Live Talent - Las Vegas Trade Show Models
9205 W Russell Rd #240, Las Vegas, NV 89148, United States
Review №1

I really enjoyed working with these professionals. Their clients are top notch and some of the best in the biz. I looking forward to working with you again.

Review №2

We used Live Talent for trade show booth ambassadors during a busy show in Las Vegas. The ladies were prompt, professional, and helped with booth traffic. Live Talent was also great to work with - the show required vaccinations for all and Alex was super helpful and quick to internally vet reps who were fully vaxxed. So thankful, will definitely use them again.

Review №3

Loved working for this company, communication was great, fun event and fast pay! Looking forward to future events!

Review №4

I had a great first experience working with live talent! The clients were awesome and it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to booking more gigs through them :)

Review №5

Great team to work with! Can’t wait to work with them again.

Review №6

Great agency to work for. They are super professional and pay quick too which is awesome! Looking forward to working with them again soon!~Violet

Review №7

Great company to work events with! Organized and professional!

Review №8

Booked with Live Talent for demonstrates for our product. The models not only demonstrated but really engaged with our customers and kept the mood upbeat the whole show. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Review №9

Always love working with Live Talent! They’re always communicative, fast, and easy to work with.

Review №10

Live Talent has really been great to work with thus far, Alex is attentive and communicative and answers questions quickly and professionally - looking forward to working more with this company.

Review №11

Love working for this agency! had so much fun working the champs event.

Review №12

Hired Jen Fisher through Live Talent for the National Restaurant Association show and let me tell you what a great experience it was right from the initial contact with Live Talent to the show close. Not only did Stephanie take care of helping me hire the proper individual but Jen was an incredible surprise as to her marketing expertise and the wealth of ideas she bought to us not to mention her impeccable skills as a show marketer! Kudos Stephanie and Jen!!

Review №13

I had such a fun time working an event at the Digital Sign Expo through Live Talent suiting up as an Astronaut! They take care of you for sure ! The opportunities Stephanie finds are so varying and unique as well which is why its fun any time you are booked with them. Stephanie does great work, and I always look forward to the next event sent my way!

Review №14

These guys were responsive and really interested in finding us the right person with the right qualities to help drive traffic to our booth. Daniel turned out to be the perfect temporary colleague - learned our business, represented with enthusiasm, and reinforced the passion and energy of our brand with perfect strangers. Appreciate the support, Live Talent!

Review №15

My business partner and long time girlfriend has worked with LIVE TALENT NOW for some time now with rave reviews of what a wonderful agency it’s been to work with. Naturally, I looked forward to my first gig with them representing one of their clients as their emcee at this year’s SEMA Show. I can truly say the agency was fast and efficientwith their booking and scheduling details for the event. As well as fast to pay once job was completed. I think I can speak for many working in the industry when I say this is deeply appreciated! I look forward to to working with the agency more in the future. 😊

Review №16

Live talent is by far the best agency in Vegas.Not only because they will do anything to keep their customers happy but also to keep their models happy as well.I work for this agency and my performance it’s based on my relationship with them.“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business” so I perform my best because they do their best with me.

Review №17

I recently had my first job with this agency for a motorcycle parts convention in Las Vegas. Such an amazing agency to work for. Stephanie is always on top of her stuff and basically there 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns one might have. I got paid on time, approximately two weeks which is well beyond what the industry standard is. She takes care of her talent tremendously to make sure that we are well situated and ready to go on the day of the job. Definitely the utmost pleasure working for this agency. Their client base is very vast and have some of the best brands using their talent to represent them. Definitely hope to work more with such a great agency!

Review №18

Live Talent is a wonderful agency! Very professional , and keeps both their clients and models happy. I love representing Live Talent Now, they have great connections all over the country. Whether youre looking for models to represent your brand or you are a model looking for work this is a fantastic establishment to contact.

Review №19

I absolutely love working for this company. They are very professional, and are based out of Las Vegas!! They always make sure that there are reasonable accommodations for us so that we can always be on our A-game! The best part they pay within less then a month after the event! If you havent signed up for Live Talent your missing out!

Review №20

I absolutely LOVE working with Live Talent. Being in Las Vegas there are SO MANY agencies to go with but they are the BEST by a long shot. They keep me busy and know how to take care of their employees to the fullest extent!

Review №21

I enjoy working with Live Talent. Communications is very easy, payment always fast. They are also flexible to changes. Did not have any bad experience with them.

Review №22

I have worked with Live Talent for the past few years and it has been a great experience. They offer competitive rates and fast payment at a lot of the biggest trade shows and conventions in Vegas. Will continue to work for and recommend to other talent. As well as clients looking for the best talent to represent them!

Review №23

I’ve only worked with Live Talent for a few months, and I only have good things to say. A lot of promo companies care about staffing and little else, but Stephanie & Alex care about their talent. I always have details for the event, plenty of opportunities to get booked, paid on time, and quick & helpful responses!

Review №24

Live talent is an amazing agency to be a part of! Always has fun, exciting brands and shows to work at! Stephanie and Alex are always quick to get back to you on any question or concern you may have, as well as payment comes in quick which everyone appreciates. They book reliable, beautiful talent with eagerness to learn about each brand/show they are staffed for! 100 percent recommend Live Talent! :)

Review №25

Live Talent is one of the most professional companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with over the past year. Stephanie and Alex are two of the most dedicated and hard-working talent agents. They are expedient, timely, and truly set the bar for the industry. Live Talent excels at creating a perfect fit between client and talent. It is such a great feeling when they rebook me with a client. I could not be happier in my experiences with such devoted professionals. They make my job so much fun!

Review №26

Live Talent helped us to pick The Perfect Model for our event. Their model selection process was very easy and their staff is Amazing! We have selected Delia Paz for our event and she is the Best in Class.

Review №27

I’ve been doing shows with Live Talent since February 2019, and I always manage to be with an amazing group of people. Live Talent hires the friendliest, helpful, and charming people in Vegas to represent them! I highly recommend Live Talent for anyone who wants their brand/product marketed in the best and most positively memorable way!

Review №28

This is the most professional company I have worked with. Stephanie answers all your questions and makes working very easy! I have gotten my favorite jobs from this company. I highly recommend for models and business.

Review №29

Live is such a great agency to work with. Stephanie and Alex are lovely and you can tell they really care about their Promo Models. Theyre transparent, always willing to work with you and your needs, and also always pay on time. I have never had any problems when it comes to my pay and my job itself. I would highly recommend Live Talent to my other promotional friends as well as clients looking to hire professional and reliable Promo Models. Live Talent has it all!

Review №30

I recently worked with Stephanie and Live Talent on a event and had a great experience! Stephanie is great at responding to emails right away which is very helpful when trying to book a job! They are very professional and handle each job with care. They pay their talent very quickly which a lot of companies take months and months to even cut a check! The clients of the event I worked at were friends of mine and they said they had a great experience communicating with her! I would recommend Live Talent for your event!

Review №31

I love working with Live Talent!...Such an amazing company. Alex and Stephanie Simon are hard working professionals who maintain great working relationships with their talent & Clients. I appreciate how organized and detail oriented they are.....And, they pay talent quickly! (which can be an issue in this industry.) Live Talent goes above and beyond for their clients, building lasting business relations that continue to thrive through the years. Ive personally had the pleasure of working repeatedly with the same clients through Live Talent. As an independent contractor, I always feel comfortable contacting Stephanie or Simon when ever necessary, and always receive a prompt response! Live Talent is an honest & reliable company, which truly sets them apart from surrounding competitors. They also offer plenty of job opportunities, and continue to build their clientele. It has been a joy working with Live Talent!!

Review №32

Live Talent is one of the best agencies I have worked with! Alex & Stephanie are on top of things & exude professionalism. They have always responded in a timely manner to emails, texts & phone calls. The clients I have represented on behalf of their agency have been great as well. In addition, payment has always been prompt & on time. Thank you, Live Talent for having me on your roster & for the bookings!

Review №33

Live talent is such an awesome agency to work for! They’re very professional and they make sure every gig is an easy process. Their communication is always on point.

Review №34

I have worked with numerous model and trade show agencies and this is seriously one of the best out there. Stephanie is fantastic and everything goes so smoothly when I work with Live. They really look out for their models as well as the client and every client I have worked with is more than impressed with the level of ease this agency makes it. Live is one of the few agencies I really trust, as they dont take a large sum out of the models cut and the client never feels ripped off. Live is nothing but professional!

Review №35

I have been working for Live Talent for over 4 years. I worked for great clients with great spokesmodels and brand ambassadors. Communication with Live Talent is always professional and efficient. Fast payment and the agency is like a family to me. I can recommend Live Talent to corporations who are looking for amazing trade show staff.

Review №36

Live Talent is a 5 Star elite talent agency! If you are looking for A List Models and Talent then I recommend Live Talent. Their models and talent are very professional and so much fun to work with. Ive worked with Live Talent for 3 years consistently and a few of my friends in the tradeshow and modeling industry as well. We all get requested all the time from repeat clients.If you are looking to book talent for one of your shows or events then I highly recommend to give Live Talent an opportunity. Their elite talent will not only execute daily goals but will also go above and beyond your clients expectation.

Review №37

Having worked with Live Talent on many occasions I can attest to their professionalism and attentiveness for all events and promotions they do. As a contract worker I can also confirm they are reliable and pay promptly. Stephanie and Simon rock.

Review №38

Fantastic talent agency to work with. Lots of opportunities with great clients/models. Love that it is a family run business so they are easy to work with and always make you feel comfortable and at ease with prompt responses to any questions or concerns at hand. Hope to work with them more in the future!

Review №39

Live Talent is a great agency to work with! Stephanie and Alex are always super quick with their replies and really care about their clients and booking the best talent for the job. They are professional, prompt, and very pleasant to talk to. Their talent is also top-notch! Definitely recommend working with them/booking with them.

Review №40

Live Talent is my favorite agency I have worked with in the industry. Stephanie is absolutely great, she protects her contractors and takes care of them when the time calls. Everything was handled so perfectly and things were made super easy for me when I faced some problems on the job. This company truly cares about their people and its super nice to be treated as such in this industry. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №41

I have worked with the Live Talent Agency for about a year now, and I can say these guys know what they are doing. Stephanie knows the life, Alex knows the job, and visa versa.In a town where too may of us get cheated out of valuable time and effort, Live Talent cares about their people and actively works to right any wrongs both on and off the job. They are a no-nonsense agency when it comes to the job, yet are kind, and really give you the sense they have your back. So long as you are on your game, everything goes very quickly from booking to payment.Highly recommended for new Models/Talent AND veterans alike.

Review №42

Simply the best! In my 5 years as a freelance Brand Ambassador, I have worked with over 10 agencies in Las Vegas and now work solely with Live Talent. I book more jobs with Live Talent and they can offer the most competitive pay rates in this city! Live Talent is a model example of how talent, clients and event managers can work seamlessly together to create successful marketing experiences.Overall, they do a great job encouraging clear communication to build strong relationships that last!

Review №43

Ive worked a few times for Live Talent and its always a fun, quick and easy job!Stephanie is so great to work for. The best thing about working for them is how quick they pay and its direct deposit as well.Definitely would recommend working with them, especially if you are just starting off as a booth model well!

Review №44

This Agency is Top Notch!They are Family owned and operated, yet have an impressive list of clients.They have been kind, helpful, consistent in booking. But most importantly, they pay well and in a timely manner.If your trying to build your career or just work for someone credible. I grateful recommend LiveTalent!

Review №45

My first experience with Live Talent was everything you could hope for from a company in this industry. Competitive pay, clear communication and swift payment received in less than 2 weeks. These are qualities that are hardly a given in a lot of promotional companies. So if youre looking at reviews right now considering whether you should apply, accept a job or use them to staff your event, do so with the utmost confidence that your experience will be as good as mine.

Review №46

It was such a pleasure working for Alex and Stephanie. Theyre very kind and prompt in their responses. Payment for shows is as stated and in a very timely manner. I highly recommend working with Live Talent for any of your BA or modeling guys! 5 stars all the way :)

Review №47

Many events, conventions, and activation. Stephanie is very communicative and professional and I have had some great experiences with clients. I have worked multiple times for Uncle Matts Organic and they have called and requested to work with me again year after year thanks to Stephanie and Live Talent. The Brand Ambassadors and Hosts are not only friendly and professional but great girls who do their job well to bring great experiences and leads to the clients.Professionalism, personality, reliability, and staff that will go the extra mile because they love their jobs. Thanks Live Talent!

Review №48

I have worked a couple of gigs for Live Talent now and I’ve had a great experience! They’ve helped me book larger conventions than I am used to and gain experience. Stephanie is great to work with and has always been easy to get in contact with if I ever have any questions. Awesome company and I will continue working for them!

Review №49

Stephanie and Alex are so helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate their professionalism and ability to be available when questions or needs arise while working. I look forward to working more with Live Talent and all the fun and unique jobs they offer. Thanks Live Talent!

Review №50

Live Talent is an amazing agency, they are always very professional and helpful if there’s any questions or concerns but I’ve never had one issue with them. Payments, responses, and communication in general are always on point!Live Talent is by far my favorite agency to work for❤️

Review №51

I worked my first event with Livetalent last week and let me tell you! Stephanie is beyond amazing! She is extremely organized, provided me with all the details (and more!) that I needed for my event, AND responds to emails SO QUICKLY! You would think that she has an assistant helping her but she handles everything directly with you and the client which is seriously amazing! Its only been a week since my event and theyve already started processing payment! This is the type of company you want to work for/ hire. You WILL NOT be disappointed !! I cant wait to work with them again!

Review №52

Live Talent is one of the best agencies to work with. They pay very quickly, a week after the event-in my experience, which is not always the case with other agencies. They meet you before booking you to ensure that you and the client would be a good fit. I look forward to working more shows with them.

Review №53

I’ve worked with Live Talent a few times now and it has been a pleasure. They have excellent communication skills. They always pay the talent very quickly which is great, you don’t have to try to track down your pay check! I’m definitely looking forward to working with Live Talent again in the future!

Review №54

Stephanie and Alex are extremely great to work for! They are professional and friendly with excellent communication and they keep their word. I have never experienced any issues with this company. I highly recommend contacting them for trade shows.

Review №55

Working with Live Talent is always a pleasant, easy, and professional experience! The owners Alex & Stephanie are quick to respond to emails, and they are always there to protect their talent. They also look out for us by paying us promptly and in a timely matter. I appreciate their work and they truly live up to their reputation!

Review №56

Absolutely nothing but positive words for Live Talent. Theyre very professional, organize, and they have wonderful clients too! I always enjoy working for Alex and Stephanie. Thanks guys! keep it up :)

Review №57

Live Talent is so much fun and get things done right. They’re incredibly flexible and come up with creative and unique ways to solve challenging situations. I look forward to working them again.

Review №58

Live Talent (Stephanie & Alex) always communicates promptly and understands the needs of both the client and the promotional model very well. The gigs are professional, creative, and fun. And payment comes when you expect it to. This is an all-around great agency to work with!

Review №59

Live Talent is one of the best agencies I have worked with! Rates are great which keeps us motivated and always pushing to be the best! Pay is timely and the staff is always there to help answer any and all questions! Stephanie is so sweet and always VERY prompt!

Review №60

Ive had a great experience each time Ive worked an event with Live Talent. Alex and Stephanie have always been very professional while maintaining a fun and friendly work environment. They are well organized and efficient in everything they do. I look forward to working with them again soon.

Review №61

Live Talent is one of the top, event marketing companies in the Las Vegas area. Their prices have always remained competitive. They pay extremely fast. The owners are always very professional, and I would recommend everyone apply with them.

Review №62

Ive been working for Live Talent for a few years now. Great company with fun jobs all over the US. Ive worked awesome activations in Los Angeles, San Francisco & Las Vegas. They pay very quickly (typically within 1week) and are very easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!

Review №63

The Live Talent Agency is great, Im really satisfied.Live Talent is an amazing agency, I work for them more then the year and Im more than satisfied. Life talent has a great attitude, communication and really good take care of the customer. Also, payment is always really fast. Thank you for cooperation. Denisa

Review №64

I love working for Live Talent. Stephanie is very professional and always there when I need her. She has a long list of quality smart and beautiful models to choose from! One of my favorite agencies to work with! Love them and always looking forward to my next job.

Review №65

Live Talent is an excellent agency to work for. Alex and Stephanie Simon are professional, very organized with events, timely with responding to talent and pay is fast. They go above and beyond to make sure that talent is well taken care of and properly prepared for events. I highly recommend working for this agency.

Review №66

I really like this agency. They book Talent for fun, enjoyable events, the pay rate is good, and they send payment quickly. I would definitely recommend working with them!

Review №67

Very professional agency. Alex and Stephanie are extremely courteous with all who they work with. They go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly. I have had a wonderful experience with them. I can say they truly love the industry they are in!

Review №68

I love working for Alex and Stephanie. They are professional, personable, well-connected in the business, pay well and fast. I like that its a family run business, they are all great at what they do. Stephanie worked tradeshows for years so she has hands on experience which makes her a wealth of information as well as very understanding and supportive. Definitely would recommend them hands down!

Review №69

I highly recommend working with this great company. Stephanie and Alex are two wonderful people that are bright and actually like to meet their models. They provide consistent gigs and quick payouts! What were all looking for! Great job guys!

Review №70

This agency has a super diverse staff of very professional models. I highly recommend booking models from them! They are outgoing, friendly, intelligent, and punctual.

Review №71

Live talent is a great company to work for! I worked for Stephanie and Simon a few months ago and I just loved how everything was so organized and easy. The whole staff was friendly and helpful! I would work for them any day !

Review №72

Live Talent is great to work for! Kind and professional management, and very quick payment. Great communication too! A gem of an agency for anyone who works in the promotional industry.

Review №73

Its always a pleasure to work with Live Talent Agency. Their follow up process is amazing and very professional. Good Peeps and great gigs!!Sabrina Russo & John Stotts

Review №74

Ive had the opportunity to become apart of the LiveTalent team Stephanie and Alex have and its been such a great experience for me! This is by far one of my favorite companies to work with. They are both great at communication and pay out is prompt for every event. Would recommend over and over again!

Review №75

Working for live talent was an incredible experience. Everyone was so nice. It was such an exciting event to work. I look forward to working more events for live talent in the future 😁

Review №76

I absolutely love working with Stephanie and Alex! These two are friendly, professional, very good at communicating with talent, and they pay quickly. Coming from someone who has worked with many different agencies, Live Talent has been the best by far!

Review №77

I love working for live talent! Theyre always reaching out to me about different job opportunities and always let me know when my check is in the mail. Theyre also super quick to respond to any questions that I have!

Review №78

My experience with Live Talent was exceptional! Stephanie kept me well informed about the event, paid me very very quickly, and treated me with kindness and respect! They were absolutely lovely to work with!

Review №79

Great company to work for! Amazing people and amazing talent. The jobs are fun, interactive and educational.

Review №80

We hired Live Talent for FabTech 2017 in Chicago and had the pleasure of working with Abby V and Michaela B as hostesses. The whole process from the beginning to the execution of the show was easy and effortless. Stephanie and Alex were a pleasure to work with and the girls she recommended were wonderful. For example, Abby was held up, reasons beyond her control, by a train one day, and the following day chose to ride a city bike in a skirt in 35-degree weather to avoid being late again. The dedication exhibited with an act like that was exactly what we were looking for. The days were very long and at sometimes hectic, and by the end of each day our feet were on fire, however, neither of the girls ever lost their charm and greeted every potential customer with a smile. We would highly recommend Live Talent to anyone who is interested in hiring hostesses or models for their next trade show.

Review №81

I have been working with Live Talent Now since it started. Alex and Stephanie are very professional, friendly and pay quickly. They also offer tons of work opportunities and have the best clients. I love working with them!

Review №82

This agency deserves each of its amazing reviews without a doubt. The professionalism shown here inspires confidence in both working for, and selecting talent, for any necessary event. The team here is second to none.

Review №83

Wonderful company to work for. They are always prompt with responses and booking. Very organized and pay with in days of events. Highly suggest them to anyone in the in the industry.

Review №84

Candace and Maika were extremely professional and they provided a great customer experience. Make no mistake, these girls are not just pretty faces. Their ability to learn the product and present it to customers was quite remarkable.

Review №85

Live Talent has done an excellent job selecting the perfect talent for their clients needs. As a talent, I have never felt uncomfortable performing any of the leading tasks and have enjoyed working for a specific company. All of the clients expectations have been exceeded and I have been rebooked to work the same future events. Thank you Live Talent for making an exceptional connection!

Review №86

Live Talent is a super reliable agency to work with! Stephanie and Alex are always so kind, professional, and helpful! I have booked several major conventions with them and it is always an absolute pleasure! Looking forward to more events in the future!

Review №87

Live Talent is my go-to talent agency. They have great rates for their models, awesome clients and pay quicker than any agency Ive ever worked with! Stephanie is easy to get ahold of if I need anything which makes everyones job easier.

Review №88

Live Talent is a dream company! They are easy to work with, organized and efficient. They have a wide array of jobs and events that come through, always easy going clients. Not to mention, payment is quick, which in this industry... is a must!

Review №89

Always a pleasure to work for Live Talent! They are communicative, pay quickly, and always look out for their talent. I highly recommend working with them.

Review №90

Amazing company to work for! Love talent hired me for the solar power international convention in Anaheim! Very happy!

Review №91

Top notch agency for staffing events, promotions and conventions ! I have personally worked for live talent for several years now and can attest to their professionalism and dedication to their craft. They have the best models and talent in the business - you wont be disappointed !

Review №92

So happy to use this company to fill our mascot role! Easy to work with, reliable and hiring staff made a huge difference at the trade show! Definitely recommend and will use again in the future!

Review №93

#1 company I would recommend them over any other company. Owners are friendly and always available for your every need. With the best most reliable staff around.

Review №94

Live Talent is an all around wonderful company to work with! They are extremely professional, quick to respond, hard working, and genuine people.

Review №95

Great agency to work with/for! Always have a ton of work and make sure everyone is happy!

Review №96

Next to coming to the Hardware show with my new product, hiring Maika was the best decision I made when planning for the show. I can’t say enough good things about her. She researched and understood my product before arriving at the show. Whatever she heard me say, she was quick to incorporate into her presentation of the product. Once she heard me answer a question, she used the same answer the next time someone asked. She was very proactive in engaging with the people walking by the booth. Getting their attention in a very friendly way. Most of the time addressing them by their name, which she would get off their name badges.Maika identified our target market, and high profile targets, and put extra effort into making those contacts. She made sure to scan the Lead Collection badges of all the people who showed intertest in the product. She did a better job demonstrating how the product worked, than I do, and I created it. She helped me tweak our booth’s layout to simplify it and draw more attention to the product, and we worked together to make small, but meaningful improvements to the demonstration.Most people thought she was directly involved with the product, not locally hired talent. She referred to it as our product, and projected a lot of confidence about it. I’ve never done a show like this, and having someone with extensive experience showcasing a product, was invaluable to me. I now see why the same companies hire her over and over again. I understand I got lucky this year, because she normally works this show for another company, but they could not make it this year. I hope, if I am back at the show again next year, she is available. Of course I may also have to compete with the other exhibitors that were around us, a few of them talked about wanting to hire her next year.Dealing with Live Talent from beginning to end was a professional and easy process. Stephanie gave me all the help I need to pick the right candidate, and process all the paperwork.

Review №97

First time working with Live Talent at the CES 2019 and it was smooth and professional! Stephanie was on top of everything! I look forward to working with this agency again soon!

Review №98

Used Live Talent for SEMA and their staff was superb. Always on time, engaging, professional and sales-savvy. Will use them again for CES and IFA in Berlin. Heartily recommend.

Review №99

Live Talent is as professional as it gets in the expo staffing industry. Stephanie and the rest of the staff do a phenomenal job! My experience has been one good one after another.

Review №100

Live Talent, owned by Stephanie and Alex, are a first-class Agency.I am proud to say I have worked with them as a Spokesmodel for over 8 years. I find Live Talent to be one of the most honest, hard-working, reputable Agencies that Ive ever worked for.Its not just their Spokesmodels who say this about them, its also their numerous, long-standing and well respected Clients!

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