Pioneer Grappling Academy
1755 N Golden Hills Dr building 4, Palmer, AK 99645, United States

Review №1

Everybody is very nice and helpful to you when you come in. They have a very flexible schedule, which is something I enjoy a lot, and there’s no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do. You’ll get really good training here.

Review №2

Great at explaining the techniques! Makes it very easy to learn Jiu Jitsu. Also everybody that goes there is extremely friendly and not afraid to help out.

Review №3

This school is phenomenal with unremarkable instructors!!! I’ve been attending the BJJ classes approximately 2 years now and I couldn’t have found a better place to train and learn! I’ve been all over the country and this place hands down beats any gym/ studio I’ve attended. Beyond satisfied with the opportunities and experiences I’ve had at the school. Recommending this to everyone daily !!! Even if BJJ isn’t something that interests you, go give one class a try and it will forever change your mind! Thank you Pioneer Grappeling Academy for the teachings and experiences!!!

Review №4

Been going for a few months and totally love it. Great family environment, and atmosphere.

Review №5

Great atmosphere, exceptional facilities, positive culture and elite coaching and instructors. From day one, walking in the doors we were treated like family. Each one of four kids starting out in Jiu Jitsu were slightly intimidated but were welcomed into the gym and intimidation was replaced with excitement. Everyone, instructor and student alike, has gone above and beyond to aid in their development.The true testament of this organizations integrity can be found in the conduct and discipline of the students and athletes that train here. Top to bottom this is a professional and respectful establishment with a genuine commitment to excellence in their practice. They embody the motto of “strength and honor” and I would recommend Pioneer Grappling Academy to anyone.

Review №6

Superb coaching! This gym is perfect for newcomers, athletes, kids or even experienced martial artists. If you want to learn authentic jiujitsu, wrestling, or even effective self defense, come here. All of my training partners have been extremely skilled as well as genuine human beings. The coaches will stay dedicated to you no matter what happens. Personal life or even a worldwide pandemic, the coaches will make sure you become your best in any way possible. Overall, this is a healthy environment where you can become the strongest you can be. 5/5 would get subbed again.

Review №7

This is a fantastic place for the entire family. The coaches, parents, kids all get along and work together extremely well. The coaches are excellent and very patient when teaching. My kiddos absolutely love going to class and learning new techniques. The coaches complement each other very well and are kind yet firm. They offer a family discount which makes it very affordable as well.

Review №8

Very friendly. The instructors and students are like family here. They all treat you well. The instructors really know how to break down movements and techniques in a way that is easy to understand. I’ve found it very easy to retain information. I have been more than happy with the quality of training. It’s more than worth the price. The gym is very clean and well kept. They emphasize safety with all techniques. I highly recommend checking out this gym. It’s been life changing for me.

Review №9

A friendly and welcoming environment staffed by experienced coaches. Nothing should keep you from joining in the fun. After watching my two very young children roll for a year, I decided to give it s try. And I’m glad I did. It’s great exercise along with premier grappling. Let me assure you, the classes are well planned and expertly taught. If you’re thinking of an excuse not to go, let me offer the reasons I did start going. I turn 60 in April and I have a 90% disability rating from the VA. This is the best form of dynamic exercise on the planet, that’s suited to your physical abilities and limitations! I don’t have to mention the sense of honor and respect that permiates the coaches and students alike. Bushido is alive here.

Review №10

This place is great, wonderful instructors. Have my wife and 6 year old son enrolled here as well. Always have a good time, learn something new every class. In short excellent workout and an absolute blast.

Review №11

I thoroughly enjoy training at Pioneer Grappling Academy. Paul is a fantastic instructor—friendly, patient, and super knowledgeable. He is considerate and mindful of my prior injuries when we train, which is really important for a 40+ guy like me trying to improve my physical fitness, expand my skills, and stay healthy.The class schedule affords many opportunities to train during the week and the kids program is great. I am grateful to have this training center in the Valley and would encourage anyone interested to attend some classes.

Review №12

Best place for jujitsu instruction. The coaches are knowledgeable, patient, and work well with kids. The also have adult classes.They teach wrestling and myu tae kickboxing

Review №13

Always, always feel welcomed. As a practitioner and parent I recommend you and your family take 3 classes. You will have fun and learn something worth more than gold.

Review №14

I highly recommend this gym! As an absolute beginer in Jiu-Jitsu, I found everyone very welcoming and helpful!

Review №15

I have two kids, plus myself in Pioneer Grappling Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and we could not be happier with their commitment to excellence. Watching them teach our children the lessons that come from a martial art is one of my greatest joys as a parent, so much so that I decided to join myself. If you want your kids to learn to master their physical bodies, and hone life skills such as discipline, embracing responsibility, rejecting passivity, honoring authority, then I think you’ll find no better place than in the hands of the incredible staff at Pioneer Grappling. They have become our friends, and for our children I’m certain they’ll grow up thinking of them as family.

Review №16

I first met Harley and Paul in 2015. Ever since, they’ve always been welcoming and supportive whether I was competing in a tournament, or just passing through town and wanting to train. If you’re looking for friendly, knowledgeable rolling partners, awesome instruction, and want to learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the Valley - this is the place to go.

Review №17

Pioneer Grappling academy rocks! As someone wanting to get into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with absolutely no background in any martial art, it can be intimidating to get started. The fear left the moment I walked through the door. Coach Paul, Harlee, Nate, and others do an incredible job sharing their vast knowledge while promoting a safe, welcoming, fun, and competitive environment. The facility is clean, classes are structured/organized, and it’s clear that staff truly care about their students progression at all levels from beginner to advanced. :)

Review №18

Great school! My 8 year old goes there, and they are great!

Review №19

The Brazilian jiu jitsu classes are great for the whole family. The instructors provide a good balance between the structured serious side of training and fun. There is never any pressure to compete, and your child can participate for personal enjoyment if thats what they want. The staff have all been accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

Review №20

Pioneer Grappling is a great family or individual environment to learn something new and get in shape. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling classes are what I take part in and I can tell you they will get you better no matter the level you are currently at.

Review №21

I absolutely love the BJJ instruction at this facility! It’s a clean and friendly environment and is extremely welcoming. The coaches are knowledgeable and the training partners awesome to work with. With consistent training the results speak for themselves with increased strength and cardio capabilities as well as BJJ skill development. Looking forward to many years training here.

Review №22

My son has been doing jiu jitsu and wrestling for a couple years now. The coaches here are wonderful. They are patient and always go above and beyond. My son has learned more than wrestling and jiu jitsu moves - he learns important lessons on hard work, follow long direction and dedication. He sees his teammates and coaches rooting for him and what support looks like.

Review №23

This is a family friendly gym that is fantastic for all ages and abilities. It doesnt matter if you are interested in kick boxing, BJJ, or wrestling, this gym is the place to go. Ive got 3 kids, ages 9-13 that all attend along with my wife and I. Great place to learn, get a great work out in, and be with some awesome, welcoming people!

Review №24

Great instruction and coaching, family oriented awesome with kids . This is an outstanding place to train

Review №25

Extremely knowledgeable instructors and the regulars are very helpful when first starting. Way more fun way to get in shape and start something challenging.

Review №26

Top notch facility and superb instructors .great environment . I highly reccomend trying a class !

Review №27

A great place for beginners and advanced students. Instructors have a vast knowledge and are very friendly!

Review №28

This is the place to train BJJ in the Valley! The instructors are as good as they get. Kids classes are perfect for learning discipline and self control. The facility is top notch and teaches a variety of disciplines. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Bang Muay Thai. Highly recommended!

Review №29

Awesome Professor, Awesome students, Awesome environment to be in.

Review №30

Great place to learn, I came in from out of town and needed a p;ace to train, they made me feel right at home!

Review №31

Great BJJ/Wrestling/Kickboxing School. Awesome coaches and Facility. Highly Recommend for Adults and Children

Review №32

Great instruction, coaching, facility, and super supportive environment. Classes for kids thru adults, from beginner to advanced, this place is a huge benefit to the Valley!

Review №33

I started attending Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes regularly (2-3 days a week) in June 2018. My reasons were primarily fitness, interest in martial arts and self-defense. Most classes are 90 minutes and include stretching, warm-ups, drilling techniques and rolling. My cardio has never been better and Ive learned a lot about the fundamentals of BJJ.The quality of people who attend this gym are top notch. Classes are big enough to always have quality training partners but small enough to get individualized instruction and ask questions when needed. The instructors are professional, personable and approachable.I think that Pioneer Grappling is the best BJJ school in the valley. I have been very happy here and plan to continue classes. If you are considering trying out BJJ this is a great place to do it.

Review №34

Pioneer Grappling Academy is a great gym! My daughter has enjoyed all 3, Wrestling, Brazilian JiuJitsu and Bang Muay Thai. The coaches are amazing!

Review №35

Top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai!

Review №36

Ive been training with paul the head coach of pioneer grappling. Hes the one that got me involved in jiu-jistsu and is always making time to train me. I dont have the pleasure to train at pioneer grappling full time because I live in another town but me and paul work together and hes always going out of his way to help better me. But if I lived in the valley no doubt in my mind thats where I would go to get the best training and when ever im in the valley and have time I stop by because its amazing. Very family oriented and everyone there helps each other to get better as a team.

Review №37

Great place to train for beginners all the way through to advanced students.

Review №38

Super friendly gym for an extremely green beginner. Jiu jitsu can be intimidating but they were fantastic and very willing to teach and work with you.

Review №39

Best school is Alaska to learn Gracie Brazilian jiu-jitsu . Solid fundamentals classes

Review №40

Great place to train! Good people!

Review №41

Great place to train!! Outstanding coaches.

Review №42

Great gym for kickboxing and Bjj from beginner to advanced.

Review №43

Most qualified instruction in the valley for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and wresting

Review №44

Very friendly people, great instruction, and great facility.

Review №45

Awesome gym for all your Grappling needs

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  • Address:1755 N Golden Hills Dr building 4, Palmer, AK 99645, United States
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  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
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