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When the dreaded time showed up in my marriage for divorce, I was lost, emotional, confused, and didn’t know where to turn. I called KoonsFuller Denton and initially talked to Beth Honeycutt, one of the paralegals. At that point, she was the face of the whole company (for me) and I talked with her on the phone for about 15 minutes and proceeded to schedule my first appointment with Charla Bradshaw. Beth was so comforting in letting me know that everything will not only be okay, but that her and her team will do everything they can to make an already terrible situation (divorce) as comfortable as possible. I have known Charla for a few years. Well enough to know that she is not only a passionate, devoted person/friend, but that she really knows and understands her line of work extremely well. At our first meeting Charla and I discussed the entire situation and possible plans that we could take. She then (with my consent) handed over my case to another one of her attourneys in her office, James Logue. James was awesome! He was a funny guy, and could make any situation better by making me laugh. He held my hand throughout the whole time and walked me through everything step by step. He was not only professional, but he made it easier and fun. (If that’s even an adjective to use about a divorce)One of the qualities about KoonsFuller is that they work as a team. They all tackle a case together and you know that you have plenty of law opinions and views simply because 2 minds are better than one. Even the Secretary Susan, was very professional and made me feel at home any time that I called the office and she had to transfer me to the right person. The entire KoonsFuller staff is top notch. I would definitely recommend 10 out of 5 stars!-Austin Reding

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When divorce became inevitable, a custody battle was brewing, and uncomfortable levels of emotions were consuming my every moment, I scheduled a consultation with Charla Bradshaw for legal help. Along With the stress and anxiety of my situation, I wanted not only the BEST attorney, but one who bestowed the ability to see the world through the eyes of others with compassion.Charla gave me an invaluable tool at that first meeting that proved to be a crucial factor throughout my case. She said, “You MUST put your emotions aside when making ANY decision during a divorce.” She wasn’t ignoring or discrediting the validity of my emotions, but rather, as I later learned, setting me up for success. By no means was this an easy task, but I took her advice and rode many roller coaster rides with her advice at the forefront. Her initial words came to full fruition as I watched the opposing side make many, if not all, of their decisions based on emotions.Charla is not only an extremely educated attorney who is well respected and influential in the community, courtroom, and by her staff and peers, she is the epitome of a genuine leader firmly grounded in reality; All while authentically expressing passion about you as a person, your children, your overall health and mental state-now and in the future.Her authenticity is what kept me going many times throughout a rather grueling divorce. There was always a certain purity to our interactions and conversation that gave me hope and empowerment; In many mission impossible scenarios.To describe my divorce as complicated would be an understatement, but Charla’s tenaciousness, fearlessness, combined with her knowledge of laws, systematic procedures, diligence, and strategic planning abilities provided me a dispositional level of optimism that there was light at the end of the tunnel. As an EAGLE would do, Charla strived to make me grow as an individual to my full ability so that I could be the best parent possible.Charla consistently came prepared and organized for depositions, the court-room, phone conferences, and meetings with a poised-confident-courageous demeanor. I remain astonished at her professionalism and respectfulness to any and all parties of the opposing side despite their erroneous behaviors.Placing you and your children’s future in the hands of an attorney is frightful, but Charla proved her keen ability to draw reasonable, logical conclusions, to make important judgment calls in our best interest over and over again; Often when there was little time for sitting on the fence.I am forever thankful and grateful for Charla Bradshaw, the paralegals-fellow attorneys-and staff that work with her. Not only is she the best family law attorney, she’s a precious gem!

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