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4501 Abbott Dr, Omaha, NE 68110, United States

Review β„–1

Friendly and helpful staff.I flew into nebraska from Michigan. Only to have my ride fall through.I went to the thrifys rentals in the airport. They helped me get a great vehicle for my entire stay.Brand new car. 14 miles on it.Quality. β€οΈπŸ‘

Review β„–2

Rented a Car through Thrifty for a trip to North Carolina. We took a small Toll road that only mailed to the customer the toll charge (couldn’t pay online or cash) The total toll fee was $3.25. I received a bill from thrifty for $63.25It should be against the law to charge that! Please avoid

Review β„–3

DO NOT rent a car from this place. Bait and switch. I reserved an unlimited mileage car online and when I returned the car they charged me for the extra mileage. Said it was for only 200 miles per day. I called customer service and they confirmed it was unlimited mileage. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! Rip off and scam!!!

Review β„–4

They charged me anupgrade fee of $40 for a car I did not take. I realized that they upgraded my car because of the SUV’s and trucks they were letting me pick from.I immediately went back inside to the counter to let them know I didn’t want the upgrade I just wanted the small vehicle I originally booked ,the representative told me that he couldn’t change anything on the system since he had already processed everything the only way it would get fixed was by me leaving the building with the car I originally booked, so I left with the small car but I still got charged the $40 upgrade after returning the car. I have called at least 10 times I’ve been hung up on 2 times and all the other times all they did was set a call back from a supervisor that takes 24 hours to receive a call from and nobody calls back! 1 Representative said he can see on his end that I did take a small car and that they should be able to refund me the $40 but that a supervisor has to approve it first but nobody seems to know what to do and I can’t get this resolved.

Review β„–5

This is the worst car rental place ever! Management is terrible at returning calls. Rented a 7 seater and on the hottest day the AC stopped working. We lost our money that day having to park the car without being issued a replacement. Offered a replacement the next day which did not fit my family and luggage. Then had to return to switch again once they got another car that wouod fit us. We were asked if we filled the tank when our rental was not over yet and we were only swapping vehicles due to an inconvenience that should have been rectified days before. The trip is over and we are back at home and still havent heard back from Management about rectifying the lost day of the rental.

Review β„–6

We rented a car for less then 24 hours and got charged for 2 days. No response from customer service. Person at the counter very unfriendly and pushy about buying liability. Will never rent from Thrifty again. Terrible customer relations!

Review β„–7

Best price for a rental that we could find.

Review β„–8

Horrible experience. Advertised through Hotwire for unlimited mileage, ended up having to pay for additional mileage. Also charged for a credit check because I used a debit card. I have never had such a bad experience renting. Originally went with Thrifty at this location because of cheapest price. REGRET MY DECISION! Will never recommend this place and will stay away. So should you! Find somewhere else. Hidden fees galore.

Review β„–9

I will never rent a car from this place again they was going to charge me almost $995.00 for one week🀯😑I was in aweπŸ₯Ίbecause for that price I should’ve had a luxury vehicle and not a Mazda CX-5 I think that’s what it was;small SUV... I returned the car & went to enterprise & rented a car from 11/19/2020 until 12/21/2020 $960.00. With that being said I learned my lesson dealing with other companies outside of enterprise, let alone the fact hertz car rental is just as bad as thrifty..πŸ™„

Review β„–10

Best car rental in town

Review β„–11

Terrible return or call back response times, why have a voice mail if your NOT going to return those calls....very disappointed.

Review β„–12

I would give this place less than one star if I could. Charged me an upgrade without explaining that there would be a charge.I had done the wild card rental through hot wire which allows you to get a variety of cars for a low rate. You take what they have most of. Supply and demand.The young lady at the thrifty desk asked me if I want model x, model y, or a 4x4. Of course I asked for 4x4.There was no mention of an upgrade fee. On top of this, I was charged several other fees that were not on my quote.I tried to appeal my concerns with the owner of the location who was nice, but refused to acknowledge the mistake on the part of her staff.I will never use thrifty ever again.

Review β„–13

Due to a miscommunication they charged me for 2 days even though my reservation was only for 1 day and I only had the car for one day. I tried calling them repeatedly to get it fixed and they were not as responsive as I would have liked but they did eventually resolve the issue to my satisfaction.

Review β„–14

Website told me unlimited miles. You can’t take it more than one state away from the rental location. Wasted a lot of my time looking for a better rental company go to through.

Review β„–15

Gal that was working here was extremely nice when I had to get a rental. She hooked me up, explained everything and sent me in my way. Would highly recommend

Review β„–16

I rented a car August 25th and returned it August 30. My cost with taxes wad supposed to be $202, and they nearly doubled the rate without explaining why. The vehicle was filled up prior to return, and there was no damage.The branch told me that only their managet could assist, and the manager wasnt working.These are not honest people. Beware.

Review β„–17

This rental company is a sham if you are going to rent a car in Omaha or any city for that matter never go with Thrifty. I called there corporate number and they told me the franchisee is the one responsible for there policies so buyer beware. Also Hotwire is also to blame as well. I rented a car from here today and as very disappointed in the car and the service. Also Thrifty is owned by Hertz so buyer beware.

Review β„–18

This company is a giant scamThey didn’t have a vehicle ready for us upon arrival, though it was booked and we had a conformation number. They were unable to find it and it was a big ordeal and we had to start from scratch. Then we got a toll charge into the mail a month later and we never traveled a toll road and they already paid it and we owe them MORE money for that .

Review β„–19

Go anywhere but here, you will regret renting from Thrifty.Got talked into changing the primary driver by the Thrifty employee, then over charged for everything. Disputed the charges, was told that in the fine print on page 10 there is a clause voiding reservations in case of no shows which includes new primary drivers.

Review β„–20

My car was fine, but the customer service was poor. I turned my car in 1 hour late and they more than tripled my price for everything ($77 to $273) unbeknownst to me until I looked at the folded receipt that was quickly handed to me after being told to hurry and make the shuttle to the airport. Once I discovered the error I talked with staff at the airport and they were powerless to fix it, and rude. They told me to callback the next morning between 5-6am for a manager. WTH??? A 1hr time frame at those awful hours? So the next day, I call back and the manager cant even fix it. She brought it down but still overcharged me. So Then the owner of the.csr rental gets involved and adjusted it to the correct price. I wasted hours of my time to fix their mistake and requested they honor the original quote as a courtesy to my inconvenience. They denied it. Awful Service. I will never rent from then again. They do not support their customers.

Review β„–21

This is the WORST rental car company ever! 1st, they tried to overcharge me. 2nd, the rental agent at the desk was incredibly rude. She actually yelled at me as I walked away. Now 2 months later I catch them trying to charge my acct another $29.50. I left the car in pristine condition, I filled the tank 1 mile from the company and I did NOT go through any tolls. Of course, I called them to dispute these charges, but the manager wasnt in - SHOCKER. This company needs to be shut down.

Review β„–22

Thrifty is... no frills, borderline dishonest. I did not get a vehicle that was the same or even similar to the class i thought i was getting. Ill never rent from thrifty again. Not a complaint about this particular location, but the company in general

Review β„–23

I made a reservation...when I arrived the service was great.

Review β„–24

DEATH TRAP RENTAL! I had to get a tow for my rental when it snowed & the tires had absolutely no traction on the streets. Other cars were driving by me with no problems. The staff are powerless to deal with problems. All issues have to go through the owner who has no regard for her customers. When I returned the car early because it was un-drive able, they tried to charge me an extra $100. I was told they would take it off later and was expected to leave without the corrected receipt. How do you suppose that would have ended? As it was they should have given me my money back but I ended up paying thaw same as I would have for the entire three days because of their hourly fees. NEVER AGAIN WILL I RENT FROM THRIFTY/DOLLAR. YOU SHOULDNT EITHER IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE.

Review β„–25

If I could give this place less than 1 star I would. First, the rental associate was less than friendly and was almost upset that we were standing at the counter at 6 am when we had scheduled the reservation. Next, it was explained that because we were using a debit card, that a hold would be placed on our account. Do not believe this for one second. They do not place a hold on the account. They withdraw money from your account. It is gone. You may get it back upon returning the vehicle but it is taken out if your account. THIS IS NOT A HOLD. Our rental total was $279 and they made an $800 withdrawl from the account. I have read in other reviews that people have been overcharged for their rentals too, so Im expecting that next. We dont turn the car in for a few more days. THIS place is as SHADY as it gets. I reccomend using anyone but these clowns. I wouldnt use the DOLLAR counter either as it appears that they are also run by the same people. STAY AWAY from this agency if you want a good experience. THIS certainly isnt it.

Review β„–26

I was a little nervous about renting from Thrifty because of all the poor reviews. However, I had a good experience with them in Phoenix, AZ, so I decided to give them a try here as well. The worker (Brielle) who helped me was friendly and helpful (5 stars for her!). I asked lots of questions about the different charges, which led her to walk me through them, so I could decline all the extras. Also, when I mentioned I have AAA, she gave me a small discount for that. At the end of all that, the estimate I had been given when I made the reservation online matched the one that ended up getting charged to my account. Regarding the car, I had no problems with it. Note. With Thrifty, they sometimes require that you fill your car up with gas at a station within 10 miles of the return center (Keep the receipt!), and I found the Phillips 66 off of Abbott Dr worked perfectly for that. Based on my experience, I would be likely to rent from them again in the future.

Review β„–27

Would give negative stars if possible. Dont waste your time with the rude and stuck up employees that act like you are bothering them. The reservation phone line that is connected with SW is the corporate number. This location is a franchise and as told by the employee when I was checking in they do not have to recognize Thriftys corporate policies. I ended up going to Budget and they knocked it out of the park! So heres a big middle finger Thifty (franchise) Car suck.

Review β„–28

This place is trash. Dont rent from thrifty ever. I wish I could give less stars. They have idiots running the place.

Review β„–29

Would give zero stars if possible. Car was in terrible condition and we were charged a 90$ administrative fee for toll charges. Do not rent from this company.

Review β„–30

Great experience car worked great

Review β„–31

I wish I would of read the reviews before I rented. They overcharged me with a late fee even though I was early and charged me for a road side platinum service I didnt sign up for. To make it worse, Thifty corporate cant help, the people at the airport cant help unless they are a manager. So you have to keep calling back in order to get some help. Will never rent from again, DONT DO IT!

Review β„–32

HORRIBLE. got to ne and they were closed yet the other rental co were open. Then i get a vehicle that doesnt work.. broke down and they wouls not bring me another. Never ever will i use thrifty

Review β„–33

DO NOT forget to fill up before you drive in your rental car back in. They tell you to fill up before but they also say they can fill up if you forget. What they dont tell you is that their price of gas is 9.99/gallon. What a rip off. They guys wasnt friendly about it at all either.

Review β„–34

$250 security deposit is required if using Credit Card, using a Debit Card you have to pay a $350 security deposit plus have a credit check ran on you which you have to pay $15 for. Ive never had to pay security deposits or had my credit check ran on me to rent a car.

Review β„–35


Review β„–36

Terrible Terrible bad customer services and overcharge for no reason I hate it and I will never recommend this company to anyone Thrifty is not a good place for people who travel you cant take their cars in certain area in the states. I wish I never rent with them again.

Review β„–37

Shady sales assistant and terrible customer service. Long story short, was over charged and when I emailed customer service, only response was the location declined your refund. Thats it, no explanation

Review β„–38

AVOID THIS LOCATION ALL COSTS. Horrible customer service.

Review β„–39

Customer service was terribleThey changed me for gas I didnt use

Review β„–40

Amazing customer service

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