Compton Cuts Barbershop
930 N Long Beach Blvd suite 4, Compton, CA 90221, United States
Compton Cuts Barbershop

Review №1

They really did a great job on my son hair will be going back.

Review №2

UPDATE: Chuy no longer works here.Cool shop & barbers..Chuy designs & fades my sons hair. Never disappointed🔥

Review №3

Best barbers in COMPTON without a doubt. Tito chops me up every two weeks without wait cant get better than that!!

Review №4

Great service, the barbers are very polite, and patient

Review №5

This place is still clean, no messy hair that you can see. Keep it up.

Review №6

My fiancé and I just recently moved here from Georgia and we had a personal barber that we would go to for my kids and of course my fiancé.. this was our first time actually just going to somebody we didn’t know and it was an amazing experience. Everyone is so nice and the wait isn’t bad and to top it off the barbers really know what they are doing!! If you want your hair to look great and to have a great time this is the place to go!

Review №7

Good services and gives you chill vibes

Review №8

Is a family-orientated business everyone is welcome come and get a great haircut haircut wise 5 Stars as well.

Review №9

Home gets down alwaysv

Review №10

Black was the barber that I went too. As an OTR driver that needed a haircut bad. Black cut me in better than my personal to be 💯. Great spot OTR drivers definitely go there.

Review №11

They never answer the phone and never have time. Its by appointment only so they say and its hard to get one. At least answer and let people know when you have openings. That way I dont have my son waiting so long to get a haircut.

Review №12

Leave you lookin fresh 👌🏻💯

Review №13

Had a professional experience much talent to be tendered. Great customer service. I will definitely go back for more.

Review №14

All I have to say is all the barbers here can cut u up and leave you fresh . I prefer to go with mike get my beard and taper with line up done clean . If you are a customer complaining about the wait ,first you didn’t schedule an appointment and second you don’t have a regular barber . Try it out for yourself and stick to your daily babrber and u won’t have any problems not just here that goes for every barber shop , Compton cuts keep it up

Review №15

The wait was more than 2 hours , i wanted to just leave but my time finally came . I met the barber and his name was frankie really down to earth guy . Makes you feel in home. Now for the next time I know to call and make a appointment . The place is pretty cool 90s hip hop feel . So if you want to go to this place make the call first and get your cut here .

Review №16

Always turns out better then I expect no matter the barber.

Review №17

Great time with all fus there

Review №18

Cut my boys hair today. Always satisfied with their skills. My FAV barber shop to take my sons. Phenomenol hair skills definately recommend them to anyone. Drove from Barstow just to get my boys hair cut right and it was definitely done here. No complaints👌

Review №19

DO NOT GO HERE. This is one of the worst places to get a haircut. Loud music prevents you from speaking to the barber, so if he messes up its because he couldnt hear you. Half the workers are in the back parking lot smoking or doing other drugs while the others take appointments after appointments. The drugged up workers will then come in to cut your hair while they are high. To top it off, they actually charge you for making an appointment. Who does that? Worst place in Compton. Dont go here. Its terrible.

Review №20

The barbershop people there are professional individuals down to business A plus . best in town .

Review №21

Like the way they did my hair. Organized place.. Prices is good.. Coming here next time.

Review №22

Best in la I meet legado 7 here cutting my hair

Review №23

Very unprofessional no greeting letting you know when you’re up next they just sit there and watch you hoping you don’t say nothing me and three dude walked out because he’s been waiting there for 2 1/2 hours and people kept walking in and going before him very sad to not go if you wanna wait a long time

Review №24

Love my Barber... his name is Mike. Clean environment, including restroom

Review №25

All the bsrbers at compton cutz are one of the best in the business.

Review №26

Very cool place but if youre not their friend then expect to wait 3 hours, very poor service

Review №27

Love that place I take my son to get his hair cuts their they do a very good job and the guys are so polite and respectful nice customer service

Review №28

They can cut hair, thats why i keep going back but they gotta fix their timeI got their at 3:05pm and they said they were closed for the day. They dont close till around 5-6pm.The Only way i could get my hair cut was if i had an appointment. I work alot i cant go get a haircut during the week.I dont like how i show up 2-3 hours early and theirs like only 2 people waiting just to be told i cant get a hair cut. Cuz theyre closed and its barely 3pm, they dont close until 5 or 6pm.

Review №29

I don’t recommend unless you make an appointment. If you don’t, you’ll be sitting there for over an hour. Mediocre hair cuts

Review №30

Great place. Good vibes and talented 💈.

Review №31

I made an appointment today at 9 and the guy never showed up i would recommend you find a different shop especially if your a busy person and dont want to wait 3 to 4 hours when youve made an appointment ahead of time this place is very unprofessional the only thing is they can cut a kids hair thats crying and doesnt want it done💯

Review №32

Probably the worste place to cut hair the fades aren’t the good and employees clearly need to need more practice

Review №33

I came one morning at 9 and they werent open yet false ad

Review №34

Fresh every time 🙌

Review №35

Says 8 am but no one was theree at 8:30 lazy as cholos workin there smh charge 25 for bullshit cuts last option to go is hear should be compton corectional facility with all the low lifes there ..

Review №36

I was waiting for 4 hours and never got my hair cute after 4 hours they said they can only take your hair cut if you have an appointments. $20.00 Is too much for a hair cute that takes more then 30 min. The guys always smells like weed. I went again after 7 months just to see if they fixed there way of work its gotten even worst, I was shock when I had a talk with one of the guys he looked really high on drugs that day out side the shop, He said they like giving hair cuts to friends and family they didnt care about other people. Their excuse is to have an appointment Which you can never book in Because its always full. The only time they give hair cuts without appointment is when they need the money. They charge 20 or 30 so they could do a little work but still make cashing . This place has the worst service in compton. I highly dont recommend this place at all.

Review №37

Compton cuts is the best no questions bout it

Review №38

Dont come here to get your cut, waited literally an hour and a half and not one dude paid no mind to us came to get my son a hair cut and these dudes kept letting other people that came after me sit down and get their hair cut, yea they can say all day oh its an appointment but out of 7 damn barbers I still couldnt get a seat its ridiculous and for the price hell nah.

Review №39

They have no idea of what a queue is and they tend to take in friends first and forget who got in first. What a joke...not good for new business.

Review №40

This place can’t even do design haircuts, And even waited until the end to tell me they couldn’t do it. Stick to regular fades and don’t advertise designer hair cuts.

Review №41

This guy is a horrible barber! Tito hacked my son head up.

Review №42

Go to Tito he will bless you

Review №43

Last time I went to Compton cuts to get a hair cut I wait that barber say I dont have a meeting to get a hair cut he say come back next time.😠👌

Review №44

Cut my hair every week there just make sure you have an appointment lol

Review №45

George is an amazing barber

Review №46

This place sucks...if you are not a friend. If you are a new customer they take in friend first even if you arrived before them. will not recommend. I would give ZERO if it was possible. I guess they dont need my money, Ill take it else ware.

Review №47

Only friends are first, other people do not care

Review №48

Terrible can’t cut hair for anything went in was in the chair for two hours while i didn’t get the cut i asked for asked manager ahead of time can his barber cut my type of hair he lied and said yes didn’t get what i wanted

Review №49

My dudes hair stay fly and his cuts last..

Review №50

Great haircuts

Review №51

Good, quality, friendly, & affordable

Review №52

K.D hooks it up 👏🏽

Review №53

Some of the barbers get down here

Review №54

Poor service

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Good hairdressers

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:930 N Long Beach Blvd suite 4, Compton, CA 90221, United States
  • Phone:+1 310-627-9374
  • Barber shop
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–5pm
  • Tuesday:10am–4pm
  • Wednesday:10am–3pm
  • Thursday:10am–5pm
  • Friday:10am–5pm
  • Saturday:10am–5pm
  • Sunday:10am–5pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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