Personal Touch Car Wash
490 Foxon Blvd, New Haven, CT 06513, United States

Review №1

This was my first time at this one. Sue...the HR manager was there and she was very friendly and helpful. I got an oil change and the gentleman that helped me was very friendly and helpful...he also assisted me with getting a package for detailing the inside of my car. Excellent job!!! The inside of my car looks brand new. Everyone very friendly and helpful..10 stars in my book.

Review №2

Got a 25.00 car wash and the guy tell me I have to request for someone to clean my back window and do my doors, I tell the guys please clean the middle of my front and rear. They dont dry your tires before putting dressing on them. Someone needs to train them or lower your prices to 10.00 and you will have not complain because i believe you get what you pay for but not here. Three months later the same guy with the Beard is still there and has not clean my windows my last two washes and I’m on the monthly plan. I have informed management still refuse to do anything about it, why should I expect him to change his actions

Review №3

My car was totally scratched up. These are just some of the scratches. Personal Touch is not taking responsibility. If I had the option I would rate this as -20

Review №4

The car wash broke my luggage rack which they said they were not responsible for. I canceled my unlimited and it has been 6 months of them charging my account and no refunds the Manager Gio was nasty after my 5th visit and offer of free oil change ( 150.00 in unauthorized charges.) Do not use

Review №5

So Ive been there many times and its pretty okay. But today was probably the worst it wasnt even clean in my car. I dont know if the vacuum was broken or? I know one thing I would definitely not get their package deal if thats the way they wash their cars. Its unfortunate used to be a good place. As far as their customer service they are very polite and nice.

Review №6

Terrible. Spent $30 just to go home and revacuum and clean inside all over again.

Review №7

I usually go to Magic Hands in Milford because they always do a decent job but today was in a rush and waited in an even longer line for what I thought would be quicker and hoped it would be better....I was wrong. They are offering a great deal if u purchase a 25$ gift card u get a free platinum car wash. Only problem is that this car wash they did sucked times 10 and now I am stuck with a gift card to return to a place with horrible service. I asked when I pulled in about getting my middle counsel cleaned and was told to ask up front. When I asked up front I was told it wasnt included in my Platinum Wash and could not get it done!!!!THIS WAS THE ENTIRE REASON I CAME TO GET MY CAR WASHED!!!! ENTIRELY PISSED OFF 😠 and these pictures are not even all of my complaint. I get a better $5 Tuesday was at the Shell Then I just received.

Review №8

Extremely disappointed you can literally see even dirt that was never wiped off my car the cupholders were disgusting they had not been touched, the dashboard was not wiped off I did not expect that I expected better

Review №9

Very efficiently run, always a quality job, wont go any where else to get my car washed.

Review №10

Extremely expensive! they charge you for every single thing extra.All you want when you go to the car wash is to get a clean car, not to go bankrupt.If you want the interior done it needs to be with an appointment and they charge you detailing even for wiping the doors which is a pretty standard service when you go to a car wash.I walked out with $35 less in my pocket for a 10 min car wash and I still have a dirty car.Very disappointed!

Review №11

Ive been going to this location for years.....and Ive always loved the job they did cleaning the cars that Ive brought there. Excellent service!!!

Review №12

Poor job, super expensive and no hand wax on weekends. Sorry I live around here and always been the same. Branford Car wash and Express way better than this place is worth the couple extra drive miles. Plus Extreme work is 27.00 and voucher to go and wash your car again in 7 days. Plus the guys doing hand wax and tire detail are top notch

Review №13

Runs even better then before now that Giovanni runs it and Miguel best car wash highly recommend

Review №14

We Would like what we are paying for EVERY MONTH....Take more time to get the Job done Correctly Just would like better service.

Review №15

First and last time I go to this site. I did not like the service at all. I had to clean things that were not done.

Review №16

I absolutely love this place. The washes are quick and cheap only $1.00 a day. If your car is really dirty you have to get a cleaning service which are 50% off! They wipe and shine all of the plastics and seats for only $29. My husband brings his company trucks here. This is the place to go. They even opened up a second lane which basically has zero wait. You can even skip the line if you want the extreme wash.

Review №17

Good quality but a bit pricey for the cheapest exterior only wash ($14). I also noticed one employee going into customers’ cars to vacuum with their mask under their chin.

Review №18

Car comes out nice and clean

Review №19

I brought my car there for a oil change do did not even put oil in it not only that he expect me to bring it back so he can mess my car up more I do not do not get anything done their car wash oil change nothing I promise you they will mesh your vehicle up

Review №20

Very friendly staff.The ladies at the reception are particularly nice. My toddler showed some interest in a balloon they had on the wall. The lady asked me if he wanted it and ripped it off the wall and gave it to him before I could even answer.2 days later and hes still a very happy boy playing with that balloon.

Review №21

They never showed me the dipstick after they did the oil change so I can only have faith that they actually did it even though the next day my engine light came on everyone in the place speak Spanish and only speak English if youre talking to them. When youre in a open area thats retail you should be talking English thats why you were in America

Review №22

I always go here for a good car wash

Review №23

Wonderful service, the sales people are friendly, the employees are hard working. I can see a great change in upper management. It does not seem like an easy job, but they do wonders to your car! I give them a lot of credit, it is cold out. Best place in town.

Review №24

We ordered the Platinum Plus which is the highest Car Wash service they offer for almost $32.00. We have a midsize SUV and they did a lousy job cleaning it both inside and out. The floor mats were vacuumed but still had pet hair on them, the dashboard was not even wiped down, there was still stuff on our outside windows, and the rims of the vehicle were absolutely filthy! Such a complete waste of time and money, we will not return ever!!!

Review №25

I have been a customer for over 4 years and had no complaints. I own 3 cars and the service always been exelent. They sure have a power of a military tank. In winter and extremely hot weather they get the job done. Keep up the team work Personal Touch. Is bringing more brightness to New Haven.

Review №26

STAY AWAYOn Saturday I entered this car wash around 10:00am. I accidentally left my Apple Watch on the passenger seat as I was planning on going to the gym following the car wash. Upon arriving at the gym I realized my watch had been STOLEN out of my car. I have been going to this establishment for years and never thought they would actually steal from their customers. Shame on me. I am far from naive but rather trusting. Big Mistake. I am completely devastated as my children purchased this watch for me and is irreplaceable. I will make sure I share my experience on as many social media platforms as I can and tell everyone I know to avoid this car wash!!!!

Review №27

Typically they are always on point from the greeters to the management staff. Brianna the manager is awesome! Lately though it seems that the attention to detail has gone down hill. There was some trash on my floor last time that they picked up & put it on the seat, the people working on the other end that clean the windows on the vehicle had dirty feet which made the floor mats dirty again.This morning I arrived early at 7:50am for the 8am opening. At 8:25am they finally came out & said the wash was not working & that they were sorry. If i was able to leave I would have but I was blocked in. Im starting to reconsider my monthly membership.As I said, the only reason I would consider leaving is attention to detail. Little things like that go along way.

Review №28

Nicely organized and operated, $47/m for unlimited washes and tire shines, and they hand dry too??? Ill keep coming

Review №29

Decent wash decent place decent price

Review №30

They need to work on whipping down the dash an console. Didnt happen. I had the platinum wash. 27 dollars.

Review №31

Nice location and pretty good job on car always go there

Review №32

Those guys work hard

Review №33

Normally I can give them 5 stars, although, understandably during this pandemic, they didnt clean the inside of my vehicle, just the exterior after my oil change. Otherwise, very good.

Review №34

Great place clean and great people

Review №35

Used to be the best car wash around, now it’s absolutely the worst. New employees don’t care about the quality of their job. THEY TOOK THE TRASH OFF MY FLOOR AND PUT IT ON THE BACKSEAT.

Review №36

DO NOT GO HERE!! Saturday morning my mother went to this car wash. She left her Apple Watch on the front seat while her car went through the wash (being a trusting person.) When she got to the gym after leaving the car wash she realized her Apple Watch was no longer on the seat and it had been stolen by someone at this car wash. She called them the second she realized it was gone but no one was helpful in resolving the situation. We will be cancelling our monthly membership. Do yourself a service and don’t even risk going here. There’s plenty of car washes on this road who do a much better job anyways and you stay in your car the whole time.

Review №37

Months back I cancelled my membership because, for months, Id watch the staff who vacuum your car barely vacuum and/or skip the trunk completely. Id literally get in my car and feel like Id never had it cleaned. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and signed back up. Worse than ever!!! New staff constantly, the wait is horrendous, may as well say they dont even vacuum, have watched them not even attempt to windex my windows, leave the plastic on my back wiper, never leave with a dry car, and yesterday, my car came out with a cracked/broken stock rain guard on the drivers side. Was told Brianna would call me within the hour. As imagined, she never called. I get its cold, but when I stick the tip in the tip box every time Im there, it is to compensate for their service! Ive been going her for 20 years. Not 10, not 15, literally 20 years and this is the worst its been EVER!!! Used to see the owner there way back and business was superb. Like everything, they get too, too big and the service goes down hill.

Review №38

They did a great job and my car looked amazing!

Review №39

They used to do a great job. Not anymore. They rush. They didn’t do a good job vacuuming and dusting the interior

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Review №41

I brought my truck in to get cleaned today. The service was phenomenal, the manager gave me a great price on my truck. The best part was she got my truck done without an appointment. Five star service. Thanks Bryana. Highly recommended!

Review №42

Affordable oil change and 🚗 🚘 wash

Review №43

Very good service, friendly staff. They are very responsible. The unlimited packages are very affordable and are totally worth it!

Review №44

Everything you need to have a shiny, well-oiled ride. Had many oil changes and basic maintenance with no fuss or issues. Car wash is effective and comprehensive. Subscription service (unlimited washes for flat monthly fee) is definitely good value if you use it more than 2X monthly. Can be a bit of a wait on sunny weekends and after snowstorms. Free coffee.

Review №45

This was a fantastic car wash. Something has changed in the last 6 months. A lot of new faces. You used be able to get in and out in 15 minutes. It seems like no one is in a hurry to do anything including vacuuming your car. Contemplating canceling my monthly pass. Its like push me Im coming.

Review №46

Damn I was looking this place up again to see about returning. But after reading the reviews I think it’s best I don’t. I received an oil change from here around December 27 I don’t have the receipt in front of me. But two weeks later my car stalls. And the oil light is on. I have a 2012 Toyota RAV4 that I have had fro 3 months. Purchased it from a Toyota dealership the car only has 50,000 miles on it. The car is now leaking oil. After reading these post I wonder if they damaged my drain plug or something else

Review №47

Place used to be great, get in get out but now theyre taking much longer to clean the cars. they still do a good job it just takes too long to bring your car there on a Saturday or Sunday.

Review №48

Awesome job and fast service...

Review №49

Excellent price is more than fair and they do a very good job

Review №50

Worst customer service experience ever. I came for an oil change and was quoted a 30 minute wait. I ended up being there 3 hours. I assumed that I would at least get the free car wash as advertised, but I had to argue with several employees to even get that. I asked if I could speak to a manager, but was told that they didn’t have one... Don’t go here if you value your nerves or your time.

Review №51

Carwash: Now sure what happened here but they drove this place into the ground. Went from the best to the worst. Everytime I think it cant get any worse it does. Now its to the point where I will try to avoid coming back.

Review №52

Im upset at myself that I didnt join this place 2 years ago when I moved to East Haven. Very organized, very professional. Service is top notch. Keep up the great work!

Review №53

Very comfortable waiting room with free wifi you can watch your car getting cleaned or relax in their seating area. Its nice and cool with comfortable seats even a massage chair.

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Review №55

Paid for PLATINUM package $28.00.0 armoral tires. Didnt even wipe down the dashboard with the towel. Branford Car Wash does it all for $24.00 Never coming back.

Review №56

They do a terrible job. There is no supervision of the staff. My car goes in dirty and it comes out dirty. On the outside of the car if the water pressure does not take it out the dirt, your are going home with the same dirt you came with.

Review №57

This place has really gone downhill

Review №58

Ive been here for oil changes and car washes since they opened years ago. They still have a high standard of personal service, reasonable prices, unpleasant staff. if youre really concerned about keeping your car clean, they have a deal where you can for a set fee wash your car every day of the month. Their prices for detailing and other special projects are competitive

Review №59

This place will have your ride shinning like a diamond.

Review №60

Went here to get an oil change it was very busy so I expected to wait. After waiting for 2 hours and watching all the cars that was there before me go in and come out it was finally my turn. So I thought. When the mechanic came out to get the next car he walked right pass my car and went to a vehicle that came in well after i did. I went to him and asked why is this car going before me? His answer was its on the list before you so I asked hiw is that possible when i came in at least 25 minutes before he did.? His response I dont know i just follow the list. I told him well your list is wrong and someone here needs to fix this system because it is very flawed. The customer who was being placed before me admitted he got there after me and they still wanted me to wait. It wasnr until I got in my car to leave that they decided to take my car in. I refused and left I couldnt trust that they would do the right thing after me calling them out on their BS.

Review №61

They have a little wait when you got to their wash, but its worth it, your car is handled with care, if any problems are noticed beforehand they explain it to you in full detail before work is done. I only had one problem is why Im giving 4 stars, there wasnt to many who handled the cleaning of the cars that understood me when I had something to say.

Review №62

I had to very car vacuumed 3x and it still wasnt fully cleaned. But windshield inside was halfway cleaned. I will never go here again. However, the staff was pleasant and friendly.

Review №63

I being going there,but month ago everything change new staff all the time plus new management is very sad very poor costumer service to much hang out at work no professional work environment to they never have a answer they always said the store manager are not in today she will call the next day they never have a answer when you need a manager they never have a respond even if the shift manager are on his shift that guy is not professional and no idea what he doing i think this place need help with the staff .i think the new owner need to work in this situation because that manager named brianna have to much games in there.need new staff in this location ..its my opinion need more responsible people to work like a management .

Review №64

Best detailer in the Tri-State area! Detail is EXACTLY the word to use as they didnt even leave the smallest pebble in the tire treads!

Review №65

Excellent car wash. Not bad quick lube service either! Very responsible Sibley crew. Very hard working and humble employees that provide excellent service!

Review №66

I’m extremely grateful to the manager Brianna and her amazing staff. They make me & my car feel like Queens!!

Review №67

Used to be a great carwash went down hill fast

Review №68

Good and reasonable car wash. They always try to upsell but thats your choice

Review №69

Great service and Christmas specials. The entrance and exit layouts are very poor and confusing.

Review №70

Been going there since it opened. I always get the Platinum Plus Full with the mats cleaned.Today I got my usual wash and my dash was left dusty. I inquired at the desk if the workers still wiped down the dash. I was told that had never been a policy although it had been done on my vehicles since the place had been opened. The cashier offered to have an attendant wipe down the dash but I said Id do it myself. The mats were wet and slippery. The place isnt as good as it was.

Review №71

Would not recommend to bring your car here for a wash. In my experience I thought it was great at first, but then new staff workers came in. The staff members were the people who vacuum and brush down the wheels and fender wells and the grille. I watched one of the workers take the brush that was sitting on the ground with used soap and water and other grime and particularly from other cars. The employee washed my rims with it it ruined them by scraping and scratching my rims. After seeing that all of my rims had scratches and scuffs on it. I brought it up to the front desk and they did not want nothing to do with this at all and they totally ruined my truck. Would not recommend this car wash at all.

Review №72

Not a very good experienceThe inside of car just ok and a lot of bird pokey still left on mirrors. Also missing from inside of vehicle was MY window cleaner and half roll of towel paperGave lowest rating possibleDo not recommend and Wont be going there ever again. Also 21.00 down the drain

Review №73

Waited about 30 minutes before my car was brought in for oil change. They never asked me which oil change plan I wanted. Stupid me didnt realize that util after it was done. Need to update their waiting list technique for cars waiting to get oil change.

Review №74

Been here twice now, and both times theyve messed up my drain plug and vehemently denied causing the damage and insisting on this is the way the drain plug came in. I do my own work, and I know when I changed my oil last the drain plug was perfect and the rubber oring was in place. Thusly, the shop also seems to have an issue with accountability and responsibility, they told another gentlemen today his antenna was a little to long and if anything happens to it in the car wash- its not their fault. The same thing with my cargo carrier- if anything happens to it its not their fault. As a professional establishment one would think they could work around these things. I do realize these are small issues, but a place that cares about their customers and the quality of service would work around them. This place does not, and in general seems shady. I will forever tell everyone and anyone I know to avoid this place- at all costs. Its overpriced, the work is not great, head mechanic/management is shady and all in all I cannot be more dissatisfied.As an edit: I also distinctly remember hearing someone (a mechanic) mashing the throttle on my car from inside the customer lounge. I know this because I have a very audible exhaust system. As a car guy if theyd asked I wouldve be fine with it but under NO circumstances should they ever do something without speaking with the owner. They did not ask permission and I take that as disrespect. Also, when I went to go get rung out at the register the head mechanic put in the system that it was a regular oil change, when Id asked for a high mileage package. He then corrected the price but now I am left in the dark as to if theyd actually put in the correct oil. As shady as the head mechanic acted already I dont know if I could take his word. So I paid and left it at that (On today (1-13-18 a man by the name of Angel was the head mechanic on the job)). This serves as a lesson- if you want something done right the first time round, do it yourself.

Review №75

Things start disappearing in your car when you take it to get washed. My parents called them right away and said someone took my dads expensive glasses and they denied ANYONE would steal there. When they literally just washed their car there. Cant leave personal belongings. Also their cleaning SUCKS. They do a very sloppy job. They need more people to care.

Review №76

I had a wonderful experience with Personal Touch Car Wash. The manger Mike Pervis was very helpful and kind. He supervised my car wash and his employees did an outstanding job cleaning the interior of my car. I highly recommend Personal Touch, even though it is a bit out of my way, it is worth the time and trip. I will never patron the car wash in Branford again. Personal Touch will always have my business

Review №77

I love this place..I been having a monthly pass for 2years now.its well Worth every penny.. Great staff and Great Service..And the manager Mike is a great respectable person.!!

Review №78

I got a simple wash. I asked them to pay particular attention to the rims to get rid of brake dust. I had to wipe many areas that were missed.

Review №79

Ive only had my car washed here, so I cant comment on the repairs, but sometimes theyre good other times not so much.The key is to go when there isnt a million cars lined up and waiting. If there is, they do a half-a** job on the interior and drying at the end, to quick rush as many cars through as possible. If there isnt a ton of people waiting they do a good job.The two problems Ive had are I always order the top of the line wash with the rainbow foam at the end. Had I not been watching once I wouldnt have noticed there was no rainbow foam and thus I didnt get what I paid for. They redid it correctly without much hassle. A few times Ive had to remind them to put dressing on the tires, and they want to see my receipt (God forbid they give away 20 cents of tire dressing), so I have to dig it out then they get uppity and do a half-a** job applying it. When busy, Ive also observed them not washing all the interior windows, especially the rear. So I have to remind them. And I usually tip well so its not like Im a cheapskate.I pretty much have started washing my car, at home, but if it needs it and theyre dead Ill get it done here. 10 cars waiting for a wash? Nope. Move on.Oh one other annoyance, is they like to change the radio station, and if it were a case of it changing while cleaning and bumping the knob (always tuned perfectly to another station) then they should turn it off first.

Review №80

Great service. Ive used for well over a year now. Im super pleased

Review №81

They clean my carpet and car so fast. At the end they hand wipe down my car which I love to tip for.

Review №82

I have been going here for 18 years , Now they charge to clean out the mats , One guy said 3 dollars another said 5 dollars . The frustrating thing is i paid $28.95 for car wash , which then i had to get their rags to continue cleaning my car in their parking lot . I noticed several customers doing the same thing . Does not say a lot of good things about their cleaning. I then went home and cleaned the glass and the dust on the interior . They didnt even wipe the console , still had all the coffee stains . this has happened several times . why do i continue to go there ? Maybe because i am loyal to a fault . However for almost $30.00 i think i can find someone that cares about how their customers cars gets cleaned . I used to go out of my way to patronize them , not any longer. I even tipped them . stupid me !I did notice most of the people have turned over ,

Review №83

They will take care and clean your car the right away

Review №84

Very poor experience. Went to get an oil change, waited for over an hour and as soon as I leave the lot my car starts making this rattling noise. A noise that I have never heard prior to even getting my oil change. I brought the car back and the guys made up these bogus excuses as to why my car sounds like a power drill. Now my check engine light is on. I will never come back here ever again.

Review №85

Great place but I wish they did a better job at whipping the dashebords down

Review №86

The staff at personal touch do a great job of making sure that each vehicle is treated with care as if it belonged to them.

Review №87

My wife Took her car there and you wouldnt even believe that she took it to the carwash. The outside came out OK but the inside was terrible. I called and the Reception said we dont wipe the dash. Just vacum. Now i dont expect you to give it a detail but come on for your platinum package to leave the inside that dirty is ridiculous.

Review №88

The new owners are ruining what used to be the best carwash around. I have had a membership, and my husband, and my parents for a long time. We have all canceled them. Mine I finally did today. I got a giftcard for a detailing job and scheduled it this morning. My 5 yo could have cleaned better. Dust and dirt everywhere. Windows filthy. Didnt even bother to pick up the rugs to vacuum under them. Rearview mirror still was all smudged. Corners and crevices left completely untouched. My husband came home with my car and I was appalled and promptly returned to get my money back. Their explanation: the blowers werent working so they did the best they could..... what does that even mean? So you try to take money from people for a service you arent capable of providing????? Get a rag and st least try, damn. How about some windex??? Terrible. And the actual car wash doesnt work either. I paid $50/month (thats for one car) and the actual carwash machine hasnt worked properly in a month. My car comes out still dirty each time. and they no longer put the tire cleaning stuff on before it goes thru the wash. What a joke this place turned into. Dont waste your time or your money the anymore. Sad because it used to be the best.

Review №89

Who is working in the oil changing section they dont know how to treat the customer its too bad..

Review №90

I read a previous review that said the people here should be ashamed of their work and I most certainly couldn’t agree more. It’s terrible. I paid for the premium plus service which is around $31 and when they finished I just hopped in my car and left but as I’m driving I notice smears on my windshield still. I was confused but I just let it pass. Then I got home and get out and realize wow my tires have no shine on them which compelled me to look more and then I noticed my back seat carpets were still filthy, and all my windows still had some smears on them. Horrible work. I called immediately and they apologized and asked if I’d like to come back and get it done and I said no, I live 15 mins away and I don’t want to travel for bad service even if it was 2 mins, I’d just like a refund. I was told no about three times by a female manager before I had to express how unsatisfactory this was and then was told ok I’ll get the refund. When I said ok I’ll be right there the manager says “oh you can travel 15mins for a refund but not a few wash?” How snarky and rude was that. Safe to say I won’t be visiting there ever again lol

Review №91

Please if you. Area out your. Ardo not ring your car here worst experience of my life amdthey should be embarrassed about the work they do

Review №92

This place was once the best car wash in New Haven County , its slipped a bit and the prices have risen. Still a decent car wash though

Review №93

I waited for 2-3 hours, good service though

Review №94

Good service

Review №95

I feel like they are not being honest with prices of their services. But car wash is great.

Review №96

Waited an hour for an oil change and they ripped the threads on my oil plug... Never going back to this place. If I could give them a half star I would.

Review №97

Good for what I paid for but I wish they had the pricing a little more simple

Review №98

8/1: Yesterday, I sent my son to have my Durango detailed. The third row was not vacuumed or the seats washed. The carpet behind the seats were not vacuumed either. The passengers doors were not cleaned nor was one of the seats or the area in between the seats in the second row. The area between the driver and front passenger door were not vacuumed. And the mats were still sudsy after 3hrs. I have been calling Personal Touch since I got home from work last night. The phone has not been answered. I atarted calling again at 9am this morning and mo one answers the phone. I paid 95$ for a carpet shampoo and interior super clean. I am posting bc like everyone else I work and do not have time to be calling a place of business that does not answer their phones. They are closed by the time i get out of work. So I cannot complain in person or over the phone. I have had my truck detailed there in past and was very satisfied. I wish I looked up the reviews before I went back.8/2: Last night when I got home from work my son said the Durango smells funny...well its called musty....I to leave my windows open to try to dry out the rugs and mats and its suppose to word from Personal Touch still!

Review №99

Trust these guy and girls for my oil changes. Excellent service and car wash.

Review №100

Not good. Bought monthly service. After an accident with my car that required 2 weeeks to repair was refused a wash on the rental and told that people try all the time to get washes free on vehicles other than the one signed up. Was told this in front of others and the insinuation that I was trying to be dishonest was improper and disrespectful . Asked to have owner call me. Provided my #. No call . Not surprised. Would never recommend. Your customer service but when given an oppty to provide it they failed horribly.

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