Splash N Dash Car Wash
1560 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79936, United States

Review №1

Worst way ever! Its always out of something! You can never go there and get your moneys worth! Either its out of chemicals or it breaks! Attendants have attitude and dont help! When you call the number posted no one answers or calls back! Waste of time and money!

Review №2

Its a great place to wash your car or truck but the trashes are sometimes really full or overflowing and the vacuums are good they work great. It just needs the trash to be handled better.

Review №3

We drive every 2 weeks to wash my wifes car here and every time is a really great experience. Thank you guys

Review №4

Washed my truck I got the 6 dollar wash. The best thing was they power washed it first and scrubbed my truck. It was way better and cheaper than mister car wash

Review №5

Absolutely terrible... used the self wash and their soap died my hands blue, and got blue spots all over my clothes. I showed them and all they did was say sorry you can wash your hands at the gas station. I asked what about my clothes, and they shrugged their shoulders. Then I asked for a number to call, and no one answered or called me back. Zero signs saying not to get the soap on your hands. Had to catch a flight and even after multiple times washing my hands I couldn’t get it off. The worst customer service ever.

Review №6

Tired to use the touch less car wash. Waited 30 minutes then when I paid the car wash never came on. Finally gave us and left will be doing a charge back for the money paid.

Review №7

Drive thru sucked! Idk if it left my Jeep the same or worst than it was. Vacuums were off! Never again.

Review №8

This is a very good place you can either hand wash your car or let the machine do it for you.

Review №9

Fast cheap and gets the job done. The guys there work hard to brush you car down

Review №10

It was very bad I payed for the most expensive wash and it didnt take the dirt of my suv I will never go back

Review №11

Love this place, they scrub your vehicle before entering car wash, one of the few places I can take my car with 14 wide wheels. Free vacuum cleaners.

Review №12

The dryers dont work as well as they are supposed to, you get our of there with your car wet. Also the vacuums dont have a lot of suction power. Dont waste your money in this place.

Review №13

Mylar still comes out semi dirty but you get what you pay for. I even bought the highest price package and still dirty, but for a quick cheap wash it works

Review №14

Had 2 dollar of Quarters. I Run out quarter.I used debit card dam machine charged me $10.00🤬. I only wanted to spend the most $3.00 to wash

Review №15

Was quick got the deluxe car wash and when I pulled out of the car wash it was looking still dirty!

Review №16

I used the touchless carwash and unfortunately it didnt get my car clean. Touchless never does a 100% job, however this was the first one that left stain patterns from last rain shower. I did like that they have attendants who offer a pre-scrub besides the ptandard pre-soak spray.

Review №17

There is a girl there who I see every time for pre wash, she is so efficient and always grateful for any tip. The car wash with brushes you cant beat on a budget.

Review №18

Love to use the vacuum service always fee always clean 🧽

Review №19

Great car wash for El Paso, only complaint is the card reader sometimes doesn’t work and they are very busy but have found it more convenient to go at night time. The pressure seems higher though than others in the city which is a huge plus.

Review №20

Great job on the car wash I got the works great value for 10 dollars!!! Just when you go bring a towel so you can hand dry your car after you use the vacuum.

Review №21

Great friendly employees that work very hard.

Review №22

Went thru brush car wash. When I got home I noticed I still had blue soap on my car. Sad.

Review №23

I like the place, for $6 you can get a fast good wash.

Review №24

Easy to find and the wash was in working order. As a new far East resident Im glad to have this as an option as the other drive thru options out here arent open 24/7. I hope a developer decides to open one here in my neck of the woods.

Review №25

Great car wash they spray down (offered to scrub down too)your car before going into the touchless wash.

Review №26

Very hard working employees, very professional.

Review №27

My car went into the touch less tunnel worse than it went in. HORRIBLE JOB

Review №28

Ok sinks not working, employees goofing off, not aware of surroundings!

Review №29

Nice place to watch your car, you can either wash it yourself or go through the tunnel and good prices

Review №30

This place is horrible. Went through tunnel only washed one side. Came to vacuum. Said it was free. All vacuums are off. What a rip off. Especially in these times. Never ever come here

Review №31

The scrub brush was full of oil so now my truck is full of oil . Never going back.

Review №32

The only problem with this place is that I have to go at night and sometimes they run out of stuff like tire cleaner and things like that.

Review №33

Vacuums werent working. Said if you get the automatic wash, youll get free vacuums.

Review №34

The mechanic operation did not work stood in line for 38 min very unhappy

Review №35

Usually my go to place, but I learned the hard way that if you go at night, youll have your vehicle washed with no soap and if the machine is not functioning properly, itll take your money and management wont bother to return your call or money. Recommend going only when staff is present.

Review №36

Machine took over $2 when I was paying for my car wash. Guess Ill count that as their tip

Review №37

Both the lady and gentlemen that brush the car did a great job.

Review №38

Decent place to wash your car (self service) but the $10 for the automatic wash is kind of a rip off, doesn’t rinse all the soap off and they dryers don’t work full effectively. Also the vacuums are quite week. But the employees that work there are very kind and pleasant.

Review №39

Said fee vacuums with automatic wash, but they didnt work.

Review №40

I should of read the reviews before I purchased my wash. I mean its convenient to have a 24 hour car wash, but definitely not worth the 10$.

Review №41

Ok. Not the most powerful wash. Free vacuum only till 6pm. But it did get a nice wash for the price.

Review №42

The car wash did not work I paid my $12 and the machine did not turn on when I was inside.

Review №43

These gentlemen do an amazing job.

Review №44

After a year of washing my truck. I was denied service because of a fuel tank and pump I have always carried in the bed. I found another car wash that didnt have a problem with my setup.

Review №45

We paid for full service and it didn’t even start waiting for almost 20 minutes for it to start and never did. Don’t go there, just a waste of time

Review №46

It didnt work. Were paid the $8.00 wash and it simply didnt work.

Review №47

Always fast and friendly service! Its a great place and the price is right!

Review №48

Best place to wash your car

Review №49

They are pretty thorough with the brushes, and they know of places on a vehicle where dirt can hide, they do a good job.

Review №50

Fast service and Great customer service...

Review №51

Favorite car wash! workers give a deep scrub to my truck before going in to the drive thru wash, leaves my truck completely dirt and grime free. Dryers don’t work to great so you do need to hand dry a bit.

Review №52

Always a great job!

Review №53

Very nice and helpful crew working at the car wash there.

Review №54

Car was completely soaked after use of there automatic car wash, store needs upgrades on there dryers

Review №55

They are so helpful, friendly and have amazing customer service. I am only here in EP to visit family, and needed a very carwash really bad after driving 14 hours away. Four carwash attendants scrubbed my vehicle including the tires and rims, and applied soap before it went in the carwash. I only selected the $8 wash, but that carwash was worth at least $20 in my book. I would definitely recommend this carwash to my friends and family that live in El Paso and I would visit again. They also have free vacuum use if you go through the tunnel wash. Thank you for your great service today!

Review №56

Fast car wash

Review №57

Good service.

Review №58

The free vacuums are not that great.

Review №59

Needs more pressure.

Review №60

When I went it was not busy. Got seated right away and was out in 15 minutes.. Friendly, professional staff

Review №61

Nice place. When using the automated wash, the left lane is better because it washes better. If you get there before 6pm, the vacuums are free (with a wash). Otherwise, they have the manual wash and vacuum bays. They also have vending machines for towels, air freshener, armor all, and theyre inexpensive too.

Review №62

Nice place to self wash your car, or to have your car washed by a professional. Clean, good location

Review №63

Great place to wash your car. I like it because they have touchless and brush car wash.

Review №64

Good service

Review №65

I got the no brush wash so it was average. I like that its 24hrs.

Review №66

Much better than Mister & less expensive.

Review №67

And actually do it yourself car wash. The equipment is clean and well maintained. Self-serve car washes of this caliber are hard to find!

Review №68

Magnificent!! Just amazing!! Certainly worth the time! Literally, paintings and more paintings by renown artist!

Review №69

Amazing service

Review №70

Terrible wash. My car wasnt really dirty but that car wash couldnt even handle some dust. After I was done there was still big areas which didnt see any water and windshield had still bugs on it. Blowers dont work either by the time I got to park and get out I had water spots everywhere and had to wash it by hand again. $13.00 down the drain.

Review №71

The perfect balance of self and full service. After a weekend of trails in my truck, this is my lunch stop on Mondays. In and out quick, my black beauty turns heads left and right and I drive easy knowing shes looking her best.

Review №72

Love this place. Especially workers who actually 2ash your car. They do an awesome job!

Review №73

The attendants scrub down the vehicle before the wash, which is great. Free vacuums, also great but the dryers arent that thorough. Other than that everything is well cared for & clean.

Review №74


Review №75

No soap on the high pressure soap setting poor water pressure the foam brush spread grease on my white truck and the employee on duty was just spraying water in the parking lot

Review №76

The sign said 6 dollars but when I ran my card it charged meb10$. Rip off

Review №77

Car wash was your typical car wash but what we needed was the vacuuming and thats free with purchase of car wash, so not to bad, suction is sufficient.

Review №78

The people are nice, BUT I had to wash my car TWICE. I purchased the “best” wash they have available and the first go around it didn’t get all of the soapy water off the back of my vehicle. So, the staff told me to go through the other wash they had since it’s “better”. So I do that and when I come out my car still has dirt on it. Chunky dirt! I don’t know where that dirt even came from! When we pulled to the side to have them shine the tires they said there’s noting they can do about it.I just spent $13 on a freakin’ car wash. Why isn’t it clean?? Especially after two washes!I gave two stars because the people seemed nice and you get a free vaccuum with a wash.

Review №79

The Best, left my car really clean.

Review №80

Clean but soap wouldnt come out of the brush

Review №81

My favorite go-to car wash. The auto wash an effective for getting you clean and the manual washes have good pressure for doing it yourself.

Review №82

I love how it takes cash and card for both the automatic wash and the self serve

Review №83

The touchless wash dont do a good job. With the dust problem in this area, a quick wash is always necessary. But this place just makes the dust into mud and only the top part of your vehicle gets washed.

Review №84

Love the customer service there!!

Review №85

Originally a great wash for the price, but more recently drive through wash misses a lot of dirt, and grime. Past 4 months I get out and my car is still soaked in water as the machine obviously just tries to get you out considering the actual wash is less than 15 seconds vs close to 45 months back

Review №86

Nice option to have touchless and brush wash, but the blower just doesnt do the job. Vacuums dont work properly.

Review №87

Terrible service i went a month ago the carwash was not working but they did charge me for the service call the next morning spoke with a lady she told me just go back to the location before 7pm call me and i will have manager there to help you so i went at 530 no one was there also try calling her and she was already gone.. call the next morning and her excuse was that the manager of that location left at 4 because of the weather conditions i told her that i just wanted my money back and she ok within a week youll get a check in the mail 2 weeks later i call her back to since i havent received the refund she said that the check probably got lost in the mail that she will send a new one (again she said i should get within a week) its been a month and still i havent receive my check i recommend you not to go to this place..

Review №88

Definitely not the service I expected. The truck was left wet after the blow dry service and the sides dirty even though it was not heavily soiled. We paid for the full service ($10). Money thrown down the drain. DO NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.

Review №89

Vaccums does not work properly

Review №90

I visit ELP every so often and I had loved this car wash. I would normally rate this as 4 to 5 stars but this visit was an issue. Below are the pros and cons:CONS: Vacuums either dont work or very little vacuum power. This is an issue as its a wash and free self vacuum. It might as well be free if the vacuums have little to no power.Pros: I love the fact that someone is there to pre brush the car (mini pre wash for the whole car). The distance the car runs in the car wash is short but the pre wash fixes it!Has both touchless and brushed car wash.Would I return... I dont know. The vacuum situation was a big downer and now feel that management is letting go the wash. Maybe Ill return and do an update a few months from now and see if it was under repair

Review №91

I like taking my car, but only when the guys are there they do a much better job then the girl and older man

Review №92

Took the car and it washed it okay although the dryers didnt seem to be so powerful so when we left had a bit of water stains. It was quick. Maybe it was on off day but I would go again.

Review №93

Fast service and good price (being open 24h is a big plus). Ive used both their touchless and friction bays a few times. I prefer the friction bay (a couple of guys scrub the bugs off your bumper and grille for free). The only thing I dont like is the fact that the vacuum cleaner turns off at 9PM (free vacs are only available before that).

Review №94

Always a greasy place for a quick wash.

Review №95

Did a great job cleaning the truck

Review №96

If you have a lifted vehicle. Not for you! Short height requirement. Good for a basic wash and has free vacums.

Review №97

Great car wash. Love the color of the suds

Review №98

Fast place to wash your car, but not great. Doesn’t wash properly. Only upside is the people working there are nice

Review №99

Good place to wash your car but make sure you take some extra rags to detail your car

Review №100

Most convenient for me as an UBER driver. Awesome staff.

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