BH Property Management
50 Gillett St, Hartford, CT 06105, United States

Review №1

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! The management team is very rude, unprofessional & LIARS!! The elevator breaks down every two days.. Me and my NEWBORN son got stuck on the elevator the first day he came home from the hospital, I called 911, the firefighters came and got us out.. I called them to tell them about my experience, they didn’t care and never bothered fixing the elevator since.. The building is dirty.. No one ever comes to clean it up, tenants are always leaving trash in the hallway, stairwell & elevator. There are stray cats all over the building. Every time you call them to send maintenance to the apartment for a job, they don’t come till weeks later and they do such a terrible job that you have to keep recalling them back to fix the same thing over and over again. When I first moved in, I noticed that the paint in the bath tub keeps chipping off.. They spray painted the bath tub and by the time my lease ended there was barely any paint left.. It was so disgusting and disappointing how cheaply made everything was done. Why are you guys spray painting the tubs? The water eats away at the paint and chips every time you take a shower. You pay $40 for a parking spot just for a random person to park in your spot all the time & they don’t do anything about it. People are always breaking into the building & breaking the front/back entrance door knobs and they don’t fix it till weeks later. It’s such an unsafe building.You have random crackheads and homeless people trying to get into the building and begging the tenants to open the door for them and if you don’t they will keep coming back to harass you. The management team loves blaming you for things that you didn’t do, they find any reason/excuse to keep your security deposit.. Please save yourself the money and do not live here! I lived at the apartment on Webster Street. You’ll totally regret it, I had such a terrible and traumatic experience with them that i moved back in with my mom since my lease ended. I’m not mentally and emotionally ready to get my own place again after dealing with them.

Review №2

BH property management is one of the worst landlords in Hartford. I Moved in to this studio apartment, after I noticed the windows were broken, they promised to fix it and the never did, causing my light bill to go up since It happened on the winter. They gave me a broken stove, a/c leaked water and damaged all my belongings, parking lot with holes everywhere and dirty surroundings. The management team are very rude, disrespectful and discriminating. This company owe me around $4,000 on damaged and never paid me, also retaliates against me. Do not move here!!!

Review №3

Im a previous tenant who lived on Washington Street for almost 20 years. Not only did I not receive my security deposit back after they took over the property, I was informed that due to the many issues with the apartment, i wont be receiving a deposit back which should have covered any costs that may have occurred with the apartment. They found every excuse NOT to give me back my security deposit, (i.e. stove not cleaned-REALLY???, outlet cover missing, smoke detector not up, which by the way was in the room, I supposedly left clothes in the closet, which they had to remove. I dont owe them a thing and my name has now been forwarded to collections for owing $450.00. They had every opportunity to reach out to me via cell phone, email or through the postal service. NOTHING!!! DO NOT RENT FROM B H PROPERTY!!! THEY ARE RIPOFFS AT THE END.

Review №4

Great place to live, New job moving out of state, had a good experience with the staff at BH Property management. The ladies in the office were knowledgeable and polite

Review №5

Absolutely do not move here. Everything thats said when you come to view an apartment is a lie. There is no working wifi, the laundry machines do not work, the gym has one machine that can actually be used and last but certain not least the management company is a joke. Reaching out for repairs results in calls being ignored and legal action needing to be taken. There are no smoke detectors, no access to hot water for weeks at a time because of their plumbing issues and apparently you need Jesus Christ himself in order to get a mailbox key. Save yourself the trouble and do not deal with these slum lords.

Review №6

I have a maintenance problem. I call every day and I keep getting the run around. Not happy

Review №7

The management company is HORRIBLE no one in the leasing office knows what they are doing. The GM Kevin is rude, and will blow you off when it comes down to issues in your unit. The owner Jacob will never speak to you even if you call and leave messages. The maintenance workers have told me that this company knows about ALL of the plumbing issues in this building on Evergreen Ave which is supposed to be their “best” building, but yet they act as if its new when they speak to their tenants. We didn’t have heat and hot water in our unit for almost A MONTH! Even after turning on ALL utilities with CNG and Eversource. And they told us they weren’t giving any type of reimbursement. They try to trap you with “brand new amenities” and so called “renovated apartments” just for you to sign the lease and realize there are deeper rooted issues you cant physically see until you move in after signing the lease! Thank me later! Do NOT MOVE HERE! OR TO ANY OTHER BUILDINGS THIS COMPANY HAS, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!

Review №8

If I could give 0 starts I would. Unprofessional management team and maintenance guys do a terrible job “fixing” anything. I’ve lived in my apartment for 5 months and can not wait until my lease is over!! I’ve had pest problems, heat issues, water leakage in my apartment and nothing has ever been addressed!! Run away from these people all they want is your rent money, they couldn’t careless about their tenants!!

Review №9

Apartment was beautiful, new appliances. They even gave me a move in basket!!

Review №10

Bad management dirty place is the wors management in the world services is bad them Appartement is dirty and expensive

Review №11

Please believe the negative reviews and DO NOT MOVE HERE.16 Evergreen Ave is a terrible place to live. Constantly no hot water in the apartment when you move in and the boilers go down repeatedly especially in the winter. Theres no response from management for three weeks at times and they will not return your security deposit even if you leave the apartment in great condition. Maintenence guys arent bad but theres a long list of work orders and sometimes they will leave work unfinished in your apartment and forget about it for 2 months. The owners and vp have no respect for the tenants or living conditions. The property will appear great and sell you on the low price for luxury but after moving in its clear that the building is run down, very old and patched up to hide all of the bad conditions. The gym isnt working and the free wifi is patchy and wont give you more than 3 bars of connection. Theres no where to park and the street has a ton of break ins and loitering.

Review №12

The office team has no clue what a Power of Attorney does. The apartments on Willard Street has huge rats the elevator is constantly out. Laundry rooms are slept in. The maintenance mops with dirty water.

Review №13

I had a mice problem, Angel came out and resolved it, havent had an issue since. thanks

Review №14

I moved here almost a month ago with my wife and we are disgusted with how we were treated by management. We live in one of their Evergreen properties and had plumbing issues that the company was already aware of. They gave us the run around and were NEVER helpful. We had to do most of the work and filed a complaint about them to the city of Hartford. And we haven’t even lived here for A MONTH! Needless to say DO NOT move in any of their properties unless you want to be stressed and aggravated throughout your lease period. These people are cheap and are slum lords!

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