Webbs Auto & Truck
2146 S Atlantic Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040, United States

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Loved the service! They were very professional and detailed what my muscle car needed! I highly recommend them! =)

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Can be a great place but take your car there with one problem youll end up with 10 prices very high Would not recommend anyone Bad service

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They could use a little more friendly customer service!!!

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I visited this place after being referred by AAA to ask for a quote but they were close to finishing up their day so I mentioned Id be visiting another shop for a quote to compare prices. I followed up the next day with a phone call and the person I spoke with gave me an attitude and mentioned why I was calling them back if I had already visited a different shop. By far the worst customer service Ive ever experienced, do not waste your time with these people.

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Excellent service diagnosed and repaired on the same day.

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Chris and Rob do a fantastic job on our equipment at the railroad . Keep up the good work .

Review №7

AAA referred me but I wish they hadn’t. I had a coolant leak so my car was over heating and smoking from the hood. I brought it in and they tried to charge me thousands for maintenance and 200 for a diagnostic test. In my experience diagnostic tests are free or very cheap. I’m not sure if they are dishonest scammers or if they just tried to charge me that much because I’m a woman.

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Father and Son team great place to take your vehicles for repair an DC oil changes!

Review №9

Webbs Auto is the place to take your loved one (your car of course)! I live no where near the area but I still prefer to drive to them than to take my car to any other shop. Why? The employees are very nice, friendly and honest. Theyll actually treat you like a friend, not just like a customer. These people wont add costs that arent necessary which is a plus for everyones wallet (lets be real). If you want your car running smooth and like-new, this is the place! They all equally do a wonderful job, so whoever gets their hands on your car, youre lucky anyways. A big thank you to my dad for introducing me to this shop which Ill keep coming to and recommending to as well! :) -Tracey Castillo

Review №10

Dishonest!!! They WILL take advantage of you. Instead of saying we cannot do a smog check when your check engine light is on, they charge me full charge before I could be my car back. They did not even touch the car or move it; all they did was look at the light and charge me. I called back after I fixed my car and Andy said I would do a Free re-check. Even after I explained EXACTLY what happened last time. I show up and hes not even there. Now I get a different story from some older guy (watch out for him) that they do not do free re-checks unless they fix my car. That was never told to me. Obviously they all make up their own policies.I went to PEP Boys in Downtown LA on Washington Blvd. and got it done for 34.99. They were professional and honest!!And no made up policies depending on the day of the week or on the type of person you are like Webbs (crooks) Auto. AAA should remove them from their list of auto garages.

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Good friendly people n services

Review №12

I called to get an estimate on the transmission oil change. The owner gave me a set price. It was a reasonable price but when I they finished the job, the bill was sixty dollars over. I confronted rob da cracker and he couldnt even see me straight in the eyes. All he said was thats what the bill comes out to because we had to replace a filter that was special ordered but it didnt make sense because I took my car in the following day plus he never mentioned anything about any filter to me. Someone mentioned that they nice and made you feel like family well not wrong there because they want your money. Once they have you in their mitts they could care less. One thing is for sure if I would have been Caucasian I would gotten a better deal.

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If AAA tries to refer you to this place. Dont waste your time here. This shop is an Unfair priced Joke. I only came here because I needed my Ram truck fixed immediately and AAA referred me here, if I wouldve known I would not have wasted my time. The prices are ridiculously unfair and the techs dont know what theyre doing. My experience at this mechanic shop was horrible, I was attended by attendant Andy, after the tow truck and myself left my truck with them, they were so nice in the beginning, Then next day I received a call from attendant Andy stating the problem is the harmonic balancer problem, and they have to do a full diagnosis in order for them to continue and they have to take my truck apart from the bottom. And the charge of the diagnosis was $592. With the price I was like ouch, and but since I need my truck and the truck is already there getting worked on I had no choice but to continue. Then next day Andy calls me back with 2 prices, and 2 unfair prices.. one was $1600 for the harmonic balancer and to replace all my bottom part with new parts and the other was $1024 with the harmonic balancer and keep the same parts. And also said their was the 10% discount for AAA customers and the $50 off diagnosis price. But AAA had said they were going to give me a 50% discount. But with the final price I didnt even get no discount at all... the final price was $988.. and I asked for the discount and Andy tells me its on there already, but the silly part is that 10% of $1024 is $102.40... Dont these people know their math, Do they not know how to use a calculator..So I go pick up my truck, and I paid. I leave with my truck, When I was driving it, the torque is so weak and the speed is so slow and truck feels all heavy.. I was like what the hell did they do.So then I call Andy and tell explain and he tells me to bring the truck back if theres anything wrong. On top of that they dont open weekends, like what do they expect that the customer can only come when the attendants in the shop feel like it, like if we dont have a daily job. They expect you to miss a day of work to take them back your vehicle for a job that was suppose to be done right from the beginning instead here you are a customer with a poorly job done that you paid a lot of money for that needed to be done well from the beginning. After I took my truck back to them to double check.. The attendant explained to me the same thing over and over again about the check engine codes that were already on and that my truck has other problems as well which I already knew but the new check engine code the sensor started reading after they worked on my truck was a P0016. And after I left my truck with them to double check and the attendant Andy called me back to tell me what’s going on he tells me the samething all over again about the same code, and wants me to pay another diagnosis fee of $125 for them to look at it again and start the work all over again, so what let me guess another $900 again.. I just said “I’m going to go pick up my truck and no longer take it there ever again nor give them my business any longer. They stick their hands where it doesn’t belong to mess with something else In Your vehicle so they can bend you over for another diagnosis fee and another repair bill I called AAA and put in a complaint about Webb’s and told them they should stop referring their customers to Webb’s because they don’t care about the customer’s vehicle, they only care about their money. I went to another shop to get 2nd opinion and told me that they bent me over big time Once I received my 2nd opinion I called the attendant back to tell him the problem and tells me they did not Touch my Timing Chain. I mean come on, you guys took my truck apart and now my time chain is skipping teeth, like Dude really?? Liars!! because I paid $988 for a job well done. Instead they leave my truck even worst.

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Very good repair and service facility, love their work ethics.

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Great Service! Rob was great with diagnosing the problem and getting back to me with an estimate. Quality and trustworthy service! Will definitely return!

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My Department sent me here as they are now our contract vendor for vehicle repair, nice waiting room with coffee and bottle water available

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Good job then not so good.Got my car fixed but then had to take it back because mechanic damaged it. And still didnt fix what they damaged completely.

Review №18

I visited Webbs after taking my car to another shop that had fixed the alternator on my vehicle 2 times and then had said it was an electrical short. The car worked for just over 3 months and then the alternator went out again. The old shop said that the warranty was for 3 months and i was out of luck by two weeks. After the AAA tow truck towed me home he told me about Webbs Auto. I decided to take my car and not only did they find the alternator that had been previously installed bad he also fixed an oil leak, did and oil change and transmission oil change as well by the end of the day. The owner was super friendly and we talked about our pets since I had recently lost one of my dogs. I almost forgot I got a discount since I am a AAA member. I have now found my very own place to take my car whenever i need it fixed. Prices were reasonable. Not expensive and the customer service was awesome.

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I needed a new alternator for my car. Webbs Auto & Truck Services provided the best service and got my car back on the road within a few hours. Great customer service.

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They were quick to repair my tire when it blew out. Friendly and easy to get along with they got me back on the road as soon as they could.

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Would not recommend it $150 for inspection didnt decide to do it before my tow truck came to pick up my car from there shop they pushed it out on the side street where your not able to park they couldnt wait 20 min...bad experience!

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Great service! all the time they are very friendly and they answer all your inquires about your car status.

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They do good work but its very pricey

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Quick service1 stop shoppingfairly priced

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Did some transmission work. Runs great.

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The service at Webbs its always a pleasure , you dont need to return to the shop for a bad repair, they always repair and double check the vehicles before leaves the premises .Also , theres no hidden charges , because they are honest people.Wally

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You cant do double charge inspection and repair, makes no sense . People do check and if repaired check is free as its already going to be 400 bill why add on another 120 wow not recommended

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Why Webbs Auto? Rob! Automotive DNA, all over his body.Read Patricia & Traceys Comments.

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Great Service

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Rude Customer serviceBeware as these types of people try and get the most out of youUnfair unreasonable pricing and and inspection was over 100 and didn’t even do it thoroughlyNever again as for Triple A if the recommend you here just say NO!!

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$150 for an engine inspection? Haha

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Do not trust your car to these people.

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Very good service

Review №34

Not AAA approved auto repair facility

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Prices are high

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High prices

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  • Address:2146 S Atlantic Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040, United States
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  • Phone:+1 323-268-1266
  • Auto electrical service
  • Auto repair shop
  • Auto radiator repair service
  • Auto spring shop
  • Auto tune up service
  • Brake shop
  • Car battery store
  • Car inspection station
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • Car service
Working hours
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  • Friday:Open 24 hours
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  • Sunday:7am–6pm
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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