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“Howard K. Butler was an inspiration of hope to my family and me at a time when our options appeared limited!!! He is a true and honest attorney who worked diligently to protect my rights.  Howard’s focus to details and knowledge of law are unsurpassed. My family and I are eternally grateful for his service and would highly recommend Attorney Howard K. Butler - Jackie

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Howard is a terrific, upbeat, enthusiastic attorney in a legal field where you would expect sad faces and depressing personalities. Not here. Most lawyers I talked with seem like they are doing me a favor by just taking my call. I dont want to pay some high and mighty person to be in a relationship where I am supposed to feel fortunate and grateful that theyll take my call every now and again. Been there. Done that. Never again,Mr. Butler replies to my emails in rapid order; he actually calls me out of the blue without me calling him first. That, in itself is a stunner! I also appreciate that he doesnt hire a bunch of staff just to (a) keep me from talking directly with Howard like there always seemed to be when I called other lawyers, and (b) I figure it is all that staff doing the legal work at other law practices. I want the attorney working personally on my case. In closing, I most appreciate the one-on-one communication and access.I highly recommend.

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Mr. Butler and I have never met, but I owe him a shout out. My son has been living in South Florida for almost 6 years and just like his adult sister got a little too deep in debt what with way too easy to acquire credit cards and a similarly easy to get approved for truck loan for a big new expensive truck. Mr. Butler got him squared away, resolved his revolving CC debt and made common sense suggestions to downsizing his transportation situation. Upshot. He is coming home to Arizona with a still amazing-looking F-150 ( a few years older than the one he had ), no debt drowning him financially and more important to me - an emotionally rejuvenated young adult man with better, smarter financial skills. I live 2,000 miles away and was not able to help, but he found a local attorney who did. Thank you Mr. Butler.

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I have sought the assistance of Attorney Howard Butler on several legal issues. No matter the topic, Attorney Butler has always been very knowledgeable and helpful. If you are seeking an attorney to help you with your legal issues, I am certain you will be happy hiring Attorney Howard Butler, I highly recommend him for any legal problem you may have.

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When I graduated high school in Fort Lauderdale, I then attended a Junior College so as to save money to attend a respected out of state university for my final two years. The very first week on campus there was a bank kiosk where a man told me I could get a bank VISA card, though I had zero credit. I went for it. Then I got all these offers in the mail from competing banks for their credit cards and it was really easy as they said I was per-approved, though I didnt even have a job! My parents were helping me with my car, insurance, gas, and rent. The college financial counselors got me set up with student loans and they really didnt care what I did with the money.Fast forward to year two at the J.C. and I was in serious debt. Any ideas of saving up money to go to the University in Michigan was dead and buried in my very first semester. I was is real trouble and being harassed by those used-to-be nice folks insisting I needed their credit cards. I called Howard in the summer of 2014 for advice. Fast forward to 2016, I am planning a visit home to Florida from Michigan where I will graduate next year with a double major. None of my current, relaxed and stress-less life of late would have happened had I not received help in clearing up my financial mess. I could not run away from Florida without finding a solution. The mess would chase me no matter how far away I was moving. So I faced it head on 2 years ago. I will return to Florida in July. Surprising to me, I do have a credit card again for emergencies and car rentals at the airport, but I never use it.I am a reformed and grateful client of Howard Butler. When I visit my favorite Fort Lauderdale restaurant next week, I will pay with by debit card that will draw funds from my bank. No deficit spending! I appreciate rebuilding my credit rating, but that doesnt mean I need to get into debt. Thanks for the advice and legal help Mr. Butler.

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