6450 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

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My sister and I rented a car from this location. Never in a million years would I have expected to have to check the tires. When I noticed the rear tires were bald we were already on the road. We were traveling in a remote area for hundreds of miles. Every time we got in the car I said a prayer. The windshield wipers were also in need of replacement. When we returned the car my sister called to let them know about the tires. The attitude was one of we do not care. I will be hard pressed to use Hertz Rent A Car in the future. If you choose to rent a car from them I highly suggest checking the tires before you get on the road.

Review №2

Hertz cars rented by either a Hertz or Dollar or Thrifty location (all are owned by Hertz now and is run by a dishonest licensee at this location) at fairbanks, Alaska is a total rip off.Deceitful business practices, unscrupulous hidden fees.They dont provide details or evidence eg picture of a dirty car for justifying a $111 cleaning fee. Who washes a rental car anyways.Calling to corporate falls on a deaf ears.Avoid them at all cost.You might have a better luck with @budget or @enterprise next door

Review №3

This Hertz location seems to reopen, at least through Thrifty. When we arrived, we got the car immediately and that was the car we reserved back in April. The service was quite nice considering the current rental shortage.

Review №4

Gracious staff made us feel like family.

Review №5

Great service..clean cars ...thank you:)

Review №6

Watch out for this outfit. They charged me for extra 2 hrs by altering the checkout time to read two hours earlier than actual checkout time. Hard to say if its a computer glitch or plain fraud. Whatever the case, they did not want to work it out even when I provided bank records for that transaction with exact time stamp when the credit card was used. Rent a car elsewhere.

Review №7

My only sadness is that I can’t give it zero stars. This Hertz location isn’t even operational right now, they sub contract out through a different car company or something. Needless to say.... I got charged twice for the same vehicle, which wasn’t even the vehicle I had booked. Then, good f*n luck calling their customer service. You’ll wait 30 minutes minimum and then the person doesn’t speak English and will give you the run around. Absolute nightmare. Run far away.

Review №8

***DO NOT RENT FROM HERE IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE*** Plain and simple. Hertz Fairbanks gives out cars with NO SNOW TIRES in the middle of winter. Visitors have gotten stuck even on the smallest incline of a plowed road because the tires are so bad. This company is absolutely negligent and should NOT be in operation. Fairbanks has slick roads for 9 months of the year, but this agency would rather save a few bucks than give visitors what they need to drive on these roads. Shame on them.

Review №9

Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else. I reserved a truck and received another car. I called Expedia to get a refund difference and was givin the run around. Finally got a hold of Hertz and was told they cant give me a refund difference because its their policy. Was offered a coupon that only last for 6 months. Never had an issue with other car services. Never will I give my business to Hertz.

Review №10

Please don’t rent a car from them!!!This company is horrible. They gave us Summer tires in the middle of the winter. We had an accident and when we call them and to ask for help, they made us wait around and hour for them to respond a call. During phone call nobody asked if we were ok and made us to freeze on a road for one more extra hour while waiting for tow truck.After all this straggles company promised to provide replacement car, but customer service representative at the airport was extremely rude and careless toward our situation and she refused to provide a car with this words: “I’m in charge and I’m not gonna provide a car”.

Review №11

The best rental car company. Which is saying a lot considering all rental car companies customer service standards are so low.

Review №12

Excellent service and price too! Recommended

Review №13

I got to the counter here at 1:30am 12/19 on the dot (I called earlier in the evening to confirm if I had to make arrangements elsewhere) which is the exact time they close and they turned me away. I understand how late that is and its not fun when youve been working all day for someone to show up so late after a flight, but for an employee to still be behind the counter wrapping things up and to look me in the eye and tell me you are closed for the night and let me figure out how I can get around that late in a new area like Alaska is pretty unbelievable. I cant imagine, no matter how tired or how long Ive been working or what job, to simply leave a customer stranded in a new state theyve just flown to with a reservation and just not care. I would feel absolutely terrible if I did something like that and I couldnt sleep knowing it. Unreal experience and the worst service Ive ever received from any Hertz location. Terrible.The employee that helped me later in the morning was a big help and I appreciated that very much. I still cant bring myself to add a star though after the previously night.

Review №14

I will never never never use Hertz again. We visited Alaska for the first time, which the check in lady could see with our Louisiana drivers license. We were stuck several times in the snow due to NOT having snow tires. How do u rent a car to someone in November in ALASKA without snow tires? We didnt know we were suppose to have snow tires because it doesnt snow where we live. Several nice local people pushed us out but this really put us in danger of our lives. We were skidding because our “seasonal” tires would not grip the snow. I could definitly sue this company for not taking in consideration our safety. Several locals that helped us said we didnt have snow tires on the car. I even called the front desk asking them to bring us a car with snow tires because we couldnt move at all and she literally stated their cars have seasonal tires and that i would need to call a number to help pull us out. Which she didnt know if it would be free or not. This should be illegal to put highway tires on a car that needs snow tires for the winter. We could have went off the highway easily and died.

Review №15

The customer service here is lacking. I am aware that Hertz is in financial disarray, but it is ridiculous that no one can be of any assistance. Try another business that actually values potential patrons.

Review №16

The Service: My first time renting Hertz, my first time visiting Fairbanks AND my first time driving in the snow!! Excited and super nervous too.... But the fabulous Hertz representative, Troy, totally made the whole process painless!! He explained everything in detail even including the direction to my hotel. He is very friendly, professional and PATIENCE!! Definitely A+ customer service!!!The Location: Right next to the baggage claim (with all other rental car companies), you wont miss it. Pick-up & returning car is right across the street from the terminal, super convenient!!

Review №17

Great customer service. Always greet with a smile upon arrival. Have always gone above and beyond to make sure they can provide everything needed for their customer.Last rental I forgot an item in the vehicle and they gladly made all the arrangements for return. Thank you.

Review №18

Wonderful experience with Hertz at the Fairbanks Airport. At 2:30 PM (arrival) and at Midnight (departure), the nicely groomed Hertz assistant was professional, efficient, friendly and helpful. Car was in top shape. Perfect experience! (Excellent price performance based on my long-standing rate.)

Review №19

The Hertz car rental company was a huge help to my wife and I while her car was in the shop. They worked well with our insurance and provided us with a clean and well maintained vehicle to get around in while it was getting repaired. They even scheduled a vehicle to take us to the shop after we had returned the rental. I would highly recommend Hertz to anybody needing a rental car.

Review №20

Absolutely 💯 rude & every time U talk to Em they raise the price of what U owe Em I would highly recommend never going there....I even returned my rental on Christmas Eve 😰😰

Review №21

Small but efficient and professional staff. Counter is open late so those arriving in the wee hours of the morning can still get the customer service when needed. Cars a short distance from the terminal and easy to locate- spaces are clearly marked with rental company and spot number. Like everything in Alaska during the summer season, rates are high. Over all great experience!

Review №22

The HERTZ staff at the Fairbanks airport location is very helpful. Ms Sherrie Dow is an exceptional worker. She went out of way to help me. It is a pleasure to do business with people like her.

Review №23

I travel a lot and some places are not the easiest driving conditions. Hertz has always provided me with a great and safe vehicle. The staff at Hertz is always pleasant and eager to satisfy the customer. I wont rent for any other company. There are many benefit of being a Gold Card member so if you are not a member I urge you to apply, its free and benefits you as the customer.Thank you Hertz for always being #1 in customer service!

Review №24

You may think when you are renting a car in the middle of Alaska in the middle of winter that there would be some consideration for that. Not Hertz Fairbanks. While checking in was easy, there was ZERO information given to us about winter driving (-20F on arrival), nothing about why there was an extension cord in the car or when to use it, the passenger side wiper was encased in a block of ice the size of a gold bar, and not even winter tires just all-season tires on a 2WD FWD car.A day later we went back to ask if there was an AWD vehicle available and the girl at the counter just looked at me and said no. No attempt to find when one would become available, no other help, just a no.The lady when returning our car was nice and the car itself was ok but I would expect more from a car rental company renting in extreme temperatures to educate its customers and to at least provide snow tires on a 2WD passenger car. Id even been more happy if they had up-sold me to a AWD car.

Review №25

Dont rent cars at Fairbanks Hertz! They overbook their cars and dont care about the customers at all!I booked a standard SUV and got a confirmation letter after paying the reservation fee. However, when trying to pick up the car, a female stuff told me and my wife that she doesnt have any car for us. She took us to another rental company (AVIS), which wanted to charge us additional $500. We asked that Hertz female stuff for help, but obviously she didnt want to help at all. She just kept sayingI dont have any car, I cant do anything!Are you serious Hertz? Is this how you treat your customers?! You overbook your cars and want your customers to take the lose by themselves? I spent 3 hours on getting another car, and lost my first day at Fairbanks! Hertz, your mistake ruins my trip, and you dont want to take any responsibility? Good job!Ive been a Hertz membership since 2013, and Hertz was always my first choice for business/personal travels, but now I have to say Goodbye Hertz! I will never been your customer!

Review №26

Nice service, excellent SUV. And the photo is the highways where are restricted.

Review №27

Horrible customer service. No communication with the customers. Never an apology for issues. Half the time I have to wait for a vehicle to be cleaned even when I book 1-2 months in advanced. My job requires I use them otherwise I’d rather use anyone else in Fairbanks.

Review №28

Small front desk but amzing and fast service. No tricks and staffs are helpful. This is my best Hertz rental car experience

Review №29

Great rental with Hertz in Fairbanks, Alaska. I received great service at the counter for pick up and drop off. The charges were the same as quoted. Thank you Hertz.

Review №30

The young women at the check-out counter were friendly and efficient. However there was a bit of confusion when we picked up our car. It turns out they had upgraded us to a Chevy Impala, but didnt tell us. Our rental folio still had Toyota Yaris written on it, so it was confusing when we went to the designated slip and found a different car. I had to walk back inside to clarify. While we were delighted with the free upgrade, the way it was handled was confusing and caused us a small delay.

Review №31

Very nice

Review №32

Good vehicle. Quite Efficient.

Review №33

Im not even going to go into what I had to deal with today. Too long of a story Ill never use them again.

Review №34

Close to the car park. Friendly staff and very efficiency.

Review №35

Just got home to Fairbanks from a major surgery and was wheeled by AK air agents to baggage claim. My ride wasn’t there yet, this angle of a person Dana. Walks right over to me from Hertz waits with me helps me with my bags and proceeds to help my dad get me to the car. I had no reservation but that employee Dana has a heart of gold.

Review №36

Excellent and closely parked

Review №37

Flight delayed by 20 minutes so it arrived a bit after 1am. Staff had left leaving many passengers stranded.

Review №38

Theyre okay,the car smelled like Marijuana...other than that it was okay.

Review №39

The staff was very friendly and accommodating.

Review №40

Wont rent to locals without credit only card or proof of irrelevant and unrelated bills paid. Hugely inconvenient and absurd. Horrible customer service.

Review №41

Sometimes ... when you rent carz ... it Hertz.

Review №42

Good service and nice people there

Review №43

Friendly staff, and car worked very well

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Review №45

Very bad service

Review №46

I used it when I stayed at Chena Hot Springs and came to see the northern lights. I made a reservation from a travel agency from Japan. There is a parking lot exclusively for rental cars.

Review №47

Very convenient pick-up and drum from the airport

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