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9191 E Frontage Rd #2, Palmer, AK 99645, United States

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Do not listen to the negative reviews, the discipline handed out is justified and not out of line. If you want your kids to learn a skill, this is your place. I witnessed a firm but caring approach with my children, they were corrected when they stepped out of line and built up when they excelled.I witnessed a clean Dojang, with an area for kids to do homework and a CCTV to watch practice.We also used the after school program, and found it to be amazing. Our child was picked up from school by a safe means of transportation, given an area to work on school work and a lesson each day. I found great value in this program and hope we can continue very soon.

Review №2

My son who is now 12 has been attending Chungs for the past 6 years and is now a junior black belt (black belt candidate). I took classes for about 6 months when he first started but then I changed jobs and got too busy to continue - I only made it to green belt. Master Ron and his family that run the school are friendly and honest about their expectations. Master Ron expects everybody to hold to the tenets of Tae Kwon Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.During one of our first classes, Master Ron had to discipline my son for goofing off during class. He did raise his voice and got right in my sons face about it. Later, during the same class when my son got something right, Master Ron put his arm around him and told him that he was now doing a good job. He is just as quick to praise good behavior as he is to discipline for bad. Which is exactly what our son needed at the time.If you (or your child) cant handle honest criticism and hard work to become a better person and athlete, then maybe Chungs isnt for you.Chungs Tae Kwon Do Institute has moved several times over the years (we started attending class at Master Rons house in his basement), but in their latest location they do have a CCTV system set up for parents to watch class from the waiting room/reception area. Master Ron has always allowed parents to observe classes whenever they choose since we started there.

Review №3

We have sent my 6 year old stepson to Chungs for more than a year now and we could not be more pleased. Not only have they provided after school care (with transportation to their Institute) but, they have also taught our son valuable skills. In a world where kids are no longer taught accountability, Chungs teaches kids how to be responsible for themselves and to show respect for their elders. Its so cute watching my son neatly fold up his uniform after class and take care of all of his things. If you want your children to grow up with a sense of responsibility and the ability to defend themselves then this is a fantastic program.

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I really enjoyed my Hapkido class at Chungs Tae Kwon Do. The instructors welcome all ages, all sizes and all levels - from very beginner to advanced. My instructor, Master Ron, was patient, respectful, and an excellent teacher, and my class consisted of teens and adults from 40-60. The school also teaches character development while they work on the physical forms and moves. I am also aware that Chungs has one of the most outstanding after school programs in the Matsu Valley. This is the best Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido offering I have found in the Matsu.

Review №5

Love attending Master Rons classes in Hap Ki Do. He is constantly offering support and meets personal needs to better ones self. There are cameras available for the public to watch the classes from a viewing area so that it doesnt disturb students. Always willing to help.

Review №6

We put our kids in a summer program. ABUSIVE, dirty, and unsafe best describe this facility and staff. They believe strongly in physical punishments and verbal putdowns. Something you will learn after you pay your money/tuition upfront...and there are no refunds! No cameras and no childcare license either! Hard lessons learned. We pulled our kids out. Do not take your kids there! I do not recommend!

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I saw him while he Yelled, shook and shamed my (sobbing) 6 years old special needs child in front of the classroom.

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