Hoovers Automotive
1510 Washington St, Commerce, TX 75428, United States

Review №1

I live in grapevine and I drive my wife to school in commerce, unfortunately one night coming to pick her up, my beloved, reliable truck broke down on the side of the road, I had to get a tow and get it to Hoovers. They took care of me and understood my situation, they helped me out and made sure that I would make it home, they were able to trace down a worn and malfunctioning sensor and wire, the head tech stayed after hours on Tuesday and they had the part ordered and had me going home today. My wife and I just moved out together and we needed the help they were able to give us, they dropped us off at our motel and picked me up from a pawn shop. These guys are the best and they will go above and beyond for you

Review №2

Great service, always with a smile and very friendly, thats where I will always take my cars. A place you can trust not to be over charged, has a air-conditioning and a nice sitting area from, Charlotte Glovver

Review №3

I brought my car in for an oil change and to have my tires checked after the service light for both came on. My car was fixed quickly and without any other issues. Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful. I usually use a quick service company for an oil change, but will be switching over to Hoovers. Definitely worth it!

Review №4

The staff (I was specifically helped by Josh) is literally the friendliest and most exceptionally helpful staff I have ever been served by in my entire life. If you have anxiety dealing with mechanics, this place will make you actually enjoy going to service your car. I no longer dread taking my car in because of the surprisingly enjoyable experience at Hoovers. Ask for Josh- he is the absolute most helpful and knowledgeable and will make you WANT to take your car back. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

Review №5

My vehicle recently got caught in a flash flood and immediately shut off once the water got high enough. Thankfully the battery and electrical was still working, but the engine went into hydro lock (successfully, thank goodness!)I had it towed to Hoovers and the team there brought my vehicle back to life. They worked diligently, but also meticulously to ensure no further damage. I was routinely kept informed and they checked every major part, as well as every little crevice with good detail.The price was also fair and a good sense of trust amongst those caring for the vehicle. Worth considering for any and all automotive repair needs!

Review №6

They were extremely helpful. I thought I was going to have to have some brake work done, but they couldnt do it until the next morning. They were going to let us park in the back and plug into their power. When I went to move the camper the brakes were okay. I went in and told them and they were cool with it. Weve went about 140 miles and all is still okay. Answered prayers!

Review №7

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I got a flat tire at Walmart and went to Hoovers to get it fixed and they got me right in! Well pleased with the quick and friendly service.

Review №8

Paul & everyone at Hoovers are so kind and friendly! They made quick work of patching up my tire. Ive been to Hoovers twice for a vehicle inspection and now for a tire repair-- needless to say, their kindness & efficient work will have me coming back for any automotive needs I will have in the future. Plus-- Rosie and Callie (the shop cats) will keep you company while you wait!

Review №9

Arrived at 7:30 am to drop off before work and they finally arrived to open at 7:50! I brought my own oil and filter and asked to have the tires rotated while they had it. Get there to pick it up and I feel like for me to have supplied all the materials I was overcharged and the tires were not rotated. Foul language and unprofessional staff. When I asked about the tires being rotated the response was I guess it didn’t get wrote down. It was in the intake form when I dropped it off this morning that they wrote out. Not the same place that it used to be!!! Sad sad! I will not do business there again! Wish I could give my experience a negative rating!

Review №10

I recently bought a car and it has been a struggling being a first time buyer of having my account constantly wiped out from car purchases being a college student. I thought I would have wait to work overtime again to pay for car repairs but the guy was very compassionate and gave me a good deal. Will definitely come back!

Review №11

A great service for a good price, people was very friendly and kind. Highly recommended!

Review №12

Impeccable and friendly service! Im always nervous to go to mechanics because most of the time people try to take advantage of me due to being a female. Not here, though. They got me out of a bind with a very speedy, affordable repair. Still was able to make it to work on time! I wont be going anywhere else for my car needs from now on. Cant recommend them highly enough.

Review №13

Great Service. Put on two tires and did an alignment. Notified every step of the way about status. Very Professional

Review №14

Hoovers has the best customer service! They arent trying to get you and offer you solutions so the repairs wont cost you too much. They are my go to for all maintenance needs!

Review №15

When I got there, I waited for about 15 minutes to be told that my tire havent arrived yet, after ordering it the previous morning. Since I literally stayed less than 3 minutes away, I went home and waited for him to call to let me know my tire was there. When I got there I was in and out. The customer service was great. I would go there again.

Review №16

Sweetest staff... Paul is very knowledgeable and has never misguided me about my vehicle maintenance! I’ve been here multiple times and their service is quick, friendly, and done to the very best extent. Added bonus is the kitties that will climb on your lap and say hi while you wait :) Avoid going to the dealership if you can!

Review №17

Best place in town for your vehicle. Kind service

Review №18

The people who work here are always super professional and friendly, Ive never had a bad experience here and Im really thankful to have a local shop to support. Ive had to come here several times for repairs and maintenance on my car and theyve always been super attentive and quick, Ive never stayed for more than an hour. And on top of that they have some cute shop cats that always want some petting. 10/10 would recommend!

Review №19

These guys rock , great service, friendly staff

Review №20

Did no work and wanted over 1200

Review №21

Great pricing, fast service. Local and fair

Review №22

They’re professional and quick to get your repair done. Fair prices and great service. Definitely recommend them!

Review №23

Good service nice people I would recommend them to anyone who needs work done on there car

Review №24

Very friendly folks. James has a good reputation, and this is a small community. If you dont do people right, everybody knows it. Yes, I recommend them. They take care of you.

Review №25

Bought four tires and had state inspection.Friendliest staff and totally thorough on inspection and tires were great. great price too! I am totally satisfied.

Review №26

I always come here because they take good care of my car.

Review №27

Friendly staff and quick service, what more could you ask from a mechanic? Overall satisfied with my experience, will definitely come again.Bonus: 2 cats that you can pet while you wait

Review №28

Paul is very knowledgeable and keeps his word. Happy customer!

Review №29

I can drop my car off knowing they will get it done . Very freindly people, and realiable, think I found my go to mechanic , will always send someone with car problems their way keep up the great work

Review №30

Great service and value! The only thing I had trouble with was the lack of masks among the staff, especially in the store area. I would encourage them to wear masks, if not for themselves, for the safety and comfort of their customers. Many of us are high risk for complications from covid-19 and count on everyone wearing masks to end this pandemic.

Review №31

The staff is incredible and they always seem to calm me down as a frazzled college-kid away from home in a bind. Best reliable small town mechanic you can count on!!!

Review №32

Very helpful. I was in a bind and they went out of their way to help.

Review №33

They are some of the best and most honest mechanics I have ever worked with. They treat you like a person and not a customer. They chose to be good people over nickel and diming me when they could have easily. I am recommending this establishment to everyone in the area. They are my new gold standard in how a service provider should treat people.

Review №34

ALWAYS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND GREAT AUTO SERVICE!!! It’s such peace of mind to know there is still good people in this world who show genuine concern and care for our children and the future (even when the children are college-bound and grown up—they are still our children). Thank you, James!!! On the road again... 😉

Review №35

Honest and professional folks here. They have serviced my cars for over 12 years, and never tried to get me to do anything beyond what was needed. You are safe with Hoovers Auto Repair.

Review №36

They had the electrical hookup I needed for my bus.

Review №37

These are good ol’ fashioned folks. Good honest and hard working. I stopped by during a visit to commerce and I would definitely drive the 1hr 45min just to come to this shop.

Review №38

Mechanic was quick and nice, but one of the front desk person was more interested to be short and continue whatever game he was playing in his gadget.

Review №39

Very friendly people. They will talk with you about everything and nothing while they get you taken care of. Thee service is quick and thorough the owner even offered to give me a ride home when I had to drop my car off for an emergency repair.

Review №40

Took truck in for tune up and oil change. They did an awesome job! They even found the vaccumn leak that was making the engine whine. I was and always am happy with their service and technical skills. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review №41

Repairs are always easy here. You can also get your car inspected here. They have a nice waiting area with a TV and vending machines. Staff is friendly and helpful. Prices are very reasonable. Never had a problem with the work done here. Dont need an appointment most of the time.

Review №42

Great customer service, with reasonable pricing. I was getting my oil changed once and one of the staff ordered a pizza and gave me a couple slices. I just recently got some work done, & they even gave me a ride back to campus. They go above & beyond to insure great service. 👍🏾

Review №43

Excellent place

Review №44

Bad customer service

Review №45

They were very quick with my state inspection and Paul was very friendly and helpful.

Review №46

They are my go to mechanics in commerce. They are very friendly, competitively priced, and usually get the work done in a timely manner. Oh and they have adorable cats you can pet while waiting for your oil changes:-)

Review №47

Very knowledgeable, kind and super efficient!

Review №48

Very professional yet very friendly and attentive to what I needed, trivial as it appeared. I had a great service experience here.

Review №49

I went in there for a state inspection and everyone working there was super friendly! Their prices are fair and their service is fast. Would definitely recommend and will be coming back!

Review №50

Nice people

Review №51

Fast service. Always friendly and the cutest cat ever lives there.

Review №52

Awesome, great customer service!

Review №53

Excellent customer service, got the job done QUICKLY and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend!!

Review №54

Super friendly and got the job done, quickly, for a good price. Cant ask for more. Side note, if you have cat allergies this isnt the place for you to hang out as the owners cats hang out wherever they want. Im a dog guy personally but the cats are nice enough.

Review №55

Love it there great service an very polite

Review №56

They get the job done. You might have a little wait, theyre busy. But they are are very helpful.

Review №57

Went here to get a vehicle inspected, the guy designated to do state inspections was gone. They took my name and number and told me they would call when he got back. Never got a call.

Review №58

They really work with you when it comes to your car, and they aid you when it comes to understanding confusing parts about your car.ive brought my PT cruiser there so many times and they fix it and listen to the issues all the time.

Review №59

Great customer service and is very cooperative with their clients.

Review №60

I recommended Hoovers to my son based off of the reviews I had read on Goolgle, what a HUGE mistake. They were not as advertised. He took in his car (Mazda RX8) to be worked on. RX8s have rotary engines so they typically require mechanics that are familiar with or specialize in rotary engines. When he went in to drop the car off it was two weeks before the end of the semester and the gentleman at the counter told him that they could in fact work on it but it would be a couple of days before it was ready. That was not a problem so he left the car with them. That week passed and he tried calling to check on the status of his car but could not get in touch with anyone over the phone. The following week was finals so he was busy but he knew he needed the car back by the end of the week since he would be leaving to go back home. He called back and still could only leave a message. Finally, it was the last day of school and move out day but he still had no car. My wife had to drive to Commerce to help move him out and go check on his car. When they walked in to inquire about the car they were told Oh, I am sorry I guess we should have contacted you about your car. We do not work on Mazda RX8s So, the car had sat in the same place for two weeks and Hoovers never attempted to make contact with my son to let him know they were not going to do anything with his car. This was a very unprofessional thing to do. First of all they should have known up front that they didnt work on RX8s. Second, they should have at least contacted him to let him know as soon as they found out instead of just letting it sit for two weeks. I would not recommend this repair shop based off of our experience.

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Review №62

I went there at 4:50 pm for a service and the guy told me that they are closing at 5 . The website says the site closes at 5:30 😐

Review №63

I had a battery die in my first day in town. I picked Hoovers only because they were the closest source for a battery. Luckily, they had a nice shop and were easy to work with. Ill definitely go back if I need something.

Review №64

Don’t trust the good reviews on this place like I did. Took my car in for an ac check Wednesday morning. Guy told me he probably couldn’t get it done today, I said not a problem I don’t need it until Saturday. I’ve called twice and both times they said it would be finished that day. It’s now Saturday and still nothing. 3 whole days and they still haven’t looked at my car. Oh, and they’re closed on weekends so it’ll be over 5 days to add some Freon to my car. Ridiculous.

Review №65

Very helpful staff. Great service!

Review №66

Never have a problem with these guys. Ive been to them plenty and theyve always made it a point to fix or tune up my car in short order, at a fair price.

Review №67

Ive used Hoovers on several occasions and always left knowing they did excellent work, for a fair honest price. Theyll only sell you what you need for the going rate for mechanical repairs, and they stand behind their work. Several friends of mine also trust Hoovers for their auto repairs.

Review №68

Nice Deals on Tires, fast service

Review №69

Good place to get your vehicle serviced good prices

Review №70

Great service, super friendly staff! Very affordable!

Review №71

Thanks for fixing my car in a decent time and a reasonable price friendly staff and great mechanics the only issue I had was when I first came the guy at the front took my number down wrong and y’all we’re trying to call me but had wrong number but thankfully I called to check on my car and to fix the issue y’all gave me a discount thanks

Review №72

I have gone to these individuals from small to major problems with my 2007 toyota Solora(camry). I have always been treated me with respect and explained what was going on with vehicle. I will always go to them first, before any place else if i can help it. Repeat customer

Review №73

Great people and honest service, I bring my truck all the way from Collin County to get work on when needed

Review №74

Respectful folks and great service.… even on a Friday, 10 minutes prior to closing!

Review №75

James Is AWESOME!! Hoovers worked on my daughters (TAMU-C) car last March. Today I called them and let them know her car was making the same sound it did last year. Told him the car wouldnt start and it was parked on the 4 floor of the parking garage and she has classes all day. Well, my daughter was able to drop the keys off with James and around lunch he called me back and said they gave the car a push and were able to get it out of the garage and parked across the street. Tow truck then took it to Hoovers. James called me at 5pm and told me the car was fixed and all cost including the tow were under warranty!! If you are a parent of a student at TAMU-C like I am, I have used Hoovers twice now and both times they have been the nices people and THEY HONOR THEIR WARRANTIES!!! You can send them to Greenville if you like but Hoovers has been taking care of cars and TAMU-C students for years now.

Review №76

Reasonably priced and great service.

Review №77

Good affordable service

Review №78

Very nice people.

Review №79

Performed the service requested, when other mechanics wouldnt, in a timely fashion and on the inexpensive side.

Review №80

They do honest work and theyre very friendly.

Review №81

Their service was incredible. We had taken our vehicle to the Honda dealership in Rockwall and were informed that our front brake pads needed replacement, and that we had an oil spool valve leak. The costs for each repair would have come to over $500, but since we were in a hurry at the time, we left the dealership without doing the repairs.After getting back to Commerce, we took our vehicle to Hoovers, and they informed us that the front brake pads did need replacing, but that the oil spook valve wasnt actually leaking, instead being the result of a shoddy job done by the people who had recently changed our oil.The end result was that we had our front brake pads replaced, and for a total cost of $161, which was a full hundred dollars cheaper than it would have been at the Honda dealership, not to mention the additional work we would have gotten charged for. At Hoovers, I was also offered a ride back to my apartment and a pickup after the repair work had completed, which saved me a lot of time that I would have otherwise been waiting around.In short, these people are awesome, and we are definitely returning to them for our automotive needs. I highly recommend them :)

Review №82

Honest, good mechanical work for a fair price.

Review №83

I wouldnt trust anyone else to work on my car. Honest and upfront about pricing.

Review №84

Fair shop.Will charge $45 per issue to evaluate issues so be aware.

Review №85

Stop! Don’t take your stuff here! Rude and not helpful! Was in the phone with them and they just hung up while I was talking

Review №86

Very Helpful, fast and attentive. Price was fair. Thanks!

Review №87

Nice people who take care of business

Review №88


Review №89

I thought I had a problem with the manual transmission of my Focus. They checked it and charges me $45 saying that in fact there was an issue but that they couldnt fix it because... they werent able to repair manual transmission!!!Then I discovered other friends had similar problems with them. I think they arent accurate professionals to say the least.

Review №90

Good people good service

Review №91

Got 2 sets of tires this year for my vehicles. Both times I got them here at Hoovers and the out the door prices was cheaper than Discount tire.

Review №92

I always get my car inspected there

Review №93

Excellent service

Review №94

The y5

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  • Address:1510 Washington St, Commerce, TX 75428, United States
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  • Phone:+1 903-886-7781
  • Auto repair shop
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30am–5:30pm
  • Tuesday:7:30am–5:30pm
  • Wednesday:7:30am–5:30pm
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:7:30am–5:30pm
  • Sunday:7:30am–5:30pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
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