Suite 1920, 101 NE 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, United States
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PROS:Nice office, great view. Fun office outings once in a while. Cool, fun coworkers that make the effort to keep team mentality.CONS:Mad Studios tries to project this whole were artsy and cool vibe and the truth about actually working there is the total opposite. The number one complaint that every employee had there was about the big boss being beyond miserly regarding time. Employees are made to clock in and out and everyone is a salaried employee!! Why?? So that they can look at every minute of your time, even though everyone works over 40 hours every week without fail. One of the managers at one point made a big deal about how long people took getting their lunch in the kitchen and the fact that people eat at their desk while working and then clock out to go run an errand. REALLY? Wow. Can you even imagine this in a workplace where people bust their tail every day, working well over 40 hours every single week?Anyone thats worked salary vs. hourly knows that sometimes youll have to do OT and you just have to deal with it. This company expects people to constantly do OT, every week. So, everyone is putting 5 to 10 hours additionally every week that they are not paid for. Heres the kicker - When someone needs to go to the doctor, or pick up their kid, or whatever, theyre told I hope youre going to make up that time. - Are you kidding me??!!! Any normal company Ive worked for where everyones on salary does NOT make employees clock in and out and knows that employees are there to do the extra work when needed, so the employer remembers that when the employee needs to take care of something and has an appointment or whatever. The whole greedy with time and plantation vibe at that company is so petty, sad. The constant prison or grade school structure adds a HUGE negative component to working there.The managers are inept. They are not bad people, they just dont know how to manage and supervise. The owner has the WORST communication skills Ive ever seen in my life. He does not ever communicate clearly or fully which causes complete frustration for the employee that he just dumped an incomplete verbal pile of info on. He usually gives a person, a fraction of the info needed to work on whatever it is. If the employee asks for more info or clarification, he gets totally annoyed and answers the employee like they are a fool. How about giving that person ALL the info they need so that they can do their job?There is this whole micro-managed, constantly watching, waiting for people to mess up feeling to the place, like youre set up for failure. There is rarely any positive reinforcement, or good job, but if someone makes a mistake, theyll definitely hear about it or theyll be yelled at by the big boss/owner. The culture is definitely just work more and shut up about it, ZERO work-life balance. People are exhausted and run down most of the time and look it. The owner has never heard the term work/life balance, clearly. He is a total workaholic and thinks everyone should be the same. Sorry pal, some of us have lives outside of the work place, you should try it. You should want healthy, happy people working for you.They offer no 401K plan or anything like it. They have health insurance, but do not pay all of it. Overall, they have a great bunch of employees and I really liked almost everyone I worked with, but with all of the above that Ive laid out, I was extremely happy to leave that company.ADVICE TO MANAGEMENT:Stop making your salaried employees clock in and out, its ridiculous! If you hired professional people, trust that theyll conduct themselves professionally. Read up on effective clear communication and try to start communicating better with your employees. If they ask for clarification, its because you didnt give them enough info to tackle the project youre asking for. Also, read up on work/life balance. Its a real thing and everyone deserves to have a life outside of the workplace and to be healthy and happy.

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Wonderful quality of printing and excellent customer service. Have used several times!

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Work somewhere else!

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