Gilleys Auto Sales & Services
1500 Prim St, Commerce, TX 75428, United States

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I bought a nice vehicle at Gilleys. No problems out of it at all.

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Great experience great family business! Moms been knowing them for over 30 yes... Great people....

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Reliable and friendly service. This is my 3rd vehicle I have purchased their and I am very happy with them.

Review №4

Loved it. So easy. Very friendly and accommodating. Definitely would recommend. Got my car.

Review №5

These people are awesome,very nice and Great Vehicles!

Review №6

Very good service 👏👍👌

Review №7

The guy that runs it is a cool guy and I plan on doing business with him. Plus he said he wants to work with me and my wife to put us in a vehicle. Thanks the couple in the black madza .

Review №8

I got a good car low payments

Review №9

Avoid avoid avoid!!!! Coronavirus caused breaks in pay due to jobs shutting down. Could only afford half payments per month, they don’t care!! DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THEM!!!! They sell cars for twice the BLUE BOOK value. Lesson learned

Review №10

Untrustworthy they will repo your car every 30 days, they dont write all your payment down . They will lie to you. Not worth your service.

Review №11

Wouldnt buy a car from them there all about money they dont care one way or another about u or ur problems that ur having thats my opinion

Review №12

Always professional & helpful

Review №13

Bought car and thought they were great people but when in a bind and trying to catch up they came and got the car with all my stuff in it. Didnt even let me know they took it

Review №14

Poor customer service and I was treated like i didnt have money to purchase a car.. I went in and ask the unprofessional car salesman about a Lexus they had on the lot.. I ask how much for the car he was like o thats a very expensive car!! I was like, ok! I know that! He went on talking about how nice of a car it was and so on.. I said well somebody was really hard on the inside and plus it have alot of hail damage on the hood.. the guy was like well that car is not for u, maybe not for $10995 and inside is terrible,hail damage on the hood, your mouth is smart and you dont know how to treat your customers.. I heard alot of bad things about this car lot anyway and I see why.. I will never buy any of these lemon cars!! I will take my money somewhere else!

Review №15

A lady crashed into me. The insurance paid but Gilley would not release any of the money to repair the car. Finally they repoed the car.

Review №16

Fair monthly pymts, bad credit OK! Ive changed my rating to 5 Stars from 4. Ive had a malibu from them for 7 months now, great car & when I did have an issue, they corrected it @ no charge. 7 months into this car, no complaints about the car or lot. I WOULD BUY AGAIN!!

Review №17

I am from Paris, Texas. Roughly 40 miles from the car lot. I made a trip with $1,100 ready to put down on a car. Gave them proof if income and ssi statement. I left work so I can go get a decent car for me and my disabled child. Me and my mom literally sat in the office and was bypassed to speak with a man. The man had multiple theft hits on his record. He was from wolf city. He had an excuse for every theft hit for every state. He kept pacing around and going outside to make phone calls. Were still patiently waiting. The car the man was looking at was $800 down. This man bullshitted his way into a car for $700. Mr. Gilley proudly said okay we can $700 all we need is money and signatures. After an hour of being there, the only thing he says to me is why are you coming from Paris. Which Ive already told him. He said well she wont do it. Meaning his mom. If you will gladly take money from an obvious thief and not help a single hard working mother than that is a horrible look for business. I have never been sick to my stomach like this man made me feel today. God bless whoever deals with this kind of business.

Review №18

I bought a car from them as a surprise for my daughters b-day gift. I had no license so I bought the car under my daughters name. The lady went on my Fb page and saw where I was posting about buying myself a new car. I had to do that to keep my daughter out of knowing that the car was for her. To make a long story short the gilleys owner spoiled the surprise because she thought I was getting the car for myself. I was able to purchased the car and they treated me very well. I most definitely will be purchasing another car from them real soon.

Review №19

Worse place ever they prey on low income people with few resources. They sell over priced lemons. Their favorite customers or elderly and women those that cant stand up for themselves. They will find people down on their luck offer them next to nothing for their car then sell in for a crazy amount only to have in break down and still charge you. do yourselves a favor take the short drive to greenville or caddo mills get a way nicer car for half the price and great customer service.

Review №20

We bought multiple car for them! Great people!

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My wife and I are buying a car from Ann and James and they are the nicest people you would want to meet my father in law bought almost 30 cars from them Ive known them for years Ive read some of the other comment on here they have a guid line of how far they will sell a car for incase they have to come repo it they dont want to have to pay a wrecker to drive that far to get it and my daughter is buying her first car from them and she loves it

Review №22

Good place for used cars.

Review №23

Wouldnt sell me a car for the reason I had just moved into the area and had only been there a couple months. Ive always paid my cars off early. Their loss and someone else got my money and I have a better car than what I would off gotten from them

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Good cars, but you have to stay in contact weekly..

Review №25

They wouldnt sale Me A Car For The Simple Fact That I work In Dallas

Review №26

When you have crap credit these guys will take the risk to get you a car. Ive bought a few cars from them over years, and theyve always taken good care of us.

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Great place and service.

Review №28

Amazing car lot with amazing people!

Review №29

Great ppl worked with us well fixed any problem we had ... All 😁😁😁

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Great place to buy used automobile

Review №31

Shes very helpful .

Review №32

Outstanding folks

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Good family

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Great people! !

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:1500 Prim St, Commerce, TX 75428, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 903-886-2434
  • Auto repair shop
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30am–5:30pm
  • Tuesday:8:30am–5:30pm
  • Wednesday:8:30am–5:30pm
  • Thursday:9am–12pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:8:30am–5:30pm
  • Sunday:8:30am–5:30pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
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