Merrill Auditorium
20 Myrtle St, Portland, ME 04101, United States

Review №1

Great staff and venue! We had tickets to the Nate Bargatze show from March 2020, unfortunately by the time the rescheduled show came around, I had broken my ankle! The staff immediately accommodated my new predicament easily and found us accessible seating. Thank you for being so helpful and kind, I truly appreciate it!

Review №2

Went to Nate Bargatze 9/16/21 and sat in balcony section 1 D 1&2.SOUND WAS HORRIBLECouldn’t hear about 25% of the showPeople came in 30 minutes late and had to get up multiple times.1st experience at Merrill was not the best. If we go again maybe try front row.

Review №3

Cool place. Ive seen some good shows here

Review №4

Easy parking, multi-door entrance, and friendly staff. We went for a Straight No Chaser show and had a great time. The building gives you a great view of the stage no matter where you are and employees help you to your seat when you first enter.

Review №5

Spectacular performance venue!

Review №6

Love this place, not a bad seat in the house. George Lopez was awesome as was the opening comic And the Mariachi Band too!

Review №7

Its a fine old theater and can handle big shows. The Kotchmar Organ is the theaters crown jewel.

Review №8

Back seats in bottom floor cant see full stage. Better off in 2nd floor.

Review №9

Even way up in the balcony, The view as well as the acoustics are outstanding. Great place to catch a show ranging from stand-up comedy to a symphony performance.

Review №10

Great venue! Saw the illusionists. They were awesome. Seats were in balcony section 1, third level. Views were really good. Was concerned how far we were from the stage but there does not seem to be a bad seat. We will definitely be going back for other shows.

Review №11

Beautiful Auditorium it really doesnt matter where you sit you see everything fine very comfortable the shows are excellent

Review №12

Just a fantastic place to see a concert or performance. Sightlines and acoustics are superior. This photo is from the back row of the first balcony... no zoom

Review №13

Great place and great concert! But the beers are a little pricey!

Review №14

The building is actually beautiful for its age and has architecture from decades ago. The building is very clean, well staffed and not a bad seat in the house. We were in the balcony and had excellent viewing of the stage and no heads in the way in rows ahead of us, unobstructed views. Sound and lighting were excellent with an amphitheatre type shape and tremendous extremely high ceilings.

Review №15

So I just got married here. The staff was incredibly friendly and so helpful. During these crazy times I definitely recommend checking this place out for your county needs.

Review №16

Visited this venue for the Price is Right amd I had a blast. Part of that blast was thanks to the wonderful staff of the venue. Very clean too!

Review №17

A great, affordable venue for cultural events!

Review №18

Lyle Lovett and his large band. Great place for entertainment

Review №19

Sometimes its just too big, and you cant hear well unless youre right in the orchestra seats. The acoustics under he terraces is not good. But the productions themselves are exceptional.

Review №20

This is an excellent place for any event. The acoustics are fantastic. Seating is comfortable and you have a great view of the stage wherever you are seated. Always plenty of ushers to direct you to your seating.

Review №21

This auditorium is really beautiful. The seats are pretty comfortable and they offer a wide range of shows from comedy acts to beautiful stage productions like The Nutcracker. My favorite show there was when we saw Neil deGrasse Tyson! The concession lines can get pretty long, and you may end up spending quite a bit there if you happened to need a beverage or snacks, but they do have several concession locations so you can sometimes poke around and find a shorter line farther away from your seat.

Review №22

Kevin was a great help at Merrill

Review №23

Beautiful performance space with comfortable seating with great sight lines all around. They put together a very diverse and eclectic line-up that provides something for everyone. Plenty of nearby, walkable parking options. Only reason its not 5 stars is lack of adequate amount of staff to work the bars during a sold out show, leading to unmanageable, monstrously slow lines, in addition to not having the bathrooms of the upper floors open during a sold out show.

Review №24

I went here for a Celtic thunder concert. The place is beautiful, seating is comfortable, spacious and you can always see the stage no matter where youre sitting which is nice.

Review №25

4 stars because every seat feels like a great location to see your favorite performers. Uncomfortable, cramped seating and less than helpful staff upon leaving the building took it down a star. Also, not the most attractive theatre Ive been in.

Review №26

What an amazing facility! Wonderful warm sound, beautiful architecture and very welcoming and helpful staff. Had the pleasure to see Brit Floyd here, but cant wait to go to many more shows in the future!

Review №27

We saw a river dance and it was amazing. The seats are comfortable. I havent found a bad seat.

Review №28

Great place for concerts However parking is a nightmare.

Review №29

This beautiful theater in the heart of Portland is always worth seeing a show at. Their beautifully restored pipe organ is always worth coming out to see.If you are looking for an inexpensive show that is family friendly their organ shows are the one to see. This is a unique a wonderful experience. Whether they are playing classical, or contemporary pieces their guest organist series is always a pleasure. One of only two cities left to have a municipal organist, stop in and support this beautiful art.Check out their calendar and come in for a show, you wont regret it.

Review №30

Because of this covid-19 the city clerk are just in bad mood almost all the time. Turning people around to go put mask on! JZ

Review №31

Ridiculous prices for entry,drinks and parking! $50 bucks for a cover band,$11.00 for a beer and $15.00 for parking!! The theater itself is nice but I wont EVER go there again.Greed at its finest.Portland is so over rated.Ill take Bangor anyday!

Review №32

Portland Symphony wonderful. Great music. Lectures to enhance the performances. Only issue is parking, which would be such in any large city---just that Mainers not used to parking issues.

Review №33

Excellent concert hall with an incredible organ. Good seating options, easy entrance and exits, and wide selection of programming available.

Review №34

Excellent, wonderful performance.

Review №35

I love the Merrill. The acoustics never disappoint , the staff is ever helpful, the seating , its clean and all good ! The only exception is the usual nightmare brought on by parking in Portland, and the traffic jams. Its a fine venue. Ive been for music, plays, dance, speakers, and even a medium this week- and always a wonderful space to be.

Review №36

Went and saw Cirque du Christmas. Not a bad seat in the house. Great sound, performance was ok too.

Review №37

Went to see a comedian March 1st. Our tickets said show started at 7pm. We got there about 6:30 with reserved tickets but had to wait outsidein a huge line in the cold for about 45 minutes. Seems like doors didnt open until 7pm. By the time we got in and to our seats we had miss the two opening comedians! There was no explanation to why doors didnt open at 6pm like they were suppose to for a show that started at 7pm. I paid $55.00 a piece for five tickets and only got to see half the show!!!

Review №38

Such awesome attendants. More intimate setting than alot of venues .

Review №39

Beautifully restored venue. Wonderful concerts and performances with excellent accoustics.

Review №40

Whoever said there isn’t a bad seat in the House was right. This theater is cozy, but not in a small way. The only issue is getting out. I’m not sure if the people were moving slowly or the fact that there were only 2 exits to use. Hmmm. Once out of the theater, exciting is fine. I would definitely come back. It was worth the drive from Boston on a Friday evening.

Review №41

Enjoyed an excellent concert. Friendly and helpful staff added to our experience. Will definitely be going again.

Review №42

Nice, small, old theater. We saw Elf. The Musical. Good production. We had good seats. We are looking forward to coming back and seeing another show.

Review №43

The auditorium is very nice. A good view of the stage from just about anywhere is true, and you could also say good things about the sound/acoustics. The venue itself could be greatly improved by a coat check station and a serious upgrade with concessions.

Review №44

Great place to see a show very good ceiling Acoustics are really good friendly staff

Review №45

Always a quality show, from Bach to Zeppelin. Great acoustics if you are in the center or next sections either side of center. Always choose Grand Tier or balcony seating. You cant see anything from the floor except the first row of musicians. Sound quality suffers with extreme left/right seating. That said, shows are always terrific and the performers are second to none. World class right here in little old Portland, Maine.

Review №46

Went here for Deep Purple with 2 friends. Place was grand. Helpful staff. Pride of Portland indeed.

Review №47

The show was awesome - Trevor Noah rocked! The venue was great; we had the cheapest seats, but we could see and hear everything perfectly (didnt feel short-changed).The ushering staff were efficient, friendly and hard-working.

Review №48

Magic of Christmas performance is an annual tradition for us. This year the chorus seemed to be a feature and their performance was superlative.

Review №49

Another lovely evening at Merrill. It is our go-to place for special evenings. At tonights Nutcracker they closed one level of seating and had to rearrange tickets. It was handled efficiently and the staff was very nice and organized about it. Another great year of the Nutcracker!

Review №50

Great plane to set a concert. Up close and personal.

Review №51

Excellent performance venue with very good acoustics. It is one of Portlands true gems that when last renovated preserved and improved all its wonderful historical features.

Review №52

Saw Chopin here with my wife and this place was fantastic. Great sound and super cozy. Not a bad seat in the house. Were thinking of season tickets as its worth the trip from NH.

Review №53

This architecture in this building speaks of the days of Lords and Ladies living in Grand Mansions and walking the cobblestones of Portland. The acoustics are truly beautiful, comfortable seats, good view everywhere although I recommend the Terrance (I have sat in every level).

Review №54

Beautiful theater. Great staff. Cant wait to go back. Thank you for your professionalism.

Review №55

Beautiful Auditorium with parking nearby. I have been to concerts at the Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria and the acoustics here were very good.

Review №56

Went for the magic of Christmas our 10 year. The performance every single time it is spectacular! The auditorium is very comfortable and the acoustics are wonderful.

Review №57

No seat is a bad seat. Lindsey Stirling and her crew put on an amazing show. It was the best night of my year so far.

Review №58

Simply not a better place to see a show.

Review №59

It had been some years since I had been in Merrill Auditorium. I had forgotten what a wonderful, beautiful auditorium it is. We had wonderful seats for the IL DIVO concert.

Review №60

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The show was spectacular but just the architecture was breath taking and must see place no matter the occasion.

Review №61

Phenomenal place for any type of concert with world-class Symphony or a good rock show and Comics. The place was completely renovated and brought back to the original old opera house type of feel. This place is awesome!

Review №62

This auditorium is amazing! It houses the Portland Symphony Orchestra, and I have been to a couple of their concerts and they were wonderful. I recommend that if you want to host an event in Portland at an auditorium, its a no brainer to do it at Merrill! I might be hosting my own event there!

Review №63

Nice seatt and had booster seat for my daughter.

Review №64

This is an elegant and well maintained piece of history in the of Portland, ME. The auditorium is modern and very easy to navigate while holding on to its classic, original design. The sound is fantastic and seating is comfortable. This auditorium houses many fantastic presentations and performances and is home to the well-known Kotschmar organ.

Review №65

Every seat has a great view. Staff are very friendly! Love that if you buy a $2 Merrill tumbler glass with cover you can take your drink to your seat.

Review №66

Was my first time here. Acoustics are fantastic. Helpful friendly staff. Great performance highly recommend

Review №67

This place is one of the hidden gems in the area. Ive seen a few shows here and always had a good time.If youre in town around Halloween I highly recommend seeing the annual scary silent film accompanied by the Kotzschmar organ.

Review №68

The wine is subpar....I stood in line to get a glass of Pinot Grigio and had already got the Merrill Auditorium plastic cup. The bar back poured the rest of a bottle and it was inch of Pinot Grigio in the bottom of my already purchased plastic cup. The lady running the register said “that will be $10.00. I said “that wasn’t a full pour and I already purchased the mug”. She said again, “that will be $10.00”. I asked for a double in hopes of getting, at least, a full serving. She said “one drink at a time”. you mean 1/4 drunk at a time??? I could have bought 1/2 case for the price it cost me for one drink!! So ridiculous and severely disappointed!! You need to rethink your policies and the help you hire!!

Review №69

Beautiful! Historic setting with friendly staff! Plan ahead to make sure you have time to climb the stairs and find your seat. Use caution and if you have height issues or are clumsy. Take extra care when getting to your seat. You will have fun but it can get warm in the auditorium so wear layers.

Review №70

Went here for the nutcracker last year. I get claustrophobic in this auditorium when I sit under the balcony. Just make sure you get your seats early so you can choose the best locations. Definitely worth paying extra for better seats.

Review №71

Beautiful Auditorium and the Christmas show beautifully showcased the talented orchestra

Review №72

Attended Magic of Christmas again this year. Acoustics are amazing in this beautifully restored 1911 facility. There is massive Kotzschmar Pipe Organ. It is definitely worth visiting this facility to see the pipes and hear this instrument played. The Portland Symphony, the Maine State Ballet, and the Portland Ballet utilize this facility in addition to various other events.

Review №73

I love this venue. I wish they could get more good rock musicians to perform there.

Review №74

Decent place to go for events, a tiny bit disorganized but they get it done.

Review №75

Beautiful and well-maintained building with adjacent parking lots. Good acoustics. When I went there to see David Blaine, there was a line around the block, but they waited to open the doors and had ridiculous security, so we missed part of the show even though we had arrived in plenty of time.

Review №76

Such a great venue. Not a bad seat in the house when the symphony is playing, and the organ is fantastic. Lots of history, and a great all around live venue.

Review №77

Great theater, nice sounds. Garage across the street. Excellent place to see and hear all that is going on, on the stage.

Review №78

So enjoyed the Vince Gill Concert last night with great seats

Review №79

This place rocks I Love seeing the nutcracker

Review №80

Ive been coming here for concerts since I was a child being bussed up here for school trips. Its a wonderful venue.

Review №81

Ive attended three performances here, Port Operas production of Tosca, organ concert and the organ meets Opera. The Merrill is home to one of only two municipal organs in the US, the other is in San Diego. The acoustics here are good and we love Portland o the Merrill is a regular destination for us now (we live in Mass).

Review №82

Its a place with a big space. Nice acoustics I guess? Idk

Review №83

We saw the nutcracker.. it was a good show. Comfortable and clean

Review №84

Comfortable and there isnt a bad seat in the house.

Review №85

Beautiful venue and great acoustics, but too darn many stairs and not enough elevators....

Review №86

Always a great venue for any show. I love it.

Review №87

The BEST that New England can offer!! Sound is perfect, organ is world known Kotchmar, great variety of shows at very affordable prices.

Review №88

I go here every year for a work event and also for the nutcracker with my family. Great venue. Not a bad seat in the house.

Review №89

Fabulous place, I graduated there , my brother just did, always a good and safe place to be

Review №90

Clean. Good sound. Seats were fine. I was frustrated that there were only one set of bathrooms down on the first floor.

Review №91

Seats are not comfortable if you have wide hips. Got the wrong tickets at will call, they fixed the issue when I brought it to their attention. The website is not clear on what section you are ordering for seats. Staff was friendly during the event I attended.

Review №92

We attended the annual Christmas show. Awesome auditorium. Not a bad seat in the house.

Review №93

There really isnt a bad seat in the house. The only drawback is that the restrooms are only on the first floor.

Review №94

We went to see The Nutcracker this year and we wanted the best seats so we purchased seats on the grand tier.When we arrived we discovered that our seats had an obstructed view. Very obstructed.The show and performers were excellent but I did not enjoy trying to look under a handrail the entire show, especially since I bought the most expensive tickets offered.

Review №95

Ive never had a bad experience here. Ive enjoyed every performance and school graduation. There isnt a bad seat.

Review №96

Great auditorium with terrific acoustics and seating.

Review №97

Excellent concert, comfortable seating very clean

Review №98

Brought my 3 year old son to see Daniel Tiger. Parking was available at Top of the Hill lot (open evenings for all Merrill auditorium events) as well as across from that lot for $10. Within a 3 minute walk to the auditorium. Ticket window is straight through the door on the left within a large open area. Auditorium entrance is through doors to the right and down the hall. Drinks and snacks were available and allowed within the theater with the $2 purchase of a travel cup with cover. Both non-alcoholic beverages and soda/water available. Theater itself nice not extravagant. Aisles are wide enough for a wheelchair and there are reserved handicapped seats available. There is balcony seating as well. Theater is small enough that even the back rows can see the stage and actors clearly. Sound for this particular show was very loud. There was a slight mix up in regards to the VIP tickets but only in reference to how things were going down for the photo op after the show. This part could have been more organized. When I purchased the vip tickets was written that I was purchasing a signed poster (got the same unsigned poster that I could have purchased separately) and a meet and greet with the cast(only got Daniel Tiger and a different Prince Wednesday than was on stage) and photo was taken with my cell phone (so if I had not brought it in to the venue with me I would not have gotten the photo). Because of the disorganization it was after 9 before we got to Daniel and 15m before they had formed a line for Daniel (each family was told to sit in their seats and they would come get us for the photo). Staff was friendly and professional, and very understanding of the theater being filled with restless infants and toddlers. Would use this venue again.

Review №99

Very nice auditorium.Opera was fantastic.Mozart,s ,Magic Flute!

Review №100

Good view from anywhere however why not add big screens on the sides for introductions?

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