Dustless Blasting
5711 Schurmier Rd, Houston, TX 77048, United States

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Do not do business with these people. They do not stand behind the product. They will give you a run around. Do your research

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The best customer service you can ask for! Looking forward to future business together.

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Awesome place, nice demo and explanation on how to use the equipment. Cant wait to purchase a trailer!!

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Great company, with a great product! Made in USA!!

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The folks at dustless Blasting are so easy to work with.. Just bought our DB800 and drove it back to Seattle .. Route 66 ✌🏼️ They are NOT kidding when they say its the Boss .. A killer set up .. We will be back very soon to add to our business ..Zach was very helpful and accessible to all her questions while we are there AND when we got back home .. Their shop crew was just as helpful and knowledge .. The people that have given bad review on this thread are people that got bad service form business owners that have bought a dustless blaster (dustless Blasting is the maker of the equipment .. They DO not go out and do blasting jobs around town 😉) If youre looking for a badass blasting set up .. Dustless Blasting is hands down the best !! Thanks for everything guys !!

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Top notch organization. I just picked up my new DB500XL and customer service hit a home run. Rhonda was great! Guys made sure everything was squared away for my long haul back to Delaware from Houston on 3/36/18. Even helped me out with a lower hitch to make sure I was safe! Stand-up outfit. 5 Stars.

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We began the research process with Tony Schmock in late 2015, his level of expertise and professionalism made moving forward very comfortable. We picked up our DB500 Mobile in July 2016 and was given the pleasure of meeting Mike Sherwood, literally a walking encyclopedia of blasting knowledge. They have been a great contribution to my success and Im grateful to know that I can count on them and the rest of the dustless blasting team.

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Got a DB800 in 2015 and while the quality of the equipment is impressive the commitment to after sale service has been the best part. Ive spoken with Mike many times, and hes consistently more attuned to correct information than my local blast distributors. The owner (Benny) took a personal interest in getting a follow up purchase handled correctly. If only we could expect similar dedication in others we do business with.

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We purchased our first mobile dustless blasting unit in 2015. We spent a lot of hours on the phone with our sales rep Doug educating us on the capabilities of the machine and the industry we were entering into. There was never any push to close the sale.When we traveled to Houston to pick up our machine we were scheduled for a full round of activities including a tour of the facility, meeting people who weve been communicating with getting our social media setup, training on the machine.After the sale there were more questions, again Doug and Mike were there every step of the way helping with equipment and quoting questions.Someday when the business grows enough we hope to purchase the Dual DB800.

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Zach and the team down in Houston at Dustless Blasting are amazing !! They answered every question I had and made sure I tested the equipment and was 100% comfortable. I bought the DB 500 mobile XL Also a plus is that they have a guy that just sits in the office to answer your questions everyday,, ha, ha da man !! Dustless Blasting doesnt just care about the sale.. they are there for you everyday after you buy your equipment. The support is amazing and that makes all the difference to me as a business owner for 35 years. The equipment is amazing, its easy to use and you have Dustless branding on your side. THANK YOU !!!!!!

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Everyone Ive meet is friendly

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The equipment is amazing and the people there are so helpful. Great customer service. Very willing to help

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Bought our unit in 2015. Been running great. Their team always answers all my questions. I speak with Mike Sherwood often and he is stellar. Nobody rushes you and support has been there from pre purchase to ongoing guidance. Thanks guys.

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The people at MMLJ have honored their word with everything they promised. Their product works as described and as demonstrated. They have been very helpful with setting up our business.

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Not a good company to gain more experience as a welder. Juan Cortez is a very greedy and selfish person who likes to get the new welders fire because he doesnt believe in new opportunities.

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Anytime Ive had a problem these guys have always been there to help answer it. The product actually sells itself but Ive not had a problem with the db500 that they didnt walk me through and take care of theyre a great bunch of guys to work with.

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Thanks for all your help. I will be contacting you for further service. Love my blaster.

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I recommend them to all my clients across the Gulf South. Their products have so many great uses and customer service is the Best !

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Awesome company that would do whatever it takes to help you I purchase my trailer last fall and Ive Loved this company and their equipment ever since!

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I love our machine! Great customer service and equipment.

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Great company to deal with. Mike, Corina and Zach are awesome!

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Got in a physical fight with the manager Tim. Bad service and bad employee team members. I would not recommend. I’m 17, and he verbally and physically attached me. - yes the worker is with your company, he had a company shirt on and the same exact truck in the pictures above. He works in orlando Florida. Do not tell me this is “my mistake” because you’re in the wrong. His name is on the website for the orlando one.

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Awesome support. They really make you feel like part of the family.

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The Term DUSTLESS BLASTING is a Lie! There is nothing DUSTLESS about it! All it is is Water and Sand mixed together for a blasting system that when it drys is one of the most HORRIBLE Messs you ever encountered!DO NOT have a vintage or classic car DUSTLESS BLASTED, its WORSE then Sandblasting because the sand will cake on the hidden areas and you will NEVER be able to remove it!All these people are is FAST TALKERS, CON ARTISTS, and Ripoffs.DUSTLESS BLASTING!! SCAMASS BLASTING! RIPOFF BLASTING!The 5 Star reviews on this company are all FAKE MADE UP REVIEWS by the Employees and Owners (RHONDA PAUL)!What a JOKE!

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I am a professional paint and body shop that contracted dustless blasting of Orlando to strip paint from a 2006 chevrolet express van. According to videos the cooling effect of the water does not warp metal. This van got destroyed during this process. Every panel is warped beyond repair. This van would be considered by my insurance as a economic total loss. This process seems good in theory, however does not work and will damage sheet metal. My opinion is do not use for vehicles.

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Great product and awsome customer sevice

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Had a Dustless Blaster strip a car for me --- Biggest Waste Of Money I ever spent! Cost me thousands to fix up their mess! I suggest to look elsewhere for help on your automobile restoration and dont use Dustless Blasters !Thanks alot for nothing!

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Great product, amazing customer service!

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Customer service is terrible! - Example: Asked to have my order shipped on August 23, 2017. Today is September 19, 2017 and my order still hasnt shipped! EVEN AFTER SPECIFICALLY ASKING VIA EMAIL SO PROOF IS WRITTEN OUT!! Frustrating.

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Outstanding technical expertise.

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Great Company with a Great Product.

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Great costumer service!

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Customer service is back on top again !!!!

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Fantastic service !

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Great people

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Good place to buy

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Excellent product

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