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KC and his team are truly amazing! Always thinking of everything, always treating me like family. I am so happy I found KC!!! He’s kind, incredibly smart and actually also quite funny! Love him!

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KC is an excellent accountant. Hes been doing my taxes for years.

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KC Caldwell is extremely knowledgeable, professional and entirely dedicated to provide his clients exceptional service. Not only KC provide tax services but he excels in business acumen and customer service. I highly recommend Caldwell & Company Accounting for all your financial needs.Thank you KC for helping me all these years with my Business taxes and my personal taxes, you did a great job. KC is the greatest CPA ever!!

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Ive known KC since 2005 via a networking group. My only regret is not having switched to his company way back then. KC pays attention to detail; he always looks out for me and I have to say, takes the ominousness of the IRS and makes it all painless. (I had a few rough years after getting divorced while also dealing with a real estate downturn and paying hefty child support, all while working to re-establish myself financially and still look after my kids and myself. Needless to say, life had some snags).My previous CPA gave me little to no guidance on anything. KC always makes time for advice (a little harder during tax season understandably, but still makes time). KC really takes the pain out of accounting and his staff is highly knowledgeable. Theyre always friendly and I dont think Ive ever had to wait long for either a reply to an email or a call back.I have questions; they get answered; I have needs, KC addresses them. Personal and Business accounting. I would trust no one more than KC. Hes honest, sincere and attentive.

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KC Caldwell has done my taxes for years, always fantastic to work with and helpful. I started a small company doing freelance editing work and KC was able to help me through everything I needed to do, no mistakes in any of his work. Been a great experience!

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KC Caldwell is the most unprofessional and incompetent accountant Ive ever work with. He made numerous mistakes on both my personal and business tax returns. I had to continuously follow up to ask about the status on things. He continuously missed deadlines and lied to me. He lost documents that I gave him. He filed my corporate taxes on the wrong form and had to make 2 separate amendments to my personal taxes. He charged us almost $2,000 and then charged an additional $250 to fix the mistakes he made!!!!! After all of this i still received numerous letters from the IRS which cost me $750 to fix. I called KC Caldwell to ask for a refund or partial refund do to this horrific experience and he said no and hung the phone up on me. Please be advised...... THIS IS THE WORST ACCOUNTING FIRM IN BROWARD COUNTY. STAY CLEAR!!!

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Sloppy work. My new accountant found many errors in their record keeping. Apparently they miss paying payroll taxes. I knew about the recent one but one goes back a few months ago. Now I have to pay double amount because of their poor record keeping. Do I say more.

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I just got off the phone with KC and Im disappointed to say the least. Ive been a business owner for over 15 years and my business has hired three CPAs during that time, KC Caldwell being the latest. His many mistakes within the first few weeks of the 2019 tax season forced us to go back to our previous CPA, whose mistakes now seem minuscule in comparison to that of KC and his staff. 1) They filed 1040s with incomes that were different from what the W2s actually showed, 2) They failed to use all the tax information provided to them such as 1099s, direct deposit account information and etc, when preparing the taxes, and 3) Until today, they still have not completed work that we have paid them to do in 2018. I would normally say that Caldwell & Company could possibly work for individuals with the simplest tax returns (W2 only), but given the fact that they have even managed to make errors on one of our simplest returns and considering their price point, I don’t believe that this is the case. For those returns that are more complex/include more than one simple W2, I believe that their disorganization, below average cloud software and the poor manner in which they transfer information, leaves the possibility of too many errors which could prove disastrous for any individual or organization. That being said, I do believe that KC and his staff are good people, although Francene can be short at times. However, despite how nice they are, the bottom line remains that my expectations from any CPA is pretty simple: 1) that they be knowledgeable of current tax law and regulations, 2) they file returns promptly and with the correct information, 3) that bottom numbers are accurate, and 4) that they provide an overall experience and service that warrants what they charge. Unfortunately, Caldwell and Company did not meet these basic requirements.

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Accounting done right is CALDWELL! Best CPA in Broward County.

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There is innovation in accounting?Yess, KC and his team do it with their customers.

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Worst CPA

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