2901 Stirling Rd Suite 210, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, United States

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DashClicks is revolutionary! Chads energy is amazing and contagious. It carries over into every aspect of both his and my business. As a new agency, I know the importance of getting a foot in the door, and InstaSites helps me to do just that. The services are ultra easy to use and the customer service team is with you every step of the way. I look forward to working and growing with Chad and DashClicks for the long haul

Review №2

Yes, I do recommend because there are many good things. But, they could improve explanations of the products. For example, SMM marketing will make three posts. Ok. But, of what? Can I post my own content, too? Or, the instasite. Can I make changes or push reviews to it? These simple answers could be posted on the site, but instead you have to ask the questions on the private FB page.

Review №3

Dashclicks has been nothing short of a game changer for my agency! It literally made me free of my time by being able to send over ALL of my fulfillment needs to the outsource team!The ease of use on the platform makes it so easy to get started. Everything could be managed by a 7 year old. Its that simple.Thanks DashClicks! Looking forward to the coming months/years using your services.

Review №4

Chad Kodary and the whole crew at DashClicks are awesome! I love the perpetual lead system available using InstaSites and the free website FITD strategy. Aside from offering great white label services the training provided is excellent as well! Im so glad to have found them! Thanks to everybody there who makes it all possible

Review №5

As an agency owner, Im impressed by DashClicks! The platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I especially appreciated the 30-minute, live question and answer session on Zoom with a member of their staff.

Review №6

Remarkable company with great customer service which is really hard to find now-a-days. Anytime I have had a question regarding any topic, within 24 (if not instantly), the knowledgeable chat agent was able to answer. Definitely check them out!

Review №7

Since day one, I have loved the platform to run my business. The support is incredible. They are always available to answer your questions. Its super lovely to talk to someone in person and not a robot. You get assigned a support team, which I love!

Review №8

Love dash click Platform. It makes my IM life a lot easier by incorporating everything I need under one platform without draining my wallet. I highly recommend Dash Click to all marketers. Cant go wrong with Dash Click.

Review №9

Excellent white label digital marketing service. Dashclicks has saved me a lot of time in fulfillment and their customer service reps are always spot on and quick and easy to work with. These guys are highly recommended by several of my trainees as well. Happy to sing the praises of DashClicks!

Review №10

Just started with DashClicks and love everything about it. The support staff, how easy it is to use and streamline of it for my agency. Highly recommend!

Review №11

Love working with them! They help my clients get the results they need through white label services. Because of their quality and pricing structure - I am able to offer a fair price for amazing services in return.

Review №12

If you are serious about wanting to change your life and your business into the best versions possible I highly recommend Dash Clicks AND their Dash Elite Program. Ive only been in the program for about a month and I am already seeing transformations within my. business and personal life, I cant wait to see where I am once the 12 months is up! Thanks Dash Team!!! So excited to be a part of your awesome group!

Review №13

This has literally changed the way I do business. My business has increased since I started and Im still learning.They are very professional and deliver an amazing project.Instasites has changed my life!Thank you!

Review №14

This white label solutions platform is remarkable. Beautifully crafted visuals on the website, unreal content to absorb and implement in your agency, excellent customer service and the overall quality of this suite is top of the line. A truly great find.

Review №15

DashClicks is an easy-to-use, white-label platform that lets you start immediately building your digital marketing agency. The customer service is extremely helpful from the live demo to the 20% coupon code they give you for FREE and many tips and tricks in between! The support team is next-level, thanks Mike Popper for the gold nuggets. If youre looking for a complete digital marketing solution for your company by way of fulfillment and expertise, DashClicks is the platform for you! DashClicks gives you everything you need for fulfillment and lead generation including the training to help your company ascend to new heights. You will not be disappointed with their services.️️️️️

Review №16

I love Dashclicks! The easy platform makes it easy to manage my clients services, communication is fast and top-notch, and the results are GREAT! I use mostly their SEO services but they have so much more to offer. This has been so amazing for my agency!

Review №17

I’m Jeremy Goodman, Founder & CEO of Net Assets. I’ve been using the DashClicks platform for almost two years now. We trust them to handle some of the services we offer to our clients. Their support is top-notch and they offer a plethora of valuable knowledge in their training videos.If you’re looking for a white-labeled service provider that you can trust to get the job done, then I highly suggest giving them a try. I know I’m glad we did.So, thanks Chad and gang for everything you provide us agency owners.- Jeremy Goodman

Review №18

Ive been a client of Dashclicks for a few months now. I always ask lots of questions so I understand things before moving forward, and they have answered everything I throw at them very quickly, and they provide lots of training and video blogs to answer many things before I ask. They have completed my first few orders quickly, and Im happy with the results.Highly recommended if you want to start an online agency and you need a power player in your corner.

Review №19

I love Dashclicks! The easy platform makes it easy to manage my clients services, communication is fast and top-notch, and the results are GREAT! I use mostly their SEO services but they have so much more to offer. This has been so amazing for my agency!

Review №20

Very simple setup process. They took the time to make sure I had 0 confusion in receiving my website. The services they offer are new and modern which is essential in todays business world.

Review №21

Chad and the team are great! Thank you for creating the DashClicks platform and providing the training around it so that people can get the most out of the platform. If you’re on the fence of getting DashClicks I highly recommend that you give it a try!

Review №22

Very easy to use. I especially like the dashboard feature. That sets it apart from other services. I am able to take on more work knowing that my clients are well taken care of.

Review №23

Fantastic products, great support team, and easy to use platform. Im glad I took advantage of their Black Friday discount to help us in scaling up our agency.

Review №24

Started using Dashclicks to grow my agency and have already signed up multiple new clients! Extremely excited to be using this platform. Honestly even thinking about investing into their mentorship program (thats honestly how good their platform and sales funnel is).

Review №25

As a busy entreprenuer, I need help to automate my business processes and needed a reliable outsourcing partner. I am so grateful for Dashclicks, what a breath of fresh air. I am now able to prospect and not worry about the fulfilment aspect as they are simply gamechangers. Thank you !

Review №26

This is the best all in one White-label provider for digital marketing agencies looking to scale to 7 figures & beyond. No one is providing a fully customizable white-label dashboard for free except dash clicks along with dedicated customer support agents. Highly recommend!!!

Review №27

I hired them for SEO because I hate doing that stuff myself so its definitely worth the investment in my mind to outsource it. Its only been about 1 month so time will tell how it goes. SEO takes time so were testing out 4 months before making decisions with our other clients. Customer support is good and quick which is nice.

Review №28

I was looking at growing my freelance business and possibly starting my own agency. I made a free account and explored their platform and training courses. After my research, starting my own agency with the help of DashClicks what the best choice of action.I have had a great experience with communication with DashClicks. Every question or issue has been resolved knowledgeably and quickly. Purchasing and fulfilling white-label services is very easy. Their pricing allows you to be profitable while still being competitive. Their prospecting tools give you a massive advantage. Detailed audit reports and responsive web building tools allow you to provide a tremendous amount of value to potential clients.Whether you are just starting an agency or looking to scale your agency, DashClicks has all the prospecting tools, white-label services, educational training courses, and engaging community of marketers that will help you succeed. I highly recommend working with DashClicks.

Review №29

Dashclicks is a great idea for a platform allowing agencies to offer whitelabel SEO services, but the brilliance is in that ideas execution.Having everything together in one place makes things easier by keeping it all organized. The regular webinars help keep momentum and mentality up, and honestly Chads energy is infectious

Review №30

DashClicks is a great agency fulfillment center that helps fill in the gaps between strengths you have with your small agency, and adds a team that helps facilitate services for your customers that you may not have time to take on personally as you grow.The platform offers a wealth of great services. My only complaint is that some of the services are priced higher than similar alternatives (call tracking comes to mind). This limits some of the services I choose to offer because tracking becomes restricted when it is required to push call tracking through their own tool.Overall, I would recommend this to small agencies as a way to service your clients just as well as the larger agencies do.

Review №31

Great Company and extremely knowledgeable. I have loved working with them.

Review №32

Dashclicks is a truly amazing platform for agency owners both beginner and experts. God bless Chad and his team.All You need is client, they have great service

Review №33

Its a best white labeled all-in-one digital marketing platform Ive used so far.The tool that I like the most is instareports, it is a very useful tool that creates professional white labeled audit reports, that is my primary tool to bring in new client prospects.

Review №34

Highly impressed with the Dash Clicks dashboard. The metric reporting makes it really simple to communicate results to clients. Highly recommend!

Review №35

Dashclicks has very dedicated owners. They genuinely care about the clients, go above and beyond and are extremely attentive and responsive.Keep up the good work guys.

Review №36

Dashclicks is a great platform and couldnt recommend any other platform to fulfill online services. Dashclicks and its services couldnt get any easier to navigate, especially its instasites. They answer all my questions and super friendly. Thanks guys!!

Review №37

Dashclicks has been amazing for local SEO. Not only have they helped get things ranking in search but most importantly they are on top of communication with me throughout the process. Highly recommend.

Review №38

DashClicks has a very easy to use platform and excellent customer service that is prompt and efficient. I was looking for partner to add more value to my marketing agency and they fit the bill very well. They offer a good mix of white label services. I have come from the WordPress world and they have been very helpful in helping learn a new website builder. Whenever I have a question that I can’t find the answer for they have been there within minutes to answer the question for me. I can’t say enough about the customer service. I wish every businesses customer service was this prompt and exact. If you are looking for a marketing platform to offer services look no further you will be happy here.

Review №39

Id heard great things about Dashclicks from other agency owners. I was skeptical, to be honest. However, I keep hearing better & better things about them. The support has been good and their system is easy to use and quite impressive. Looking forward to a long relationship and excited to see what happens next!

Review №40

DashClicks is a great platform for agencies looking to scale and white label services. I use them for only some services and the rest I do in-house. I do like their platform and their quick support!

Review №41

The technology of dashclicks is so good - the client dashboard is a cool feature!

Review №42

Amazing digital agency service provider. The DashClicks team drops a ton of value to the agencies they service and provide the best dashboard Ive ever seen. The team is all USA based as well so you dont have to worry about time, culture, or speech differences. Their premium, paid training also completely over-delivers. Direct access to the owner of DashClicks and the training calls dont end until all questions are answered.

Review №43

Withe label platform that helps you get started and scale your agency. I love it. It definitely makes me money.

Review №44

They offer a full suite of services for any digital marketing agency and they offering help anytime 24 hours . they have excellent customer services recommend DashClicks to my friends to increase sales. Thanks everyone in Dashclicks.

Review №45

Amazing platform and team from my view so far. Cant wait to use it more in the future!

Review №46

Good quality professional services and training. Made a free account so I could check out the platform. Gave me the motivation to start my own agency. They offer a range of great services and support is friendly and fast. Being in New Zealand the cost is a bit high because of the exchange rate however if you are in USA the prices are fair.

Review №47

Dashclicks is amazing. The ease of use, the informational tutorials and having everything you need all in one place will set your agency up for success.

Review №48

Great company. Great product. Will definitely help my agency grow while reducing costs.

Review №49

The system is so easy and seamless to use. I love how everything is already there for you to use the cost of what wholesale is vs what you charge your client. You really get a full access to the best service out there and support.

Review №50

I love how quickly these guys set up my agency website. Ive been trying to get this done for months and in less than a week I had a full functioning beautiful website with all the content I needed. Cant thank you enough.

Review №51

Im about two weeks in of using Dash Clicks. So far, its pretty awesome! I still have a lot to explore, but Im satisfied so far!

Review №52

I highly recommend DashClicks for SEO and FB ads. White glove service from start to finish, and you have a team helping you along the way.

Review №53

DashClicks is a brilliant group of folk who have provided an enormous service to all agencies and companies looking for SEO services of all kinds and website design. Youll be doing yourself a big favor to get an account and start using their online services!

Review №54

I enjoy using dash clicks, I have been using there offerings for some of my clients.. so far no issues.. I would ask if dash clicks could provide a telephone numbers for support. As of now, primary support is via instant message chat only ( from what I know of )

Review №55

Awesome having everything in one place! Set it and let them do the work for you! My project manager is always available and responds quickly to my questions/requests.

Review №56

So far it seems like this is the one platform I was looking for everywhere and it is right in front of me. Great work guys, I truly am loving this concept.

Review №57

Great company helped scale my agency with their innovative ways within there dashboard!

Review №58

Having a top shelf, viable option for services to your clients. Allows any owner the ability to offer more services to their clients, and scale their agency. A true partner, with a wonderful project management team, that are responsive. Sites and Reports are amazing. The customer services is on point and not a bot.

Review №59

Dashclicks Prospecting methods , customer service , fulfillment services , and software are ground-breaking and ingenious !! Id recommend anyone seeking to grow theyre agency with the highest of integrity and efficacy to join them !!

Review №60

Having a top shelf, viable option for services to your clients. Allows any owner the ability to offer more services to their clients, and scale their agency. A true partner, with a wonderful project management team, that are responsive. Sites and Reports are amazing. The customer services is on not and not a bot.

Review №61

Dashclicks offers great services that will help any business. Services can be quickly implemented and help is always available. It definitely is a great value. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity I give 5 stars for this agency.

Review №62

Dashclicks is a great way for you to get out of your own way when it comes to fulfillment services so you can get to selling more and making more money.

Review №63

Chad and Angel are a great team that got me on the right track when my agency was struggling. They helped me get focused and gave me tools I ever had before to put systems in place, making my time more efficient and put to better use. Highly recommend them!

Review №64

DashClicks came highly recommended from a friend that I trust, and I am grateful for the suggestion as they are well priced and do quality work.

Review №65

Dashclicks is hands down the best platform available for agency owners looking to scale. If you are looking for a quality fulfillment platform that will take most of the hard work off of you as a business owner look no further! THIS IS IT. Chad provides awesome support along with the rest of his team and is here for you every step of the way.

Review №66

Highly recommended for those that want to grow their business and scale without having to worry about fulfillment. The value that DashClicks offers on an educational level is absolutely incredible.

Review №67

Awesome way to get customers Now! or Later.....! Thanks DashClicks

Review №68

DashClicks is an easy-to-use, white-label platform that lets you start immediately building your digital marketing agency. I would definitely recommend this service.

Review №69

Loving DashClicks! Started recently working with them, highly recommend their services.

Review №70

I would recommend for anyone looking to scale and outsource fulfillment. Awesome Team and very responsive.

Review №71

Dashclicks is fabulous! Their customer service and training is out of this world! A definite MUST check out!

Review №72

Great back office software, and training programs to help your agency succeed, really good for agencys looking to scale up. Great customer service as well. S/o Evie!

Review №73

As a new agency owner DashClicks has really made the process simple. Before them I had to use tons of different platforms to get everything set for my clients. Their all-in-one platform has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus more on customer satisfaction!

Review №74

DashClicks is amazing the staff is extremely helpful, they provide you with everything needed to increase business, and help you provide a top tear product to your clients.

Review №75

Awesome easy to use platform and super helpful customer services! Perfect for agency owners :)

Review №76

Like the format, its an easy to use click and drag platform, offering good quality white label services and helpful support.

Review №77

Dashclicks has been of great aid to my agency. They not only have education resources but partnering with them has taken my game to the next level. If you need a great team to help you grow your agency Id highly recommend these guys!

Review №78

DashClicks has been nothing but amazing! Very professional and experts at what they do. I totally recommend agency owners to go with dashClicks and run a smoother business. Great prices as well!

Review №79

We are just getting started with DashClicks... it seems to be a very easy platform to use and sounds like the whole team at DC is awesome! We are excited to have this all-in-one platform as a part of our business for our clients.

Review №80

Awesome company that makees it possible to run an agency and seem like you are much bigger then you are!

Review №81

I can confidently say DashClicks is so far the most trust-worthy & efficient platform of its type.

Review №82

Love DashClicks. Getting clients accounts setup in a timely manner has always been a challenge. DashClicks streamline onboarding process is easy and straight forward. Their client managers are responsive and take care of any issues right away. Their advertising service has delivered a lot leads and the staff is always looking for ways to optimize results. Thanks to DaskClicks, I have been able to focus on prospecting while delivering quality service to my clients. Thank you!

Review №83

Great company . Awesome service and products. Very professional and easy to use products.

Review №84

Its very beginner-oriented and structured well. It has all the features you need to run a successful business

Review №85

Its very beginner-oriented and structured well. It has all the features you need to run a successful agency.

Review №86

DashClicks is amazing. They offer powerful white label marketing solutions that your business needs. They also offer the fulfillment side of white label marketing, making it the complete package. DashClicks can help you advance your business to the next level.

Review №87

Dashclicks is an amazing white label marketing company. they work directly with online marketers to make sure that customers are taken care of. Their platform is easy to use and their training is top notch, and taught through experience. They really care about the success of the users.

Review №88

I absolutely recommend DashClicks. This platform is absolutely amazing and will help you to scale your business exponentially.

Review №89

Perfect fit for our young boutique chat automation agency. Lets scale this baby up!

Review №90

DashClicks has a nice suite of tools that allow an agency to prospect in a rather unique way. They also have a nice educational suite that compliments their offerings. Highly recommend.

Review №91

Great platform, I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to start or grow their agency.

Review №92

Great company and easy to use. Saves a lot of time.

Review №93

Love DashClicks! What i love the most about them, are definitely the prospecting tools. They have so many of them, and if youd like to try them out, theyre are FREE Versions of each one!

Review №94

Ive been using Dashclicks for over a year now. This is a company that continues to provide value in all areas, including customer service. Their CEO has even jumped in multiple times to answer my questions and his passion for providing quality service is top notch. The entire team is professional, patient, and courteous.

Review №95

Love these guys!!Really knows their stuff and their platform has helped me the agency owner detach from the ads manager and yet get great results for my clients all the while focusing on the bigger picture of my agency.

Review №96

Great easy to use platform with a top-notch team thats always there to help!

Review №97

DashClicks has a wealth of incredible trainings to help maximize the success of agency owners. They provide an easy to use, cost-effective platform to provide amazing services to clients.

Review №98

Easy to use and intuitive software. Excellent Customer service. If you are looking to add to your marketing toolbox, definitely give DashClicks a try!

Review №99

These guys are great I love this company. Looking forward to skyrocketing with their help thanks.

Review №100

Dashclicks is great for any new or seasoned digital marketing agency! Love the ease of use with the system.

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