NMB Media
5101 NW 21st Ave #340, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States

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Very pleased with NMB. They worked with my brand during these hard times and helped support an incredible cause. I will continue to use them to help spread awareness of our brand and help combat injustice.

Review №2

I have worked for Frank both in office and remotely for several years and he is by far the most fair and caring boss I have ever worked with. The office environment is always light hearted and casual. Honestly don’t see why some of the reviews are negative.. the only time I’ve seen him upset is when people make major mistakes that cost the company thousands. Those same people I often see get a second or third chance because at the end of the day Frank doesn’t want to see anyone struggle.All and all if you have a good work ethic and treat people with respect you will enjoy working there. :)

Review №3

This is an amazing company, one of the best and most professional that Ive ever worked with. Great work environment, plenty of work and great pay with opportunity. The above reviews/reviewers are fake and have never worked here as long as Ive been here. If looking for a great company to work with that will take care of you or looking for a company to market/advertise with NMB is the company to ho with!!!

Review №4

The best way to advertise.

Review №5

I LOVE working for NMB. Frank, Karl, Christian & Sarah are great people. Frank is honest, Karl tolerates me, Christian is...well, Christian is just Christian (lol) & Sarah always helps me out. Couldnt have asked for a better job than this.Thank you all.

Review №6

The owner believe name calling and being very racist towards people is how you do business. This guy doesnt pay and with a lot more than he originally stated, he made sure people wont get paid so he will continue to keep as much money as he can from his client. I have proof this guy is not nice at all.I would also want to let you know that he use his 15 year old daughter to help him promote an alcoholic product. That should concern the authorities due to the kids wellbeing.

Review №7

Dont work for him. He doesnt pay at all and treats employees bad.

Review №8

Great company!

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