5 Star Express Car Wash
3505 Ramsey St, Fayetteville, NC 28311, United States

Review №1

5 stars get 5 stars. I absolutely love this place. A lot of the employees are professional and they provide great service. There is one young lady at the Ramsey St location who stands out and shines brightly, that is the lovely Denise. She is one of the managers. She is so helpful and is willing to do what is morally necessary to help make your experience the best. She has went out of her way many to help me and my family while we were at this establishment. When others said no she always found a way. 5 star is lucky to have her and we are eternally grateful. Thanks guys we will see u soon.

Review №2

Great car wash with a lot of amenities. They provide towels for inside/out of your vehicle, great vacuums, a detail sprayer, free air for tires, and rubber mat washing station. Overall really happy. Their cheapest wash is $10 which I think is a bit on the high side.

Review №3

Well this is the first time in the over 30 years of my life that I went through a drive through car wash, mostly because my leg is broken. Usually I wash it at home. All I can say is, interesting lights. The car is pretty clean though, good for the time and money for sure.

Review №4

I hardly ever give anything in Fayetteville five stars let me just start there. Denise (I think that is her name)Once I exited the wash she made sure I had the towels and spray I needed. In my head I was like she really likes her job because she was working hard to keep everything clean and all the vacuum stations stocked. When I got done she walked over and said “ I hope you are satisfied with our services “ . I told her I was and asked her name and I introduced myself as well. Extremely satisfied with the facility and employees!!

Review №5

I had the best experience! It was my first time there and Denise came out and answered ALL my questions! She told me about all the services they offered! I dont always like to do the work myself but when I do Ill go back!

Review №6

So had a great experience with the help of Denise who walked be throw the process couldnt have done it without her help. Made me feel welcome and I will be back because of the great service she has shown

Review №7

I have to say its one of the best car wash in the area. Even though it broke my window louver in half. My recommendation is to removed any fragile accessories if possible from vehicle before entering.

Review №8

Paid $22 and the front of my car is 100% still caked in bugs. Don’t think the car wash took even one of them off. I wish I would of taken a picture because it is unbelievable that a car wash would do so little. Paid extra for the bug stuff and left with all of the bugs still. Definitely not 5 star service.

Review №9

The 5 Star car wash experience is great, left my car nice and clean. The employees are well trained professionals. Micah was extremely helpful at the pay area. The vacuum service is a nice option. The grounds of 5 Star is very clean. I recommend.

Review №10

I would NOT suggest 5 Star express car wash of Skibo Rd in Fayetteville, NC!!!You should never want to join something that does not have a direct way to cancel your contract.I have been trying to reach ANYONE to cancel my contract as well as receive a refund over the phone and in person since May 2021. Managers and others answering the phone tell me I have to talk to the district manager. However they cannot give me the contact information and he is not there at the moment.Their online does not give you any ways to contact anyone. It only allows you to become a member. BAD BUSINESS!!I have seen for myself cars pile up in the tunnel of the washing area. This caused the cars to wreck because they were telling the people to go into the tunnel too closely behind one another. I wonder how those people get those issues resolved.I am frustrated and mad!! This money is still coming out of my account!!!

Review №11

Gotta go through 3 times, but only pay extra for the wax when youre done... vacuums barely worked or were broken. Definitely not going back.

Review №12

Great car wash. The best Ive had so far

Review №13

Very good service. Very Nice and clean facility. Powerful vaccums and I like that they have towels to dry of car.

Review №14

I love going there and getting my car washed and then using the vacuum. Makes it convenient to keep a car clean

Review №15

Shout out to Denise Lewis! She is very professional! Denise and her crew definitely took care of me. Denise guided me on the right package carwash deal for my vehicle. Her crew was very punctual on maintaining the trash cans. Rags and spray to clean. Sweeping the property behind us customers who accidently left a bit of trash behind. They have very good customer service. I definitely recommend and I am definitely coming back! Thank you everybody!!!

Review №16

Great place to get your car clean Ms Denise run a good staff at the rampsey st location the area is very clean and they have a very friendly staff.

Review №17

Please make sure you get a worker named shay to assist you. Shes was very nice and hospitable through the whole visit. Definitely recommending her everytime I go there 🙏🏾💯

Review №18

The Attendants were neat, clean, friendly genuinely warm and, so helpful they somehow made me feel Brilliant for choosing 5Star! The experience inside the wash was Super Thorough! I cannot remember when my car was Squeaky Clean! The vacuum cleared my carpet almost before I connected it to the floor and left it so fresh it looked like it did the day I bought the car! On top of that there were the most Angel Soft cloths right there at the vacuum bay to wipe away the few drops that somehow survived your impressive drying phase. Being severely directionally challenged, I was at total ease finding my way out of the property and easily rejoined my route. Next time I plan to go PREMIUM!!!

Review №19

I love coming here because of 1 person.. Micah Gaston...very professional and eager to help..he is always polite and helpful... I will be back!!

Review №20

Did not sign up as a member - took my card information - refused a refund for several months - charged my card three times over - tried to get in contact w someone and a young boy on the line said he couldn’t be any help because the owner was out of town. Finally got a hold of « owner » weeks later and she had a disgusting attitude. TRASH costumer service.

Review №21

Auto Express Car Wash with self serve detailing supplies readily available to each customer, as well as free air for your tires.

Review №22

Highly recommend this place, and the free vacuuming service is a plus. The employee help is great, Micah made sure I was squared away with all my car washing needs and questions and is overall a great worker !

Review №23

My experience at 5 Star carwash was an all around good one. Very organized. While at the paystation, Micah was there to talk me through the process. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №24

Micah Was very helpful getting my through the pay station it wouldn’t read my license plate and went out of his way to help me

Review №25

This car wash is great! Denise had assisted me and wow she has superb customer service, she knows about every service, very professional and cares for the customer and makes sure to see how she can assist in any way.

Review №26

Amanda and Denise took care of my vehicle!!! Great job

Review №27

Ive always received excellent service from them. Every time I had a problem they help me resolve it. Ive been to both the sites in Fayetteville.Always a warm welcome and great service.

Review №28

I saw an attendant scrub all angles of the person’s car that was in front of me, and all he did for mine was to wash my tail lights, judging by the kiss he gave her after he did it, explains a lot.

Review №29

Denise was great made sure I had a great experience, from the time I rolled up to the door she made sure that the front and back of the vehicle were washed properly the rims are sprayed off and any bugs on windshield were sprayed to ensure that they would come off then after I exited the wash she made sure I had clean dry towels and even refilled the interior wash spray bottle, I would recommend that anybody who wants a Great experience from a pleasant young lady go to Ramsey Street and ask for Denise

Review №30

Single washes seem to be on the high side, but the monthly plans are incredible, you can literally take your car in every day and you get the full wash every time.

Review №31

I came here with high hope seeing as this is the newest car wash in town.... You have to pay for a wash and the vacuum is free which is amazing! BUT I noticed while vacuuming my car that the wash left dirt on my car that wasn’t there before and when I told an employee she asked which wash I got. I told her the $10 wash and she said and I quote “ well that’s what you get for $10 should have gotten our supreme wash!” And honestly I didn’t expect them to do much maybe run it throttle wash again... but her response was completely unacceptable. Customer service matters! You promise a clean car make sure my car is clean then no matter how much of MY HARD EARNED MONEY I gave you!!!!!Great wash very bad customer service!

Review №32

Little pricey but its quick and efficient. Plus you get to use the vacuum station.

Review №33

Wash quality was very subpar for getting a higher level wash (over $20). Came out with all the bugs still on the car and dirt still around the lower half of the body. Not impressed

Review №34

I absolutely love it!!!! Always satisfied and my car gets a lot of complements.

Review №35

Denise was very nice and professional great service

Review №36

Pleasant experience. Quick process. And you can detail your car how you please. Complimentary towels/glass cleaner & vaccum is a plus also!

Review №37

Very courteous staff my 1st time there. Very pleasant atmosphere. Will continue to wash my car there.

Review №38

Great auto wash and vaccums that worked, worked really well, but is the staff supposed to scrub the vehicle or just the rear tail lights?

Review №39

Denise was very professional! She was super sweet and helped us to get the package that we wanted. Im so glad that we got our membership.

Review №40

Rims were still dirty. Not even remotely clean. For $25 bucks I expect more.

Review №41

Lots of broken vacuums and their small inside car air tool, the pressure is turned down VERY low, but the Ramsey St location is AMAZING, their air tool is set at full capacity for customers who visit that location.

Review №42

The car wash itself is good but dont get the membership or else youll be stuck with it forever. It says on the website that when you do the membership you can cancel on the phone. Tried to call and cancel over the phone and was told its a new policy that you must go in person to the car wash to cancel. My husband went in a few days later to cancel and they told him that they wouldnt cancel the membership because it was in my name even though its a shared vehicle and oh yeah were married. He was finally able to cancel and all they had to do was put in the card number and license plate. The only reason for this unnecessary policy its to make it harder for the customer cancel their service. If you moved states before canceling the membership good luck to you because as far as the car wash is concerned youll have to pay them forever.

Review №43

My favorite car wash in Fayetteville. Car is always clean and shiny after leaving. The vacuums work great always. They provide clean towels and cleaner ao that you can detail the inside of your car.

Review №44

Theres a fun space theme for the different levels of car wash you can purchase. Complimentary vacuum after any wash with good suction and a detailing nozzle. Only 3 stars since we got the most expensive wash and the front of our car was still covered in bugs and other road grime

Review №45

Excellent as always. Employee assistance is great too.

Review №46

The Ramsay street store Was my 1st experience . No issues, reasonable price.window cleaner,towels and vac

Review №47

This car wash is kinda pricey, but it does a good job. I still have to clean my rims after. The tire clean is so so...

Review №48

Payed extra for bugs never happen .

Review №49

1st x there and the service was great. They hose your tires and brush the rear windows and bumper.

Review №50

I usually have to go back thru the wash. But the manager takes care of it.

Review №51

Great place to get a car wash

Review №52

Truly a five star car wash, their prices arent actually too bad, I love the atom punk/ space race style, the actual washing part is incredible, it really cleans the car, the vacuums really, I mean REALLY suck, but in a good way ;). All in all, 10/10 nothing wrong with this place.

Review №53

Was very quick going through the was and car is clean

Review №54

Incredible! First time and for the money you pay, its worth it.

Review №55

They have a range of pricing from about $10 to $26. Each price having different options of course. After you are done with the car washing portion they have a place for you to vacuum your car as well as a place to clean your floor mats, rags for wiping down surfaces, and an air blower to get in the little cracks where dirt is trapped and the vacuum cant reach. Will definitely use again.

Review №56

Love this place! Have a monthly thingy they have and I use it at least 2 times a week

Review №57

All the places Ive been to so far have been great

Review №58

It was Busy but I was still able to clean up my car and not be cramped or in anyone elses way.

Review №59

Love washing and vacuuming my car there.

Review №60

I purchased the special yearly deal unlimited washes for one vehicle Im satisfied with results

Review №61

Great place in Fayetteville to keep your car clean 5 Star is 5 star service

Review №62

I really like this car wash!! They have a lot of Soft Brushes that go all around the car!! & Free Vacuums. Most The Staff R Pretty Cool!!!

Review №63

Was and out and vehicle was very clean

Review №64

Great car wash but pricey.

Review №65

Fantastic just a little pricey

Review №66

This business model is awesome! The price point for the $10 wash for what is offered is the best thing around! You are leaving competitors in the dust; Keep up the good work!

Review №67

Nice clean and safe place to get a high quality car wash. Strong vacuums good staff. Definitely worth the money

Review №68

We have a monthly contract love the self service cleaning bay area

Review №69

There were were no clean towels in the vacuum area. I had to drive to another stall because the vacuum power was poor.

Review №70

I got a good car wash.

Review №71

Denise was very patient and answered all your questions and made sure I had everything i needed

Review №72

Love to take my car here

Review №73

Great experience, great customer service

Review №74

Very nice, very clean. The self vacuum service is a major plus! I love it. I stopped using my shop vac and started coming here. The vacuum is so strong and will get all the dirt, sand, crumbs that are in between all the crevices.

Review №75

Absolutely amazing team members- customer service is on point extremely friendly, they even come around once your car is complete at the vaccum station and pass by 6ft apart to make sure ur satisfied and ok- Impeccable service ♥️♥️♥️They ROCK

Review №76

Best Car 🚗 wash place

Review №77

It’s overpriced. I think a 6 dollar rinse instead of 10. It doesn’t clean so well.

Review №78

Great car wash. Does a great job and has many options for upgrading. Plus has towels to dry off you windows afterwards.

Review №79

Great car wash, nice staff...awesome vacuums! My car loves it.

Review №80

Finally decided to try. Was not disappointed. Prices were reasonable and the vacuum area was easy to use. The staff was friendly and polite....thanks!

Review №81

Today my boyfriend and I came here for our first time. We didn’t know what to get so the attendant explain everything to us, even their monthly special. My boyfriend got the $16 wash and his car looks great, but there were still bugs/bug marks on the hood. The manager/owner came out and gave him a coupon to get a free wash to get the bugs off. I was actually very happy with the service we got.

Review №82

The best. Friendly staff. The only place to wash my car from now on.

Review №83

Very nice and clean!

Review №84

Car is always clean and tires shining. Good value with monthly subscription.

Review №85

This the newest car wash in town and the technology is amazing. My car is clean and they provide vacuums for free with the wash.The people are very nice, clean cut and helpful. What a great car wash! I will be back soon to use my monthly unlimited pass.

Review №86

Awesome car wash. Very reasonably priced for the monthly unlimited washes, especially with the detailing resources available after the wash. Staff is always friendly and helpful and they spray off/brush your car before you even go into the wash. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Review №87

Got my car washed here for the first time the other day, and was blown away by the service 😃 Caitlyn I believe it was, was so incredibly kind and answered all my questions, will definitely be coming back.

Review №88

Ive subscribed for the unlimited wash & I totally love. Best car wash in town. Everything u need to maintain ur vehicle including the car wash itself which is extremely thorough, tire shine feature, premium quality vacuums, pressure washer, a air pump and a designated area to vaccuum & clean ur vehicle interior

Review №89

Good service, cleans car very good.

Review №90

Great customer service wonderful addition to the neighbourhood. They do an excellent job keep up the good work lots of amenities and restaurants around the area to include the YMCA near Methodist college and Miller-Motte

Review №91

One of my favorite car washes.

Review №92

Desiree did a fantastic job in helping me set up a subscription to monthly car washes.

Review №93

Love this place so much I have my two vehicles on a monthly package. Get The Big Bang package $35 monthly.

Review №94

$22 top of the line wash was very lacking. Left several bug marks on front grill, several areas of windshield and side mirrors. Free towels and vacuum for self service after going through the wash. Not a great value in my opinion. Ive had excellent drive thru washes for $12 on the max service and Ive had a great full service car wash with vacuum, tire shine, window wash, and interior wipe down for $25. This wash doesnt quite fit the bill and wont last very long unless they add more value to their price or lower their price to match similar services elsewhere.

Review №95

The MANAGER on duty was the associate scrubbing my tires upon entering the wash , as im EXITING THE wash I hear an odd sound . I park , and get out to chedk my vehicle as shes running up to explain some of what she though thebissue is . Pointbblank period , Intried to use the air machine , not only did she not KNOW HOW to work it .. she BROKE MY VALVE STEM from my tire ... NEVER coming back .

Review №96

Simple, efecient and quick...

Review №97

Every time I go I get a nice clean car. I enjoy the vacuum cleaner. I can vacuum my car. No limit on how long will it take?

Review №98

Clean car wash. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №99

Great wash tires and everything look great. Customer service is great. Shout out to Julie for standing up for her employees. I just saw a man almost run one of them over then get mad at them. She calmly handeled the situation.

Review №100

The best car wash in Fayetteville hands down, Julie and the management team are always professional and will go out of their way to make your experience the best, Just witnessed a customer speeding like it was a highway through the parking and tunnel entrance and after she asked him to slow down he told her off and treated her very badly and she kept her composure and professionalism. I was very impressed , if it was me I’m not so sure I could have done the same, I highly recommend this wash to everyone and nothing against TLC but 5 Star is hands down the best wash I’ve been to in years.

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