounding rail as mine were throughout. It was a fair trade off as standing for 4 hours is difficult for me and, as I said, the view was absolutely worth it.One thing that was confusing was the bouncer at the bottom of the stairs that go up to the balcony who was checking IDs said the venue no longer accepts out of country ID. (I was using my province drivers licence.) They didnt clarify if a passport would be enough as I mentioned I had that as well but they let me pass as I am over 21. I can understand not recognizing an out of country ID and being unsure if its legitimate, however, it would be nice to know what is valid and if a non-US passport falls under this policy as well and what I could use to prove my age in the future as I have no US ID of any kind.Other than that the staff was well organized, security and coat check were quick and painless, the place emptied surprisingly quick. They do have an elevator (2 people at a time) for those that need it. I could see myself attending a show here in the future.

Review №30

Pros:* spacious floor/general admission area on the second floor* balcony seating, for those who refuse to suffer amongst the crush of *real* fans down in the pit* decent line management & relatively consistent at opening the doors at the expected/stated time before a concert* merch area is sequestered off into a corner far enough to avoid the main crowdCons:* watered down, overpriced drinks* too much buffer between the front row and the stage (see the Hawthorne Theater for how to do this right...its one of the *only* things they do right!)* too much security for how incompetent they are - somehow an attendee sitting next to me was able to convince a guard to let her bring her camera in through the metal detectors, and then was promptly kicked out for using it later* sound balance oscillates from pretty good to white noise, depending on the genre (fellow metal heads: my condolences!)* parking downtown sucks* fire hazard death trapStill better than most venues in Portland, but could use some quality control with regards to internal operations.

Review №31

I went to see Blue Oyster cult with my son. The staff was very accommodating. It is a fairly large building with some seating. The only thing I didnt like was all the people drinking, most drunk. I personally go to see the concert. I dont think that being impaired is a way to Rember. The concert was great and very enjoyable.

Review №32

Great no-nonsense music venue...get up close and personal or hang back in the balcony with some of your favorite bands!

Review №33

Loved the concert!About the venue itself; bathroom was clean. They had a water station setup, which I always appreciate. The place is definitely outdated. Not a lot of seats (only on balcony) but plenty of security.

Review №34

Descent priced drinks with Light Fun atmosphere

Review №35

I had never been here, but saw Shakey Graves and it was awesome! Medium sized theatre, but easy to get to. There is a parking lot within walking distance that seemed safe-ish, I had no problems. Great venue! Quick and efficient entry.

Review №36

Blue October was soooooo fricking Awesome.

Review №37

This venue has had its ups and downs over the years but I think they are in a really good place right now. Management and security and their neighbors all seem to be working together nicely which makes the experience for the concert goer SO much more enjoyable!

Review №38

This was my second time seeing a concert here. My first time being here was seeing Steve Aoki live. Last night I saw LP live for the 2nd time! Its a great building and awesome place to go to for concerts.

Review №39

Excellent place. Bar upstairs.

Review №40

Take cash w/ you. Decent venue, I went for Motion City Soundtrack.

Review №41

This is fun place for intimate concerts, no matter where you sit or stand you feel so close to the stage! Best concert Ive been to in awhile was just a week ago!

Review №42

I saw dodie there last friday. It was amazing!

Review №43

Went here for Louis the Child. Pretty badass show and the venue is pretty nice. They have a bar up top and a cash only bar downstairs.

Review №44

Ill go so far as to say this is my fav venue for MMA/BJJ and Metal shows! I love the balcony seats for a good over head view and quick bar

Review №45

Ive seen The Glitch Mob and Rufüs Du Sol here so not that much experience with the theater but I do have some.The entrance to the theater is a little sketchy with teenagers working as security doing mock pat downs and pretty much ignoring any kind of actual security work. It doesnt feel safe at all, especially given recent events at other clubs and theaters. It really is the most barebones entrance Ive ever seen at a venue with no personality or noticable environment, just some metal detectors and a concessions stand. Once in, you walk up some stairs to the theater itself which is pretty small for concert-goers with a bit of balcony seating and mostly floor standing room.Dont expect to see any major players there with that kind of venue, but the shows that are put on have a very personal feel with the musical groups being so close to the crowd. The stage is pretty small but packs a lot of lights and effects with speakers that literally shake the whole building.Overall, its a good place for a grungy club type scene, but dont go into it expecting anything more than a step up from a warehouse space.

Review №46

First time here at the Roseland theater. It was packed for the SABOTON concert. Really enjoyed it. My only complaint is that what seats there are (and they are upstairs mind you) fill up too fast and a disabled person such as myself who didnt get there early enough had to stand the entire time. Other than that enjoyed it immensely.

Review №47

Staff was friendly enough, venue itself was great and the bands were fenominal. Also its a concert hall so idk what people expect when it comes to seating but we had a blast. Would visit again! P.S we want and saw Pierce The Veil!

Review №48

Nice Venue. Very small. They need a better bar set-up. Get there early if you want to sit in balcony.

Review №49

I love this place. Ive seen many shows here. Smaller venue, more intimate. It feels like the world outside stops while youre here.

Review №50

Ive been here a few times and consider it a great place to see a show. Most recently was last night for GWAR/Hatebreed. The floor area is pretty large for a smaller venue with a smaller upper balcony area where alcohol is served. The only small issue was trying to get outside for some fresh air after one of the opening acts. Long line of people trying to get outside. Plenty of close parking available and the sound quality was very good.

Review №51

Mostly everyone who worked there was nice, and the venue was very nice as well. I went to see yungblud and it was sooo fun

Review №52

The bathrooms were clean which surprised me, not a bad set up though with an upstairs and main floor venue. They seem to have it together.

Review №53

My son and I had a great time at the Black Veil Brides - Asking Alexandria - Crown the Empire concert!

Review №54

Smaller venue than you might imagine. Either cozy or cramped depending on your perspective. The staff is friendly and professional. Ultimately nothing exceptional... but the act I saw, the Hu, was absolutely incredible!

Review №55

Went to Rumble at the Roseland with my Husband, it was great, had front row balcony seats and really enjoyed the fights.

Review №56

As an average concert goer, I would consider this location decent. The acoustics are okay for the space. The stage is visible from most anywhere, barring the two skinny support beams in the main standing area which can impair visibility. But, as long as the artist moves around on the medium sized stage, this is tolerable. This location does serve alcohol if desired at a premium price. There seemed to be mixed drinks as well as beer. I didnt notice any accessibility options, but that doesnt mean they arent there. The Roseland is also smoke free inside with a space to step outside if needed. Overall, this is a good venue to see a concert for smaller to mid sized bands.Photo is taken from near the back of the ground floor. There is also a small wrap around upper balcony with reserved seating.

Review №57

Great venue! Saw social distortion and the distillers here recently.

Review №58

Great concert venue. Seperates areas for 21 and over.

Review №59

Solid place to see a show. Pretty cool ambiance. No re entry rule is a bummer but not a huge deal

Review №60

It has a dive bar kind of feeling to it. It has a nice sized balcony area. Seats are wooden and fold down; no padding. Pretty easy to navigate because of the size. Drinks are minimal. Nothing fancy or theyll make fun of you.

Review №61

Great venue, we attended a cage match fight and it was perfect. Felt very close and right in the action

Review №62

Crowded, as usual, but great show.

Review №63

One of the best venues in Portland. Even has handicapped seating for GA shows. They are hosting Blue Oyster Cult as I write this review!

Review №64

Nice venue! Saw Nightwish play there, had a great time, no complaints.

Review №65

Ive never had a bad experience at the Roseland. Concerts there rock and are affordable. If you get the chance to see your current musical obsession there, go!

Review №66

Didnt enjoy the split crowd set up//huge 21+ only section. the no moshing rule really wasnt suitable for the band i saw--and i assume a lot of the other bands who play here-- it really did take away from the experience & mood of the show... the band was awesome, but i was so disappointed with this venue. wont be coming back. if a favorite band is on tour and plays the Roseland in PDX i would drive a state over to see them.

Review №67

Saw Lil Tjay. Concert was good and security had their hands full but did a great job.

Review №68

Was a great venue to see VNV Nation live.

Review №69

Good venue with easy in/out. Lower level only had a non-alcoholic bar. Lines to get to alcohol bar were long. Open lower level bar = +2 = 5 stars

Review №70

Keane 2020 tour, first US stop for them. Such a cool venue! Very intimate setting between performers and fans. Somehow the acoustics pull off really good in there. Stage setup including lighting was awesome. Almost had a sweet blend of a stadium feel and studio sound without the mosh pit. 👍👍

Review №71

Amazing place but only standing room and upper balcony

Review №72

I am in a wheelchair and the security plus staff are so great and they are so helpful. We went to see Lykke Li and it was an Awesome show. Thank you!

Review №73

It was really nice in there but could use more air conditioning.

Review №74

Saw X Ambassadors May 7th and it was amazing.

Review №75

Solid music venue. Not the most extravagant place, but lets be honest, youre gonna be here for the show, not the venue.

Review №76

Nice venue with an upstairs seated area for first come first serve. The middle floor is the concert hall with 2 staircases to get you back downstairs to where the bar is located.I went to a Black Label Society concert and the only complaints I have are: The music was way to loud, distorted loud, a few times and you cant drink on the main music floor in the middle, only upstairs and downstairs where the bars are located.Awesome staff, great stiff drinks! Easy to find location with a giant sign outside.

Review №77

Hard to find an issue with Roseland. Its one of the few venues in town to host big metal shows and for the most part, the staff is super friendly & doesnt make you feel like you are at the TSA like some larger venues.

Review №78

Concerts are always great at the Roseland!

Review №79

Two things:One: If you are hoping for balcony seats, call and confirm the show will have the balcony open first, not all shows do. If it isnt open, dont stress about getting there early.Two: the bar is extremely reasonably priced! I was incredibly surprised.Solid venue.

Review №80

Always a great time!

Review №81

What a blast thanks Chael Sonnen

Review №82

Venue clean and fun. No outside food allowed, tho and merch and drinks were super spendy. 😞 the orwells and of course the legendary Pixies were fantastic!

Review №83

This place a Awesome!

Review №84

This is a great place for concerts. Definitely one of the best venues for live music in Portland!

Review №85

I love coming here to watch different venues. Ive been coming for years!

Review №86

I love seeing shows here!

Review №87

A prime example of a remnant of Old Portland. No frills, nothing fancy. The most intimate balcony Ive ever seen. Just a good ol rock club (that also has the most hip-hop in town).

Review №88

This is a very Portland venue. Multiple levels. Enter at the bottom. Go upstairs to the main floor which is for standing room only. Then another set of stairs which is 21 and over and has seating. I was there for a relatively full show put on by the band Skillet. Yes, if you want the cheap seats you will be standing all night, but there are drinks and food available and the venue has a great feel.

Review №89

I have been coming to the Roseland for almost two decades, and have always had a pretty decent experience. Getting through the front doors can kind of be a pain in the ass because of the metal detectors, but Ill take that over people bringing in things they shouldnt. This place is pretty iconic as far as venues in Portland goes, a lot of great bands have played here. Getting into the balcony can be a pain in the ass, especially during an all-ages show, there are only so many spots up there, and if they arent serving alcohol downstairs, it creates a huge line and subsequent bottleneck.I recently took my father here, who is bound to a wheelchair... We got the first class treatment being shuffled to where we needed to go and got a good spot on the side of the stage. The staff was extremely helpful and courteous.

Review №90

First time attending a concert at this venue and I found my experience to be enjoyable. Prices on food and beverages were reasonable.

Review №91

Great place to see any type of show.Great tequila too

Review №92

A very fun venue. Weve seen Koo Koo Kanga Roo there twice. The food from the grill was surprisingly good, I wasnt expecting it to be more than the most basic offerings.

Review №93

Great place

Review №94

Ive seen many great concerts at the Roseland (and even the Starry Night). The venue has much improved over the past decade. It is cleaner and more organized than in the past. No more mosh pits. Although they are more expensive, it is nice to have the option of reserved seats in the balcony now. The security is still fairly invasive. You have to pass through a metal detector, but they dont let you empty your pockets of metal objects or cellphones. Thus, I always set it off with my keys/phone and have to get a pat down. More than once I had to empty my pockets. Much more strict than other Portland venues, but I guess they have their reasons.

Review №95

The Record Company you are rockin! New fan! Cake you’ve been amazing as always. Keep it up gents! ROSELAND thanks for hosting!!!

Review №96

This place is great

Review №97

One of the best venues in Portland. The balcony is great if you want to sit and the bar is well stocked. If you want to dance, and you should, the open floor is great. For more mellow shows they will have chairs on the floor but still have room to dance in the back and at the stage. Ive seen some of the best shows in my life here. I love this place. Just remember that this neighborhood can be a little sketchy late night. Youll be fine!

Review №98

Perfect concert all the way

Review №99

This is a hit or miss place. When its good its great! The bar downstairs is better than inside the venue area but still not terrible. Lack of wiggle room and it can get hot during a show but still a good time.

Review №100

Good venue only downside is having to chug your beer that you have to stay upstairs and drink, so you can keep your spot in the floor

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