Sears Appliance Repair
800 Sunrise Mall, Massapequa, NY 11758, United States

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The serviceman (Josh) I believe was on time courteous and knowledgeable . He fixed problem within 30 minutes and was gone. However the 30 minutes with no parts cost over $300 and I thought that it was exorbitant, I believe that knowing the price prior to receiving the bill would ease the shock and or have me look for an more economical service company. The offering a %50 discount if I was to enroll into the sears appliance protection program at $49 an month was also a tell tale of an overcharged bill. I wont be so eager to use Sears anymore because of the manner they do business

Review №2

This is the worst business I have ever dealt with. They are unprofessional, irresponsible and they are way overpriced. Do yourself a favor and call someone else. I threw the repair person out. I am sorry I had to give them a 1.

Review №3

Usually really good. The service tech (Hector) was great. On time, friendly, explained everything. But $400 to replace a bad timer (a 10 minute job - I checked on YouTube)). Ridiculous. I could buy a completely new dryer for $500. They do that to try and make you buy the extended warranty. I politely said no thank you, bought the part online for $50 and installed it myself in under 15 minutes. Shouldve checked YouTube before blowing $125 on a 5 minute service call. Suggest you do the same.

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Review №5

A little expensive, but they know their stuff and fixed my problem first time out.

Review №6

The service and service man could not be anymore efficient, thoughtful, and competent. I would recommend these services anytime or anywhere. Worth the money for warranty and maintenance services

Review №7

Sears sent technician Johnny Lopez to fix my washing machine. He was wonderful. Spent about an hour installing a new part and it works perfectly. He was friendly, knowledgeable and polite, and showed up on time. I will ask for him should I have any other need for service. Hes a gem!

Review №8

Excellent service from Premier sub contractor for Sears

Review №9

The customer service agent was very professional. He took the time to explain everything that he was doing. The repair was very expensive. $1,100 to replace a generator for my fridge. He offered me the Sears protection plan and it dropped my payment down to $655 plus the registration for the plan.

Review №10

Scheduling the repair was quick and easy. My repairman was knowledgeable and professional. The diagnosis of the problem was done promptly and correctly. The part was mailed to me on a fast track basis and the installation was done the very next day, thanks to Arlene in scheduling. I feel the prices were fair and the work done properly. I always call Sears as Sears is the most dependable. They know what they are doing?

Review №11

Not very happy, almost a month & my range , it not been fixed.Every time is something different, this time Sears have disappointed me.Every time I call lately, can’t resolve nothing. Last time the technician came,I can’t use the burners at all because another problem came up.Almost a week, I can’t cook. & it may be a couple of more days. Where did that leave meAnd I should not be upset. Really!!!!

Review №12

Once again, I got my favorite repair man ever. His name is Johnny Lopez and he is amazing at fixing my machines. He knows his stuff!! And he is pleasant and kind.

Review №13

Repair man was very knowledgeable and knew what was the problen and he explained to me what he needed to do and he had the part and it was fixed one to three. thank you so much.

Review №14

Timing from phone call request for service date was excellent.The technician was extremely courteous, professional and has a great ability to connect with the homeowner.

Review №15

From my father, Brendan: dryer repair was done well and we have had no problems since!

Review №16

The repair man was very nice and competent. However, Sears scheduling needs a lot to be desired. The issue was with my gas burner. We didnt have heat in the house for all of November and part of December. If it wasnt for my wood stove, my wife and kids would have froze.

Review №17

THE WORST! My dryer broke Sunday, they couldnt come until Thursday. They cancelled. So Saturday a tech shows up, amazing lady, tells us how to fix it ourselves (despite still being charged a pretty hefty service fee) and it didnt work. So they promise theyll be back later that day (Saturday.) They never showed. So they promised theyd be there Sunday, never showed. Then gave us an appointment 2 weeks later, we argued and they gave us one that Thursday. Finally the same amazing tech came back and fixed the issue.I wrote a review about this 2 weeks ago and heard NOTHING. Bottom line, techs are great, dispatch/scheduling for repairs are THE WORST.

Review №18

Sears almost entirely rebuilt my front loading washer. Two men ordered about eight boxes of parts and replaced almost everything. Thank goodness I had a service contract because the parts alone listed for over $1,500. The machine is as good as new. My only complaint is that they left all the old parts and boxes in the basement by the machine instead of removing them, or at least putting them in the garbage.

Review №19

Excellent, expert service. Service technician very knowledgeable and customer friendly.

Review №20

Upon using it a few days later, discovered that the incline mechanism didnt work. He was here for two hours and I would think that part of the diagnostics before leaving would have included running it and checking that it inclined properly.

Review №21

They came on time, diagnosed the problem, and as usual, Sears did a very good job as they have for years. This says a lot in a day and age where customer service is an issue across the board. Their service contracts are a bit more pricey than competitors, some are good, other not good at all, but Sears as they have for many years delivers. What I like most is not only the prompt and professional service, but the assurance that if a part is not available that you will get a comparable replacement. I do not write reviews that often, and I consider myself a tough judge, but I will say I appreciate the service Sears gives. Thank you.

Review №22

The service people were professional and personable. They came during the time frame and worked efficiently. My problem was the length of time (3 weeks) that it took for the service appointment, then an additional 2 weeks to receive and install the required part. This even though Sears was given the problem code at the time of the initial call and had advised that the problem was with the oven control panel. Not having a replacement part on the initial service call and having to be without use of an oven for 5 weeks is problematic.

Review №23

The Service itself is way to slow had to wait 2 weeks for a appointment, so had no clothes dryer for 2 weeks and when you are paying for insurance thats to long to wait, you should fix this.The Service Tech was amazing went above and beyond what needed to be repaired and serviced our washer while he was there just simply over delivered, outstanding,So the Service itself 1 star it needs fixing 2-weeks is to long,The Tech gets 5 Stars perfect job.

Review №24

This time around, workers from Square One Service, a sub-contractor of Sears, did the service on my washer (Whirlpool Model WFC7500VW1). I have had many problems overall with this machine since the day I bought it (mostly with the door lock and clean washer cycle). Ive also had may service people from A & E Service try to resolve those issues. But the issues remained. Finally, a technician from A and E actually took the time to trouble shoot, problem solve, and analyze the door lock problem and realized all along that this model had a design flaw with the button not properly making contact with the door and fixed it with a simple application of a felt pad to push the button in. Since then the machine has started every time and occasionally, I need to change the felt pad when it wears down. As for the clean wash cycle, he said that this was a general problem with this model and to use the quick wash cycle (without laundry) to clean the machine. My newest problem was that the drum was not spinning efficiently and the clothes were coming out soaking wet and heavy. I thought it needed a new belt. However, this time, when the worker from Square One arrived, he realized that even though the drum turned, the motor had been bad or defective all along and that that was the source of not only the problem but why some of the cycles werent working. The motor and (for safe measure) the belt were replaced and now the machine is not only much quieter, the clothes come out better than ever AND the clean washer cycle is working (at least for now). This man, George, from Square One was such a pleasure to work with because he really knew his stuff (and my machine). I loved my experience with that tech who finally discovered the models design flaw. Nevertheless, this time around, I really loved my experience and would highly recommend using the Square One Service and George.

Review №25

Very professional and pleasant. Careful and neat. The gentleman provided helpful facts and information regarding my dishwasher. Completely satisfied

Review №26

I was told the repair person would be here between 8 and 6. I chatted on line and I was told between 9 and 11. At 2 I chatted again and I was told he wasvfin9shed and would be there in 30 minutes. When I vhatted again I was told between 5 and 6. It took exactly 5 minutes when he arriced. I am not sure if the flames were supposed to be adjusted to blue but he was finished and out.

Review №27

Great service. they fixed fridge in 10 minutes!! Guy knew just what to do and didnt waste time

Review №28

After two service repair visits my microwave still does not work. We are now going on a third. We work also......which means one of us must be home so the repair person can work on the microwave. I do believe this will be the last appliance we will purchase from Sears!

Review №29

Dealing with Sears has been one of the worst customer service experiences that I have ever had. I will NEVER purchase another thing from them. It took just about 2 months, 4 visits, countless of phone calls to Sears Customer Service, Sears Resolution Department, their third party provider - Harp Home, and the Sears Store, to get a simple drain pump installed in our washing machine. The repair itself took less than 15 minutes. NO ONE ever cared and when they did, everyone was sorry but there was nothing anyone could do to help. We were hung up on, or the phone call was disconnected. After being disconnected from someone who was helping - a return call was never made. The inconvenience that this has caused, staying home from work twice for no reason, the weekly trips to the laundry mat, who paid for that?? I thought this is why we purchased the protection plan. When I asked for a new machine, we were told we didnt qualify however, the qualifications kept changing. Where are the customers rights??? In the last 3 years, I purchased 6 appliances from Sears and spent over $6000. Five of the appliances have needed repair, the only item that was fixed promptly, was the refrigerator, which was not on extended warranty. A service company came in, fixed it, and we paid for the repair within 1 visit. How is it that the extended warranty work was not treated the same way? The stove took four visits, eight weeks and fifteen phone calls before it was fixed. The dishwasher, two visits, and let me just say the microwave is staying broke. That is disgraceful. How is this even legal? I vow to not ever deal with or give Sears another penny of our hard earned money. Not only will I never purchase another item from Sears, I am making sure that anyone that I know, my children, my family, friends and colleagues know what happened and how we were treated by this company. It is a real shame, I have been a loyal customer of Sears for as long as I can remember. Any large purchase was always made there. Not anymore, Not ever again.

Review №30

Serviceman called and let us know he was on way. He did show at appointed time. repair went well. He explained precisely what was wrong. Made repair in a timely manner. I would recommend this service.

Review №31

The tech came in the time span allocated on time, was professional, found the problem in minutes and fixed it.

Review №32

Outstanding service in the convenience of your home. On time, professional and polite, the tech identified the problem, the price was fair and the deal was done. Call them!

Review №33

The repairman for the service on my clothes dryer, was very knowledgeable, personable. He got the job done efficiently. I am completely satisfied!

Review №34

Sears Elite 30 cubic refrigerator 74052.This refrigerator has failed several times in the past 4 years.twice the main operating board has been changed. Currently the condenser and compressor need to be changed. We are waiting for a decision about a replacement. We havent had a working refrigerator for a month. Finally after five weeks without a refrigerator the compressor was changed. This refrigerator has had so many major components changed in 4 years it is a disgrace for sears for not replacing our refrigerator with a new one .compressor and capacitor was changed and refrigerator failed again. The technician came and deemed refrigerator unrepairable. He didnt take pictures so we had to wait an additional week for another tech to take video/ pictures. He also deemed refrigerator unrepairable .Now we are waiting a week already to find out how much Sears is going to allow us for a replacement refrigerator. I explained to every Sears operator that I dont have a working refrigerator and they keep telling me we have to follow the process Im sorry you dont have a refrigerator. When the process is complete they will let me know. Be very careful purchasing any appliances from Sears.

Review №35

The service man shiwed up on time. He was friendly, courteous, and seemed knowledgeable.Unfortunately, the problem that I had been experiencing with my GE stove did not occur during his visit, so there was nothing he could do for me.

Review №36

I have finally encountered a service tech that was knowledgeable and had a full understanding of my washer he was repairing. This problem I had has been occurring for almost a year now and I am hoping that this repair lasts and solves the problem permanently.

Review №37

Danny did a great job. I would never have been able to rewire and get that bulb out.Thank you

Review №38

Terrible 2/5/15. Man came never fixed or looked at my dishwasher. He was nasty and arrogant. My dishes are still coming out wet after the cycle. He never took out a tool or touched the wet dishes, or looked inside the machine or tested anything. He just said the dishes were dry as they were going to be. The door was loaded with water half the items were soaked the other half were damp. I asked him to leave my house. He never gave me a receipt, I never signed anything, and wasnt in my home more than five minutes. I have been a customer of Sears over forty years, all my appliances are Sears with master agreements. I never experienced this kind of service before. When I called that day to complain the woman said she will have someone call me back to reschedule a service call and they will check the heating element and some other items to get to the root of my problem. The next day I got a call from Sears asking if I needed any home improvements. What has happened to Sears service. I am seriously thinking of not renewing my other contracts and not buying Sears anymore because of this incident. And please note I have purchased items for my three children houses also. I think I am a loyal cunsumer.

Review №39

Awesome. He let us know exactly when he would be there. Did what he had to do, no mess. Easy appointment.

Review №40

The service was absolutely terrible. A&E Factory Service which Sears contracts with failed to do what they were hired to do which was to fix my air conditioner. The two technicians that I dealt with would not complete the job. When I called Sears to complain their customer service was just as unresponsive. I had to call back three times. I requested and received a refund of the service contract and had to go to a competitor to buy a new air conditioner. I will never walk into a Sears owned store again. It is a shame that this company no longer values their customers.

Review №41

I only gave 3 stars because it took almost 3 months to get the part to fix my range. The technician that came to do repair was awesome.

Review №42

The tech that did my repair did just enough and nothing more. After replacing the belt on my dryer he told me that he was not required to attach the exhaust hose to the dryer. On his initial trip to my house he told me that the belt was broken, which was obvious and which I told him was the problem, and he told me that he would have to order the part from Electrolux and it would be two weeks before he could return. Well, he ordered the wrong part from Electrolux and when he came back in two weeks he saw the wrong part was delivered. Suddenly he had the correct belt in his truck and he was able to perform the repair. He didnt have the correct belt on his initial visit but had the correct belt on his second visit. Strange. I was not satisfied with this repairman and will not be calling Sears again.

Review №43

Problem that we called for wasnt addressed at all. Servicemen said he fixed something else, in three visits, but the original problem which he said dont worry about it wasnt fixed nor was there an explanation of what that issue is given. We pay for a service contract so youll be back soon.

Review №44

Mr. Thalen arrived at the scheduled time and he was very professional taking the time to explain what he was doing and answered all my questions and concerns.

Review №45

I recently received an email fromSears that asked me to rate their service on march 2nd. That would be impossible. I had no service on march 2nd. I had repair people back in January. They told me they were going to order a part. I waited patiently.Recap:The part never came.Someone said they came and fixed my washer when no one did.My washer is still loud as ever.Nope.Sears and I are through. A billion dollar company that cant outright hire its own repair staff but would rather hire independent contractors is not helping anyone. They are saving a buck. Now they dont schedule certain days. Why? No clue.In the last ten years the product of sears has done its job. But the company that stands behind a service warranty doesnt.

Review №46

Service technician is very experienced with the treadmill and it works better than new. However the appointment time between ordering parts and return was unacceptable. Two week without a treadmill in the winter.

Review №47

An update for my service on 9/1 - The service rep (I think his name was Frank) was very professional and friendly and seemed to know his job well. He got the microwave working but he did acknowledge that hes not sure how much longer it will work because it seemed to short out once or twice while putting it back on the wall. He put a note in the file to help the next service person but that means another day off from work if this fails again. The people working for Sears are very competent but the policy of trying over and over to fix something doesnt seem right. The amount of time and money spent by Sears and work time lost by me (so far three visits) to fix a microwave was way more than the cost of a new one! Lets hope this lasts...Previous visit:Colin came to check my microwave and ordered the necessary parts. He noticed that the coils on my refrigerator needed cleaning, checked my insurance coverage and then did the frig checkup and service too. Polite, professional, knowledgeable. Hes a credit to Sears!

Review №48

Tech was excellent. On time, knew my machine. Gave good advice for best use.

Review №49


Review №50

The tech was very well informed, quick, polite and neat. I would use the service again without hesitation.

Review №51

Very professional...came in the timeframe given and did a good job!

Review №52

The repair tech came on time. The AC unit is very old, and I thought it had died, but he managed to fix it, so hopefully it will now work through the summer.

Review №53

Very satisfied with the Spanish speaking Tech who was very helpful and who fixed our washer in no time.

Review №54

Your service was poor. The technician fixed one problem and caused another and now have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks to have it repaired again. This is unacceptable as I told the four repair appointment reps. One of which was a supervisor. I had to wait 2 weeks for the first appointment so now I am without a washer for over month. I already sent a reply to your email asking what I think. When your rep sold the warranty she never said the service would be poor.Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №55

The technician was very professional extremely efficient I would rate this experience as excellent.

Review №56

The technician did a great job, however he was over 3 HOURS late...

Review №57

Horrible. Never came back. They suck ever since they got rid of their own employees and out-sourced everything.

Review №58

Yes Im very satisfied thank you Im recommending this saler good product

Review №59

The repair service itself was done very well. The problem that we had was that after the initial repair, the dryer still did not work properly. It actually took about a half hour to fix the problem. The problem was in getting an appointment. After the dryer was initially fixed, it took another two weeks to get an appointment to take another look. This happened when we were getting ready for a trip. I guess you can see how inconvenient that can be.

Review №60

Gus was very polite and knowledgeable would definitely use the service again if needed

Review №61

I am absolutely disgusted by you guys! I do not know how you guys do business with millions of people. I am still left with no fridge and have got nowhere with you people. I will be taking drastic measures.

Review №62

The repairman was courteous and efficent, thank you for sending your very best.

Review №63

Repair Service was great, he was very helpful, knowledgeable of the work. Helped in every way he could.

Review №64

Great Job. Very Knowledgeable. Very Professional.

Review №65

Worst service ever!!! Waited 2 weeks for a service technician, he finally showed up at 7:30 at night in a car with no tools or anything to roll out my refrigerator on, like Masonite, to prevent my floor from getting scratched. We said he needed to come back with the right stuff and he said he would be back the next day. At 8 PM the next day he called to say he wasnt coming , this was after I tried to reach him quite a few times to find out what was going on. We bought a Kenmore refrigerator and got a protection plan but we were expected to contact the service man. Now we have to wait 3 more weeks and hopefully this time get it fixed. Meanwhile we had to throw out all the food probably over $200 and be without a fridge and freezer for 5 weeks during July and august. This is a discrace and I will never buy anything from sears ever again. I wanted to leave no stars but it wont let me.

Review №66

The preventive was done quick.

Review №67

Sears has gone down hill!! Had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment for my dryer when I told them what was the matter with it, and the appointment was with a 3rd party company,would have been 5 week wait for a Sears tech, and then when he came he didnt even check the machine just said I have to order a part and then waited another week and a half so total almost 5 weeks with out my dryer!!!

Review №68

The second time in three yrs my Kenmore washer had a problem,as usual, wait time for a maintenance person took about ten days toarrive and was 2 hrs late over my original appt as i was told -i wasbumped- to take care of customer problem. Tech was polite and was told i need a new transmission as well as a accurtate .i told the tech i justgot a new transmission and motor last years appt. made by tech would be in 8 business days and parts would be shipped to my house.the tech returned and machine was fixed . my machine is only 3 yrs old and already 2 transmissions and motor were replaced. my biggest problemwith sears is that you wait almost 3 weeks total for your machine to befixed. Parts should be more readily available to cut down on wait timeand no customer should -be bumped- when they have an scheduled appt.I have shopped and used Kenmore appliances for over 40 yrs and i amvery disappointed in the new so called energy saving machines bywhirlpool who make the machines for sears. it takes 1 hour for every wash i do and to me that is unacceptable. modern technology is notdoing very well in this field- Margaret Schifano

Review №69

Very pleased with the repair made by the service repairman.

Review №70

What started as a non working icemaker back in early March has devolved into a completely non working refrigerator freezer in May. Initially the icemaker was replaced and a new drain was installed due to ice accumulation (which was cleared by serviceman) in back of fridge. Icemaker still not working - called again. Service has to be scheduled the following week...Repairman arrived and determined I needed a new computer panel. Part needs to be ordered....part arrives...repairman comes again days/week later & does the work. Icemaker still not working. Call again..schedule service...serviceman comes days later....more parts need to be arrived... schedule again days done. Then not only is icemaker not working .....but everything in freezer getting soft now. Call again...schedule service....days later....serviceman arrives...need new compressor & various other ordered...service scheduled days later...serviceman arrives (it is now April 28th!) Upon arriving the serviceman does nothing but complain about how hes not looking forward to this job......its a pain in the butt to do...and various other complaints. He changes the compressor. Hours later, the temperature in my refrigerator section (which had been fine all along) now starts rising dramatically. Everything going bad in the refrigerator. Call again & demand a repairman in 24 hours. Scheduled for 4/30. A new repairman arrives (this is the 4th or 5th different person to service my refrigerator) and looks everything over. Tries 3 different wires that connect to compressor and they all short out. He is thinking the new compressor is bad, but before he can order a new compressor, he has to order this same wire. when I asked why he cant just order a new compressor AND wire, he says he cant he has to try this other fix first, THEN if that doesnt work, which hes pretty sure it wont, THEN another compressor can be ordered. I made multiple phone calls to SEARS Customer Care/Service department. No one really cared that I am looking at approximately another 3 to 4 weeks without a working refrigerator by the time parts arrive, service scheduled, part doesnt work, more parts ordered, another service scheduled and HOPEFULLY new compressor will do the trick. I even offered to go pick up a new compressor from their parts department which is very close to my home - nope - cant do that!! All they kept saying is oh were sorry, but this is the process. REALLY 2 months later!!!! Terrible, terrible, terrible!!! In all fairness, 2 of the servicemen where really kind, thorough and determined to get to the bottom of what the problem was. One even got on the phone and went over everything with an advisor, what had been tried, what was going on, he tested temperatures, tested wires & connections in back - really thorough - and he was the one who determined that new compressor was needed. Wish he had been the one to install the compressor - maybe I wouldnt be having this problem now.

Review №71

ZERO start! This review is specifically directed at A&E appliance repair Melville NY,(a Sears affiliate). Horrible start to finish!! Needed my washer machine repaired, called Sears and made a HUGE mistake in doing so. OMG!! Long hold times when calling, lanuage barriers with customer service reps, long wait for appointment dates, work was done incorrectly. The entire operation is completely incompetent! After hours of phone calls, missed and rescheduled appointments on their end, and several days I was forced to take off work to sit home and wait, it took this company from December 23, 2105, until February 5, 2016 properly fix a washer machine! I also learned if you purchase an extended warranty package from Sears these are the folks you will have to deal with. Stay away!!

Review №72

The service was prompt and the people were always polite. The reason for a star off was because they had to cancel our original appointment and only gave us a few hours notice.

Review №73

Unhappy!!! My range is still NOT fixed! The knobs work when they feel like it! The guy turned it on, looked at me like I was an idiot, said it was ok and left! Rather gruff and unfriendly- very unhelpful!

Review №74

Job well done for an excellent price.

Review №75

Wrong appointment! Nothing ventured nothing gained! Seats is undependable sunrise mall in Massapequa staff are incompetent and Manager Fay is a prime example of scrambled eggs!

Review №76

I needed help with my water heater and Sears sent a technician who made the necessary repairs. So far all is well

Review №77

Tech showed up on time and solved problem 123. great job.

Review №78

Still waiting for the part after 3 weeks! havent had a working freezer in 6 .weeks.How long should it take? Is 2 months enough time? Maybe 3? Sears appliance repair is an oxymoron!

Review №79

The dishwasher experience was absolutely awful. First the part was backordered for two weeks,then Sears sent the wrong part and then they finally got it right. All together we were without a dishwasher for an entire month. Frustrating experience and not what I would wish in anyone.

Review №80

The repairman was polite,courteous and efficient

Review №81

Great. Nice and knowledgable

Review №82

Great service Great Techs

Review №83

Took 3 visits from tech and over 10 hours for repair of our Kenmore elite refrigerator. Running well now but I was without working fridge for over two weeks.

Review №84

This service was for yearly maintenance on my refrigerator and dishwasher, which is supposed to include testing its working condition and cleaning.The tech was in and out in 10 minutes

Review №85

Get your wallet ready! $250 for 15minutes and parts that cost pennies

Review №86

Fast and done right ;)

Review №87

The service repair man went above and beyond to clean our dishwasher and repair whatever part that was ordered.

Review №88

The service tech. came back to fix the icing problem in the freezer second time and the problem is still not fixed.

Review №89

The service Man was on time and very professional.

Review №90


Review №91

Happy with a good service

Review №92

The Sears Technician by the name of Hector (I did not get his full name) is very professional and very good.

Review №93

Job not done .Waiting on a part..

Review №94


Review №95

Found the problem quickly.

Review №96

On time and made fix.

Review №97


Review №98

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