Splash-N-Dash Car Wash
4245 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546, United States

Review №1

I enjoy going to this car wash. Fast and they have great prices. Plus you can vacuum out and wipe out your car. I don’t like that you can’t cancel your membership online you have to go inside with a letter to cancel your membership.

Review №2

The two gentlemen who were working late afternoon 9/19/21 were very sweet, professional and throughout. Thank you for your hard work, my car looks amazing!

Review №3

I visited the Jacksonville location for the first time today. I think this might be my first time ever leaving a review, but I had such a great experience that I had to comment on this car wash!Although I was a little confused which way to go when I first pulled in, I had an employee run to my car and show me where to go. They explained all the different options available and helped me select which package I wanted with no pressure. They guided me exactly which way to go and explained how it worked.My car looks great after the car wash! There are just a few dried water spots after the wash, no problem! Their complimentary vacuums have strong suction and their spray and rags left my interior windows sparkling and streak-free in spite of two kids and doggy nose art.The employees were courteous and helpful. I will definitely be back!

Review №4

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my subscription due to the fact that I was charged twice for my services. I went up the office to ask why I was charged twice. I waS nice and not trying to be rude and was told that the manager WOULD contact me the next day but I never heard anything from them. I also called up there 3 times and received no answer. I requested to cancel my subscription. This place was unprofessional and did not give good customer service. 0/10. I will not be using this place again or spending money here.

Review №5

Horrible customer service from this location. I wanted to sign up for the monthly pass for unlimited washes for $.01 for the first month and $25/month after that. I gave my card to the attendant and he said he would sign me up. Left that day with no problems. I got a voicemail the next day from the team apologizing that the associate that helped me mistakenly charged me for a single wash and not the promo. He told me to come in to get it refunded and get it fixed. No problem at all. I get thing happen as I’ve worked in customer service for over 10 years. So I went in to get the problem resolved and was met by the manager on duty, Marcus. I told him the situation and he agreed that the associate made a mistake and that I was charged incorrectly. However he refused to correct the situation. He told me that I paid for a wash and got a wash. I agreed that I did get a wash but I should have been signed up for their special deal to pay only $.01 for the first month. I told him that I get mistakes happen and I wasn’t trying to be difficult, and I only needed him to refund the $25 and sign me up for the $.01 unlimited deal. His repose was shocking, he told me that he didn’t have to do anything and that he didn’t have time to help me because he was too busy. He then told me that I needed to leave and refused to help me. Again I kept telling him that I was not trying to be difficult and I get that some customers would be jerks about the situation. All I wanted was to get the refunded I was told I could get and then sign up for the monthly pass. I calmed the situation as I am used to these interactions working in retail and know how to diffuse these types of situations. He eventually got his GM on the phone who told him to process the refund. Unfortunately their computer system does not currently have the functionality to process it correctly and I was told that they would be receiving a new system that would allow for the refund to be processed. Again, I get it, things happen that you can’t control and I am not one to complain about things that may be out of your control. However, I have never received such rude and aggressive customer service from a representative of a business. I love supporting local businesses and this is a family owned business. It is unfortunate that this is the representation of the business that I received today. I hope the owner sees this review and can properly handle this opportunity with Marcus. If this was my business, I would hope someone would notify me about this type of situation.

Review №6

Friendly people I guess since the owner was not there, damaged my antenna and have not received a call from him/her!?! Filled a report about it and the acting “manager” is just a kid trying to help but needs help. Do not go thereAs I read thru the google reviews they do not call you back about any damage. Guess they don’t care since most people go up there to visit their kids in the military as I do. I would not recommend since they don’t respect or care about even a single call back on a cheap antenna. Ridiculous!

Review №7

My kids and I love coming here!! We’ve come probably once a month and I do the $20 wash every time (haven’t got the courage to buy a package yet). The multiple colors and scents of the soap are what the kids love the most. The vacuums, mat duster, spray bottle cleaners and towels at the end are just the cherry on the top for mama!! Only issue I have is sometimes there’s too much tire shine put on and when I get home I have to re-wipe down the sides of the truck (I have a Suburban) to get the black spots off.

Review №8

The wash is automated and the inside cleaning is up to you. You buy your wash, stay in the car, and then use of their vacuums, cleaning cloths and sprays to wipe down your car are included afterwards.Plenty of space to park after the wash and keep your distance, if you feel the need.Towels and cleaners are provided and you use what you need. Vacuums are situated on both sides of the car to make it easy. Access to Western Blvd is easy.Basic wash without wax was $10. If you live locally, they have a flat $24 plan for unlimited washes.Good value for the money. Facility was clean and staff kept it neat.

Review №9

Best car washes around!! I have the monthly plan and go 2-3times a week. Excellent staff!! Drying towels are always provided and tire shine if requested.

Review №10

My husband and I went to this car wash And we were extremely disappointed that the shammy roll tore off our windshield wiper arms and blades and ruined them.Wrote a review prior and have heard nothing from from them. They only respond to the positive reviews! As far as Im concerned you owe us $100 for windshield arms and blades! The people that work there do not care what happens to your vehicle! Run away!

Review №11

This is a great car wash and the employees are amazing.... especially shift manager Dylan. He goes above and beyond expectations. Will be back!

Review №12

It’s a brand new shop - and looks beautiful. We got the $10 simple wash for my truck to get left over salt from winter off. It was meh. It knocked off the obvious dirt on flat surfaces, but there was still a lot on the tailgate, and hood. Zero detailing, the lines in the truck’s design for air flow were full of dirt and gunk. All the dirt left was cleaned by just swiping with a damp cloth, it’s not like the machine had to scrub it, it’s like it just missed - a lot.It’s nice that they had free rags and spray bottles so you could go through and detail yourself, but kinda annoying that the machine missed flat obvious surfaces giving you a lot of detailing to do yourself. The vacuums were decent and free so that was a perk, as was the machine that helps clean your floorboard mats. Over all - meh. I won’t be here a lot unless my truck is already sparkling or I need a vacuum.

Review №13

Looking like new. Great establishment for a quick auto wash. Nice to be able to detail everything with their vacuums and free towels. Top notch! Definite stop for me whenever I’m in town!

Review №14

I use to love this car wash when I was here two years ago, but now it seems they have let it go. I frequent this place as I have a speed pass and usually try and go once every week to get a quick clean in. Lately it is a 75% chance that the vacuum I pull into doesn’t work or has little to no suction. If this continues I will cancel my pass and look else where.Recommend possibly checking out some others before committing to this location.

Review №15

This place is fantastic. I paid the $3 extra for the bug cleaners and they prewashed my windows and lights with brushes. Afterwards you get free use of vacuums vacuums towels. I was only visiting in the area otherwise I would join their club.

Review №16

This is the worst car wash I have ever visited. Damaged my brand new SUV and the manager admittedly denies that his car wash could do any damages to car. When I first entered the wash after my wheels were in alignment with the wash there was a loud noise that startled me. I can tell you I maintain a meticulous vehicle and it was just purchased so no there was absolutely no damage prior to going through this car wash. And forget about actually getting a clean car because my car was not only damaged it looked like it had never even been cleaned, bugs still all over the vehicle, road dirt ect.

Review №17

Im disappointed in the customer service. Two of the car wash staff yelled at me because accidentally I turned on my window windshield wipers. Both started to yelled at me. I was visiting my son USMC at Camp Lejeune, It was a very disappointing visit to this place.

Review №18

Great carwash! They actually hit the hard to reach spots and seem to do more than the other carwashes you go to.

Review №19

Love their monthly subscription option. Convenient location, great service.

Review №20

Loved Aprils penny wash. Guys were very friendly and helpful. love the idea of free vacuuming and clean towels.

Review №21

Absolutely awesome, today there computer was out and they were still out there taking care of everybody. Literally had a guy running from car to car to keep things moving as quick as possible and he did it with a smile the whole time. There are not enough stars I can give to express how impressed I was with them today. I am sure some people probably complained about today, shame on them of they did, and shame on any bosses that hold that against them.

Review №22

Urie and his team are highly professional and willing to help in any way they can. I purchased the top wash package for my work truck, which was caked in bugs. After I had run through the wash, a lot of the bugs had remained. Urie had me run my truck though one more time, and he pretreated and scrubbed everything off my truck.I want to say thank you, Urie, for getting my truck looking sharpe.

Review №23

Its affordable and i like that it has a pressure sprayer to get the small crevices well be back to do my other car just wish there was a 2 car discount

Review №24

This is the best car wash in jacksonville! They have some great monthly membership options available too and with those you can wash your car everyday if you wanted... the staff work hard to make sure you car is as clean as it was the day it rolled off the assembly line!.. they also offer free vacuums and other options to make sure you can care for your vehicle inside and out!

Review №25

Simple, easy drive through wash. Stalls if you want to hand dry what car wash missed, which are a lot...those blowers dont do much, really.Fairly decent wash, I normally opt for managers special, at $20 its fair deal, I think.

Review №26

They use to be better but the people seemed to just want to rush you through and not take their time and give you your moneys worth. And they still have vacuums not working correctly.Update cancelled their subscription to the manager special, because I moved out of town, online in January to still be charged 2 months after

Review №27

Friendly staff that I would give 4 stars but I my only problem is that my car still came out dirty after I got the managers special thinking it would come out great but it didnt. My windshield still had dust/dirt all around the windshield from where my wipers dont get and my back window was still dirty. My favorite location is the one in Wilmington because that gets my car cleaned 100% all the time Im not sure what is different from the one in Jacksonville and Wilmington. When I went to the first location in Jacksonville I wasnt very impressed either again my car came out dirty.

Review №28

Great car wash, friendly staff, but misleading and not very thorough explanation of the penny deal for the month.

Review №29

Ive never had any problems here and they seem to do a good job

Review №30

I came at 7:00pm and there were no towels available, no trash cans available, they asked me to move to another vacuuming station so they could close down. Their hours are open until 8. Unfortunately a good business is marred by pitiful employees.

Review №31

I have seen much better. They offer various monthly subscription options which offer unlimited car washes. However, I find those hardly worth it. The car wash is a stay in your car automatic push through style, and from my observations and results. It seems like they manually “pre-scrub” your car because the car wash is not good enough to get everything off the car. Which the “pre-scrub” was not very effective because there was still bugs on my car. The drying section of the car wash is also very ineffective because there was still lots of drying needed. Which left me needing to dry by hand. Which I was expecting to do in regards to some of the small spaces like the side view mirrors but the water left was on the body. They offer free vacuums but do not offer air hoses which I have seen at other locations which are black and white compared to this location.

Review №32

Well the wash was good but the black smut i had on front end of truck didnt come off during the wash (got the 25 dollar one), but it wiped off fairly easy afterwards.

Review №33

The staff were very helpful!

Review №34

Great carwash fast with free vacuums

Review №35

Used this carwash a couple times... but this past time it left really bad swirl marks, im about 99% sure they’re not going to do anything about it except point to there sign.... be warned

Review №36

Great car wash with friendly workers! Free vacuums with wash works great. Also worked for husbands truck which has oversized tires.

Review №37

Nice. Clean and friendly car wash. Free vacuums! Love the automatic detection feature when you pull up to the kiosk, hands free.

Review №38

Awesome and great to take kids for a car wash show

Review №39

No complaints about the wash, but the vacuums were not working very well today.

Review №40

I like the wash portion but the vacuums are so hard to maneuver because they dont size out for a large van I had to almost hit the curb in order to make the vacuum reach the unspoken back seat or 3rd row. So I didnt get to get my truck portion. But at least I almost hurt myself trying. It was an unwanted experience. But if I was in my elantra it would have been perfect

Review №41

Love this place. Everytime I go here they are stocked and have towels ready. Dont need to wait long and their wash service works great. I like the specials they have and just stop by when in town and have my car cleaned.

Review №42

The car wash wasnt the best Ive gotten, but it also wasnt the worst. My biggest complaint would be that it left water spots and streaks on the windows and mirrors, but thats the only negative I have about the car wash experience overall.

Review №43

I liked Splash n Dash but they changed their prices so I canceled my subscription with them.

Review №44

Great team and they take care of your car.

Review №45

My car was all sparkly when I left... good value for the results.

Review №46

Best car wash around

Review №47

Great car wash with great employees they are very helpful and the car wash is awesome does not scratch your car up. Looks very nice 👍

Review №48

Great work!

Review №49

I went to have my new car washed and as we went through the wash I heard a loud and hard bumping and my lights went hay wired. I just thought it was because of the sensors when things get close. But, I later seen that the front underside of my car was chewed up by their machine. Im very, very upset about the damage to my new car. Think twice before getting your new car washed there.

Review №50

We drive across town to get our vehicles washed here. Best carwash in the Jacksonville area.

Review №51

Left water spots all over my truck. I had to bring to another wash in morehead city when I got home just to get all the hard water spots off my vehicle.

Review №52

Pleasant, clean and priced right.

Review №53

I really like this car wash. Great service, friendly washers and my car is usually mostly clean. But the biggest attractions is the free vacuums. On my last three visits, the vacuums have been worse and worse. I’ve tried coming when there are less people there, tried about 7 different spots over the past few visits and the vacuum is truly horrible. I dont ever have this issue at splash n dash in Wilmington where I go occasionally (though their service is much much much worse). I have unfortunately ended my subscription and will be trying other places.

Review №54

Great car Wash they also provide towels window cleaner and degreaser to clean your car and the employees are very attentive

Review №55

Quik easy friendly and an awesome wash

Review №56

Most rude employee ever encountered. Arrived 10 min before opening (11am Sunday) to save time went to vacuum car first and was rudely told to put his hose back and get in line. The vacuum was on and working and is a free service with every purchase or speed pass. What harm does it do the company to let me finish my vehicle, then get in line and wash my truck? If he was polite about it I would have gladly stayed. However, they lost a customer for life.

Review №57

Great place that does a good job. Free vacuum. Bugs seem to be the hardest thing to get off the front of any vehicle.

Review №58

Ive been a fan of this car wash for the passed few years, but my during my most recent visit there were several vacuum hoses that were disconnected and the suction has been drastically lowered. There was also no towels for me to use during my visit. Ive definitely had better experiences in my passed visits, so hopefully this was just a one time thing.

Review №59

This new car was just build about 6 months ago.

Review №60

A little pricey if you want the full wash since you have to vacuum yourself.

Review №61

One of the best car washes Ive been to love the monthly subscription offers as a person that drives an hour to and from work my suv is always coved in bugs and dirt. To be able to just pull up unlimited times a month is a god send. Also the vaccum are powerful and versital.

Review №62

Paid $15 for a car wash, machine left spots of wax all over my vehicle. Only perk was the free vacuum.

Review №63

Best car wash in Jacksonville

Review №64

Great value for the price and Free vacuums are a plus !

Review №65

Awesome place, I know its just a car wash but nice people, clean cars, no long lines to get to a vacuum, plenty of room to get out and clean your cars inside and touch up on the hidden spots. I wish they had one of these in NJ.

Review №66

Good wash. Little more than I’m used to spending. Vacuum did not have a powerful/good suction at all.

Review №67

Absolutely love this place. Always very professional!

Review №68

The car wash works great however the manager on duty has no respect for customers nor has common sense. Long story short IWent to the car was with my truck and removed all loose stuff out of the back of my truck because I understood that they cant have stuff flying in the car was. I had 2 automotive small parts in the back that weighed about 80lbs each and where strapped down to the bed. He tried to tell me I couldnt enter the car wash with that in the back and refused to listen. With everything their is a level of common sense in life. I really have enjoyed this wash in Jacksonville and Wilmington but Ill be finding me a new place to wash my truck every week.

Review №69

This place is amazing. My family and I have a pass so we can go everyday once a day. Its fast and gets your car clean. Plus they have a nice duster for your mats that gets all that little dirt you cant get off of them yourself.

Review №70

These guys are the best. They make sure to get every bug off your car before sending you through. They are no joke! Always really nice and helpful. Love this place!

Review №71

Great place

Review №72

Ive been going here for a couple of months now. Bought a subscription for a wash a day for about $25/mo. You drive up to the entrance, they remove your antenna and fold your mirrors (if you want) and then provide clean towels and window cleaners along with the vacuums. Cool place.

Review №73

Great quick wash service! I personally like that we can detail the interior on our own to make sure everything is cleaned properly.

Review №74

While the previous visits to Splash n Dash were pleasurable, I was extremely disappointed today. I am currently sitting in the parking lot typing this review because todays experience was upsetting.The young man with dreads/braids, and glasses, currently working, was extremely rude to me. I was pointing for him to push in my passenger side mirror (which I could not tell if he understood me or not since I was unable to see through the water he sprayed on my window) he proceeded to shout at me, I KNOW. I KNOW HOW TO DO MY JOB! I was taken back by his response. Yes, I told him he did not have to yell at me! He then proceeded to argue with me. I asked him to allow me to speak to the manager, his pridefully responded, I am the manager! I replied but you are not the owner.I will be discontinuing my card and taking my services elsewhere.#unappreciated customerMaybe he was having a bad day🤷🏾‍♀️My apologies to the owner, your other employees have provided nothing below excellent service. Marcus on the other hand. ..well.

Review №75

We use this place all the time. Veteran owned. Free towels and vacuum to finish up your car wash. They also provide window cleaner.

Review №76

The managers special is the best deal ever

Review №77

Normally quick, to the point staff, excellent facilities, free vacuums work well, if you take the time to dry the car off afterwards you’ll be pleased with the wash.

Review №78

This car wash is by far the best ive ever been to. I always pay for the managers special but sometimes you get lazy guys and they dont do any pre scrub work they just squirt stuff and send you through. Also much better service if they arent that busy.

Review №79

The automatic car wash did not clean my car. It still had bugs smashed from driving. The vacuum was a plus though.

Review №80

Pretty sure this place ruined the paint job on my 2015 suburban ltz...

Review №81

I have been using this car wash for over a year now and it is a great place!! The wash does a great job, the vacums have great suction and the mat cleaner is awesome!!! The bonus is the towels they put out on carts for you to use to wipe down your vehicle!! I can not say enough great things about this business.

Review №82

Fabulous place. For 40+ a month you can get your car washed everyday of the month is you want and its the best car wash they offer the $20 package.. For 40 a month cant beat that

Review №83

A GIANT THANK YOU to the staff! I wish I had names to give credit! Long story ahead: went through the carwash today and lost one of the wipers at the dryer. The staff was so generous to look for it several times with no luck. I told one of the guys that it was my daughters car. (He probably thought she was a spoiled 16 year old LOL!). But what he didnt know, was that my daughter just joined the military and her 21st birthday is in 3 days. I finally get to see her after such a long time, and I wanted to do something special for her by cleaning her car and taking it to her. He so graciously offered to take my number and to look for it when it slowed down or after they closed. But I have to get some sleep tonight to drive to see her in Florida! Thanks so much you guys all for your help! I continue to go here just because I get this excellent service! Thanks so much!!

Review №84

Went there this past Sunday. My usual spot at Green Clean had just closed so I decided to give Splash n Dash a try and I was pretty disappointed. The tunnel experience was great but the finished product I received on my vehicle was not what I paid for. I paid for the manager special which included tire shine and my tires had no shine whatsoever and when i mentioned it to the staff there, the guy just pointed to the bottle and told me to grab it. Maybe I’ve been spoiled at green clean but the customer service was not so good and having kids with me I did not appreciate all the profanity I heard while I was there. All in all if the customer service was a little better I would be a reoccurring customer.

Review №85

When this first opened it seemed impressive, but for the price its not worth it. It doesnt clean all that good, depending on the staff at the start, some dont bother at all, the first time they didnt bother with my wheels, so they stayed dirty, along with under my spoiler. I put it down to the staff that day, but it happened again. Also my side mirror got cracked, whether that was the staff moving it or the wash itself I dont know. I dont go here anymore.Pros : vacuum area, with towels and cleanerCons: doesnt clean as well as expected, expensive, staff dont do their job too well, could damage side mirrors

Review №86

Their machines do a good job at cleaning my truck. The only reason that I didnt give a 5 star is because they put to much tire shine and it throws it up on the side of my truck while driving.

Review №87

Love getting my car wash here, staff is friendly. Always have plenty of towels to clean your car. I enjoy the free vacuuming you get after your car is washed, no worries about having enough quarters

Review №88

I was so pleased with this car wash the first couple of times I went, I decided to invest in the Fast Pass. Ive read other reviews that employees were rude and not helpful, but I have found the opposite to be true. I was just telling my husband how friendly and professional the staff is each time I visit. Maybe Ive been lucky, but after 4-5 trips, I dont think so. Ill continue to go back and love my Fast Pass.

Review №89

Went for the first time last week, got the $10 wash and a week later my tires are still shiny!!! I was thoroughly impressed and have been telling everyone about this place ever since. Please open a location in New Bern. Ill definitely be getting my car washed there again!

Review №90

Got the $12 wash and it doesnt guarantee taking the bugs off the front. Why else would I go through the car wash?!

Review №91

For a quickie car wash itsIf you want a detail or more in depth clean hit your local hand car wash place. The guys were great, dod a bug treatment on the back of my side mirrors when I told them it was forgotten the last time I purchased the big treatment. One of the staff came and helped me use the rug beater properly. Friendly and courteous.

Review №92

It was a great experience and anybody that havent been yet is missing out.

Review №93

The best type of carwash in 10 states.

Review №94

Im thinking that the vacuums work wayyyy better when it is not busy. Vacuum worked great today as opposed to other times I have been and it was busy.

Review №95

Lines are always so long, credit card machines are always almost not working properly, and they watch you like a hawk to make sure you arent using the vacuums longer than their 10 minute park time allows. Bleh. Mediocre car wash at best. And way overpriced.

Review №96

For it to be a machine only car wash, it gets the job done. Ive noticed that when I ask for it to have a drying portion as a part of the car wash, I have some scratches on the hood. Its nice if they have drying towels at the end of it next to the individual vacuums.When I dont have time to get a hand wash car wash, this is my go-to place.

Review №97

Great place and good service.

Review №98

Car still dirty. Employees who argue back with you when you bring up that stuff it was messed how I didnt clean my vehicle its just a waste of money go in there it seems nice but I would never go back again. This place is going downhill fast I would stay away trust me just look at your wheel wells and stuff if you come out of their nothing is clean

Review №99

Love the speedy service. Rain or shine.

Review №100

Its only 7 bucks to get a simple wash and when you come out of the tunnel you go around and you can vacuum out your car with really good vacuums. I have 2 kids that trash my car with food and it cleaned it fast. I will be returning.

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