Balance Wellness Collective
620 Wing St #3, Elgin, IL 60123, United States

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Amy and her team have been nothing short of amazing. My son and I are extremely grateful for the support and dedication she provides on an ongoing basis. We are extremely happy for the care, professionalism and thoughtfulness she provides to my family. So easy to talk to. Finally someone we can relate to and is always providing amazing thoughtfulness And strategies as we navigate life and all of its highs and lows! So happy!!!

Review №2

Multiple times now Ive used Balance Stress as a resource to assist with grief and other personal matters. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. My therapist listens intently and offers suggestions on how I can overcome some major stressors in my life, without being overbearing and offensive, she truly listens. Available any time, I feel that Im well taken care of.

Review №3

Jenna has been one of the best therapist Ive had. Helped me so much and always felt genuine care every time I saw her.

Review №4

Balance has a very nice space. Super welcoming always me feel like home. Super professional and with flexibility in hours.

Review №5

I would give 5 Stars for the wonderful therapist, Brianne, who is an absolute pleasure, according to my wife. The therapist being the ONLY reason we have stuck with this place for several months.If I could, I would give 0 stars to Balance Stress Management. Since my wife scheduled her first appointment here, we have had nothing but chaos with this company.They should be covered by our HMO insurance, they are in our network, but my wife and I are being charged full price suddenly out of the blue! This company even charges a tax for paying with a card (yet they only allow card payments), they call constantly about payment problems (which theyre always at fault), and always misspelling my wifes name in documents (which may be the reason why theyre having so much trouble with everything).Their entire system, if you would even call it that, is like 52 pickup, and they are constantly pestering us for money even after we have already paid.They need a better system, better office assistants/ managers, or both.Look at their reviews, theyre terrible for a reason! Very much recommend that you go elsewhere!

Review №6

STAY AWAY. Wish I could give zero stars. Worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. I work in the medical field so I’ve seen it all. This takes the cake. I was sent appointment reminders WITH THE WRONG LOCATION multiple times and when I showed up at the wrong location, was still charged the outrageous no show fee. I know, it’s ridiculous. I tried so dispute to no avail, I asked to speak to the manager/whoever in charge to which I was asked to leave a message. No call back for two weeks and when I did receive a call, it was to ask for the money for the “no shows.” To this day, no manager has called me back to address my concerns; I have stopped going to this place but I still wanted to make sure no one was going to have to go through what I did. Honestly, went here for my anxiety... came out with exponentially more anxiety from my experience. Please, just stay away. Keep your sanity.

Review №7

This place is wonderful, I am so happy I found this place. My Therapist is so heartfelt , caring, and empathetic. Even the main office was so helpful regarding my payments. Thy bent over backwards to help me and I am so grateful. The Elgin office is really cool! Then even have jolly ranchers! 😆Mental Healthcare is important and it can be very intimidating to reach out for help, but it is important you do reach out if you need it! Balance Stress makes it an easier process. This business gets an absolute 5 star rating.

Review №8

Wrote a positive review about a colleague to help hide her poor standards of practice. Conflict of interest? Definitely. Unethical? Id say so.

Review №9

This is such a wonderful place. It has done worlds of good for me. Amy is amazing, as is their reiki practitioner.

Review №10

I worked as a contractor for Balance Stress Management and Therapy. I did the contracting and credentialing for the therapists including the owner of the practice. This January and February, the owner disputed the charges and did a charge back of 3575.00 and 1600.00 . It is disgraceful that the owners Matt and Amy get people to do the work and not pay them. They will say they dont know who I am or make up another story. I have emails and documents to prove otherwise. They are horrible people to do business with, I would not trust them.

Review №11

Attempted to make an appointment today. I was talking to one person and I dont know if maybe she transferred me without saying anything or someone was talking in the back ground, but it is clear this office needs work on communication on the front end. I will try some where else. It really shouldnt be that hard and take multiple people to make an appointment guys. Very disappointed since this office is close to my home

Review №12

Marrige councilng. Lets just say marrige ended.

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  • Address:620 Wing St #3, Elgin, IL 60123, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 847-450-0524
  • Mediation service
  • Counselor
  • Health consultant
  • Marriage or relationship counselor
  • Mental health service
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–9pm
  • Tuesday:8am–9pm
  • Wednesday:8am–9pm
  • Thursday:8am–9pm
  • Friday:8am–9pm
  • Saturday:8am–9pm
  • Sunday:8am–9pm
From the business
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
Service options
  • Online care:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Transgender safe space:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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